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Congratulations to powerage for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for September!

You've had the honor of Vendor Of the Month a couple times now. To what do you credit your continued success?

I think the diversity of my products allows a wide choice to customers, this may explain continued success. But, this is a deduction on my part, customers would be better placed to tell.

What originally made you decide to become a vendor?

Chance has done things. In 2004, I discovered Poser and all its possibilities, and, of course, I landed on Renderosity looking for content for my runtime. And when I saw all this diversity of content created by vendors, and very imaginative, it gave me the urge to build my personal content. At the time, I began to master some modeling, but I had to learn everything for what was adaptable to Poser. In 2005, I submitted my first product here. Wow! I was surprised by the very positive response that the community gave to my "Palace of Dreams." This encouraged me to continue.

How much time goes into creating one of your products?

It depends on the size of the project: a small project takes me about one week, and a very important project about one month or two.

When you are working on a product, what would you say is the most difficult part?

There are many parts that are difficult: unfolding the UVS, the rigging in Poser, but especially clothes morphs are very boring to do, and about as interesting as peeling potatoes :)

It's obvious you consistently provide top-quality products. Would you consider yourself a perfectionist in your work?

I do not know. I would say early passion and trying to do my best. I noticed that I am better when my inspiration is great - the inspiration is the key to all creative work.

Would you be able to give us a hint at what we might see coming soon in the MarketPlace from you?

I had never modeled a motorcycle, so I made ​​one :) This is not a realistic bike (there are already lots of very nice motorcycles here), not me, I considered the design of a point of view "graphic." I wanted a machine that provides impressive impact to an image. So, in a few days "SHOCKWAVE motorcycle" will be released. I hope it will appeal to customers. Right now I'm working on a fantasy set of clothes. I just finished modeling, but I still have a lot to do.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?

I love comics and I read a lot. I also like movies. But, my favorite moments are those I spend with my daughter to clown around :)

Can you list a couple of your personal favorites from your store?

Each of my products is a time in my life these past 6 years; they all represent something to me. Hard to say what my favorites are, but I'll try to make a choice. The Tournament is a product that took a lot of time building - it was my first big project and I am proud of the result. I love my El Camino! It's been the car of my dreams for many years, but in France it's hard enough to find a real one. So while I wait, I modeled one. And I love my SHOCKWAVE motorcycle.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

  1. Love what you create - do not produce something that does not inspire you.
  2. Gathering information is essential to maintain a consistent workflow.
  3. Diversify - it can help you learn new skills and move forward. In addition, it prevents boredom and rehearsal products on the market.
  4. Step back from your work to identify possible defects.
  5. Do not be like me - do not stay 12 hrs / day behind the screen! Playing sports can help you to relax and discuss your work with more energy and enthusiasm.
  6. Eat zucchini soup - it is good for your health!
  7. Do not get discouraged if your product does not meet the success you hoped for - persevere and you will be rewarded sooner or later for your efforts.
  8. Listen to constructive criticism on your work.
  9. Try to put yourself in place of a client to make your product easy to use.
  10. Stay relaxed - all this is virtual and an illusion created by the matrix.

Any final words or advice to other artists and vendors?

A big thank you to all my loyal customers! Thank you all for taking the time to read this interview :)


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Member Opinions:
By: Samsung12z on 9/2/11
Well done!

By: louly on 9/3/11
Félicitations :)

By: morgothemage on 9/3/11
grats to a great vendor

By: SaintFox on 9/3/11
My heartfelt congratulations!! Very well deserved!

By: 2Mylent on 9/4/11
I eat lots of zucchini soup !

Un grand BRAVO!

By: Darkworld on 9/4/11
congrats! a worthy choice. Powerage is the Dorian Cleavenger of 3D. keep it up ;)

By: hal001 on 9/5/11
congrat' you deserve it.

By: tiff666 on 9/5/11
One of my personal faves! Always a pleasure to work with Powerage's products!!!


By: ironman13 on 9/5/11
Congrats, I am stuck in the matrix also.

By: addy on 9/5/11
Congratulations!! Love your work :)

By: hohorga on 9/6/11
Toutes mes félicitations !

By: SWAM on 9/6/11
Congratulations, great work :-)

By: yakchat on 9/6/11
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I love your products...always top quality...very well deserved!!!!

By: DefaultGuy on 9/6/11
I most throughly enjoyed reading your interview. Congratulations!

By: KimberlyC on 9/7/11
Congrats!! :)

By: reine_de_style on 9/7/11
Congratulations! :)

By: deviney on 9/7/11
Your creative mind always amazes me,well worth the investment. Congrats!

By: Galastro on 9/7/11
Congratulations! You're the man! Great products!

By: Oskarsson on 9/8/11
Damn You, Powerage! You're like a younger, faster and more handsome version of me!

Oh, all right then. Congratulations:)

By: luciferino on 9/15/11
wowow Christophe you deserve it !!!!! Do you know how much i love your stuff are all so perfect and original, congrats, and thanks for your friendship, ciaoo Orietta

By: Debbie M. on 9/16/11
Congratulations Christophe. I can very well remember when you first came aboard, and it's been nothing but sheer pleasure working with you through the years. You are most deserving of this :)

By: StudioArtVartanian on 9/17/11
Big congrats!!!keep up the 'Shoot To Thrill' Job!!!!
amazing rocking stuff!!!!

By: Pygmee on 9/19/11
Pas mal! C'est bien mérité.

By: coflek-gnorg on 9/22/11
Congratulations, once more... You really earned it with Your models.
Great interview too. I can find myself in every point of Your advice
(well except No.5 which I can't, and No.6 which I won't ;) ).
Keep up with great work, see You soon on VOM page!

By: MirageBay on 9/23/11
Congratulations, Christophe! Great work, and a well-deserved honor:)

By: tchak-poupoum on 9/24/11

By: fran_joel on 9/26/11
Félicitations CHRIS !!! (à la bourre, désolé... :P)

By: insanecatlady on 9/26/11
Wicked nice one, well deserved too

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