Meet Renderosity's 2007 ALL-STAR Vendor!
Meet Renderosity's 2007 ALL-STAR Vendor!

The All Star award is presented to the Vendor with the highest number of units sold in a calendar year. It takes dedication to consistently offer products that are popular throughout the 3D community, and this award is further proof of what customers are looking for within the MarketPlace: Quality products from a professional vendor.

Congratulations to Renderosity's first ALL-STAR- outoftouch

How did you originally find Renderosity? 
I found Renderosity, I think, with a link from another graphics site... Can't really remember! I often visited RO before without being really involved in digital art, just because of interest.
How long have you been involved in digital art? 
It's began a long time ago, maybe 7 or 8 years back, with the first tries in texturing and also modelling objects for a computer game ("The Sims"). Working with Poser began with my purchase of Poser 5, though I already had older versions but they did not catch my interest that much. One little impulse that made me trying out maybe was Victoria 3 as well. But with Poser 5 it began intensivly and did not stop until yet and I guess and hope it will not stop any time. :-) It is some kind of being addicted to it and it gets stronger and stronger LOL
Through your success at Renderosity, what has been your favorite piece of work so far? 
My favorite piece of work.. Mhh yes. Quite hard to answer but I think Cecile Hair is yet my most favorite work. This also is the reason why Bice & I decided to create a second Cecile Hair, because we loved that kind of style :-)

Let’s see what’s “under the hood”.  What are the hardware specs for the computer you use to create your masterpieces? 
I am "still" working on an Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 (HT Technology), 3,60 GhZ, 3 GB RAM; NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX but I'm planning to buy a new, more faster system especially for rendering purposes and performance :-)
What software do you use and why? 
I have a lot of different applications but mainly I use Photoshop CS2 for texturing and sometimes Bodypaint 3D for seaming. I switched to Poser 7 some time ago (was using still P5 for a looong time). I use UV Mapper and Bodypaint 3D for mapping, lots of different tools for Cr2 Rigging and that stuff by Dimension3D and also Cinema 4D if there is a need :-)

What are you up to when you’re not hard at work on the computer? 
Ahh those very rare moments ^^ I love going out with friends, play Wii, listen to music (oh yes I also do this when working, I can't WITHOUT!) and sometimes do music on my own with my two partners :-) I love shopping and while doing that catching any inspiration in window showcases or on mannequins...
Do you have any final words?
Of course I do!
I have to say that this award really is a huge honor for me! Thank you to ALL people who make it possible to give me this honor by supporting, writing nice messages or product reviews! THANK YOU!
It is always a pleasure to see you enjoying my stuff!
A very very special THANK YOU to my one and only Bice! Our friend- and partnership grows from day to day and it is amazing! Thank you for being such a big friend hun!!! :D
Of course this Thank You also goes to my other friends and partners! You are great! Can't list you all, Al3D, Ilona, mytilus, Pretty3D, Lisbeth, SWAM, all others!!!... THANK YOU!
Last but not least a HUGE Thank You goes to the Renderosity Team, especially Debbie & Karen (Clint, I miss you!) for all your hard work, always being sooo nice and great! Thanksssss!
Without all of you, this honor would not be possible!
I don't dare to say it again, you'll get bored LOL: (but) THANK YOU!

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Member Opinions:
By: matrix03 on 3/19/08
Congratulations! well deserved and long overdue!
I've been a fan of many outoftouch products for quite some time and have several oot products including Cecile 1 and 2 , SuperBob and AO2: Secretary Style for V4. also the textures are amazing for some of the clothing add-ons.

By: AscendedSpirit on 3/19/08

By: Pretty3D on 3/19/08
Congratulation. You are like a Ferrari with your speed and quality my dear friend . Even while I'm writing this sentence, you may finish another quality product. ;)

By: vshane on 3/19/08

By: DarwinsMishap on 3/19/08
Congradulations-very much deserved!!!!

By: mytilus on 3/19/08
Congratulation buddy. :) Very well deserved.. Your products are really great like your friendship. I'm so happy to see you there. Thank you for your friendship and also thank you for honoured me in your interview.. :))

By: Virtual_World on 3/19/08
Congratulations! Very well deserved!!!

By: Bice on 3/19/08
Yes!!! Of course... He is the ALL STAR - he is my ALL STAR! I am proud of such a partner and above all of such a big great friend. I am so happy about our stunning partner- and friendship. It is not only amazing - it is fantastic. And I am sure, at this moment he is finishing a new product. You are right, Pretty, he is a Ferrari. Very very very deserved! Big hugs and kisses for you. You are the best! Enough words - let's working, honey!!! :-)

By: SilverLynx on 3/19/08
Congratulations! It is your work that had turned my head and inspired me to even try, starting with my first purchase-you guessed it-CECILE HAIR!! Very well deserved award to someone at the top from someone at the bottom :D

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 3/20/08
Congratulations, very well deserved! :)

By: Lisbeth on 3/20/08
Congratulations Timo.. You're the best!!! *hugs&kisses*

By: Hawkins-GraFX on 3/20/08
Congrats Timo! Very well deserved! Great interview. I miss you as well my friend. :)

By: infinity10 on 3/20/08
Congrats. I like the items you've made and which I have bought. Very happy with them.

By: calico1 on 3/21/08
Congratulations. You're definitely one of my favorite of all of my favorite artists and vendors.

By: karanta on 3/21/08
Congratulations Timo :)

By: radstorm on 3/22/08
Congrats OOT, you have earned and deserve this.
Cecile hair! , need I say more? :o)

By: Onikuh on 3/23/08
That's awesome...I'm happy for your accomplishments. :)

By: Propschick on 3/25/08
Very well deserved! Congrats! :-)

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