Valentina - June '04 Artist of the Month!

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Valentina - June '04 Artist of the Month!
Who is 'Valentina'?

I am just a simple Poser artist who creates art in her free time. I am pretty much addicted of Poser and I will probably be addicted of it many years from now on... About me, I don't have many things to say...

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I started 2 years ago when my sister bought Poser 4. I wasn't interested of it at all at the beginning because the program seemed very difficult to me. My sister started to work with Poser 4 at the firm she was a designer, so I started to play with it too. I was very impressed of Posette and the fact she was a poseable 3D model. I started to make simple renders, pin-ups especially. But later a lot of ideas were coming in my head and I noticed that poser was the perfect program to create all kind of scenes I wanted.

Do you have traditional art experience?

For me art started with Poser, I was an artisan before, I used to make jewelry, clay dolls and hystorical doll outfits. Photography was also one of my passions.

What are you currently working on?

I want to write a sci-fi book for children with my sister, Lory. She is a 3D modeler and she can create exactely the right sci-fi items I would need for this book. Hopefully the book will be ready next year.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

I use mainly Poser and PSP for post work on a simple P
III/ 800Mhz, 512 RAM.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I don't have a favorite image of mine, because I get bored very easily of them... but if I would name one, I would say "The Sleeping Machine"... I made it thinking about my sleeping problems... I was tired that day and all I had in mind was a machine that could help me fall asleep immediately.

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

Because it is really fascinating to create all those scenes without actually painting and do all the hard work a real painter would do. It is easy, you just bring the objects in the scene and then you make some post work with a program and voila, an image made in few hours or less. It is fun and easy, it is like playing with magic toys.

Who/what inspires you?

Well, my sister's sci-fi drawings since she was in high school inspired me the most. She was painting some really interesting images, fantastic worlds and amazing creatures... she was probably the the most original artist kid in her class. I tried that time to paint this kind of art too... but it didn't work at all, as my talent for drawing is not really special. So, when I got Poser, all these things were suddenly possible, I could create those sci-fi scenes too. And then, there is Placebo. I noticed his art when I joined the Renderosity community and I was really impressed of his original ideas and style. He was and he is unique here and his art was always an inspiration for me. The characters and the props I use in my images are also very very important... Placebo's and akahastur's characters, Django's 3D items, Lory, specs2 and ElorOnceDark's outfits... And there are also the sci-fi movies which inspire me a lot now.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I made some good friends, not too many because I am quite an isolated and shy person, I studied the style of many talented artists and I learned about composition and post work from them, I found out things about new programs and products, I had the chance to buy amazing packs from the Renderosity market place and for me this community is actually a very important part of my life, because i spend a lot of time here and there is always something new to
learn from here.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

I never give advice, but I want them all to follow their hearts when it comes about creating...

I thank everybody who voted for me and sent me wonderful messages. Being the AOM is a real honor for me and I actually never expected this would ever happen to me. And I also want to thank the Renderosity team for offering us, the artists, a home for our art and the chance to meet other wonderful artists. Thank you.

Be sure to check out Valentina's gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: romanceworks on 6/11/04
Congrats, Vali. I enjoyed your interview so much. You have a rare and wonderful talent that I am glad you are sharing with us.:o) CC

By: sirocco on 6/11/04
Congratulations Valentina! I'm so glad and proud of you sweetie :-) *Big Hugs*

By: ph0enixx on 6/11/04
Vali, you truly deserved this. You are on the very first people I met here, and I am honored that we became friends. Your ART is amazing, and I am so happy you won this. Your original work influences the entire Renderosity 'haystick', and it is so easy to tell that you are the needle. Keep up the amazing art baby. Love ya.

By: The_Sandman on 6/11/04
This is truly a well deserved and long overdue honour!! Congratulations Vali. M x

By: luciferino on 6/11/04
Compliments sweety you deserve this honour your image are like your soul beautyand full of emotion, big kisses your friend Orietta

By: Seven Wolves on 6/11/04
Hey! Congratulations - well deserved honor! Great to see you get recognized for your very unique art. Great job :)

By: knightonahorsie on 6/11/04
Hi valentina, congratulations on winning artist of the month, I love your style of work and look forward to seeing more in the future :-)

By: Aeneas on 6/11/04
I may be the first...thanks for sharing those very intense visions of yours. You clearly broke through to the other side. I hope you'll go one following your heart. There is no other way, as you well know. Congrats for this Artist of the Month. May it be the beginning of an avalanche of very rewarding and intense contacts with people who feel your world. Your artistic family so to speak.

By: Giana on 6/11/04
Congrats, dear Vali... it's been *so* pleasureable thus far to watch you develop your style and vision... keep going, and as you said above, keep following your heart & dreams!!

By: i-popba on 6/11/04
Congratulations my dear !!! your style...
you rock my friend:-)

By: calum5 on 6/11/04
Congrats my wonderfull friend Val!You really deserved this ,I know you were worried when you saw my name in there(LOL)But I always knew you would make it!Your art is brilliant and I wish to be as good as you someday!Congrats to you and all the other artists that were selected !Thanks Renderosity for making such a thrilling award!Thanks to all who voted for me too:-))Godbless you Vali:-)xx

By: ElorOnceDark on 6/11/04
This is a very well-deserved honor for an extremely talented, creative artist and a cool person to boot! I love your work Vali! It's an inspiration to me. Congratulations!

By: elfinp on 6/11/04
Congratulations :) You do absolutely superb artwork and I'm a huge fan of your products as well. Its inspiring to know that you've only been at it for two years. There's hope for the rest of us yet!

By: brycek on 6/11/04
Congratulations Vali! A well deserved honor to a wonderful artist. Great interview my friend! :)

By: saiyan on 6/11/04
Congratulations !!! Your digital mastery is truly dazzling. Everything you do is awesome, from character creation to wonderful postwork, scene composition ... in two words : you rock ! Hold on to your dreams and don't let go. Can't wait to see your future creations... and may the force be with you :)!

By: Magician on 6/11/04
Congrats Vali, my friend, you really deserved it. You know I like your artwork very very much. Wish you all the best and many inspirations to create wonderful images in future.

By: AlteredKitty on 6/11/04
Congratulations Vali :)
I'm so glad you got this as it is very well-deserved. Both your artwork and characters are wonderful, and you're also a sooper-dooper person :)

ali x

By: gildedlily on 6/11/04
Congrats sweetie, you know I believe you are very much deserving of this and your artwork speaks volumes. You have been an inspiration to me since my beginning here at Renderosity and I am proud to be able to call you a friend. Huggs, Gilded Lily

By: Kemal on 6/11/04
Oh, I knew this is gonna happen, i'm so happy 4 you. Congratulations !!!!!! :)

By: Pen_Is_Envy on 6/11/04
No one deserves it more, Valentina. For your wonderful talent, for your unique vision, for your endless generosity of spirit. You are very special. :O)

By: Vampi on 6/11/04
Vali, you are SO deserving, sweetie :)

By: Longrider on 6/12/04
Congratulations Valentina and ...rock on.

By: philebus on 6/12/04
Congratulations. We always look forward to your work - you seem to get the best and most out of the items you use. Best of all, you bring your visions to life with your individual use of colours - we don't need to see your name under the thumbnail to know its your work. I look forward to seeing many more.

By: white_tygerz on 6/12/04
Congratulations on the first of what will probably be a long line of these kind of recognitions of your talent! Extremely well deserved, your abilities are a true inspiration!

By: arwenone on 6/12/04
Congratulations dear Vali!!!You are the best and I love, love your work!!!hugs, Martina

By: Avalonne on 6/12/04
Congratulations sweetie....this is a well deserved honor for you, and I am sooooooooo pleased for you :-)

By: FearaJinx on 6/12/04
:o) Congrats hon! You deserve it! Your imagination is incrediable!

By: kitz on 6/12/04
Congratulations Vali !

By: DOGFROST on 6/12/04
Congrats, you deserve it, ammazing work and a great artist.

By: Sylvia on 6/12/04
~~Felicidades Vali~~ from giovanino and me... Enjoy your well-deserved award!! You are a Very Talented Artist and a Sweet & Special Lady. Renderosity wouldn't be the same without You! God bless You always... Sylvia & Gio

By: visualgirl on 6/12/04
Congratulations! Your artwork is very creative and unique, I enjoy it very much. It was a pleasure to read your interview. Thanks for the inspiration.

By: Lary on 6/12/04
Felicitari !!!! Bafta in tot ceea ce faci!!!

By: JurgenDoe on 6/12/04
Congrats to you Vali and I'm very happy for you and your art. You really deserved it. Hopefully your inspiration will never end and we'll see many new art coming from you :) Big huge HUGZ

By: nolegirl on 6/12/04
*claps happily* This was so well deserved! Vali you are an inspiration to a beginner like me. I love your characters and you art always astounds me. Just keep doing what you're doing! =)

By: Archangel_Gabriel on 6/12/04
This is excellent stuff. I SO VERY happy that this kind of work is getting recognized finally. If I saw one more doe eyed fashion plate in chain mail I was going to scream.

Again Excellent work!


By: camera on 6/12/04
You are so deserving and you have been so generous and genuine with your admonitions that I don't just give up and quit. Your work has inspired me and turned my thinking and my work around. For this I thank you so much.
Many hugs to you and many thanks for being there for me.

By: Doublecrash on 6/12/04
Dear Valentina!!! I'm so happy for you! You know you're my fav #1 here, and I was with my fingers crossed for you to become AOM, because you deserve it so much! I'm so sorry that I had to stay away from the community for so long, but I came back just in time to place my vote. Very well deserved, dear!!! I'm so happy!!! :)

By: desmithii on 6/12/04
I'm a little slow.. I just now realized that "Valentina" and "Vali" (whose characters I adore) are the same person. Congratulations Vali, you deserve it.

By: Lory on 6/13/04
Well my dear sister.. what can I say?... I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! :) You heard the rest at home!

By: Mahna on 6/13/04
Congratulations Vali! :-)

By: Strixowl on 6/13/04
Thank you so much for shareing your fantastic work and this peek into who you are. You are one of the most original & inspirational artists on this site and I heartily congratulate you on being AOM for June.

By: Danava on 6/13/04
Three cheers for Vali!! She is not only a talented artist, but also one of the most genuine, nicest people I've met here at R'osity. I am honored to be able to call her my friend and source of much inspiration. I can think of no one more deserving of the AOM title.

By: Vampir3Princess on 6/13/04
Woaw! What a great interview with one of my two favorite artist! I'm a BIG, HUGE fan of Valentina and I hope someday I will make as many wonderful artworks as she does! Thanks for letting us know more about her! It is amazing to get to know what does your Art Idol thinks ;) *hehehe* Many Kisses for Valentina and thanks to Renderosity! Great Choice of the month's artist!! Bravooo!!

By: paulwillocks on 6/13/04
This was a long time coming. Well done.

By: tevoboy on 6/13/04
Valentina, Vali.

You are simply "The Best"!

By: awadissk on 6/14/04
My opinion is that, Valentina deserves to be the June '04 Artist of the Month, I'm really happy for her and wish her all the best.

By: Nofu on 6/14/04
Congratulations Valentina!!! Im really glad to hear, that you became the AOM of the month. You really deserve it!! I just love your artwork. Keep it on!!

By: akahastur on 6/14/04
Congrats sweetie! I'm very proud of you! You're the best hon!

By: msebonyluv on 6/14/04
I too am proud of you Vali. You bless us with your talent and your heart speaks through your images. Stay blessed and talented always!! Bighugz and congrats on being AOM!!!

By: pjaj on 6/14/04
Congratulations Vali! I'm sooo happy for you my friend!!! Hugs, PJ

By: Evchen76 on 6/14/04
You're the best!!!! Eva

By: Zephre on 6/14/04
Congrats you deserve it!! Your work is excellent!

By: vshane on 6/14/04
Congratulations Vali, and well deserved!

By: sacada on 6/14/04
Congratulations and thanks for winning the AOM. I would have never found your art in this haystack of brilliance, otherwise. I admire your imagination and creativity. Keep up the fantastic work in both your galleries.

By: Placebo on 6/15/04
Hi deer friend and congrats!!! I hope this gets through on a shitty dialup from the deep countryside I am on right now **Big Hugs**

By: Poskas on 6/15/04
Congratulations Valentina! Keep sharing your inspiring creations with us.

By: TIMMYLYNN on 6/15/04
Very, Very good work....Congratulations....

By: xp3 on 6/15/04
the art is interesting ,she seems to have a gift*

By: SkoolDaze on 6/16/04
Such a deserving honor for you! Congratulations Vali!!

By: kathymoon on 6/16/04
Im late hehehe,Congratulation!!!!!!!!Hugs!!

By: LadyFire_Ice on 6/16/04
"Major Congrats!!!!" Wowwww you are so deserving of this honor,, Please do keep inspiring us with your superb creations my dear,, You are wonderful,,, "Huge Hugssssss" Linda :-)

By: Tore13 on 6/16/04
Congratulations Tore

By: Tore13 on 6/16/04
UN lavoro eccellente di grande effetto

By: acco on 6/17/04
It's a very beautyful work, Congratulation!!!!! Acco

By: Jalen on 6/17/04
being fairly new to "Ren"...i wasn't sure what this site would ever mean to me..but i know i was led here..and have learned so much and gotten such support here..Vali i havent been blessed to see as much artwork and growth as the many who are posting here..but as an artist, and friend i count my blessings we r friends..Congrats sweetie from the bottom of my heart..very well deserved and according to alot , overdue as well!!!...and i loved the interview cause i learned a lil more about ya!..wink!..Hugs love and God Bless to ya sweetie and ur loved ones!....Laura:0)

By: AL2005 on 6/17/04
Well Done Valentina. Your Interview inspires me as I am pretty much a recluse and work on my own a lot. I am still getting my head around poser and the work youve created is just fantastic.. Keep it up as you inspire the likes of myself and many others Im sure !!

By: pindarman on 6/17/04
You exhibit a genuine love for what you do that comes across both in your work and how you talk..Shine on...

By: jeweldragon on 6/17/04
i am so happy for you you deserve this! your art is extrodinary to say the least i love your work so much so congrats and i say its about time you got this :)

By: stealthman on 6/18/04
Congratulations! Your art has been very inspirational to me as well here on this incredible site - thank you for sharing your beautiful visions!

By: eaglesse on 6/18/04
Really well deserved:):)
Your artworks are really magnificent with a lot of creativity!

By: TwiztidKidd on 6/19/04
Your poser dolls are total cuties ... Muah!!

By: Valentina on 6/19/04
Thank you all for your comments and support, it means very much to see my art is apreciated... thank you...*blush*

By: CathisWolfbow on 6/19/04
You dederve it love =). Not only are you a wonderful artist, but an amazing person as well!!

By: Angelwave on 6/20/04
Thanks so much for sharing your art with us, you are an inspiration....and your vissions are marvelous..

By: marcfx on 6/22/04
A well deserved award, excellent artwork. well done

By: MOOOW on 6/22/04
Congratulations,You are really one of the best artist,I wish you best in your life..

By: isilmeraven on 6/23/04
congratulations Valentina, you have been one of my favourite artists for a long time, i've finally bought Poser 5 and hope that you will give me some pointers one day!

all your artwork is beautiful and very independant and unique.

By: eagleseye on 6/23/04
Congrats! Your designs are excellent creativity. Keep-up the good work.

By: Orionboy on 6/23/04
Congratulations Valentina !!!!!!! ^_^

By: aodor on 6/23/04
You're the BEST. I never miss a new image by you in the Gallery and every time I get surprised again by your imagination and perfect balance of your art. They are a constant inspiration although I know I'll never get close to one of your images.
Alberto Odor (Mexico City)

By: razzell2 on 6/23/04
seems like everyone knows you personally, valentina, judging by the posts im reading. well, i dont know you, but your renders and your art is groovy. you have much to say thru your work, so i will go now and listen some more to you as you speak to me. congratulations valentina.
your artist of the month award is completely and well deserved!
russell munson

By: kenmo on 6/23/04
Well deserved...!!!

By: SK2Design on 6/23/04
Way to go Valentina! Your work is incredible and you're a true inspiration for so many other artists!

By: JHONNYZEE on 6/24/04

By: oooZENOooo on 6/25/04
Well done bud

By: zfigure7 on 6/26/04
Simply astounding body of work! Your technical mastery combining with dynamic creative expressions had made your art nothing but a series of ethal eye candies for the pleasing eyes. Congratulations!!

By: Lady_Halcon on 6/27/04
Comgratulations Valentina!! :-)

By: Darkworld on 6/27/04
Awesome Vali, you sure deserve. Wasn't I just telling you how uber your artwork is ;) Glad to see you given this honor. Now post some more masterpieces!

By: MLamour on 7/2/04
Congratulations to this superb artist.

By: Verdwald on 7/3/04
Hypnotic, way to go!!!

By: Esclece on 7/3/04
Great style of work and well deserved!

By: lionking123 on 11/29/04
Marpha papusica mica....

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 8/31/05
Congrats, Vali. :) Second year in a row, huh? Excellence rewarded! :D

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