April 2002 Artist of the Month - Mr. Codini

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April 2002 Artist of the Month -  Mr. Codini
Who is Mr Codini?
I live in a once rural suburb of Los Angeles with my wife and son, 2 catahoula attack dogs and several fish.

I have a degree in Film/graphics and have worked in the post production end of the entertainment business for over 20 years, in features and television, music videos and documentaries... I was part of the Visual FX team on Star Wars, the first Star Trek movie, Blade Runner and Altered States , to name a few of the bigger ones.

I have been doing art since I was ten and I am still constantly amazed that I have been able to make a living from it. It's been an interesting trip and sure beats working at an accounting firm.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?
For about 10 years. I first got my digital feet wet working on the Avid non-linear editing system.When a friend showed me Photoshop 1 the whole concept came savagely into focus. It's been a long slippery slope since then, and I only hope I can keep my eye-sight long enough to see where it's going to end up. The stuff you can do now on desktop systems is really amazing

What are you currently working on?
One of my greatest accomplishments! a piece I call the "Almost Blue Dress". I hope to become Mac Arteest of the Year with it. If that doesn't work out I'll probably stamp my feet and scream for a while in an impotent, petulant frenzy , but I'll get over it. I have to remember to chant "we're not in Kansas any more".

What software do you use? and Why?
Photoshop, After Effects, MojoWorld, Final Cut Pro, Poser, Lightwave,...various sound apps, etc. I use both Windows and Macs and have absolutely no interest in the highly charged "which is better" issue.

When it comes to computer platforms I am bi-technical.

What inspires you?
Small, hairless, mexican dogs for the most part. Besides that, I would have to say that the phrase "Final Wisdom, Total Conflict" has always haunted me. While I take no real comfort in the fact that I am becoming old and even more crazy, that's life and I might as well face up to it. Of course, I am tormented by the knowledge that I may never be capable of telling the whole truth about what inspires me and that you will ultimately find out that these are only flesh wounds..

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
There is a lot of great art work here, and there are some truly great people. Unfortunately, there is an element on these boards that seeks to ridicule and defame anyone who does not fit their flimsy definition of "art". They rush into most situations like viagra-charged hogs at a nunnery and insist on ramming their views on art, however narrow-minded and stunted they may be, down everyone's throat. As vicious and petty as these individuals are, they are at least a small percentage of the larger Renderosity community who genuinely care about their fellow artists and realize that there is a greater goal than one of shallow, petty insults and infantile derogatory statements.

They get the joke, and more than that, they realize that the joke is what's important.

What advice would you like to give other CG artists?
Don't take yourself too seriously, don't worry about "not fitting in"; the most interesting art has been made by weirdos and freaks. Originality counts for a lot in my book. Bizarre, brutal times are upon us, and things are only going to get worse, take my word on it. Art may be the only salvation, since there really is no bedrock validity to the American dream , no matter what "they " tell you. Kids, use your art, gather evidence, take the beating and play counter puncher.

~Champion "Jack" Codini

Congratulations to Mr Codini for being voted Renderosity's Artist of the Month!
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Member Opinions:
By: Legume on 4/1/02
I could not have picked a better man myself. Congratulations.

By: Entropic on 4/1/02
Great to see you made it, Codini! All hail Eris!

By: TwoBeans on 4/1/02
Yay, we won!

By: danamo on 4/1/02
I can see right through this Mr. codini! Isn't
this all part of the plot to bring about a New
Mojoworld Order? Isn't it also true that you are a member of the Tri-Lateral Commision and the
Bilderbergers? How about Your MJ-12 connection?
Seriously though, while your work is interesting,
I think this is a put-up job. April Fools anyone?

By: boblowery on 4/1/02
"Yay, WE won?
How many people won?
I thought this was a contest for best artist not best group.
Sincere congratulations to Mr. Codini.
Also sincere congratulations to Legume who has shown true value as a human in making sure he was the first person to offer his hand to any and all competitors worthy.

By: Antoonio on 4/2/02
Is this a bad joke?

By: MrJim on 4/2/02
It's the greatest joke ever played on the universe ever. Well done Codini!

By: ronknights on 4/2/02
Congratulations!!! Ah another month dawns.

By: bonoboner on 4/2/02
Congrats, Old Timer! Nice to see you make it entirely on your own merits, without any help from anybody! Who's next? That old crabapple, Musgrave?

By: bclaytonphoto on 4/2/02
Congrats! I enjoy your use of imported objects into Mojo World. Yes, this is the beginning of the Mojo World Order. I would like to see some actual worlds from you tho...

By: Slynky on 4/2/02
if someone could please enlighten me as to why everyone thinks this is a bad joke, please do so, otherwise, quit whining. As for groups, KromeKatandCurio were nominated (i believe they won too, not sure) once, and that was a two man team doing single images. Collaborations should be welcomed, not shunned. Good stuff Codini

By: synergyauto on 4/2/02
Yes, it's at least bad Antoonio.

By: kromekat on 4/2/02
congrats! - I am still trying to pick my jaw off the floor!

By: audiopod on 4/3/02
This is MUCH better than April Fool's, I'm STILL Laughing !!! CONGR-HA-HA-HA-HA-HATS!!!

By: aktati on 4/3/02
Congrats Jack....the Beanstalk bites back ! LOL : D
( Looking forward to the interview...as I'm sure is the beanstalk ) See it as the beginning of a long and fruitful journey ...I love the supratentorial antidexterous tilt to your artwork and I've enjoyed them all....may there be many more El Codini ! ....Best Regards : )

By: giovanino on 4/3/02
April Fools anyone?

By: kaiservr on 4/5/02
After last month why should anyone be shocked....your bio does'nt match your talent though..congrats.

By: lelionx on 4/5/02
dude,you're even uglier than legume!cool work though.

By: Kara on 4/5/02
This Mr Codini Has only been posting for 3 months, has 12 images in his gallery and gets artist of the month. The joke here is renderosity.

By: Stranger Aeons on 4/5/02
WOW!! An "Artist of the Month" that's not selling objects in the Market Place. Now that's gotta be a first. Don't sell out comrade, keep it Real ;-)

By: bclaytonphoto on 4/5/02
I was enjoying the interview until you started assaulting other folks belief system. You just did, what you ridiculed others for in the previous paragraph. None the less, I still like your work. Don't lump everyone into one catagory. Congratulations!

By: AGOR on 4/5/02
The people in the village were real poor, so none of the children had any toys. But this one little boy had gotten an old enema bag and filled it with rocks, and he would go around and whap the other children across the face with it. Later the boy came up and offered to give back the toy. This was too much! I reached out my hand, but then he ran away. I chased him down and took the enema bag. He cried a little, but that's the way of these people.

By: Kara on 4/5/02
You think that just because you can sensor what I say here that people wont hear me...? You are wrong and the word is out. I have contacted Curious Labs, Daz and many other companies. Informing them of the way this place is being handled. Congrats to the greedy morons. You have destroyed yourself.

By: archetype on 4/5/02
Congrats Mr Codini. I enjoyed perusing your fine gallery. And that has got to be the best interview I've read! Bi-technical. LOL! You crack me up!

By: Razorcut on 4/5/02
My guess would be that people think this is a joke because, if you view Mr Codini's gallery you will only find a small handful of comments and ratings within the entire gallery.
This is puzzeling as one would expect to find a greater turnout within Mr.Codini's gallery if he was of such a high profile as to win this award.

By: Veiled_Realities on 4/5/02

By: ialora on 4/5/02
Ooo! Handsome as ever! I loved you in "Quest For Fire". ;-)

By: Wanda Burns on 4/5/02

By: bkelly on 4/5/02
Congratulations Sir. As for Renderosity, thank you for making my decision for me. This is no longer a place to be inspired. I am very sad this has come to being a joke instead of an honor. Again sir, this is nothing to do with your work, just renderosity. As of today, my gallery, of limited abilities is gone. Good by.

By: Mr Codini on 4/5/02
kaiservr---"your bio does'nt match your talent though.."
Not sure what you mean there, Kaiservr
Sorry Pushin', didn't mean to get you P.O'd
nothing personal...I given a space to vent and did so
I have been here a lot longer than 3 months, way before the "big Take-over" and I had MUCH more stuff up here than I do now. Sorry if you are unhappy, and good luck with contacting software companies.
That was my brother, Ike

By: Mr Codini on 4/5/02
By the way I went to your gallery page to see what kind of stuff you do, and, I guess there must be a problem with the server all I got was :
Kara's Gallery Images
Sorry, but no files match your search

By: spinner on 4/5/02
Congrats :-)
I like the interview, and I'd LOVE to know more about how it was like working on the projects you've mentioned, provided you're not bound by an NDA.

On a conspiracy level... Quite a few SubGenii around, I see...I gotta go check them out.

I looked at your gallery, it was interesting to see that the images that had Vicki in the title, had an almost doubled viewrate compared to the others.

On a general note: I don't quite see why people are pissed off about the election; I voted, not for you, but one of the other nominees, and it wasn't enough. It -happens-.
If people are getting so annoyed about the AOM, then VOTE, ferchrissakes, and DEAL if the person you picked didn't win, it's getting fairly tedious seeing all those knickers in a twist over something that is such a passing issue.

Have fun as the AOM :-))


By: spatrx on 4/5/02
Just remembering some advise my dad gave me years ago,everyones an asshole accept for me and you and i'm not to sure about you.congratz to ya.oh, who's your neighbor?

By: xombi on 4/6/02
Hey codini!
The man riding the white horse in front of the pack is always the one to be knocked down first. Your artwork is pretty good and I am sure you could do better, enjoy your stay as AOM. Everyone just relax, and dont bash the man, group, or whatever, Everyones 15 seconds of fame comes and so will yours if you work hard. Be happy to be an Artist, (which is an honor in itself) Most people would like to have 5 percent of the talent that most people have here. cya

By: Spiritbro77 on 4/6/02
Congratulations! I hope you have a great month.

By: lelionx on 4/7/02
shana punim! and nice work too!

By: Usurer on 4/7/02

By: Badco on 4/7/02
"they realize that the joke is what's important."

I voted correctly then..................


By: ppowellaa on 4/7/02
I beta tested Mojo and found it very challenging! I would love to see some of your other work also. Keep up the good work and I'll keep my eye on Mojo.
As far as the community goes, I must agree that it has become more aggressive in its criticism and less constructive in its comments. But It will pass, and return, then pass....

By: HandspanStudios on 4/8/02
I like the picture "What's left", thanks for sharing your work, I enjoyed the interview too.

By: georgedvore on 4/8/02
i liked altered states. good film!

By: georgedvore on 4/8/02
Are you a subgenius?
or a reader of the discordia?

By: intrech on 4/8/02
Great interview ;-)
congratulations on AOM, and don't let a few people try to make it any less of an honor than it is.

By: 3ddave44 on 4/9/02
I can't imagine people griping over someone being picked or not over them or not. I don't think of the displaying of our work here as a contest. I just like seeing other people's work, getting downloads, making downloads, buying, etc.

I've many fine pieces (I think) in my gallery that use a breadth of the programs represented here (Bryce, Poser, Strata, Carrara) and the most I hope for them is that they'll either be enjoyed or inspire as I've been.

If I felt the way some have expressed they do here about Mr. Codini's work or his acknowledgement here, I'd use it to propel my work; not get defeated and blow town and think myself 'limited'.

Remember, "only the mediocre are always at their best" : )

By: bonoboner on 4/10/02
What was it like working on Star Wars? Did you get to meet Alec Guiness? He's my favorite. Are you an extra in any of the shots? What's George Lucas really like?

By: Mr Codini on 4/11/02
Alec guiness? isn't he the guy who makes that Beer? (2)It was great except for when we brought in these extra roto guys, they really screwed the whole thing up.

By: lynde on 4/11/02
I guess I don't get the "joke" but your interview was fun to read so Congrats..:)

By: danamo on 4/12/02
Who served the function of the roto-router Mr
Codini? I do love and respect the films you men-
tioned working on and I have to respect the true
creativity of a fellow "old-school" guy. My regards to Bob when you see him.

By: undercurrents on 4/12/02
I notice a new AOTM up, I go to look at his work and see some really, er, well. Are you hiding his real work or is that it?

By: bonoboner on 4/12/02
What was it like working with the talented George Mather? He's a legend in the special effects business. Did he share any secrets with you?

By: Great Bizarro on 4/12/02
ReAlIty is just a misconception of the way things really are.

By: Mr Codini on 4/12/02

Well, I started out doing roto and animation.
I guess roto-router was probably Adam Beckett

"My regards to Bob when you see him."

I'll let him know

By: Jan-Michael on 4/13/02
Mrs. Cleaver.. "Now Beaver... you stop that !!!! "

Beaver Cleaver "But Mom ... I only kissed one frog..? "

Mrs. Cleaver.. "Beaver are you coming out of the closet ?"

Beaver Cleaver.. "No Mom I just kissed a frog"

By: mechmorph on 4/15/02
Makes at least as much sense as crop circles and cattle mutilations. Bob Dobbs? Discordia? Man, I thought I was old. Congrats and keep the tinfoil hat on tight.

By: t3 on 4/16/02
do you wonder why all that bad vibes come in??? took me a while myself to remeber that the name mr. codini is known to me - as long as i know renderosity i think... so why did u clean out your gallery? wouldn't it be nice for all the people that don't get the joke (like myself) to get a little insight? anyway... congrats. sure the lot voters for u can't have been that wrong ;)

By: bonoboner on 4/17/02
I don't mean this as an insult, but looking at your work I am reminded of an old album cover by the Booker T & the MGs. Any response to that?

By: problematic on 4/18/02
Hmmm.... This is all very interesting. Congrats! Whoever/whatever you are.

By: foe on 4/21/02
good job !! i hope i get to be artist of the month some day ,some year ,some century .well maybe when hell freezes over. that's my best chance

By: mrsmindkor on 4/25/02
Not only are you a good artist, your funny too.
You even have tiny,hairless attack dogs from Mexico. You are truly living the life we all dream of...I think.
Way to go.

By: vantagesam on 4/25/02
Congratz Mr Codini! I think you are a very talented artist. By looking at these opinions most seem to agree with me, but there are some who are jealous...... Wonder why? By the way, I have seen all of the movies you mentioned and ALTERED STATES is one of my all time fav's! Keep up the excellent work! : )

By: Badco on 4/28/02
How does it feel to be the last, "Artist Of The Month", nominated AND selected by your peers ?

By: Doc Mojo on 4/29/02
Nice self-portrait, dude. At first I thought it was a picture of me...

-Your "Pal" Mo

By: bonoboner on 4/29/02
Mather would be proud of you, Boy!
"I like weird people. Some of my best friends are weird people" -George Mather

By: Lon Chaney on 12/29/02
LOL you all got suckered big time

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