Bryce Camp 2000 is Coming...
Bryce Camp 2000 is Coming...
Denver, Colorado, August 15, 2000:

Clark Dunbar Studio and Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center announce:

Bryce Camp 2000, taking place from Oct. 25-28, 2000

at the Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center (RMDAC) in Denver, CO, USA.

Bryce Camp 2000

Bryce Camp a 4-day super intensive workshop on all things Bryce.
(Corel's 3D Natural Landscape Software). The 4-day workshop will not
only talk the talk, it'll walk the walk. With the world's best Bryce
Instructors: Susan Kitchens (AuntiAlias) who wrote the books (including
the award-winning The KPT Bryce Book, Real World Bryce 2 and
co-authored the soon-to-be released Real World Bryce 4), Chris Casady
(TileNut) who wrote the tutorials and made the art, Ken Musgrave (Mojo)
whose research in mathematics and fractals started the digital
landscape craze, Scott Tucker (Tuckersaur) who was a senior beta-tester
on Bryce2, 3 and 4 and dives to the deepest depths in Bryce and Michael
Sigmon (renato!) who has worked as the animation consultant for the
Real World Bryce 4 book.

Classes will include: Terrains (mastery complete control), The Sky Lab
and all the natural atmospheric controls, The Deep Texture Editor,
Volumetric Materials, Texture Mapping & UV Mapping, Working with
imported objects and models, and Animation.

This workshop is for both the novice/beginning Brycer and the hardened

Special presentations will be made on the Origins of Bryce and the
History of Bryce.

Bryce Camp 2000 is being held at the Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center
(RMDAC), a unique educational facility housed in a completely renovated
historic building, containing a custom-designed 4000 sq. ft. facility
with hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, oak beams and 20 foot
ceilings. RMDAC is packed with state-of-the-art technology including
T1-speed connections to the internet, high-powered workstations,
wireless ethernet, digital cameras, scanners and color printers, and
instructor workstation connectivity to a 65 sq. ft. screen with a 2300
lumens UXGA projection system. The projection

system is also connected to a DVD player, an S-VHS VCR, and 8ft
satellite dish with a professional surround-sound stereo system
equivalent to a small movie theater.

Bryce Camp 2000 is the third annual Bryce Camp and presented in the
spirit of the previous camps: Ghost Ranch and Ojai


Corel, Curious Labs, Zygote Media

Learn more at the Bryce Camp 2000 / Denver web site:

or call 1-888-447-8118

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Member Opinions:
By: speardc on 8/15/00
What is the price of the workshop? If I can afford it, I'll go...

By: Olivier on 8/16/00
800$ without transportation, lodging and meals!
Well, I think they have chosen the opposite way from Renderosity: if you want good tutorials and lessons you have to pay a very high price!!!
Where is the happiness to give knowledge to others? Where is generosity? Where are the good values that make us better in our feelings or in CG Art? It would have been so profitable for us if it was free, on the web, here!
This Bryce Camp is not for me! And I regret this.
I have so much to learn.
Bad. Sad.

By: draub on 8/16/00
I beleive it's $800.00 for it.

By: DigitalArtist on 8/16/00
Spear - I hear its about 500 to 700 dollars It sounds like it's going to be a blast, I know they had fun at Ojai.

I would like to go too, but my expenses are limited as of now :|

Anyways, great city to host it in. Sure it's going to be really nice :)

By: Tilandra on 8/16/00
Its $800 not including lodging or meals. Personally, I'm applying (without much hope) to my state arts council for a Director's Grant-in-Aid, which is specifically designed to help artists go to seminars and other occasional learning opportunities. You may want to check your state government web page and see if they have something similar.

By: Bee on 8/19/00
Love to go, but can't afford $800. Oh well.

By: CGI_Waldo on 8/19/00
The price is $800 no including transportation, airfare, or a few other things.

I have been thinking of going, if I can afford it.

By: Artist3D on 8/20/00
I have Bryce4 and have NO idea how to use it.I also have Poser4(Am getting very good at that,though I still have ALOT to learn)and I also have Canoma(no idea there either!LOL),SO A Workshop for those would be a GREAT $$$ maker for the teachers and Learning tool for us newbies,so Everyone wins!How much is the Bryce workshop?I want to go!

By: Olivier on 8/20/00
I have just had an interesting idea...
Well, listen and see if it's so interesting!
You, Jack or any member of Renderosity could go there, paid by Renderosity, learn all these good techniques, then work on a very special task:
transmit to every members all that you have seen!
This way, one of you would spend a super stage there, in a beautifull landscape, and everyone could make a lot of progresses with Bryce!
What do you think of that? Isn't it a good idea, hum?

By: Kevin on 8/20/00
$200 a day is more than reasonable for top quality computer instruction. Most classes I've taken are more like $2000 for a week, and they don't include housing or meals either. Ok, maybe donuts for breakfast.

By: CDunbar on 8/21/00
BryceCamp 2000 - Update (8/21/00)

As of Friday 8/25/00 only 15 openings are left.

Bryce Camp offers some 24 hours of class/workshops and 24 hours of open lab sessions where the instructors not only show and tell you the ins and outs of Bryce, but give one-on-one hands-on instruction and answers to the hows and whys of Bryce and what it does (You'll even learn things about Bryce and tricks within Bryce you never knew existed). If you want the best instruction and deep knowledge of all things Bryce, then Bryce Camp will help in your pursuits of really knowing the program, and making you a better Bryce image maker. Besides you get to spend 4-days with a bunch of Bryce-heads.

By: sargebear on 8/21/00
$800, no way,, i've been using bryce since it came
out.. within a year i mastered the program.. if
your a pro at it already, why go? if your a newibe
with money to burn then go. i know if i went, the
first thingi would want to learn is something i
don't already know. and so far i know my B

By: nytesyde on 8/23/00
Here is an idea for those who can't (or won't) spend the $800. Join AOL for $10 a month - get 9 hours a week of art chats - 1.5 of Bryce/Poser + message boards, libraries and one can contact accomplished users of POV-RAY, LW, Hash, ex-Meta products, etc.

By: peppe on 8/24/00
This was really something I would be happy to join.
We people from Scandinavia have a long way to go, so...Maybe it will be some in Europa???

By: isidro on 8/25/00
I Cant Believe anybody would pay such an outrageous price.
This is not about learning
this is about making a handfull of suits
a bunch of money
wake up and smell the coffee
all you need is
and dedication
and a bunch of books
no way will i go
id rather spend my money on upgrades
as for tutorials
renderosity is where i go to school

By: graphicsrich on 9/13/00
This is one class I don't want to miss. I just hope my company makes the reservations in time.
As of 9/13/00 there were only five spots left! If I don't make it I hope all that go learn alot and have a great time!

By: CDunbar on 9/18/00

As of noon today, Bryce Camp has one spot left. Check out the website or better yet call. We will be making a waiting list.... and will be looking to another Bryce Camp next year!


By: Animaitrix on 9/23/00
Go if you can. I went to the first two and gained
incredible insights, plus made some great new
friends. No "suits" at all, just real, working
artists, so don't knock'em if ya ain't been there.
It hasn't been easy pinching the pennies together
for airfare and tuition, but I know it'll be well
worth it in terms of new knowledge gained, both
from the instuctors AND my fellow "camper

By: judderman on 10/5/00
As much as I would love to come and the date suits me perfectly, I couldn't be in a worse position - I am 15 years old and broke. Maybe next year.

By: Syyd on 10/6/00
Why not give one seat away as a bonus? Why not have a lottery or reward of one free trip, all expenses paid?


By: CDunbar on 10/8/00
UPDATE - 10/8/00

Hello All !

Bryce Camp is just a few weeks away ! Just wanted to say that we've had a camper who has a schedule conflict - SO we have one spot available !

If anyone is interested, call RMDAC 1-888-447-8118

OR just goto the RMDAC site and signUP

ALSO, Susan's new book "Real World Bryce 4" will be at BryceCamp this year. PeachPit is shipping the first copies right off the press to Susan, in care of BryceCamp.....COOL !

for those who haven't been following things, Corel is going to be coming and two Corel staff are taking classes and giving a presentation on "THE FUTURE of BRYCE", also Corel got more funding by way of Microsoft this past week.....

By: Shadow^One on 10/10/00
Hmmmm of course it would be interesting to attend and most of those running the thing i have met online..and are very nice people , but i must agree with the price tag being to hi, most of us are to poor to think of ever going have familys that need to be fed etc, still have fun if your going, again i wish i was in your shoes..Divorce isnt kind to the checking account , see if maybe it can be held at a more limited expense on the east coast somewhere and ill give it a go..otherwise whoever goes write some good tuts when your done....Later...Shadow

By: Syyd on 10/13/00
Shadows right.....Do an "east" coast seminar and you'll get a whole slew of people who can't travel that far...I know what divorce is like on the checking account, its always nice to have a ten dollar balance, but Im still a good artist!

By: CDunbar on 10/13/00
AN East Coast Bryce Camp is being considered for sometime late next year ! It will take some research for the best location and facility and all that goes with producing a workshop of this size. But look for some word on this late winter of 2001.

By: PaleMoonStudios on 10/21/00
Is anyone going to be taping this or is there a live webcast or something?

By: CDunbar on 10/22/00
To PaleMoonStudio...No, you have to be there.

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