Aery_Soul (Formally: As Shanim) January '04 Merchant of the Month

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Aery_Soul (Formally: As Shanim) January '04 Merchant of the Month
First of all we'd like to make things a little more clear. Actually As Shanim represents here on Renderosity Awful Soul and Awful Soul is a team composed of two individualities: As Shanim & Siliphiel. We'd like to change our merchant name to Awful Soul but it is not possible right now so we'll remain as merchants as As Shanim for the moment.

How did you get started in 3D Graphics?
Siliphiel: As Shanim has always had a passion for computer graphic since Amiga (one of the best computer) so this is how he get started while I got in touch with this amazing world just some years ago thanks to As Shanim.

How long have you been working with 3D Graphics?
As Shanim: If I had had a more money when I was a strapping young lad I would have started long before, but I didn't and this mean we have been seriously working with 3d graphic since about two years and a half.

Do you have any formal training?
As Shanim: If I had had more money when I was a younger and quite beautiful guy I could have attended a course. In Italy in fact there are many courses to become good professional cookers training...
So I can say that we don't have any formal training; we started from the very beginning and step by step developed our current skills in this field.

What software do you use for product development?
Siliphiel: to model As Shanim uses Maya and I usually use Painter for the textures, other useful tools are UV Mapper Pro and Tailor, well, and Poser of course: P4 and Pro Pack.

How much time is required for product development?
A lot of time especially after the modelling part (the funniest one) when we have to "poserize" models (creating Cr2 & morphs). We try to adapt the clothes to the model the best possible, but by and large I usually reduce details, particulars and so on (polycount does matter unfortunately).

Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product?
As Shanim: brave and happy I start modelling and I do it really joyfully. Then I take care of UV Map and the initial joy starts lessening. Meanwhile Siliphiel works on the textures. Then we take Poser into consideration, this means cr2 and morphs and the Joy says goodbye to us waving a white handkerchief withdrawing on a old steam train offering us only black smoke. I check tens of times that the clothes fit the model as they are supposed to until I can't go on any longer and I stop working on it. After some time (that can also be months) I notice that I have a folder the existenze of which I didn't absolutely remember and then I say "Oh! A new piece of clothing! I could finish it now. And this is how clothes are finished.
For Siliphiel is more a question of inspiration, when she is inspired she works on the textures full steam ahead while if she's not inspired it's better that she steps back to wait for inspiration to come.

Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products?
We get inspired from fantasy and our own little spherical heads. Music's contribution is very important (there is always something sounding in our cubic room), it gives us inspiration and creativity.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
As Shanim: Actually I have been looking for someone that could give me advice. But I have never found it. So my piece of advice would be not to waste time looking for advice but rather to work hard and NEVER get discouraged (a good piece of advice).
I have had quite negative experiences as far as advice are concerned, since almost all those people that were able to do somthign good have never tryed to help me. This is something I still remember quite well and this is why conversely I would like to help anyone that would need advice. Therefore when I have some spare time I'll try to find the time to anwer to anyone that would like to contact me to ask for advice.
Note: I don't write tutorials because I'm too lazy for this kind of things and also, honestly, actually I'm not good at it.

Siliphiel: when I need advice I look at As Shanim, ha has never given me any wrong one :).

How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning?
Renderosity has played a very important role since when we found the site we haven't yet get in touch with Poser, although we knew something about "a program in which you could move people", so it was Renderosity that made us know this new world. Then, thanks to Renderosity freebies area we started distributing our first freebies and started getting feedbacks from people, this was very important because we didn't know much about product development and so on and was very useful to us for our first product to hit the market.

With the first freebies and products we also got in touch with some people that appreciated our work and we started some friendship that still exists and of which we are really proud of. We have know many people in this two years and a half and some really great artist we really admire the work of, and there are some people we are really glad we can call friends.

From a learing point of view Renderosity's community has always been very helpful, if you have any problem with Poser it quite easy to find an answer in the forums or to find someone which will help, this is something wa have always enjoyed and still enjoy.

Do you have any final words?
As Shanim: With the confidence of a colour blind that crosses a red traffic lights I can say that no one (or really a few) is still reading this interview. By and large I thinkg that no one is really interested in me and Siliphiel.

Sometimes I go to the station and wait for a train that goes to the Moon or Mars or when I'm particularly lively I wait for the Enterprise (the one from the latest series is fine). But those trains never arrive (nor the Enterprise), so I grab my luggage full of good proposals and Siliphiel by hand and getting back home I see many things: buildings, cars, roads, people with dogs and dogs with people.

I am disconsolate because I understand that television and multinationals control everything and everybody and they are there that decide which trains have to arrive and leave in the stations.

While I get back home the train to Mars arrives and also the Enterprise but I can't see them 'cause I've turned. I haven't had enough patience and specially I haven't trusted myself.
At this point I can only build the spaceship that will bring me far away by myself, and this is what I am doing because I want to go far away, very far away, to reach the place where people desire and think by themselves.

Question: What has all this to do with Poser and 3D?
Answer: I have always desired to say something like that to a bigger audience.

Thanks: I thank with love my mother and my father. I hug warmly my sister, her husband and my niece. I thank all those artists that create the music I listen to and all those that bring me inspiration (they're many and a list wouldn't be useful... who would be interested!?!). All movies we watch and love (and all actress/actor we appreciate), all the things we read because help us so much, and all videogames we play and loved. I thank my friends, those that although they're not near me right now have really given me much. I thank my elementary school teacher, my math teacher of primary school and my secondary school teacher of Italian. Last I thank Siliphiel, for she stays by me.

Siliphiel: I'm sure ours will be the coolest spaceship ever! I agree with As Shanim of course and I want to hug all the above mentioned people as well and also my parents, uncle and granny. I won't never be able to thank enough As Shanim to make me dream :).

Thanks everybody for supporting us and have a great New Year full of beautiful dreams!

As Shanim & Siliphiel of AwFuL SouL
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Member Opinions:
By: karanta on 1/1/04
Congratulations :-) Very well deserved!

By: Vampi on 1/1/04
It's about time you got noticed!

By: Tamela.J. on 1/1/04
CONGRATS!! Love your products! :O) Happy New Year!

By: Cylithera on 1/1/04
Congratulations!!! Finally! ;)

By: Aaronheart on 1/1/04
Congratulations :o)

By: LadySythe on 1/1/04
Congrats! ;) You do SUPERB work!

By: Kinouk on 1/1/04
This wonderful..way to go guys!

By: Thorne on 1/1/04
OMFG I love this interview! Hahaha great work you guys ;o)

By: begga on 1/1/04
Congratulations... love all your stuff

By: Corbie on 1/1/04
You have wonderful products and I love your freestuff as well! If the Enterprise shows up, please make them stop by and get me too, LOL!

By: Xorron on 1/1/04
Congratulations...and go on with that excellent work! By the way, Your story sounds very familiar to me ;-)...Happy new year!

By: twisted_angel_9 on 1/1/04
Great stuff, congrats

By: Lucie on 1/1/04
All my congratulations! VERY VERY well deserved! The two of you make quite a team, what you do is always so unique, I'm a fan! I also think your spaceship will be the coolest ever! :) Keep up the excellent work!

By: Yunas_Guardian on 1/2/04
Congratulations! A well deserved honor!

By: koncz on 1/2/04
Congratulations, you really deserve this.:)

By: luciferino on 1/2/04
Congratulazione fanciulli ^_^ bella anche l'intervista baci Orietta

By: sparrowheart on 1/2/04
This was the best Merchant of the Month Interview I have ever read. I'm not really surprised that I walk away from reading this feeling better and more inspired. You two make many people dream. Don't ever think you don't! A lot of us do care about Siliphiel and As Shanim :-) Congratulations!

By: jaydiva on 1/2/04
Congratulations you two!!!
This is so well deserved and about time too :)))
Love the interview ; )

By: AprilYSH on 1/2/04
you two are funny, cute and very imaginative :) congrats on this award!

By: SkoolDaze on 1/2/04
You two are just too much :) Great interview and a most deserving honor... Congratulations!!

By: MGDesign on 1/2/04
Congrats! A good way to start a new year :)
Thank you both for realising our dreams!

By: Strixowl on 1/2/04
Truly deserve it!! Love your stuff & the interview. Congrats!!!

By: Giana on 1/2/04
I cannot remember a time since knowing you that I did not believe in your spaceship... I am just so so SO happy to see this interview and the recognition you two so richly deserve. Whether you realise it or not, you have had such positive impact on this community and within 3D art itself. Thank you for bringing your dreams to us!! Congrats!! :))

By: Aery_Soul on 1/2/04
Thanks everybody for the nice words and comments, we didn't expect so much interest :). We are sure you will continue enjoying our products and freebies because we constantly try to be original and every time try to do our best. Thanks again for your support!!! As Shanim & Siliphiel of AwFuL SouL

By: Septembre on 1/2/04
Congratulations to you both, I am so THRILLED to see you get the recognition you deserve! You have been such an enormous inspiration to so many people, whether you know it or not - you have touched all our lives! It is with great joy that I immerse myself in work on something that your beautiful clothes have inspired. And don't worry, you are not the only ones waiting for that space ship!!! Congratulations again to you both!

By: L.W. Perkins on 1/2/04
Yes, and we read all the way to the end--you are very inspiring--and fun to read about! Thank you for the beautiful models!

By: RossoMan on 1/3/04
Congratulations to both of you! Not only do you create wonderful clothing, but your customer support is also top notch. Only a few days ago I required some help with the beautifull V3 Cloth String set and your replies were quick and very helpfull. Thank you again!

By: Mercytoo on 1/3/04
Congratulations to the both of you, you really deserve this. I love your products and hope you will continue to give us amazing products at great prices for many years to come.

By: Mercytoo on 1/3/04
Congratulations to you both, you really deserve this. I hope you'll continue to provide us with fantastic products for many many years. Oh, and do you have room in that space ship for one more? ;-) Congratulations!

By: jebberwacky on 1/3/04
You two are as original as it gets. (no offence to the other great artists out there). I always check your site for new content and inspiration. Congratulations!!! and A Happy New Year!!!!

By: Seven Wolves on 1/3/04
You two make the best fantasy outfits. Sooner or later, that spaceship will be built and hopefully we can all go away on it. Until then, it's always nice to know there are lots of people out there who let their dreams fly.
Thanks for the little pieces of your imaginations you share with us :)

By: Silvermermaid on 1/3/04
Congratulations! Your one of my favorite merchants!

By: Rynn on 1/4/04
Congrats you two. You make some amazing and original products. This merchant of the month title is very much deserved! :)

By: Akasha2K on 1/4/04
Way to go! are a much deserving artist! :)

By: bob4artist on 1/4/04
Congratulations! I thank you for adding to my relm of dreams with your wonderful products. I am picky as to who I let in there, but your work is always welcome.

By: Rhiannon on 1/5/04
Congratulations to you both, you are one of my favorite merchants/teams here at R'osity, not only because you bring us fantastic products, but also because of your generosity and the people that you are. Keep it up ... I wish for all your dreams to come true in the coming year ... **BIG HUGS**

By: Magician on 1/5/04
Congrats, like your products very much.

By: visualgirl on 1/5/04
Congratulations! I really enjoyed reading this interview and wish you two more good luck and prosperity in 2004. You have created some fine products.

By: snake6778 on 1/6/04
you guys have terrible english, but your art is excellent!!!


- Jeff

By: webdancer on 1/6/04
I have always admired your work and reading your words really makes me want to aspire to be more than I can be.

By: Ecstasy on 1/7/04
Its about time!!!!lol
now Ive feel like Ive got some where too:-o)
You two aretops to me!!!!
Congratulations and a happy new year.

By: Richabri on 1/7/04
Congratulations on a well deserved distinction. Your work and your generosity are an inspiration to all of us :)

By: Mahna on 1/8/04
Oh, I loved your interview!! Your lights, poses, clothes and textures are my favorites!! This is so deserved! Congratulations and a Wonderful New Year to both of you!! :-)

By: Ethesis on 1/8/04

Question: What has all this to do with Poser and 3D?
Answer: I have always desired to say something like that to a bigger audience.

All I can say is you do a great interview

By: TheWingedOne on 1/8/04

By this way I'd like to thank you for the wonderful stuff you guys make. Keep up the great work and a Happy New Year with lots of new inspiring moments to come.

All the best,

By: renapd on 1/8/04
I can think of none else more imaginative, quality-dedicacted and inspired than you lately who deserves this honor - way to go guys! :)

By: DarkStarRising on 1/8/04
congratulations you two, you both deserve it, such high quality work, in all sence!
well done!
hugs and kisses

By: DreamstoGo on 1/10/04
congradulations!!!! well deserved!!!!!!

By: Aery_Soul on 1/10/04
Thanks again.
We are really happy to read your words.

And a special thank-you to all the things we read
(another important form of art !).

~ As Shanim & Siliphiel of AwFuL SouL

By: HandspanStudios on 1/12/04
You two do great work, always very original. I'm pleased to know more about your creative process.

By: jeweldragon on 1/13/04
this is a fabulous interview and i really enjoyed reading it :) your products are AWESOME and to be merchant of the month is well deserved by you two :) wonderful and congrats !

By: An-i-mA on 1/18/04
As Shanim & Siliphiel, since I know how hard you work on your products I can say this is much more than deserved. I admire you and wish all the best! Congratulations! .::An-i-mA::.

By: Aery_Soul on 1/18/04
The enthusiasm that the other people show to us is one of the main reasons why we continue making items for Poser. Thanks to everybody!
...Another thanks to : all videogames we play and loved (!) and all movies we watch and love (some great inspirations can come from the movies!)

As Shanim & Siliphiel
of AwFuL SouL

By: Smitthms on 1/19/04
Congrats... its very well deserved, your products are top notch :o) Thomas

By: BlueBeard on 1/19/04
Congrats....well you have any room on your spaceship left?

By: linwhite on 1/28/04
I've wanted to get on that spaceship, too, but you two make it a lot nicer here on Earth for the rest of us. You so deserve this honor and I'm so happy to see someone like you chosen. Keep making those awesome products. Each and every one is a treasure to me. :O)

By: UrbanChilli on 4/1/05
A lot of people already have said, in different ways, what I can say; you both are truely very talented, what a match you make!
(I know, I'm a bit late with this and I did read through it all :o)

By: arcadian1 on 1/4/06
yes a very Happy New Year to you both, and congratulations on the creation of such fine items for use in Poser my friends!

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