2002 Artist Of The Year - ToxicAngel

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2002 Artist Of The Year - ToxicAngel
Congratulations to ToxicAngel for winning 2002's Artist of the Year title!

ToxicAngel was voted Artist of the Month in June. You can read his interview here.

If you're unfamiliar with ToxicAngel's work, click here to view his gallery.

A few words from ToxicAngel:
"First off - it's an honour to be selected as an AOY among the thousands of people submitting their masterpieces everyday.

But like in so many cases - only one is rewarded and those who had done the 'dirty work' are left unspoken.

So i would personally like to thank the people who made all my works possible - you guys/gals know who you are!! Without your excellent products, knowledge and patience, i never would have come this far!!!

I would also like to add, that this past year has been quite a ride for me - i've learned a lot of new things about the graphics world in general, have been able to rehearse and refine some of my skills, but yet - there is still a lot to learn from wonderful members here at
Renderosity, who are constantly putting their best at display.

So, thank you guys and gals for your time, and patience as well as your support!!!!


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Member Opinions:
By: Mint3D on 1/3/03
Jos joku väittää jotain muuta.. anna sen vain olla kärpästen surinaa korvissasi ;) Great Work Janne you have earned this !!! ;))

By: Shademaster on 1/3/03
Congratulations on your nomination Toxic Angel! Always love to browse through your gallery to see what kind of brilliant piece you came up with. I always show my friends who don't know renderosity to your gallery, that makes quite an impression on them.
Great work.

By: Avalonne on 1/3/03
Way to go! A big old congratulations to you, and I'm so happy you won. If anyone deserves that honor, you do :-)

By: calzgal on 1/3/03
MOST deserved award.
Your work has inspired and challenged me.


By: luciferino on 1/3/03
Great Vicking you are the best bye bye a kiss Orietta ^_^

By: Tempus Fugit on 1/3/03
Congrats Toxic! Well deserved!

By: Seven Wolves on 1/3/03
Right on dude!!!! Well deserved! I have loved your art from the first one I ever saw. Always great stuff. Proves you don't have to post 10+ images a week, just a great piece of ART as often as possible. Keep it up in 2003!!!

By: Lynne on 1/3/03
Well deserved! Your work is amazing AND Professional!

By: palatineknight on 1/3/03
Congratukations! I must agree with Shademaster & calzgal, your work is both awe-inspiring and beautiful. I can think of no one who deserves this honor more!

By: lynde on 1/3/03
Congratulations Janne...this award is very much deserved..:)

By: Kendra on 1/3/03
Well deserved. Congrats!

By: DarkAngel on 1/3/03
Very well deserved to an amazing artist. Always inspired by your work. Congratulations Toxic!!!

By: Wanda Burns on 1/3/03
Congrats ToxicAngel...you do some awesome work. : )

By: Ra Graphics on 1/3/03
You are one of the artist here that I continue to look forward to there next post, here at Renderosity. There are not many more that deserve this title, congratulations on a very well deserved award.

By: Lon Chaney on 1/3/03
Your art is an isperation to all. Well deserved. Congrats :)

By: Cimerone on 1/3/03
Congrats! So deserved! Your work is always inspiring, and your help is always there!!

By: ElorOnceDark on 1/3/03
Congratulations T.A.! Your work is amazing and inspiring.

By: Cylithera on 1/3/03
Congratulations ToxicAngel!! *applaud* :)

By: dakrow66 on 1/3/03
The only thing I could say is the same words that Stan Lee sayd... Hey I think You realy deserve this one It's not an honnor...It's a tribute...to the men behind the art...

Well deserve...May this year proove to be your best one... ( even if it mean that i'll eat dust again :) )

Thanx 4 youre view...Thanx for the art...Thanx for evrything...

See ya in 2003

By: Mosca on 1/3/03
Congratulations, TA. Your work is very impressive; great technique.

By: Crasher on 1/3/03
You most definitely earned it, hun. *hugs*

By: voodoo on 1/3/03
Well done; you've got a great portfolio of work, and I always enjoy seeing your new images.

By: bijouchat on 1/4/03
congratulations!!! yes this is most deserved, I love your artwork!

By: jeweldragon on 1/4/03
im so happy for you :) you deserve this ! you art rocks ! congrats :)

By: Ravnheart on 1/4/03
Congrats Janne!! Your are a huge inspiration to me. Your art is nothing short of amazing, and you have and amazing heart. This is so well deserved. *helliä halauksia*

By: scourge on 1/4/03
Onneksi olkoon, vuoden taiteilijan titteli tuli oikealle henkilölle. Gongratulations!

By: Shagrath on 1/4/03
anyway we know;
toxicangel = +10 always

By: Cada on 1/4/03
Congratulations! ...Your work continues to be a constant source of inspiration and I thankyou for showing and sharing with us the many talents you possess.

By: linkinpark on 1/4/03
Congratulation Janne,your work is absolutely briliant and it is always a pleasure to browse your gallery...I hope you will continue in it in next year and you will be a BIG inspiration to whole renderosity!!!

By: rockets on 1/4/03
Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration you give. This is a well deserved honor!

By: ljstpd on 1/4/03
Well deserved... I'm always fascinated with your art ToxicAngel.

By: Curio on 1/4/03
Well done! Very well deserved! Bravo!

By: ralphmanis on 1/4/03
And a very well deserved title! Janne's abilities with all of the applications that we all use is truly exceptional. Having a great talent for art in general as well! Congratulation Janne!

By: Ehrilaz on 1/4/03
Congratulations Toxic. I'm a huge fan and look forward to your work for 2003. Kudos!

By: Stormi on 1/4/03
Well done Janne, you certainly deserve this honor, your work is always so inspiring. Congratulations!!

By: HMG_Designs on 1/4/03
Congrats, well deserved! Hope this year treats you fantastic!

By: gdouble on 1/4/03
Your level of artwork is something that all us aspiring artist strive for. I can think of no one more deserving. Look forward to your next post as always.

By: arctivist on 1/4/03
This wasn't news for me ;)

Suomi rokkaa - ja Janne myös :)

By: Blackhearted on 1/4/03
congrats dude, well deserved. cheers, -gabriel

By: hmatienzo on 1/4/03
All your renders are never anything less than perfect! Congrats.

By: TheDaedalus on 1/4/03
Congratulations! Fantastic work!! ~Aaron

By: Rio on 1/5/03
Ugh I wish i could have said my congrats sonner! gabe has been "upgrading" my computer... ANYWAY! I cant tell ya how excited i am for ya babe!!! We all know how much ya rule, this is well deserved! Wear your antler crown high!!!!! ;) and great big hugs from Rio ;) your just too cool ;)

By: EmKay on 1/5/03
Well well well.. Onnittelut sitten vain.. TAAS! :)

By: Osirusblue on 1/5/03
Congrats! This is a very well deserved honor for a very talented artist. Look forward to this years droolfest over your work!

By: Papu on 1/5/03
Hienoa! Onnitteluni :)

By: elektra on 1/5/03
Congratulations. This is very well deserved. I look forward to you future works.

By: RogueElement on 1/5/03
Congratulations, totally deserved!

By: RemiX on 1/5/03
Onnittelut ToxicAngel hieno homma, valinta on osunut oikeaan taiteilijaan.

By: nytefall on 1/5/03
Congratulations! You deserve it! :)

By: Richabri on 1/5/03
Congrats on a well deserved honor. Your work has always been very inspirational to everyone here :)

By: larissad on 1/5/03
Congrats Janne, I admire your beautiful work!


By: sirkrite on 1/5/03
Congratulations! You do some really fantastic work and you deserve this. :)

By: dorothylee on 1/5/03
Congratulations on winning artist of the year. Your work is truly incredible, my husband even says wow when I browse any of your images - and that's a rarity! Keep up the great work and thanks for all the inspiration you have given me.

By: Archangel_Gabriel on 1/5/03
Well done. Congratulations.

By: giovanino on 1/5/03
What can i say after all this
just that he is truely an artist that has not lost his humbleness
i have learned a lot from his style
he has a little of the L. Roy spirit in him

cangrates well deserved

By: kshaiala on 1/5/03
Congratulation Toxic Angel, you certainly earned it. Your art has awed me in the past and i'm looking forward to all the better to come in 2003. :)

By: SkoolDaze on 1/5/03
I can't think of anyone more deserving... Congratulations!

By: FallenAngel2002 on 1/5/03
Congrat ToxicAngel! You earned and deserve it! You're so inspiring to many of artists out there, including my amateur self, lol. I will definitely look forward to more of your work. ;)

By: Da3dalus on 1/5/03
Well done ToxicAngel!


By: kayjay97 on 1/6/03
I always love seeing your work as it is always beautiful and awesome. Congrats!!!!!

By: Tamela.J. on 1/6/03
Congratulations TA!! *Very* well deserved!!

By: kromekat on 1/6/03
Huge Congrats Janne!! - Your work is always of a pro level, and goes way beyond what is normally associated with Poser related art!! - I wish you every success for the new year!!

By: mwkloh on 1/6/03
Congratulations! I am very inspired by your excellent creations!!

By: asrai on 1/6/03
Well deserved!!!

By: desecrate on 1/6/03
your work is not only incredible, but also very inspiring.

its no big surprise that you have received this award.

By: Danie on 1/6/03
Congratulations to an excellent artist !!! :-)

By: jenay on 1/7/03
congratulations :)
i love your artwork :)

By: SndCastie on 1/7/03
Congrats to you well deserved!!!

By: Dejah on 1/7/03
Big congrats!!!, very well deserved!!!
Hali ja poskipusu..;)

By: Angelmoon on 1/7/03
of course..your ARE the MASTER, congratulations :)

By: capsces on 1/7/03
Your artwork is excellent. More than worthy of AOY. :) -Beth

By: Fogge on 1/8/03
Congratulations, well deserved. I realy enjoy your work...

By: emorin on 1/8/03
Your work is very inspiring and professional. I spend a lot of time studying your techniques. Not only are you talented by humble. Very well deserved award.

By: Ringwraith on 1/8/03
Your work is an inspiration, You really erned it!My congratulations!!!

By: Rubbermelon on 1/9/03
well done toxic! your work is always astounding, and you should never change the way you do it!
i am very very pleased you have got this wonderful award!

By: nikitacreed on 1/9/03
Congratulations Janne! ;o)

By: Jagannath on 1/9/03
Congrats to the master and thanks for sharing your art with us. I bow myself for you

By: nnuu on 1/10/03
congrats .......you totally deserve this award.......

By: SophiaDeer on 1/10/03
Congratulations!! You are a fantastic artist and I am so happy for you!

By: Chris.C on 1/11/03
A great Award for an exceptional artist!! I love each one of your outstanding and inspiring creations...Congrats and have a beautiful year Janne!

By: RNKarenER on 1/11/03
Many Congratulations to you! You are truely gifted! I have your "Defeated" hangin in my living room! I adore it!
Have a great year!

By: Kinouk on 1/11/03
Congratulations Janne..may this up coming year see you reach another level with your wonderful art. You are the master ;)

By: SeaCrystal on 1/12/03
congratulations to you! your artwork is fantastic. you are an inspiration to us all! Have a great 2003. :)

By: 1358 on 1/12/03
congrats bigtime. I always get a bit kick out your stuff. take a bow, you deserve it

By: Lucifer666 on 1/12/03
you deserve it man. your skill is off the meter. skills like yours dont come so oftern.

By: whitegandalf on 1/13/03
You are simply the best!

By: ladydawg on 1/13/03
You are awesome, just awesome, I don't think I can ever say how much I love and admire your work. And I am so happy to see you have this most deserving award.

Tock on!

By: Syyd on 1/14/03
I was reading all these comments, its hard to find something original to say to you. I have to say though in agreement with 1358, I just get a kick out of seeing your work. Its a cut above anything else. Congrats, and I hope to enjoy for years to come, your work.

By: Dave5153 on 1/15/03
way to go Best wishes DaveB

By: Biomoto on 1/16/03
You are my favorite artist on here!

By: seneca on 1/17/03
Hyvä Suami !!!!

By: firlondion on 1/17/03
you deserve this one.....keep it up and stay metal!!

By: RMaverick on 1/19/03
Congrats! You definitely deserve the accolades. Your work is always top-drawer and has genuine feeling. Looking forward to many more fabulous pieces.

By: Tammy on 1/19/03
Congratulations Since I first spotted your work in the poser gallery you have been one of my favorite Poser artists.

By: Placebo on 1/21/03
Congrats You Rock as much as Finlands greatest Rockband, Children Of Bodom, and they Rock Hard!

By: d_authority on 1/21/03
a most well deserved recognition. thank you for the immense talent you have shared with us the past year. you truly are one of the best-EST around here (and everywhere else, for that matter. :)

By: bodgit_n_scarper on 1/23/03
A bit dissapointed to see 'Artist of the Year' uses Poser, the one art tool that requires little or no artistic talent to use.
Looking at the above comments, I doubt this'll be posted but hey, it's just my opinon.

By: carnwell on 1/25/03
talented, superb and insirational. Your work echos Royo and Elmore and in my opinion overtakes them in many areas. Everyone has their own opintion on Poser, personally I think it does take (a lot) artistic tallent to use, in the same way a magnificent photograph differs from a holiday snapshot, anyone can use the tools, it is using them to their fullest extent that seperates the masters from the rest.

By: Infra5 on 1/25/03
I don't know you but Ihave seen alot of you pics and had to pick my jaw back up off the floor. You are a very talented artist and I realy hope the best for you and your artist life!!!

By: JurgenDoe on 1/29/03
Congrats to the best of the best. You are truly a master and a inspiration to all of us :)

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