Renderosity Clover Hunt

We would again like to thank everyone who participated in the Renderosity Clover Hunt! It was a massive success, and we look forward to bringing you similar events in the future.

Without further ado, here is the list of winners, randomly chosen from a pool of correct entries:


We'd like to congratulate the winners and let the community know that we appreciate such a large turnout for this event!

The 10 winners will win a Renderosity Prize Pack, with the following items:

The Renderosity Prize Packs include:
  • $25 Renderosity MarketPlace Gift Certificate
  • Book: Renderosity - Digital Art for the 21st Century
  • Renderosity Baseball Cap
  • Renderosity Head Wrap
  • Renderosity Tshirt
  • Renderosity Pocket Calendar
  • Note: Winners have been contacted. If your name is listed and you haven't been contacted, please email Thank you.

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    Member Opinions:
    By: arcebus on 3/17/08
    That's mean - originally I wanted to do some work today.... ;-}

    By: towerchick on 3/17/08
    I will look after work, but that is absolutely the right way to get everyone to look at every page to see what there is out there for sale, free, achived.... and then there is the forums, gallaries... oh boy this could be fun...... Good luck to all!

    By: AscendedSpirit on 3/17/08
    Only 3 more to find. :)

    By: Spydyr62 on 3/17/08
    Just looking for O now :)

    By: AscendedSpirit on 3/17/08
    Just need to find the E and the T. Any help?

    By: Spydyr62 on 3/17/08
    Do I get bonus points for finding Y twice?

    By: Niha on 3/17/08
    one more to go!

    By: Porthos on 3/17/08
    Found the N, not so easy to search on dial-up as pages load slowwwwww!

    By: winniethe72 on 3/17/08
    hmmmmm... well this would be fun if i could find a single one... but after an hour of browsing... nothing

    By: morganmacailis on 3/17/08
    i found only 8 :(

    By: AscendedSpirit on 3/17/08
    Yay got em all.

    By: Peggy_Walters on 3/17/08
    I need the R and E2 - will click for tips!

    By: Blazerwiccan on 3/17/08
    Man I still have three more to find, my eyes are going blurry lol. Still going *Grabs a quick cup of coffee before going hunting again*

    By: willowdream on 3/17/08
    just lookin for 3 more :)

    By: Niha on 3/17/08
    YEEE HAWWWW!! I found em!! Have fun and GOOD LUCK! ~ hands out a lucky shamrock~

    By: morganmacailis on 3/17/08
    i only need o and t ;)

    By: Spydyr62 on 3/17/08
    :) All here and a bonus Y

    By: Spydyr62 on 3/17/08
    Remember everyone we have 24 hours. If ya' need a break...sheesh don't want to see any of my friends fainting of exhaustion or going permanently cross-eyed or anything. :P

    By: winniethe72 on 3/17/08
    where do we submit the ones we do find? i got 5 so far

    By: Spydyr62 on 3/17/08
    Quick question to admins...
    Will either Y count or is one a dud?

    By: Blazerwiccan on 3/17/08
    Noo I have one left to find, I feel like I am going in circles. *Off hunting again where is that last one hiding?*

    By: colynn on 3/17/08
    I think I'm thinking too hard... the last one can't be that hard, seriously! lol

    By: TheVintageCorset on 3/17/08
    Still can't find the first E!'s the only one I have left...arg

    By: aproctor on 3/17/08
    Arrrgh - I'm going around and around too - still looking for the o and the t

    By: SpringWish on 3/17/08
    That was Great fun Thanks for the challange!!

    By: Peggy_Walters on 3/17/08
    Thanks! Got em all! That made the morning past by quick...

    By: anahressa on 3/17/08
    lol, I'm still trying to find the first E and the T. *pulls hair out*

    By: Blazerwiccan on 3/17/08
    Finally found them all, wow some of those were tricky. Thank you for the hunt, and good luck to everyone.

    By: sanctity_seeker on 3/17/08
    Yeah!! My eyes are now in need of some rest... but it sure was a fun diversion ;-) Happy Irish Day!

    By: Yanelis3D on 3/17/08
    Wow! This is so fun! Found them all!!

    By: BAR-CODE on 3/17/08
    Yeah ...funny ... but that first "R"
    Is laughing in my face because i cant find him ;}

    And then so much more to find ....

    where "R" youuuuuu.......

    By: Cybertenko on 3/17/08
    Are they - clovers - in old posts/pages also?

    By: TheBryster on 3/17/08
    So that would be the whole renderosirty site then? And how many pages does this site have?

    By: DarkReflections on 3/17/08
    got 'em all except for the O. Anyone got any hints? LOL

    By: Isiscat on 3/17/08
    I think the first "E" drinks too much beer and it's sleeping at home. I can't find the dammed letter (T_T)

    By: Heavenlee on 3/17/08
    I've found 8 and now i'm stumped!!! xxx

    By: summer1412 on 3/17/08
    Agh, I just need that regular E!! Can anybody help me?!

    By: kodewarrior1 on 3/17/08
    The "O"!!! I miss just this one!!!!!

    By: Anglu on 3/17/08
    No sign of E2 and T. frustrating

    By: pokeydots on 3/17/08
    lol I found all but the E2!!! :(

    By: aella on 3/17/08
    wee this was fun found them all ok now back to the school work i should be doing =)

    By: SilverLynx on 3/17/08
    Well that was I forgot what I was supposed to be doing ;)

    By: slorge on 3/17/08
    ok, found all but one....and I've looked everywhere....almost :)

    By: hecate61 on 3/17/08
    Finally found that last elusive letter. Interesting that one letter can be found at 2 different URLs. First time I managed to finish one of these since they're usually over before I get home from work.

    By: FaeryVamp on 3/17/08
    I've been looking for the E's and T for about an hour.............

    By: ThrommArcadia on 3/17/08
    The "T" is driving me insane! I was on such a roll too. Now I hav eto give up and go grocery shopping before the store closes. lol.

    By: ddstargazer on 3/17/08
    Finally found them. Now my eyes can take a break.

    By: Faerydae on 3/17/08
    Found all of them except the first E :/

    By: lordwulf on 3/18/08
    This was a fun 15 minutes spent ;) Now to try and meet my deadlines LOL

    By: ysvry on 3/18/08
    lol I found non but the E2!!! :)
    great ideer to promote the site.

    By: lobbot on 3/18/08
    Ok, this may sound dumb, but the S appears as a little thumbnail in the first page, and when you click on the thumb, you get into another page with the same S...

    So, the valid URL is where you find the little S or the big one??

    By: lobbot on 3/18/08
    Well, it's official. I found all letters. The first E gotta be some kind of sick joke. When I found it I laughed for 5 minutes... Who could imagine it was to be found THERE...

    By: kodewarrior1 on 3/18/08
    got them all!!!! ^_____^

    By: Jumpstartme2 on 3/18/08
    @lobbot: The first page you see it on, is always the correct url. ;)

    By: FreeWave on 3/18/08
    I give up! I've just spent an hour looking for "O" today and can't seem to see it. Put that together with the hour I spent yesterday, I'm spending waaay too much time on this! Either I'm blind, it's well hidden, or I'm just not looking in the right places -- or all three! Anyway, it was a fun exercise and hopefully I'll have more luck another time.

    By: TheBryster on 3/18/08
    I found 10 of them. Where the heck is the last one??????

    By: Heavenlee on 3/18/08
    Well i have 10 but can't find the 1sr R....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH................... xxx

    By: Netjera on 3/18/08
    I have them all but the first E. :(

    By: Anglu on 3/18/08
    OKay, where were E and T? Now you can tell, can't you?

    By: fluffybat on 3/18/08
    ok - now that the home page says this hunt is closed, will anyone please tell me where that first E, the O and the T were hiding?!

    By: Cybertenko on 3/18/08
    Probably giving up. Have only 8, no idea where the rest can be...

    By: TheBryster on 3/18/08
    Lobbot: I couldn't agree more. It was blind luck that I found that one. I have them all now, with 1 1/2 hours to spare. Phew!

    By: Puntomaus on 3/19/08
    T ... please tell me where you've hidden that T. I found all in a short time but that T. I mean, it's over anywhere but please tell me where it is that I can finally find some sleep again LOL ... I'm still wondering where it is.

    By: BAR-CODE on 3/19/08
    I think it was a smart place to hide the "E"
    I REchecked that page just before the hunt was over..
    And it showed me the precies count of views on that page "the amount of people who found it"
    But it was a "nasty" place ...
    What mastermind made that one up...

    By: StaceyG on 3/19/08
    ME, Chris... I did it just to throw you.. Don't you know me well enough by now that I live to torment you? Heehee.

    By: AQuest on 3/19/08
    Will we be told where they were? Since you obviously want to get people to see these pages.
    I never did find that E...

    By: willowdream on 3/19/08
    ok the suspense is killing me!! who won?

    By: morganmacailis on 3/19/08
    congrats ^^

    By: summer1412 on 3/19/08
    O.O;; THAT'S MY NAME!!! O___O;; Holy crap, I won!!


    By: bentchick on 3/19/08
    Who cares who won..... I just want to know where all those URLs were!!!! JK LOL ;P Congrats everyone, it was fun!

    By: StaceyG on 3/19/08 (Y) Spotlight (Photo Team) (T) 3DSMAX SUBCOMM (S) (R2) (R) (o) (N) (I) (E2) (E) (D)

    These are the URL's to where all the images were hidden. They are not there now but you can at least see where they were during the hunt:)

    Congrats to the winners!

    By: RedtailHawk on 3/19/08
    WOOOO HOOO!... be interesting to see who recognises the t-shirt when out shopping.. Congrats to the other winniers!... and Thanks to Rendo!

    By: Blazerwiccan on 3/19/08
    *Speachless* Wow, so happy. Man you guys almost drove me nuts looking for them. *does a happy dance*

    By: pokeydots on 3/19/08
    congratulations everyone!

    By: AQuest on 3/19/08
    Um... for the letter "E"? Where was that? The link is to a non-existent question that has not been answered?
    Did the question get taken down or was it never in a category or what?

    By: kodewarrior1 on 3/19/08
    Congrats to the winners! ^_^

    By: Niha on 3/19/08
    WOOO HOO!!!!!!!! I WOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Thanks Renderosity for the fun and the prizes!! Congrats to all you other winners!!

    By: Acadia on 3/19/08
    OMG! I'm thrilled!! Thank you soooo much!

    By: Liladieni on 3/19/08
    Thank you! I never win anything, least not till now.

    I love the fun stuff like this, can't wait to see more!

    Gratz to everyone!

    By: nininin on 3/20/08
    Thank you.
    I am full of feelings of thanks very very for joy.

    By: Raindroptheelf on 3/21/08
    A fantastic Idea and I missed it because I was down with the flu * cry *

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