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Each month we will showcase a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist, in appreciation for their thoughtfulness, and countless hours spent creating free items for the Renderosity community. This month we are proud to showcase the works of Little_Dragon.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I never know what to say when people ask me that. Uh ... I'm 822 years old, a bit over five feet at the withers. I enjoy long moonlit flights after thunderstorms, and am fascinated by small shiny objects. My favorite color is green; my favorite food is Holstein. When I grow up, I'd like to be a fire truck.

Did you begin with Poser or begin with modeling?

I started with modeling, actually, although I had noticed advertisements for Poser (the Mac version) before I began pursuing my interest in 3D. My first proper modeling application was trueSpace. I currently use MilkShape 3D.

Which version of Poser do you use? Why do you like it best?

I have Poser 4 (with Pro Pack), P5, and P6. I use P4 and P5 for development. P6 has a tendency to add things like center-of-mass, crease-angle, z-buffer, and other elements which won't work in earlier versions. Most of my animation and rendering is done in P5 or P6, because of the advanced features like the Material Room.

How long have you been a member of the Poser community? What do you like best about it?

I came across Renderosity in mid-2001, shortly after getting hooked up to the Internet (I waited until broadband was available in my region), and joined immediately. The vast collection of items drew myattention, of course, and I enjoy discussing how to utilize this software with my fellow Poser users, while sharing my endeavors. But mostly, I'm here for the free doughnuts.

What was the first model you ever made? Did it work out the way you planned?

I modeled a very nice rock in trueSpace 1, using the sweep and lattice-deformer tools. Sadly, I wasn't able to preserve this historic item for posterity, as I had only a demo of the application at that time.

How did you get started making the Furrettes?

One of my favorite web-comics is Sabrina Online, by Eric Schwartz. I thought it would be challenging to recreate the title character in 3D, perhaps as a player model for Half-Life, Counter-Strike, or some similar computer game. Eventually, the model became too complex for Half-Life, so, I turned her into a Poser figure. Later, someone at Renderosity noticed my renders and commissioned me to fashion a generic version of the figure so he could make Tiny Toons fan-art.

Where do you get your inspirations for your Free Stuff items?

It helps to get less than two hours of sleep per day. Sometimes the hallucinations can be quite vivid. At least, that's what the leprechauns tell me when they're sober.

Mostly, I create things that I'll need for my own work, when I can't find anything close enough that's already available. Or, I poke around through the forums to see what everyone else is doing, and hope that inspiration will strike.

Sabrina Dances!

When you're making your models and nothing is going right - what keeps you going?

Sheer stubbornness. And caffeine!

What's your favorite free model?

Kozaburo's Messy Hair.

Do you have a favorite free stuff provider?

Bloodsong, for her many contributions to the original Poser animals.

Do you have a favorite image created with your free stuff?

I rather like the following three image, and would have a difficult time choosing among them:

Red Sonja Returns by EllPro

-= Furrette Pin-Up =- by UweG

Pretty Kitty for (PROG) by luckyred

We invite you to visit:

  • Little_Dragon's Art Gallery

  • Little_Dragon's Free Stuff Contributions

    A special "thank you" to
    contributing columnist, artist, Angel1,
    for taking time out of her busy schedule
    to conduct this month's
    Free Stuff Artist Interview.

    If you know of a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist that you would like to have us showcase, please drop Dee-Marie a note with the artist's Renderosity username, and keep checking the Front Page News, you never know who we will be showcasing next!
    June 27, 2005

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    Member Opinions:
    By: SndCastie on 6/27/05
    Thank you Angel1 and Little Dragon I love what you have done with the Furrettes keep up the great work.


    By: Redfern on 6/27/05
    Congrats' Little_Dragon! This is a tribute LONG overdue. Your ability to put unique spins upon new innovations such as the "head swapping" tutorials have resulted in fascinating creations such as Mia, the Millenium Cat-Woman. Very few people would have considered such a fascinating combination, far fewer would have bothered to tackle it.

    And let us not forget your uncanny ability to point a person to the right URL so he may obtain some obscure 3D item or another. LD, the "living resource index"!

    Here's to you, Little_Dragon! If you haven't already found her, may you find the lady drake of your dreams. Mogg, that sure sounded cheesy!



    By: krimpr on 6/27/05
    I read any thread that Little Dragon contributes to. No, I'm not a cyber stalker, it's just that he is one of the most interesting and resourceful members of the Renderosity community. He's also helpful and sharing of his time. Kudos to you LD!

    By: jjsemp on 6/28/05
    Some time ago I posted a request for a police radio microphone prop for a project I was working on. Little Drgaon kindly offered to make one for me and, in no time at all, created a really great model. Many thanks to Little Dragon for being a generous, irreplaceable asset to the Poser community.


    By: KarenJ on 6/28/05
    Nice to get to know the real Little_Dragon. Thanks for all that you do for the community!

    By: vilian on 6/28/05
    My plays with Poser would be half fun without Little Dragon's contributions. I absolutely adore Furrette and her boyfriend, and Mimic update for House Mouse is something I couldn't live without.
    Thank you LD for your generosity ! Long live Little Dragon !!

    By: who3d on 6/28/05
    Yay for LD! I especially adore his efforts in making otherwise speechless figures work with Mimic. Kudos, doode :D


    By: MaPPer on 6/29/05
    Way to go LD!!!! I agree with Bill. Big time congrats. Without your help I'd probably given up years ago.

    By: Sarte on 6/30/05
    822 years old, eh? Wow, that's....uh, some word that I've forgotten. Nice to hear even wyrmlings-at-heart can do fantastic 3D artwork.

    By: SnowFox102 on 6/30/05
    A long overdue interveiw! The Poser community would be a good deal more boring, especially for anthro artists like myself, without the hard work and talent of Little Dragon! Kudos!!

    By: Elfenone on 6/30/05
    Hey Little Dragon, *tosses you some fresh caught rabbit* Put a lil hare in your diet I always say. Congrats dear on this recognition! Well deserved!!

    By: animajikgraphics on 6/30/05
    Funny, you don't look a day over 800... my best to you and all your contributiotns! From one cat lover to another!

    By: kirwyn on 7/1/05
    Congrads! Thank you for all your creations and also your inspiration.

    By: Lyne on 7/1/05
    Fun interview and congrats for being chosen! Good choice! :)

    By: mapps on 7/2/05
    Your critter folks are truly awesome :-) Great interview too :-)

    By: Lemurtek on 7/2/05
    Hey LD-
    Congrats, couldn't happen to a nicer dragon! :)


    By: PapaBlueMarlin on 7/10/05
    LD, you do such cool stuff. Congrats on being chosen for free stuff artist of the month :)

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