hobbit - 2004 March AOM

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hobbit - 2004 March AOM
Who is 'hobbit'?

Hobbit is Andy Simmons, living and working in the UK. My daytime occupation is in the electronics industry, working in a research and development group.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

This is my 4th year of serious computer graphics work. I started in 1997, using my first copy of Bryce, with the intention of creating fantasy landscapes to transfer onto canvas as oil paintings. I ended up getting so absorbed for 3 years that I bought a wacom and Photoshop and started to blend 3d with 2d painting techniques. I haven't painted upon a canvas since.

Do you have traditional art experience?

Yes. I am self-taught from 1993 and I have studied landscape and seascape painting in oils, plus pastel portraits of animals and children. This essential part of my learning process helped me to make the transition so much easier from the traditional painting techniques to working in digital.

What are you currently working on?

I have recently finished a tutorial for a new book called 'Digital Sci-Fi Art' which is due out in the spring of 2004. I'm currently re-designing my website and working with a printing company to get my work onto canvas. This last month I have been designing 3D models and presentation layouts for electronic components, hence my gallery has been lacking in updates. I hope to be back on track soon and re-fuelling my gallery.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

I'm still faithfully using Bryce 5, Poser 5, and Amapi 7 for 3d work. I like all of these programs because of their simple learning curves and intuitive interfaces. I have several other 3d packages, like Terragon and Vue, all of which I like, but find myself spending too many hours trying to get what I need and time is important to me as I have none. Photoshop 7 is still my main tool for postwork and 2d painting, although I'm tempted to move to Painter 8 soon for 2d painting, when my budget allows. I tried the demo and like the natural brushes feel over Photoshop. As for hardware, I use a 19" monitor, Athlon XP1800 with a gig of ram and, of course, my trusty wacom 5x4 (yep, that's the smallest one), the Wacom Cintiq 18SX or A3 tablet which is still on my wish list.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

Of my current work I would say 'Stormy Seas.' which took only a couple of hours to paint, after rendering the Victory model in midair with no other objects, in Bryce. I set myself the challenge of painting the atmosphere and waves and was pleased with the result. Because I just love the sea because it evokes so many different moods and emotions and is a great challenge to paint, I just enjoyed this one immensely. Other favourites would be 'Abborlon' and 'Isle of Oric' as milestones for me pushing Bryce and 'Edgewich' for complete 2d painting.

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

I find it an invaluable tool for creativity, and the way it seemlessly blends into todays media makes it hard to see where reality stops and fiction begins. I'd like more time too explore 3D's full potential.

Who/what inspires you?

I draw inspiration from almost anything, but more so from my son and the landscape. When I first started in digital, I always made a few stops at Clay Hagebusch's and Martin Murphy's sites for Bryce, and for 2d work, of course, the great Craig Mullins, who is always a good source of digital inspiration.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity has been with me since I started digital art and I, like many others, have sought knowledge through the many talented artists who reside here. It has always been a buzzing community full of great people and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

If asked to sum up my development and success over the years, I wouldn't necessarily credit the latest software or tools, since I am generally using the same ones now as when I started. I would, rather, put my growth and achievements down to practice, study and a little patience. So, my advice is to not stop creating and painting!!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who voted me into this spot and to all the comments and support over the years. See you in the galleries.


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Member Opinions:
By: plj on 3/3/04
Congratulations Andy. You really deserve this. Your work is amazing, as is your talent. You have a gift, my friend.

By: coolcatcom on 3/3/04
I'm glad that "hobbit" was voted this months artist..to me he's a master in this field "CG"..his art is outstanding. Congrats and very best wishes "hobbit"..and by the way a very interesting and informative interview!!!!!!!

By: capsces on 3/3/04
You definitely deserve this. Your images are the kind I want to walk into, and the kind that make me say, "How did he make those dang trees?" They're just gorgeous. :)

By: DMFW on 3/3/04
Congratulations Andy, the AOM award is well deserved! I'm a big fan of your work and it's an inspiration to know that you don't need the latest, greatest software to produce fantastic art. Practice, study and patience it is then, but I think it would take a LOT of those before I created anything matching your talents....

By: orbital on 3/3/04
A true master, everything you do is a real treat for the eyes.

By: Laguna on 3/3/04
You are very inspiring artist! congratulations for AOM title.

By: gillbrooks on 3/3/04
This award is 100% deserved and couldn't go to a nicer bloke!!!

I admire his talents immensely and maybe one day I'll be half as good as he.

Cheers Andy!!

By: Cybermonk on 3/3/04
Congratulations Hobbit. You really deserve the recognition.

By: Pen_Is_Envy on 3/3/04
Andy, my heartfelt congratulations to someone who more than deserves this honour. You have been inspiring us all since you've been here, and continue to do so even though you haven't been around much... we can still go to your "older" images and remind ourselves if we forget. Again, congratulations. I'm one of the countless who voted for you. :D

By: islandgirdesigns on 3/3/04
I just recently saw your art and I have fallen in love with it. I love getting that email that says you've uploaded something new and quickly go to see what eye candy awaits me. One of my very favorite artists here at Renderosity. Congratulations!

By: karanta on 3/3/04
Congratulations :) I love your images :)

By: Varian on 3/3/04
Congratulations Andy! Your work is always a pleasure to view and an ongoing inspiration as well. Please keep it coming! :)

By: eaglesse on 3/3/04
Haaa!!! I am so happy to see you at these place Andy! This is really very justified by your magnificent artworks:)
You are so talented!
Very, very sincerely:):)
Sylvie B.

By: woodhurst on 3/3/04
congrats andy, a well deserved honor! Your gallery continues to be where I go when I am low on inspiration.

By: racin-jason on 3/3/04
Andy my friend - this honor is long overdue, and with it I hope something truly great happens. I've always said, your gorgeous art should be gracing the covers of books, magazines, and/or CD's. I could not be happier that you walked away with nearly half the votes, it shows that many of the people here at Renderosity recognize great art when they see it. Congratulations my friend - you are the best!

By: lemonjim on 3/3/04
I'm very happy to see the well-deserved recognition, Andy! I've enjoyed each of your images, and been very inspired. If you've not used Painter before, you're in for a treat! :-))

By: rhiafaery on 3/3/04
Congratulations! An honor truly deserved. *(*(*hugs*)*)*

By: SQS on 3/3/04
A very hearty congrats!! As always an inspiration and a real treat to visit. Thanks for sharing, Andy

By: loswl_ on 3/3/04
Congrats again :o) Loved your Interview, I finally got the chance to put a face to the name, I remembered when you first came to Renderosity, you have never stopped amazing me with your extraordinary talent, you have truly improved over the years, Your advice to me increased my knowledge of Bryce (BIG SUN ! ), You really helped me to dig a little deeper than the surface in each program I use, and who can forget a codename like Hobbit anyway :o)keep pumping out those great artwork!!

By: kennyliu on 3/3/04

By: Cada on 3/3/04
In life we either follow paths or make trails .... you my friend are a trail maker! Congratulations and may you continue to inspire us with your beautiful artistry & visions.

By: spubba on 3/3/04
So glad to see an interview from one of my favorite Renderosity artists. Your advice and accomplishments are an inspiration to us all!

By: Mel3d on 3/3/04
congrats Andy

Your talent never stop to amaze me and inspire me a lot.
You're the best
Both in art and Music.hehe :^)

By: baher on 3/4/04
congratulations!You are a great master!!

By: j-art on 3/4/04
my congrats andy - if one deserves to be the aom than you - you are the one who inspires us all - thanks for your wonderful and always exiting and inspiring art!!!

By: jaydiva on 3/4/04
Congratulations Andy!!! This is more than well deserved and about time too !
Your artwork is always a true inspiration both for technique and style. Sometimes i just love looking at your pictures and get lost ...

All the best to you and lots of creative moments

By: pimpol on 3/4/04
Congratulations, Andy, you are one of the best artist in this gallery !

By: Alfons on 3/4/04
Congratulations, i admire your work!

By: Lon Chaney on 3/4/04
Wonderful work Andy. I have always been a fan of yours. Keep on making great art. Congrats

By: wdiniz on 3/4/04
Congratulations for the well earned prize.

By: TheWingedOne on 3/4/04
Well deserved Andy! I'm looking foward to your future artworks. Keep up the great work! :)))

By: Golog on 3/4/04
Congratulations! A well deserved honor, you're so talented! Keep up the excellent work ;)

By: Cyphixx on 3/4/04
You really, really deserved it!! No chanmce for the others! :)

By: kindy77 on 3/4/04
thays great Congratulations

By: HauSiyoka on 3/4/04
Congrat's on a well deserved honor..

By: twisted_angel_9 on 3/4/04
Amazing talent! Keep it up!

By: deerpath on 3/4/04
Ah, this is wonderful, Congratulations Andy!
I just love your work.

By: coa on 3/4/04
Congratulations! I really enjoyed going through your gallery! Your work is marvellous!

By: KnightWolverine on 3/4/04
Your art images speak for themselves, congrats to you on being chosen AOM !

By: Daniel7Mc on 3/4/04
Glad to see the face behind the works I admire very much, congrats to you Andy!

By: Flak on 3/4/04
More congratulations for a truly deserved award. Well done.

By: tradivoro on 3/4/04
Yeah Andy, it's about time really, you deserve this honor... You've definitely inspired me to be a better artist, and your tutorials have helped with new techniques... Thanks... :)

By: ynor on 3/5/04
Congratulations!!I love your work really much.Keep up!:D

By: SnowSultan on 3/5/04
You're one of, if not the greatest digital artist I've ever seen, and to learn that you're self-taught just makes your amazing creations that much more impressive. We all look forward to your future images!

By: terra-man on 3/5/04

By: zarth on 3/5/04
Congratulations! Always enjoy seeing your postings.

By: hobbit on 3/5/04
Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the comments very much. Happy rendering and painting.

By: Rochr on 3/5/04
Congratulations! Well deserved.

By: poiupo on 3/5/04
¢¾hats off ¢Ą¢¼
U are a beautifull MIND.____________________
I am new here and love reading ur interveiw.
carry On the GOOD work

By: poiupo on 3/5/04
¢¾hats off ¢Ą¢¼
U are a beautifull MIND.____________________
I am new here and love reading ur interveiw.
carry On the GOOD work

By: HandspanStudios on 3/5/04
I am so happy to see you get this recognition (long overdue), I always enjoy seeing your work.

By: RodsArt on 3/6/04
Congratulations Andy! Thanks for Sharing.

By: kitz on 3/6/04
Congratulations !!! You have so nice postings. You deserve this recognition !

By: foleypro on 3/6/04
Dude...Your Normal and not a god...Now I am crushed...Andy as all the folks above and below will attest too,You are an inspiration to us all and may your hand never stop for we will never stop looking forward to the next installment of your Masterpieces...

By: kenmo on 3/6/04
Well deserved... you are a master !

By: Chrisisz on 3/6/04
Congratulations Andy! You are in my opinion one of the greatest artists here on Renderosity. It's just incredible to see what incredible kind of imagination and talent resides in you. Already looking forward to your next piece! =) ~Chris.

By: SndCastie on 3/6/04
A big congrat to you Andy as you are one of my all time favorite artist, your painted effects blow me away.

By: Gerardus on 3/7/04
Congratulations Mr. Hobbit.
Render on!!!

By: Jay7347 on 3/7/04
Andy, been meanin' to get by earlier to offer my heartfelt congrats but I've been wrestling with my own website redo. Whenever I get the ebot announcing one of your new creations its as if somebody put a piece of visual dessert before me. Your work is inspiring as it is thoughly enjoyable. This award is so richly deserved.

By: Spiritios on 3/8/04
Congrats, well deserved, brilliant renders... every last one of them. Welldone

Happy Rendering!

By: billmiles on 3/8/04
A well deserved award andy has been a great help to me and my 3 youngsters his work gives us all something to aspire to thank you andy. bill miles+3.

By: linkinpark on 3/8/04
Well deserved Andy, your work is magnificent and well known!!
Keep it up..


By: Eugenius on 3/8/04
It's about time...hehehe. You are very deserving of being the artist of the month. Congratulations!

By: Predatron on 3/9/04
Congratulations Andy, you're an inspiration. Every image a masterpiece. Looking forward to see the book. Well done.

By: pendarian on 3/9/04
Well, it's about darn time!! LOL!! You have been one of my most favorite artists since I've been here. You are a talented wonderful artist. I always look forward to see what you come up with next. Congrats and am looking forward to the book.

By: alvinylaya on 3/10/04
Well deserved AOM! Your works are inspiration to all of us!

By: Wolfsgirl on 3/10/04
This is very well deserved Andy.. I am a firm admirer of your work and I, myself, get inspiration and ideas from your work.. so Thank you!!!!!

By: Ra Graphics on 3/10/04
I have been here for three years and have never been able to witness your outstanding extremely well deserved work, you are now in my favorites list.

By: sacada on 3/10/04
Congratulations on this well deserved award. Well done.

By: WyndWalker on 3/11/04
I have always been a huge admirer of your work! True Genuis! Your work should be in movies and on bookcovers! Very very talented and you have long deserved this honor! Congratulations!!

By: florican on 3/11/04
One thing I love about artist of the month is that it's nice to see someone's work that might have slipped past you while browsing the galleries. Which happened this month. So this was the first time I saw your work and I am gobsmacked! It has to be some of the best digital artwork I have ever come across. Congratulations!

By: Ardiva on 3/11/04
I'm so happy for you, Andy. You deserve it!

Glad you're on my favs list as well. :-)

By: tslowe on 3/12/04
Your work is AWESOME!! congratulations!!

By: Mercytoo on 3/12/04
I have only reciently discovered your art, but I'm so glad I did! It was really neat to see a name I recognized as AOM hehe. Congratulations, you're very deserving. Your art is fantastic, keep it up, I look forward to seeing much more!

By: rohi on 3/15/04
Congratulations for a truly deserved award. Well done and I feel happy for you Andy !

By: kellendor on 3/16/04
Like a good movie, your art always pulls me into it's stories. You've been one of my favorites as long as I've been on Renderosity! Congratulations on this achievement, as others have said, you deserve it. Blessings to you!

By: Lightpen on 3/16/04
Hobbit, your tree tutorial is an inspiration that does not let go of you until you have a scene of your own and knowing the joy that you
CAN do it!!
Congrat's on this month' Artist of the Month.


By: cermit on 3/17/04
amazing talent and amazing piece of art...a real masterpieces..congratulations :)

By: roobol on 3/18/04
Congrats Andy, a well deserved honour. Your gallery is a never-ending pleasure to look at.

By: stealthman on 3/19/04
Congratulations! You are an inspiration to this site - and to us all! : )

By: Ladyhawk on 3/19/04
WOW !! CONGRAT"S!!! I just looked at your art for the frist,I was completly blowen away,I'm at a loss for words,the beauty of your art, you really earnned that one, plus you have a new fan lol

By: Jenela on 3/22/04
I am impressed! You are gifted with a great talent. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

By: romanceworks on 3/22/04
Congrats Andy! So well deserved. I enjoy your art because it always tells a story and takes me on amazing adventures.:o) CC

By: artico on 3/26/04
Andy, thanks for bringing some magic to the world of art!

By: internel on 3/27/04
Congrats Andy for that well deserved recognition. It would be fun to know how many artists here have chosen you as favorite artist. Any one I recomended your work was as much enchanted as me and recognized it was a great inspiration. Some even find certain of your pics as a great meditative support. Thanks for sharing your great images then and keep on the good work :-)

By: TheBryster on 4/1/04
At last we learn about a REAL MASTER!

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