MayaX November '03 Merchant of the Month

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MayaX November '03 Merchant of the Month | MayaX, VOM
Q: How did you get started in 3D Graphics? I began 3DCG, in order to draw the illustration of my novel. But 3DCG occupies the center of my thinking now. Almost all tales have been lost from my brain. I had the plan to make a game before. But since there were many insufficient things for 3DCG materials, it suffered a setback on the way. Therefore, I decided to make 3DCG materials in order to make the library in which a reference is possible always. 3DCG is the work which time requires very much. Gradually, I began to think it required to distribute materials in order to make people mitigate waste of the time. Q: How long have you been working with 3D Graphics? It is three years ago that I began 3DCG completely. I was enjoying POV-Ray before it. But I was not able to make a work from it freely. Now, I resign former work and am concentrating on 3DCG work. Q: Do you have any formal training? No. But I studied the great artists' work. I think that it is more useful than formal training. Q: What software do you use to develop your products?
  • Metasequoia(Modeling)
  • Photoshop
  • Cr2Builder (by kim99)
Q: How much time is required for product development? It changes sharply with each work. I am always advancing the individual project of dozens in parallel. MayaDoll spent one years or more. Moreover, the Head portion of AnimeDoll having spent half a year in examining the polygon structure that MT can work well. Q: Do you have any advice on how to get started selling 3D Products? There is still no qualification on which I advise people. It is because I still worry. I want to make 3DCG materials for me. But it may differ from what other people want. I always worry about which should be aimed at. Q: Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products? I rarely appreciate Anime, Manga, and Game of Japan. But I may be influenced by them. Q: How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning? Renderosity is like "Home" in my 3DCG life. Since I cannot use English well, I only admire chiefly. Q: Do you have any final words? I do my best from now on. Thank you.
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Member Opinions:
By: BATLAB on 11/1/03

By: -Yggdrasil- on 11/2/03
Woohoo! You go, MayaX!!! MayaDoll and AnimeDoll are great! Great hair, too. But then... my renders show it. ^_^ Congratulations!

By: Aaronheart on 11/2/03
Congratulations! Well deserved ! :-)

By: Taruru on 11/2/03
It is disappointing that a photograph isn't a little vivid.:-)

By: capsces on 11/2/03
Great to see you here. You create wonderful models. :) -Beth

By: Yunas_Guardian on 11/2/03
Congratulations, indeed! A well deserved honor. I've been following your work since I began with Poser! Keep up the fabulous job.

By: sparrowheart on 11/2/03
Thank you very much for the wonderful models you design and create. They are endlessly inspiring to work with.


By: rhiafaery on 11/2/03
Congratulations! You deserve it, you are a wonderful part of the Poser community. :)

By: DarkSkills on 11/2/03
Excellent works!

By: FanDancer on 11/2/03
Congratulations MayaX! There are only a Hand full of Artist/Modelers that I admire beyond words and you are one of them. I am constantly at your website looking to see what your working on, or what you have out. The quality of your work is awesome! If I were to be asked who inspires me the most, Your name would definately be at the top. All I can say is, You are most deserving of this honor and it's about time! 8-)

By: dogsbody on 11/2/03
Congratulations, I have been viewing the birth of the MayaDoll project with interest. I think that you have tapped a huge market here, and that it is ready for you to develop!
I especially like the combination of freebies, cross-collaboration with others, and low-price market products.

Good luck

By: davidpayne on 11/2/03
You've only been doing this 3 years????

Your site was one of the the very first I ever went to when I started using poser!!

By: Ayperi on 11/2/03
You deserve it, man! Congrades, I absolutely adore your works!

By: SyS on 11/2/03
Good to see your skill is now recognised... Please remember though, Keep some of your poser stuff free!!...

Thats what I say and thats what I do..... I hope that you do too!..

Well done my friend....


By: brycetech on 11/2/03
excellent! AnimeDoll much in fact that I actually bought her (and I dont buy ANYTHING I usually just make it). Excellent job..keep up the cool stuff. (when do we get a guy animedoll? hint, hint, poke, poke

By: alucard_k on 11/3/03

By: Corinne on 11/3/03
Yeah, well deserved !! Congratulations :)

By: timoteo1 on 11/3/03
Yes, very well deserved. And your English is just fine ... the meaning in your words is very clear. :)

By: hauksdottir on 11/3/03
Well, there is one English phrase that I hope you hear a lot... and that is THANK YOU! Your work is outstanding.

By: Khrys on 11/3/03
Glad to see someone who so richly deserves it getting it for a change!

By: Cookienose on 11/3/03
Congratulations to a very deserving artist!

By: galactron22 on 11/3/03
Your Anime Doll was a stroke of genious, Thankyou, and we appreciate your work, Keep them coming!

By: karanta on 11/3/03
Congratulations :-) Well deserved!

By: The_Great_Gonzo on 11/3/03
What can we say other than this is the man who's hair probably apears on more renders than anyone else. Well done, you are a true corner stone of the worldwide poser community. (By the way the Anime Doll is superb!)

By: Dejah on 11/3/03
Well deserved and thank you for all your superb stuff!

By: goldhorn on 11/3/03

By: LAH-R on 11/4/03
Are you Ninja?

By: Tomiya on 11/4/03

By: Spkr4TheDead on 11/4/03
Thank you for all the free stuff you make. I love Mayadoll. She is a match for Vicky. Keep up the work!

By: Quarker on 11/5/03
OMEDETO Maya! I knew you could do it!

By: ChuckEvans on 11/5/03
Congratulations, sir! You have done a lot in 3 years. You made a lot of free things and made some things for sale. I look forward to more things from you and wish you good luck in the 3DCG field.

Oh, and don't worry about your English so much...I have no problem understanding you.

By: sarsa on 11/5/03

By: rubio on 11/7/03

By: Riddokun on 11/7/03
Wow.. glad you earned the title of merchnt of the month... you deserve it, though you wre still famous since all your high quality freestuff too !

By: DrHack on 11/10/03
This was a great choice . . . you have more than earned this title. Not just because of your commercial products, of course. I have been a fan of MayaDoll since you introduced her, and if AnimeDoll is even better, then . . . !! she must be worth much more than her price. I intend to find out soon!

By: B_PEACOCK on 11/10/03
You are about the best Maya . I have alot of your stuff . Thanks for all you do and Congradulation .You deserve it

By: Finister on 11/11/03
Congrats, Maya!!

By: rrkknight3 on 11/11/03
All the best! Glad you've been recognized!

By: juppy on 11/12/03
It's natural that you become a merchant of month.

By: SnowSultan on 11/15/03
Congratulations, I'm glad to see you recognized again as the talented artist and modeler that you are. :) Thank you for sharing both your free and commercial products with us all!

By: iggy23 on 11/15/03
well deserved. i don't know about your commercial products, but your hair models are some of the best around, and you're a star for giving them away. you have my total respect.

By: angielyn on 11/24/03
Congratulations!!! And Thank You!!!

By: moony on 11/29/03
I was moved by your art ! Your work is very beautiful. I love it !

By: 3Dream on 11/30/03
Great work!!!!!!

By: thoennes on 2/11/04
Congrats, Maya. I liked the direction that your 3DCG work was going, have always loved your freebies and bought AnimeDoll. Well worth the money for such a high quality model. It's one of my favorite figures. Superior workmanship. The effort you've taken certainly shows.

By: CobraBlade on 5/20/11
Although very late I want to congratulate you for such an incredible and well deserved achievement. Your Anime Doll Kit & AD Boy are the greatest and my very favourite figures. I use them all the time! Well worth the money and I look forward to anything new you may bring out for them now or in the future.


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