June 2010 Artist of the Month - tiff666

Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... June's AOM is tiff666!

We congratulate tiff666 for an outstanding collection of works in the Mixed Medium Gallery!

Who is 'tiff666' and how did you come by this member name?

My real name is Simon Beer, living in Berne/Switzerland. My regular job has nothing to do with art, I'm just working in an office. Since a couple of months I have a cat. Sometimes he gets really angry when I'm sitting on my PC and he wants to play. It's a daily fight! ;-) Besides that, I love listening to music, watching historical documentaries, movies, going to gigs, or having fun with my friends. And the nickname Tiff is a long story, it has something to do with Clive Barker's masterpiece Hellraiser 2... better don't ask! ;-)

How long have you been working with computer graphics?

About 8 years now. I started with an education for web design, and I fell in love with Flash and Photoshop. And then Bryce crossed my way...

The Deal by tiff666
The Deal

Do you have any traditional art experience?

I was drawing all the time when I was a kid. Today, I draw when it's a bigger or a complex scene. Just some sketches - nothing good enough to show to you! But I don't think that you can call this traditional art experience... so no, not really!

What are you currently working on?

Some scenes for a member here at Renderosity. Besides that, I'm learning to create some good scenes with Vue. Oh yeah, and I bought some fantastic art books in the last weeks, really great sources of inspiration, so better watch out!

What software/equipment do you use and why?

Mainly Poser and Photoshop, sometimes Carrara and Bryce. I used to work with DAZ|Studio, but returned to Poser. It's fast and easy to use. The same with Photoshop - this gives you great possibilities for making a Poser render more dramatic. I will create some art with Vue in the next weeks, another great software. If you have skills in Bryce and/or Carrara, or anything similar, it's really easy to use. Still have a lot to learn, but it's fun! ;-)

And please don't ask me details about my PC, I have no idea, hehe...but it's a good one!

Headhunter by tiff666

What is your creative process like?

I get ideas by listening to music or watching artbooks or movies. Sometimes a simple prop, figure, or clothing can be a good start. When everything is posed and the light is good enough, I render different layers. Then starts the best part - the postwork. You never know what you get. I try out different things, like textures with blending effects, contrasts, adding the atmosphere with some good brushes, and sometimes even a whole landscape.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I have no particular favorite, just kind of a top 6. I really like them and wouldn't change anything:

  1. The Deal: Just a good mix of everything with very nice lights.
  2. Out of time: I'm really happy with the colors in this piece. And with Victoria 3... ;-)
  3. Headhunter: Strong posing, dynamic, a wild look and I like the horse armor. Not to forget the awesome helmet!
  4. Cave of the sacred skulls: Very good Bryce arrangement I think. I love the mood in this one. And I love skulls! ;-)
  5. Bleeding Heart: A brutal beauty, nice color arrangement.
  6. Puzzled: Very different and very realistic look.
Bleeding Heart by tiff666
Bleeding Heart

Who, or what, inspires you, and how do you get your ideas?

A lot of great artists. Besides the usual suspects, I would like to mention Travis Smith (Seempieces), Joachim Luetke, David Ho, and even some members here on Renderosity can be a source of inspiration. And, as I said before, artbooks, movies, music, even daily situations. And, of course, history!

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Extreme... looking at the work of other very talented people pushes you to the next level, and there are some really cool people around here. And, not to forget the fantastic marketplace!!!

Puzzled by tiff666

Do you have any parting comments, or advice for other artists?

Look up to the masters and learn from them. And, have fun!

I want to thank everybody for voting, and the Renderosity team for making all this possible!

We invite you to have a further look at tiff666's Renderosity Gallery.

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Member Opinions:
By: blbarrett on 6/2/10
Well Deserved!!! thanks for all the great art you post!

By: Cimarron on 6/2/10
Wow! fantastic portfolio, congratulations on the feature:)

By: ViciousCircle on 6/3/10
One of the best artist around, Congrats Simon!

By: IO4 on 6/3/10

By: alfedo on 6/3/10
Hey Simon,
Congrats, you are the BEST!!!

By: SeanE on 6/3/10
*crosses the line in equal second place* - curses!

anyway - well done Tiff

By: MarkusVogt on 6/5/10
Congratulations to you! Very well derserved, really like your art!

By: 2121 on 6/5/10
Very well deserved....one of the most talented and original artists here.fantastic art in your gallery.

By: romanceworks on 6/6/10
Congrats! Your art is awesome. CC

By: marforno on 6/7/10

By: deviney on 6/7/10
Congrats, love your material...

By: Artemis on 6/7/10
congrats!! love your work!!!!

By: psyoshida on 6/9/10
Congratulations! I look forward to your Vue work.

By: texboy on 6/10/10
Congratulations, Simon! Keep up the good work!

By: soffy on 6/11/10
Congratulations,well deserved**********

By: P3D-Art on 6/11/10
So proud of you Simon ... Absolute amazing!!
Big congratz ... Keep up the great work ;o]]

By: jartz on 6/12/10

By: KimberlyC on 6/12/10
Congrats! Well deserved!! :)

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 6/15/10
Congratulations for this award very deserved....!!! #:O)

By: calum5 on 6/16/10
Well done Simon,your dark art is really great viewing for me!!Just love what your doing,really glad to see you win this!Cheers cal

By: kenmo on 6/19/10

By: schonee on 6/19/10
Congratulations!!!! Excellent work!!!!

By: already_taken on 6/21/10
Having looked at your picks I'm really pleased to have viewed these works. They are wonderful. I like them all, but most of all, The Deal promises a story.

By: TomDart on 6/23/10
Your wonderful work is a cut above.

By: rikomortis on 6/23/10
way to go, well deserved honor....Keep em comming

By: Nathalie_ on 6/27/10
An excellent artist!

By: tiff666 on 6/28/10
So my time as the AOM is nearly over. I wanna thank all of you for your comments, mails, kind words and of course for your vote, this was a blast for me!!! ;-)


By: doarte on 6/28/10
Congratulations! Extraordinary work

By: Rose on 11/18/10
Just from looking at your art on this page makes me want to see your gallery. I think its so great when I meet another artist who is located so far away from me because I'm in the US. We also have something else in common - my cat doesn't like it when I'm at the computer either - I think he thinks I'm spending too much time on it and not enough time on him - LOL!

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