April's Featured Artist - gevidal

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April's Featured Artist - gevidal
Who is gevidal?

I am Guillermo Vidal, of the Argentina, I live in the city of Buenos Aires. I can read English and I understand enough, but can not write to well. I use a software of translation that doesn't sometimes translate correctly. Any error apologizes. I am 46 years of age old. I have previous artistic formation in drawing and painting. The computer was not still popular, of this doesn't make so much. I am not a dinosaur.

My current work is in a parish called Christ King, in the city of Buenos Aires. I live with other two priests, I am also priest and work in children's two schools of primary and in an university of the Jesuit, with university students.

How long have you have you been rendering?

I have been working very slowly in 3D for six years. Bryce was always my favorite software. It is simple as a paintbrush and e has a lot of render quality. The models in general can be gotten but a good render when working is indispensable.

What software do you use and why?

I was attracted by several reasons at the 3D, their incredible versatility and the possibility to prove and to change the work without having to make everything again every time. Also certain sympathy with the tool. I always liked computers.

What inspires you?

My inspiration in the first place is the fantasies and the memories that have been fed every year by many things and a lot of people. Science fiction, movies, television, classic, paintings, memories of the town of my childhood in the field, people that I know and all that I am crossed and I like it.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

This community appreciated from the beginning my work and that is very valuable. To share and to know the work and the excellence of so many artists in the net gave me a lot of happiness and I cheer up a lot. Also the point of view and the observations of other artists allow to improve and to see what I cannot see.

Thank you.
Guillermo Vidal

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Member Opinions:
By: Taura Noxx on 4/3/01
Guillermo, your work in bryce is amazing. You are one of the best artists that I have seen and your subject matter is beautiful and intriguing, telling a story all of its own. Your images take people to these places for their own eyes to explore and wonder.
Always in awe :)

By: Jnighthawk on 4/3/01
I think his work is great, Im not real sure about his subject matter its a little deep for me but his art is a 10 hands down esp. his buildings...

By: Magix-101 on 4/3/01
I checked out your work and I absolutely loved it!!
Really amazing!

By: Jan-Michael on 4/3/01
Congrats Gevidal... I think we all love your work..:) I found this interesting as my first Art teacher was a Priest of The Sacred Heat Fathers.. when I attended the seminary.. Your work is very unique.. as was his... dongrats again.. JM

By: kromekat on 4/3/01
What a nice guy you are Guilermo! - I am also surprised at your vocation!. Your work is an inspiration to us all I believe, and is probably the most original and creative on Renderosity. I love your eclectic use of meshes and models to create the familier in an alien way. A true surrealist! - Dali would have been impressed!
Keep up the great work! :)

By: Helen on 4/3/01
Congratulations.. Your work is wonderful.. I particulary am impressed with the attention you pay to detail.. :)

By: Shademaster on 4/3/01
Congratulations Gevidal! I always enjoy your work very much. Keep on Rendering!

Daan Pol

By: henriqueaguiar on 4/3/01
Congratulations, my friend!Your shure deserve this award:)Please keep posting your beautiful art!:)Riko.

By: Lorraine on 4/3/01
Congratulations! I love your work! I am always intrigued by the detail as well as the manner in which the elements interact.

By: Syyd on 4/3/01
Congratulations on beautiful thought provoking and very different art. Your work reminds me a lot of Jules Verne, and it is a world unto itself.

Your background and vocation are very different, and it is interesting and a joy to see that 3d artists come from all walks of life, with completely new and different ideas.


By: TVartDude on 4/3/01
you're awesome man!

By: giovanino on 4/3/01
by Giovanni
i am knew to 3d art and so my opinion is not as valid as many of you out there in 3d land.
but i am italian and grew up soroundid with skulpture by michel angelo at the vatican in Rome.
my eyes are at home with art and its dreams of the heart.having said that i think Guillermo Vidal
is the artist who is one of those artist. in a world were art is a hobby only and not to be taken seriously , Guillermo Vidal is a lonely giant among many copy cat 3d artist who just cut and paste.
thank you Guillermo Vidal for you are true artist,
and teacher and we are just little children trieng to learn.

giovanni of www.giovanni.org


By: rain on 4/3/01
Your work is truly imaginative and thought provoking. I'm in awe of someone who can do such beautiful work in Bryce. Congratulations! Claire

By: desdemona on 4/3/01
Congratulations! You art is incredible, awesome just great....I think I miss the words to describe it. Nice to get to know You :)


By: hobbit on 4/3/01
Congratulations for this spot Guillermo, well deserved. Your work is unique and inspirational, thankyou for sharing.


By: Jack Casement on 4/3/01
Guillermo, I have to confess that I didn't know your work before today, but what a pleasure it was to visit your gallery. My attempts at Bryce are so juvenile compared to your masterpieces. The image called Viewing Point has to be the best non-photographic image I have every seen on any web site. I just wonder how long does it take to create something like this? Thanks for inspiring us to go on and do better things. Cheers

By: ronmolina on 4/3/01

By: miden1138 on 4/3/01
I would definitely have to agree with everyone here. Your art is truly inspirational. I only found it a couple of days ago, and I now check here everyday for something that you have done. You have inspired me to push myself and my digital art. Thank you for posting here. I think that we all love your work. I know that I am truly amazed with every picture you post. :)

By: aprilgem on 4/3/01
A well-deserved honor and congratulations! Your work is highly original, imaginative, and inspiring -- as unique and as intriguing as your background.

By: Omen555 on 4/3/01

Gracias por compartir su mundo con nosotros Guillermo. Una qué imaginación interesante usted tiene.

By: Varian on 4/4/01
Thank you, Guilermo, for sharing your beautiful and inspirational work with us...and for sharing yourself, too! :)

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 4/4/01

Guillermo for my it is a talented artísta, with a great creativity, and imagination that overturns in their works of art, their designs and textures are very original, but without a doubt with a capacity of very big work. I really congratulate him and as all the members of the page I hope to always see new works in those that without a doubt will follow us surprising.

By: februus on 4/4/01
It is always inspiring to visit the graceful realms of your art.

By: lopsided on 4/4/01
It has been my pleasure to view your work. I am awed and inspired by your pieces. This is a well deserved honor for you as well as an honor to all of the artists of Renderosity to have recognized such excellence and mastery! God Bless - lopsided

By: loganarts on 4/4/01
gevidal, eu só lamento esta entrevista ser tão curta...
gostaria de saber muito mais sobre vc.
parabens pelo seu trabalho espetacular

By: loganarts on 4/4/01
hello renderosity,
i just posted a comment for gevidal in portuguese.
i can post it in english if u will...
it said: gevidal, i would like to read a larger interview with you...
i would like to know more about u.
congratulations for ur spectacular work

By: KAP on 4/5/01
I love art in all its forms. The wonderful thing about the web is the exposure that artists get. When I check renderosity I look for artists that inspire me. I look for gevidal. Congratulations.

By: Sleepy Magpie on 4/5/01
I am very pleased that you came to be April's artist of the month, Guillermo. You deserve it highly. Even though your work is created with a brilliant digital technique, it is - first and foremost - ART, suffused with emotion, psychology and religion. Which gives it CHARACTER. Character can make anything come alive. Even binary bitmaps. This is important for all digital artists to remember. Thank you.

By: artbyphil on 4/5/01
Brilliant work I love it!

By: Seven Wolves on 4/5/01
Awesome stuff you have. Congratulations on being AOM. Keep posting, I love looking at your art.

By: Daramski on 4/5/01
Congrats Gevidal, your work is always outstanding!!

By: gevidal on 4/5/01
People, you make me feel very well and they are very generous with their comments. However I think the same thing of many of you. I am also thanked by the inspiration and the force that give me when seeing their works. That they recognize my work it is good, but better it is this I link that it grows among us. I wait that some day this virtual space is summed up but still and we can be in some part, for the renderosity festival. Thank you again. Guillermo

By: Tammy on 4/5/01
I am so happy for the artist of the month feature here at Renderosity without it I may never have gotten the chance to view your inspring work. I truly enjoyed my visit through your gallery. Congratulations

By: Crane on 4/6/01
es muy interesante que...alguno con tal como te..haces dise~no gr`afico...con tal sentimiento...felicitaci`ones... LO MERECES!!!!..:)

By: Abraham on 4/7/01
I made a little visit at you gallery : wonderfull :):):) J-L

By: mqshocker on 4/8/01
gevidal ,great work and cograts to being Aprils choice. Your work is superb. Shocker.

By: Kafra on 4/9/01

Thank you for sharing some insite into the artist... Your work is always an inspiration to me!!!


By: ApexB on 4/9/01
I just enjoy your work
it triggers many emotions, the color, the geometry.
usually a dark, but hopefull and curious.

and it's always interesting to see what models are hidden in your lifemachines : )

By: Luis on 4/11/01
You are one of the best with Bryce at Renderosity.
More... you probably have the most imaginative mind. I'll already downloaded your pics so that I can learn from them - this is the best compliment I could make.

No hablo espanol mas hablo português :-)
Um grande abraço e que Deus te acompanhe :-)

Luis Corte Real

By: Ironbear on 4/11/01
Always a "10", Gevidal. Your work is one that I almost always click on when I see it, even if I don't always comment. Congratulations on being chozen artist of the month - richly deserved.

By: frogman on 4/18/01
Congradulations on an award well deserved.!!..Your work is always so whimsical and interesting. Other worlds, past worlds, worlds to come, your vision travels to all these places. I have shown quite a few people your work, and everyone always enjoys your images...The details and lighting add so much to your unique ideas and their manifestation into a visual form we can all enjoy..I always light up like a little kid when I see a new thumnail from you, it's always exciting and very rewarding to view your images..Six years is a long time to explore 3d software tools. It has paid off though in the presentation of such engaging art work!!...Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderous creations..Thank you for what you have given us.........

By: Wappen on 4/26/01
You are a artist!

By: vshane on 4/30/01
congratulations Guillermo, and well deserved, you inspire all of us with your beautiful work.

By: dragongirl on 6/6/01
I am so glad you were honored here. How interesting to hear you are a priest and that you work with children. I will love to think of these things as I look at your pictures. (I was off-line when this was first posted - sorry to be so late - I SO greatly admire you art.)

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