Carles_P, July '02 Artist of the Month!

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Carles_P, July '02 Artist of the Month!
My name is Carles Piles, I was born in the town of Benifaio near the capitol city of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. I am 32 years old and live with my loving wife Julia and our infant treasures, Alba and David.

My mother tongue is Valencian, I also speak Spanish and English is well on it’s way, thanks to some help from my friends.

I’m a graphic artist, Who has been immersed in art and music since childhood. I started my art career using the traditional classic tools, Pen and Pencil on paper and progressively moving to Oil on Canvas. I temporarily wandered away from the visual arts to the musical arts for several years. Eventually to enjoy a harmonious relationship with both.

At the age of 25 the transition from traditional graphics design to the computerized graphics design world was evolving rapidly. Mostly due to the impression made on me by my talented friends in the 3D Art World.

After trying many 3D designing programs, I finally chose Cinema 4D for it’s many outstanding features, Stability and rendering speed to mention a few. Which I have enjoyed using the last 4 years. Everyday the power of Cinema 4D’s implements allows me to create and discover something new to enhance my knowledge on my artistic journey.

I love working with 3D software because of the realistic creativity.

My favorite piece of art is the one I’m working on at the time. And why? Because I haven’t finished yet.

I am inspired by money on the one hand. Because unlike traditional materials, computer hardware and software doesn’t come cheap and they are constantly evolving.

On the other hand, I love the pleasure people derive from enjoying my art.

I do freelance commercial work on the side when the fee justifies the man-hours.

To get the laundry out and feed, clothe and shelter my family I have a day job, which consists of artistic creativity, “And All That Jazz”.

I love viewing the creation of other artist on the net.

I love the freedom of playing creator in my fantasy world.

Renderosity “Render City” is a safe, comfortable, friendly haven for all who enjoy visual arts and their creators. A living interactive artist’s laboratory. A playground of my peers. A constant inspiration. Cool stuff! Sweet!

I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I have enjoyed all of yours.

Thanks for your support.


Carles Piles

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Carles wrote an in-depth tutorial for Renderosity magazine, Issue 1, giving up all his secrets in the creation of "Daylight"

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Member Opinions:
By: miketche on 7/10/02
Love your work. You really inspire me. Congrats.

By: kaiservr on 7/10/02

By: Tempus Fugit on 7/11/02
Great work, Carles! Congratulations, and hope to see more!

By: Marcococo on 7/11/02
Ola Carles !

When I saw your pictures, I was like the Tex Avery wolf before that sexy cabaret dancer 8))). This is incredible !... Do you think one day, you'll pass through the screen of your computer, for making all your pictures... alive ?

Marc ;)

By: markpilb on 7/11/02
Wonderful pictures, everyone a gem! Well done.

By: audity on 7/11/02
... a few months ago there was a contest for the cover of the first issue of Renderosity's magazine... your entry "Font" was amazing. Since then I've been searching all over the web for this "Carles Piles". And I was not disappointed : outstanding artworks, insightfull tutorials and pure talent !

Congratulation for this AOM Carles ! You deserve it !

:) Eric

By: mwa on 7/12/02
I like to thank you for that outstanding tutorial you made. It's very hard to find tutorials that leed up to a amzing picture daylight. Thanks!

By: Chris.C on 7/12/02
Congrats! a truly well deserved honor for sure! I just saw your last winning image on 3DluVer this morning! Wow, perfect!...again : )

By: nitro115 on 7/12/02
Congratulations! Most deserved award!

By: dandavis on 7/12/02
Gracious and eloquently stated, Carles. Your work serves as inspiration for so many. Your contributions to this community and computer graphics as a valid art medium speak to your talent, devotion and inovative style of rendering. Your artwork has one of the most recognizable looks I've seen. I personally owe you a great debt as you have held my hand and walked me thru my struggles with lighting my work. Thanks so much, Carles! Best of luck in your future endeavors.

By: GrayCloudDesign on 7/13/02
Congratulations Carles, your work is so beautiful.

By: juliowassaf on 7/14/02
Excelentes trabajos Carles!
Siempre es grato conocer más de nuestros artistas favoritos.

By: Antoonio on 7/16/02
Congrats, you surely deserve the title.

By: Daniel7Mc on 7/18/02
Congrats to you, wonderful work!

By: jtorgler on 7/21/02
Congratulations, Carles. Your work is magnificent. I am enjoying your gallery pictures and love the sketch you drew of yourself. :)

By: haxtur on 7/23/02
Felicidades paisano, estás en la cima

By: Moebius87 on 7/26/02
Excellent work! Your gallery is a constant source of inspiration (also frustration) and serves as an authoritative reference point. Congratulations on being selected as AOM, Carles.

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