The Heat Is On!

Get Select Digital Content for FREE When You Buy Your 3D Models, Resources & More at Renderosity!

For the next two weeks we are turning up the heat here at Renderosity, by giving away a different product each day! That's right - each day we will be offering a free download when you make at least a $5 purchase in the MarketPlace. The item that is up for grabs changes every day, so make sure you check back daily to see what is available.

You will be able to find the free product of the day here in this article. Just add it to your cart like you would a normal product. However, you must make a purchase in order to checkout with the free item. You can end up with potentially 15 free products during this event!

Here is what you can get for free TODAY with any Renderosity MarketPlace purchase that is at least $5 :

Remember to check back each day to see what new item is available for FREE! The Heat is On Event runs from Monday, August 17th to Monday, August 31st.

Make your summer a little hotter with these Exclusive products at Renderosity!

Mackintosh Collection

Chic for Office Suit

Sexy Top III

SV7 Dalia

Furniture Set One, Wall Clock

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Member Opinions:
By: Sylvia on 8/17/09
Wow!! This Offer is ~Awesome~ So Tempting that I go now to check on my wishlist & the Market for beautiful products to get my free one :-} THANKS SO MUCH, & enjoy a Magical Day!!!

By: anitalee on 8/17/09
Very cool, however, I have lots in my cart and it wont let me add it.

By: piep on 8/17/09
Wow...Thank you for this wonderful Event =)

By: Debbie M. on 8/17/09
anitalee, if you've previously purchased the item, or been gifted the item in the past, the system will not allow you to add it to your cart.

By: 3-DArena on 8/17/09
Oh man, and right after I checked out *lol*

great idea!

By: 2121 on 8/17/09
I brought 3 items yesterday (Sunday )can i get this for free today ?, or am i just unlucky you started this giveaway today !!!!

By: quietrob on 8/17/09
This is just a great idea in the midst of a tough economy!

My Start up Studio sure appreciates it!


By: pixeluna on 8/17/09
A big thank you to Renderosity for this SUPER-GREAT idea and to all the vendors who participated "The Heat Is On." You just made everybody happy, this is really something we're looking forward to.

By: DemonMage on 8/17/09
Sweet deal... but my Credit Card is going to HATE me by Friday *tear*

By: infinity10 on 8/17/09
This needs an RSS feed... or maybe I could use Google Alerts.

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 8/18/09
I hope everyone enjoys this giveaway!! It's a real good idea!

By: originalkitten on 8/18/09
ty :)

By: Debbie M. on 8/19/09
infinity10, here is the RSS feed for this event :)

By: P3D-Art on 8/21/09
This is totaly awsome!!
However ...
I purchased for $16.00 today and forgot to add this Posion item to my cart ;o[[[

By: P3D-Art on 8/21/09
And thank you to resolve it!!

By: RavynGyrl on 8/21/09
The ballet poses are not showing up at the 100% off discount. I add them to my cart and they show as a sale price of $6.80. :(

By: whistler162 on 8/21/09
Well tried to purchase a item, core collection(Kross), with this in the cart and it came up as the price listed. Don't really need it so I will buy the collection without it!

By: RavynGyrl on 8/21/09
Thanx for fixing the price! :)

By: RobynsVeil on 8/22/09
Have to hand it to you, Renderosity: brilliant marketing idea. I'm addicted, hooked, obsessively checking *each* and *every* day! I really like it: love what you've been offering too - thanks to all the vendors who have participated.

By: artistheat on 8/22/09
I had forgotten to add the free item to my cart when I order yesterday,what do I do now:(

By: Jumpstartme2 on 8/22/09
@Artistheat: Please send an email to: '' with your order info and they can help you further.


Renderosity Community Admin

By: maryb2818 on 8/22/09
Does this promo end on 8-31-09? Thanks for the freebies!

By: artistheat on 8/22/09

By: JeniferC on 8/22/09
Yes, the special free item with purchase will end on 8/31.

By: chellewarren on 8/23/09
This has got to be one of the best promotions I've seen around here (other than the Thanks so much! It's like Christmas in August!

By: Revelation-23 on 8/25/09
Just wanted to chime in with my thanks - to Renderosity and the vendor's who have contributed to this. I've only taken advantage of this offer once so far, but I'm so glad that I did.

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