Bryce 5 Wishing Well......!
Well Poser has one, why not Bryce. We would also like to hear what you would like to see in the next version of Bryce, so take a moment to fill out your answer to our question. "What would you like to see in Bryce 5!"

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Member Opinions:
By: bonestructure on 4/28/00
The ability to export objects in other formats besides .obp. Deeper control over lattices and terrains. The ability to create a multiplane sky. Better control over transmaps. Better movement controls.

By: brians on 4/28/00
Does anyone really think Corel is up to the job of handling these greaat programs?? Lets hope they're smart enough to leave it alone and not bring it down to their level!!!! In Corels defense I must say they are smart, they'll finally get some respect. But its pretty sad that they had to buy it.

By: Jude on 4/28/00
Heck, just give us an SDK (software developer's kit) and some specs so the nerds amoung us can write our own export/import plugins.

A. Nerd

By: Dana_CH_AZ on 4/28/00
One thing I would like is easier intergration between Poser and Bryce. The rendering engine is just fine, althought it might be slow..think Slow=Better. Some of my best renders in poser taken 15 minutes to do. :)

By: demanuel on 4/28/00
sorry my english,i,m spanish.
well,i think itīs just a little thing but very important.More undo historial,a better integration between poser and bryce.
A sort of animation scene or something like that,to export poser animation and imort them into bryce.
More modelling tools into bryce.
Accelarate the 3d engine,the rendering engine too.

By: Gear on 4/28/00
Even the most fragile Angels would be willing to spend an eternity in Hell if only they could animate Poser characters within Bryce.


By: guifa on 4/28/00
Bryce needs to have a faster Volume renderer, ability to export any object in a file into any other 3D format, collision detection, INFINITE TERRAINS (don't ask me how, but it would be awesome), animatable water, lens flares and other filters.

By: Wumpus on 4/29/00
Better vegetation, how about a raydiosity render option ( for reflected lights), softedge shadows, keep integration with poser, and keep supporting the Mac platform.

By: srcosmo on 4/29/00
Whoa.. Bryce is cool, but it's definately missing some serious features..
How about the ability to add multiple cameras, the exporting of an entire scene or non-terrain models (currently, once stuff goes in, it *doesn't* come out).
Also, a mesh modeler.. no, any kind of modeler! Possibly improved UI (the layout in the deep texture editor, for example, doesn't make much sense.. "A slider bar for randomizing? Huh?")
A depth of field plugin would be nice (things look too focused), the ability to add more categories to the presets (my "User" one is giant) , and, DEFORMERS (ripple, for example, would be great for water).. Proper importing of Bryce3 files (the keyframes get deleted, always), and, lastly, skies with more depth (layers).
That's all I can come up with right now.. bryce is nifty, but has a long way to go 'till using it isn't frusterating... adios! :)

By: har on 4/30/00
More modeling functionality: animatable metaballs/blobs and deformations, export of non-terrain objects, etc; Collision detection; faster rendering of volumetrics; 3rd-party plugins; bones/IK; Poser-to-Bryce animation import and export would be nice, but I won't hold my breath on this one, sadly...
Oh yeah: and keep it still as cheap as it already is with all this new stuff... ;-)

By: Akear on 5/1/00
First find bryce a secure home. Corel is in deep trouble.
How is company facing bankruptcy able to develope complex software like Bryce.

By: Akear on 5/1/00
Bryce first needs a secure home. Corel is facing bankrutcy and will find it hard concentrating its energies developing Bryce

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/2/00
Publish the details of the internal format of .OBP / .BR3 / .BR4 files so people can write translaters etc.

When light goes into a transparent object or water, let the refraction obey its surface's bumps (waves) as per its bump map.

Poser to Bryce transfer via .OBJ + .MTL to carry transparency information with it. It can get tedious in Bryce ferreting for everybody's visors or diving masks or etc making them traparent when I had already done the job in Poser.

I read that Bryce has a mode to render a sheet of polygons as a sheet surface with a finite but very small thickness. It should be possible to specify that thickness. That would make it easier to get a craft's hull right if seen in cross section or if a porthole is made by booleaning a hole in it; also to make a grating as a single flat sheet with a transparency map.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/2/00
"Replace object with camera" (intended for using an imported Poser model's eyeball as a camera to see what he sees).

Ability to specify unit conversion scale when importing objects, instead of being stuck with max(xrange,yrange,zrange) -> 20.48 units and all the tedious aggro of rescaling imported objects correctly. E.g. when importing Poser set-ups I want to specify .70 -> 20.48 units.

By: Jackie Lewin on 5/3/00
Better Poser/Bryce integration; able to import Poser motion into Bryce; vegetation.

By: Ankhara on 5/3/00
-Multiple sun and moon ability (more than just 2 of each possible) and the ability to change their faces, with their lighting properties similar to how they are now, so that one can make realistic portrayals of other worlds without having to use spheres and such (which often look too much like spheres)(also a sun quality section for creation of suns... what kind? red giant, white dwarf, cold, hot, etc.. and how far away in space so lighting is accurate).
-Total Poser compatibility. Ability to animate poser figures and bryce together easily. Very important!!!
-High quality tree and vegetation creator so that one can make both high polygon and simple trees and plants. Grass, etc.. And it should make trees that look as good as tree professional's trees. That would be nice.
-Partical effects resembling ones in 3d Max, Houdini, etc..
-Some kind of L-System generator?? There are tons of great L-systems and if ones like people use for pov-ray could be used with Bryce by the common man, that would be killer.
-Better water and ocean waves.
-Be very careful about messing with the renderer, as you wouldn't want to destroy any of it's good qualities. Yes, it's slow, but better slow than bad. The renderer is part of what makes Bryce so special.
If one must mess with the renderer, how about just leaving the original the way it is, and adding other renderers, so people have a choice. In that case, an extra radiosity type (or whatever that new, extremely realistic renderer is) renderer like the one in Lightscape might be cool.

By: Ankhara on 5/3/00

-Better clouds and more layered, real, skies.
-Tornadoes,Cyclones, Wind, Rain, Snow (realistic).
-Some kind of gravity system?
-Better import/export
-aurora borealis and lightning effects, better fire, different kinds of electric storm effects and weird weather effects
-distant star/suns, easier ways to make nebulas, black holes, galaxies, etc..
-easier way to make canyons and lakes, rivers, etc.
-material/texture exporter
-a fix, so that when u import certain object files, the object stays grouped appropriately
-wider variety of primitives such as helix's, etc.
-better, more complex, terrain editor
-plug-in capable/open architecture
-collision detection might be nice
Oops!! Sorry so much again! I always have too much to say!

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/4/00
Option when ray-tracing for the ray paths to be not straight but a parabola or catenary concave-upwards, the user can specify the curvature. That would simulate the effect of the Earth's surface being curved. Currently the Bryce world is flat.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/4/00
Option when ray-tracing for the ray paths to be not straight but a parabola or catenary concave-upwards, the user can specify the curvature. That would simulate the effect of the Earth's surface being curved. Currently the Bryce world is flat.

By: bowen on 5/4/00
How about a render engine that doesn't take a fortnight to render a 400x300 image? :)

By: GeorgeD on 5/4/00
As many a merger with Poser 5 would be great. the ability to animate characters in Bryce is one well desevered and needed step for this product.

I would also like to see the ability for 3rd party plugins made available. Things like particle effects, flares, and combustion effects can be achieved but no to the extent that they could be with the ability of plugin applications.

Motion blur would be one other thing as well as different rendering styles smilar to Posers Sketch Designer.

Also the ability to make custom directories in the Mesh, material and sky menus.

By: kav on 5/4/00
Better render system with radiosity, caustics, translucency etc.

By: Octavio1 on 5/4/00
I agree with ALL of the above comments; some of these are downright excellent. However, I agree most with Gear. Poser figure animation within Bryce would raise the software from just "pretty" to powerful. The render speed, as it currently stands, is unnaceptable.

By: Gunbuster on 5/5/00
hmm, better clouds for sunsets, and storm fronts, less flat looking and samey. It must have flash export!! oh and how many times can we say it, integrate Poser.

By: handprint on 5/5/00
Some of those opinions are very good, but who has thought that bryce would cost about $1500 after these FEW modifications. But I have also more of great opinions:
- Booleans should be shown in wireframe like they look in real scenes.

I don't have money for a 'real' modeler so:
-So lathe would be great.
-And Terrain editor would be very good if you could do all dimensions X,Y,Z instead of X and Y.

And of course render system is slow it is although spectcular renderer.

When I animate I want to do some instant changes in Cameras position. It is almost impossible.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/5/00
Ability to have haze much denser than the current 100% setting, to get underwater scenes realistic as in low visibility water like I have done most of my UK water diving in. (To me, underwater visibility is not fully "bad" until I can't see my own fins.)

By: Ankhara on 5/5/00
With an open architecture, a lot of the things people mentioned here can be made without high costs. Plug-in systems are excellent. People make so many cool plug-ins for them. Look at Photoshop and Max.

By: Zottel1 on 5/6/00
How about an Option to see the whole Szene in the preview-Window of the Material-Editor?

By: dogster on 5/6/00
Well, since everyone else agrees, an IMPORT OF POSER animation would be one of the only reasons I would upgrade to 5.0. Also, maybe a "Water generator" that would have presets for a Lake Mode, Ocean Mode, River Mode, and interact with other objects... ie: rocks current is going around, splashes. Also, user should have level controls of water as well. Now that I think of it, you should call it "Water Lab" ...."ENTER Water Lab" sounds kickbutt! An audio section would be nice too, to sync up sound, with a sound fx library (Am i asking too much?) IMPORT POSER PLEASE!

By: BryceBoy on 5/6/00
Make Bryce do part-screen animated renders (not just plop renders). That way, you could render the whole scene and then render an animation that covers part of the screen and patch it in. Tha'd be MUCH faster than having to render the entire screen over and over when only part of it is animated. Also, let's be able to have objects "drop down" to terrain, instead of just ground level. One more: how about being able to morph the ACTUAL surface of an object, similar to bumpmaps except that when up to other objects, you can see the grooves. Currently, it seems you can only really do this with terrains, which won't work for many things.

By: Gabi on 5/8/00
- Bryce needs an object explorer (world browser) for easier handling of complex scenes with lots of imported objects composed of several parts
- a particle system (explosions, water splashes, rain, snow, etc.) would be nice
- dual processor support
- ... and all the other nifty things mentioned above ;-) (especially more than one moon, sun, etc., and more water effects; infinite terrains is probably impossible though, but the terrain editor could be improved with additional features like the ones found in Terragen)


By: josiahpugh on 5/8/00
I would really like to see the ability for Bryce to be able to export a scene, not just the terrain, and import that scene into Cararra. That would be wonderful.

By: Tribe on 5/8/00
Ray Tracing and Radiosity

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/9/00
to Tribe: I thought that Bryce had ray tracing now.

If Bryce 5 has radiosity, it better be optional. Radiosity (i.e. let anything be able to emit light that can illuminate other things) is a total greedypig for render time. That is why I would like a PC processor that could handle 65536 = 2*16 values at once like the old mainframe Connection Machine project.

It would be useful to be able to use an imported texture map as a type of "noise" as a component of a texture being assembled in the Deep Texture Editor. E.g. a side of a vehicle would need a texture map to put logos on it, and then I want to add some sandyness or patchy smears to get rid of that highly finished `brand-new' look.

By: jim_struth on 5/9/00
I'd like to see greater control over the sky- brightness of the sun and moon, easier to create cloud formations like storm fronts would be cool. As would 3D hardware support, better export support, a free form modelling tool, and some basic particle generation (for things like smoke and animated liquids).

By: MikeArizma on 5/9/00
It's my opinion, since 99% of all my work is Poser-to-Bryce, that being able to fully pose figures in Bryce, with the same control as we have in Poser, would be perfect.
Also, it would be nice to have a truly random number generator, so great multiples can come up with enormous seed numbers, to make sure no two land forms are ever duplicated, unless we take down the number of one we wish to keep. And lastly, for now, I would like even more control in the terrain editor, so even more can be done to affect landscapes, wings, etc.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/9/00
If Bryce had a text scripting language like Poser, materials could be described and transmitted easily in text in email messages etc.

By: JMFx33 on 5/9/00
I'd love to see Bryce have more options for water, such as waves and ripples. Maybe a small Nurbs Modeler and a better relation with Poser!

By: KenG on 5/9/00
I'd like to see improvement in Poser to Bryce transfers (motion!) as well, plus a faster render times and the sketch render feature found in Poser.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/10/00
Realistic cumulus clouds, so they do look like the familiar flat-bottomed cotton-wool-topped fine weather clouds, not merely differently shaped broken stratus.

By: paulo on 5/10/00
To be able to import and edite Poser animations into bryce.

By: Tempest on 5/10/00
I surely do wish I could remove an object from one frame, not all. That and make it work with poser.

By: MikeArizma on 5/11/00
I'm glad to see a lot of conformity concerning Bryce and Poser blending well together. For me, they are inseparable and are complimentary in the finished product. With the ability to Pose in Bryce and an a quick way to utilize transmapped Poser hair, without hassle, the experience of creation could be had by mere mortals. Well, a lot of us are mortals, I'm sure.

By: Todd Desiato on 5/12/00
I would like to see precision added to the terrain editor so that precise objects can be created from a symetrical lattice. The ability to move the brush in a straight line or circle, and precision numeric control over the altitude and position of the brush. I would also like to see the ability to export boolean meshes with textures that are not terrains. More primitives would be nice, and integration with Poser5.

By: bonestructure on 5/12/00
Bryce needs a better and faster way of saving scenes, and it definitely needs a better and more accurate manner of moving and positioning objects. Especially when your scene is complex and the objects are small.

By: Atnas_Zurc on 5/13/00
3D card acceleration
Better 3D card faster rendering time
I think that would be great.
Multiple processors is another thing.The more processors the faster

By: Quikp51 on 5/13/00
Particle systems of any kind. More flexible caustics. Ability to create actual lights that emit light , not some psuedo crap. Multiple cameras. An SDK would be nice so we can make our own plugs and export options. Multiple windows option like every other 3D package. Exportable .obp formats.

By: rx on 5/13/00
An Altivec engine (For G4).
Better Shadows [(ambient+Blur)*Distance].
Conversion of Boolean operations into meshes.
No size limitations (99999 is not enough for space scenes).
Thousands (Millions ?) grey levels in the terrain editor, it's absolutely necessary!!!!
Hardware acceleration, & multiprocessing (clustering) capabilities.
A real Bump Map texture engine (a la Renderman).
Radiosity rendering capabilities (with reflections/dispersions of lights).
Plug-Ins (for vegetations, trees, rocks, clouds, etc.)
Splitting the opposition between the sun and the moon, (alien landscapes scenes, eclipses, twin stars, etc.)
Another company than Corel.
And... WE NEED ERIC WENGER ! He's the father of Bryce after all. ;)

By: mikq on 5/14/00
Multi processor support is very much needed in bryce 5 if one comes out..

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/15/00
Once again, please release the format details of .BR3 / .BR4 / .OBP file mode, so people can write supporting software. At the moment, .OBP file mode is as impenetrable as Area 51.

By: Easyaction on 5/16/00
Straight and complete importing of P3-4-5 without the need to muck around..

By: Mordikar on 5/17/00
the ability to import poser into bryce with out the head ache, like pose i think bryce needs a lot of work on memory managemt and a faster rendering engine. also bryce needs to be able to deal with transparancy better than it does. anything with transparancy tends to make bryce cringe on my machine. also wwould be nice to be able to name and select objects by name for those complex images where it gets almost imposible to click on an object.. also would be good to have some more materials that work well on large terraies with out looking so funky.

By: Nimdok on 5/17/00
Multiprocessor and/or hardware acc. support--Most people think that the render has gotten too slow. But don't lower the quality, instead let people upgrade or build systems that will render more quickly. Two cpus can DOUBLE render speeds. And,
it's not that hard to add this feature.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/18/00
Is there any need any more to keep the nuisance misfeature of Poser inverting the uv coordinates of models in y as it poses?

By: theolix on 5/21/00
Bryce 5 definitely needs better vegetation (look at Vue!). It could also be something like PaintEffects in Maya Complete 2.5 But it should come in the next release otherwise I'm not going to upgrade anymore... The mat-editor is much too crowded and complicated, also the anim-editor. Volume lights are not working well and way too slow. Modern 3D chips (like Nvidia's) are badly supported, game engines show the way! OpenGL support is also weak ( e.g. textures...). Open the render-engine to 3rd party plug-ins! (there are so many around for 3DMax & Lightwave). And don't forget that the water surface always looks different at the shorline (foam and spary)! But first of all: Thanx for Bryce - I'm working with it since the first release on the Mac way back in the 20th century and I hate it and I love it...

By: jflmkr on 5/22/00
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow import of Poser animations as well as particles. It seems almost pointless to animate in Bryce without being able to add people!!

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/25/00
When I apply a bump map to an object, on rendering it causes brightness variations: OK, as if the surface was genuinely bumpy; but when I see the bumpy surface in profile (e.g. if I apply a bump map to a plain hosepipe to make it corrugated), the edges seen in profile stay straight and do not have bumps. Also, I once imported a plain cube made of 6 faces, and applied rounding angle = 180 deg; I would have expected that to turn the cube into a sphere; the shading of the faces was OK for that, but the edges seen in profile stayed straight. This is inconsistent.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/26/00
When rounding.smoothing or a bump map says that a surface does not exactly follow the polygon faces, I notice that that is obeyed in making dark and light patches caused by the bumps causing shadowing, but not where the rounding or bump map should affect polygon edges which are seen in profile. E.g. if I make a simple cube of 6 polygons, and import it into Bryce, and click the E, and smooth it to max angle = c.180 deg, then surely the result should look like a sphere or similar? In Bryce the faces are shaded about correctly for that sort of rounding, but the edges seen in profile stay straight. This is inconsistent. The same happened with my suction dredger sub's suction hose: it is made of (very wide) corrugated industrial metal hose, which I modeled as a plain hose and made the circular corrugations as a bump map to cut down on .OBJ file size. The corrugations rendered OK as light and dark shading bands, but did not show on the edge of the hose where it is seen in profile.

By: Man O' War on 5/28/00
Provide true orthographic projection in camera as it exists in wireframe viewing, up the rendering speed by a factor of 10, and provide vegetation as per animatek's world builder in a special lab.

By: Ghostofmacbeth on 6/1/00
I have just a couple of things. An owner that will actually make Bryce 5, faster renders, better vegetation, and better poser integration if possible.

By: Ankhara on 6/1/00
I think one should be able to fully import Bryce scenes into Max, like one can do with animatek's world builder. Also, objects that emit light would be nice.

"That is why I would like a PC processor that could handle 65536 = 2*16 values at once like the old mainframe Connection Machine project"

Anthony: Why don't you just make something like that or get some people together and make it? I'd buy it from you. I think most of us would love something like that. Am I being too idealistic? I have a friend who works for Intel. Maybe they could hook you up somehow?

By: Quikp51 on 6/2/00
Generate plants and foliage!!!!!!! A terrain generator that can't hack it?! What's up with Bryce limiting itself?! Five hours to render simple plants! Fix this!

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/2/00
To Ankhara: I have neither the skill nor the means nor the connections nor the money to set up that sort of major industrial enterprise personally. Sorry. If you know of any such projects around, I would be glad to hear of them.

Ib Brryce, it would save space, if an object was repeated identically several times, if they could be set up internally as several pointers to one list of info, rather than by copying the object's geometry and details in full that many times.

By: theolix on 6/4/00
I have a two processor board (Pentium II 450) but Bryce obviously doesn't use the second processor under W2K... They could implement into the render engine something simple like split-screen-rendering (look at Cinema 4D) or a simple multi threading.

By: Darrell on 6/5/00
There should be better lighting controls, for example-when you shrink an ambient light it should dim. Or you should have a manual dimmer for all lighting. Also I hate not being able to use my system when rendering, you should be able to minimize Byrce while it's in render mode.

By: asrai on 6/5/00
Not exactly a Corel fan, so here's their chance to prove they are worth being in the graphics biz.

-Continued Mac support
-Poser support
-3D Acceleration
-Expanded export support
-Vegitation/Foliage (it can only get better)
-Elements/Particles support

By: Dave-So on 6/5/00
Bryce needs trees and vegetation.

Perhaps a different way of dsiplaying sunlight--for instance, if I change the sun color to orange, an orange layer is rendered over the entire scene, but in reality this does not happen(or doesn't appear to )

By: nonames on 6/6/00
-> Integration with Poser.
-> Animated water.
-> Water WAVES. Think small ones, tidal waves, a rock being dropped and circular waves...etcetera.
-> Better interface
-> MUCH more undo history. :)

I think the water alone would be an amazing bonus.

By: Eidolon on 6/6/00
animatable water.more cloud and weather effects,(rain & snow perhaps), vegitation,and a few more modeling features,(lathe & path extrude would be a help).

By: Ankhara on 6/6/00
To Anthony: I was picturing it as a single processor chip that one could stick into a computer, not as what it is, but I just looked into it a little online. If it was just a processor, pretty much anyone with the proper understanding could make it (if only for them and their friends). But it's more than that. Oh well. It seems they are still working on it.

By: paulo on 6/7/00
MULTI-PROCESSORS very important!!!

By: i.antonio on 6/8/00
I'm making a short film for school using Bryce,
and I've got to say that if you don't have your
own home renderfarm, doing any serious
animation with Bryce (longer than a few
seconds, larger than 640 x 480) is frustrating
as hell. I know this is a common request for
all 3d packages, but BRYCE NEEDS A
do an extra distance render and then match it
up in after effects is a pain, and unnecessary.
A tree, plant, and vegetation lab; a product that
prides itself on recreating the natural world
and doesn't have this will soon be left behind,
both by other programs, and its users. Finally,
support for commotion's export to 3d tool. In
Commotion, you can applt motion tracking to a
video clip, and then export that data to your 3d
program of choice to facilitate precise match
moving. If it could export to Bryce, it would
have made my life over the past 3 months a lot

By: omega72 on 6/8/00
The rendering engine is way too slow, it has no support for dual processor, it needs that, it may make the images come out more realistic instead of cartoonish looking.

By: theolix on 6/9/00
To DARRELL: You wrote "I hate not being able to use my system when rendering, you should be able to minimize Byrce while it's in render mode". Under Win9x, NT4 and W2K you can change between running programs by pushing the ALT + TAB keys simultanesouly! Bryce continues to render in the background. But be aware: your system may slow down significantly using a single processor board. It's also a good idea to have at least 128 MB of RAM. As far as I know this is the one and only occasion to take profit from a two processor board with Bryce when you run W2K or NT4...

By: Lonifer on 6/9/00
PLUG-INS!!!!!!!!! VEGETATION!!!!!!!!!!!PLUG-INS!!!!!!!!RADIOSITY OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!EXPORTATION ABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLUG-INS!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND SOME SORT OF MODELING STUDIO...err..LAB!!!!!!!!!thank you for your time

By: QuietRain1 on 6/10/00
Incorperate Bryce,Poser4,and 3DStudio Max r.3 into one compleate program and give it the polish of Adobe photoshop and keep it simple.Ease of use is vary important;also keep it open source so we can alter or create plug-ins to our liking

By: chronon on 6/10/00
1) Corel better not screw up Bryce.
2) Corel needs to work with Curious Labs to make working with Poser & Bryce seemless. (Phat chance)
3) I agree with just about everything said here.
4) To wake up tomorrow and the Metacreations/Corel/Curious Labs deal is just a dream. There is no place like home, no place like home, no place...

By: melt on 6/10/00
Support for basic Mac functions such as multiple monitors, as well as the latest Mac OS 9.04 & advance support for OS X. And obviously, take advantage of the Velocity chip on G4s for rendering speed. Just these simple things is worth an upgrade price for me.

By: Flickerstreak on 6/12/00
God is in the details. Here's the top ten:

1-) ALL the sliders need to have text-editable numerical entry capabilities.
2-) what's with the main frequency adjuster 'towers' in the Materials lab? They barely change the frequency at all...
3-) Definitely need full control over the material/object/sky preset categories, rather than lumping them all into one 'user' category
4-) Keyframes need to actually show up on the main timeline, right in the window view. Having to go into the Advanced Motion Lab to figure out where the next and previous keyframes are is quite annoying.
5-) X,Y,Z position/rotation/sizing need to be individually controllable in the Advanced Motion Lab (currently they're all linked together, all the time)
6-)Automatically change the rotation when importing image maps for .OBJ files from Painter 3D/Ray Dream Studio so that they're correctly oriented on the resulting object...
7-)"Bryce Units?!"
8-)When you change materials, and you go from a multi-channel material to a single-channel material, the extra textures hang around and there's no way to get rid of them.
9-)Document the secret path-editing key commands so we don't have to go find Web pages which list them all.
10-)When playing with a volumetric light, if you modify the light brightness, the volume texture disappears, and must be re-applied in the Materials room. This bug should have been fixed long ago.

By: Tsunami on 6/12/00
The vegetation should be better. I'm sorry, but the thing that I love about vue d' esperit is its ability to make palm trees, and all those sort of things. A lot more control over the land would be better as well.

By: goido on 6/13/00

By: Ordric on 6/14/00
The ability to import poser animation, either as BVH or OBJ.

By: peppe on 6/14/00
Smooth and proper camera functions,Batch rendering possibilitys.Still Bryce is my absolute favorite in the way to handle textures in a "artistic" way!

By: christopher on 6/14/00
Farm rendering.
I would really like
to see the ability to render a Bryce picture or
animation over several machines.

Render sharing
Similar to the
SETI program, I would love to be able to run a
Bryce screen saver which would render very
small pieces of images for hundreds of Bryce
users whenever my machine was idle.

By: Halon1211 on 6/15/00
Ability to export proprietary textures [2D/3D/procedural], radiosity functions, UVW mapping option, different approach to a rendering utility; i.e., use ram instead of clock speed, plugins and an option to make textures animatable [water/fog].

By: Sangelia on 6/15/00
when you do the help section that is at the top, that who ever designs the thing doesn't assume that you upgraded from the last one!!! that it gives you the answers that are needed. like how to use the boolean program

By: Archanejill on 6/16/00
Two very small requests... and this is all brought on from using Poser 4. 1. A taper option on objects (be so much easier for making...say... legs on TVs and such) and 2. A ctrl-z undo option for the camera. It so annoying when i accidentally move the camera in the wrong direction... it just doesn't look right from then on and i can't undo it. Oh! One 3rd and last one... a collision option in the attributes menu. If you want two objects to collide rather than mesh, just check that et voila! collision!

By: alaint on 6/16/00
What about a utility that can animate water just like the RealFlow software but should be directly integrated into Bryce. I think that would be a great help to animate landscaping...

By: Astral1 on 6/16/00
Ability to import materials from other programs (like 3d studio max). And to export to those also. Then it would be good, if you could use terrain editor also for spheres, so that spheres would have real bumps on them. You could then make very realistic and nice planets. Lens flares, like in 3D studio max. And as many have said before, better integration with poser. More undo levels. Everything would have to be undoable. Plugin-system so that somebody could make new imports, exports, or anything else. More primitives (for example cubes, cones, pyramids... with adjustable round edges). Lathe tool. Somekind of tool to create vegetation. Better star field... LOTS of better. Multiple suns and moons (and all of those same time, if I'd want). It would be good, if you could change moon texture. No limits in scene files size. Skew, and bend tool for skewing and bending primitives (or any other object). Easy way to create terrains with sides that seamlesly goes with another terrain even if you would rotate terrain objects. That water lab someone mentioned. I think it isn't possible to make rendering engine to use 3d-cards... anyway not so, that rendering quality wouldn't come down, but if you could use 3d-card when using this editor or what you call it (my english isn't very good). Hmm... and in this editor, so you could maybe see objects with their textures (it would be must, that you could specify in objects attributes, how you see this object: for example wireframe, flat shaded, smooth shaded, material...).

By: visionartslab on 6/20/00
Just put a little mannikin on the create object pallette, so poser, and it's animation routines, become a plug in for Bryce, like KPT. Also, a rotate object that can handle more than 359 degrees.

By: Allen9 on 6/20/00
Better distance vegetation as in Vistapro would be a real asset. Also, they should contact Wolfie ( and buy out his Bryce Librarian & Thumbnailer programs and incorporate them into Bryce itself. The Bryce Librarian is absolutely great and a must-have for anyone with large collections of objects & materials.

By: GraphicsMan on 6/20/00
Greetings - In case you were wondering Bryce is alive and well at Corel. We appreciate all of your input. We're working with some of the key people from Meta to make sure Version 5 kicks.

-Ian LeGrow
VP Creative Products Group - Corel

By: wolfie on 6/20/00
About the only thing I EXPECT and have been griping about since Bryce 2.0 is the ability to manage preset library categories (add/delete/rename) in all libraries including SKY. I only hope Corel listens better than MetaC did. All these other suggestions are really nice but we need simple file management please. I would also hope they take a look at the library code and deal with file compacting (holes left in the files as a result of deleting materials, skies, etc from their respective libraries). A _MUCH_ simpler option would be to do away with the entire library system Bryce uses and adopt something like Poser's library structure where each item is a seperate file. This offers simple file management outside of the program as well as ease of adding/removing items. It also removes the entire compacting need since there are no holes left. New categories could be simply directories on the drive. If Corel does adopt this method (which I doubt seriouslly) I do hope they take note of the foolish lack of Import/Export features of Poser. Nuff said, now I wait...

By: ballabananer on 6/23/00
Let the light split in glass and water so the spectrum will appear.
Better sequencer and really good tools for modeling.
Faster rendering (of course).

By: serge m on 6/24/00
A better timeline editor ( with the basic linea, spline, constant functioncurve, etc. in AfterEffects for e.); blurred shadows; the possibility to move the center separately; more keyframe buttons in the Mateial Editor ( transitions, scaling, rotation, and all the other stuff ( transition donīt work ); import of background pictures and movies ( like the paper textures - in Poser it works, why not in Bryce ? ); import of quicktime movies inside the terrain modeler: make cool morphs with Super Goo ( in black and white ); motion blur; export of quicktime movies WITH an ALPHA channel ( selected objects ); rotating objects with larger amount like for e. 720 degrees ; ...Well, Bryce is good - but the animation tool is the baddest thing Iīve worked with. Please, make it more professionale. Thanks !

By: KAP on 6/25/00
Bryce is one of the best 3d programs out there with 1 single exception....3D studio max. However, Bryce could surpass MAX if it allowed FULL use of its animation system. How about a spline system for animating characters and figures? Also.....DOCUMENTATION DOCUMENTATION DOCUMENTATION...I hate buying sixty different books to learn what should be a simple technique. Don't hide the cool stuff....Also I noticed many people hate the time it takes to render....I do to but....This is not the QUAKE III engine we are working with. These images are complex. To speed it up would, in all likelyhood, lower the quality. DO NOT DO THAT. Finally, lets have some particle control people. If the new bryce does these things, then, and only then will bryce truely be a "professional" 3D rendering program.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/25/00
(1) What is the full email and postal address of whoever is now in charge of Bryce?

(2) It would be useful to be able to use a color texture map file (instead of a single component color, or as a noise) as a component of a material in the Deep Texture Editor. That would make it easy e.g. to paint a vahicle with a particular color pattern and insignia and then make it scratched and dirty.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/25/00
Diffuse shadows. In Bryce currently, however cloudy or not the sky is set to, the sun or moon is a hard bright point and all shadows cast by it are razor-cut hard sharp. That is not so in reality. Go take a look outside at the shadows or lack of them, particularly if the sky is overcast.

By: Macsen on 6/25/00
The ability to separate the sun and the moon... Some of us would like to create some eclypses and the stuff... ability to add more suns and moons (not spheres) and the ability to change the moon (and maybe the sun's) map.

By: Hubert on 6/26/00
Hi, seems, that my wish got lost :-)
Here we go again. First: I agree with many of the wishes for and opinions about BR5, mentioned above.

Now, for my two cents:
Bryce5 should be able to compress files, when saving them! *** improve how it deals with duplicated/replicated objects, now filling plenty of free memory, instead of using only references for multiple identical objects!! (Some of my br4-scenes, like the multiple bullet-terrains for Jackīs pic, finally was 100+MB, but only 15 with a single-object!) *** Well, BR5 could also need a Poser5-integration (enough said!) *** better export (BR-primitives!) *** then some better vegetation *** maybe a script-language to control objects and properties, allowing im/exporting scripts for sharing stuff w/o having to send huge files to other users *** improved water/terrain- editor/animation capabilities *** a well-documented Plug-In-Interface (no need, to waste development time e.g. for an insufficient or crude, built-in mesh modeler in Bryce, when there could be better third-party-products) *** a faster render-engine, esp. for volumetrics (but please, consider it _independent_ of any specific 3D-accelerator-hardware or specific graphics-card-functions like texture-handling. Sure, it would be nice, provided that _reliable_ graphics-drivers (hehehe good joke!!) and driver-"standards" would exist, but... nah, I rather would buy a faster CPU instead of a graphics card, which could get obsolete in half a year***

In summary:
development should rather concentrate on improving and enhancing the existing Bryce-basics (w/o spoiling the usability by reworking the UI completely), instead of adding fancy-stuff or risking to make BR more dependent on specific hardware configurations. Thanks for listening!


By: digitalknight on 6/26/00
Not sure if I said this or someone else did (too hot today).

The "There are no good ways to fake these" Department.

-roads that wind and twist around the landscapes.

-Rivers / waterfalls.

(probably same mathematics could do both)

The "There are hard ways to fake these but they don't look good" Department.

-Lots of trees

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/26/00
Why does smoothing (as in after clicking the E)have to take an age and a snail? I can't see that so very much arithmetic would be needed per face-corner.

By: Astral1 on 6/27/00
So that there would be difference in +360 degrees and -360 degrees. For example, if I'd like to make planet to rotate clockwise 360 degrees, I would just put +360 degrees to one of the axises to make it rotate. That way I wouldn't have to put 180 degrees to halfway to specify which direction planet rotates. Or if I would put -360 degrees, it would rotate counterclocwise.
In deep texture editor it would be good, if I could make more detailed textures (for sky presets mostly). Like in terrain editor, you could specify which would be resolution for texture. And another thing to deep texture editor. So, that you could put normal pictures to there like you can put them in materia editor.
Make Grass so that you wouldn't use materials for grass, but grass would be really 2D leaves bended, like they are in real world.

By: CharlieBrown on 6/27/00
1. More options on how to control render speed

2. Better integration with Poser

3. A work window that is more easily resized

4. Optional windows to view the scene from different angles without altering the view in the main window.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/27/00
Bryce needs a better BMP-to-JPG converter. In Bryce 4 if I export an image as .JPG, sharp color boundaries tend to get diffraction-type fringes. This does not happen if I export as BMP and use another program (that uses IJG's JPG software) to convert it to JPG.

By: lilmikee on 6/27/00
I would like to see some kind of modeling interface(maybe the ability to utilize nurbs as well as mesh modeling like rhino).
The ability for multiple camera angles is definitly needed as well.The ability to import poser figures into bryce would be great as well and if a spline system was installed then you could do animation in Bryce as well instead of importing poser figures already posed into bryce and exporting out again.Yea definitly some sort of modeling interface is needed taht utilizes ik.

By: BioPod on 6/27/00
i want bryce 5 to use the power of my highly cost deforce 3d acceslrator in its rendering

By: Matrixdancer on 6/29/00
1.Let the Bryce Controls be as they are.
2.Integrate Poser with(in) Bryce
3. Add some useful tools, like a simpler possibility to create vehicles, for example...
4.Add some special effects plugins/tools

By: bradthedog on 6/30/00
this is a 2 parter or more because of chacter limitations

Bryce 5 want to haves, where to start. There needs to be better preset control. I think you should be able to drop a material or object (be it bryce or one of the importable types) into a fold and it should be come up on the menu. For those of us who have a thousand and one skys and collect them from everywhere it would be a great pleasure to just drop it into the "sky folder" and have them load when i go to choose a sky. The should work like photoshop plugins Poser is a must for importing.

Texture mapping: it would be nice if you could export a curent map of any model you are working on with either the mesh on the image or as a layer. How much nicer it would be if load all my objects place them as need be with no maps or pictures on them them export a map to photoshop for each item. I know I am probably just dreaming on this, it would be too much to hope for. How about this instead of using the kpt planar tiling or some other filter it would make it very easy if you could place a single tile such as a picture of hardwood floor on the object and tell it how you want it tiled and how much area you want it to cover, the rest of the mapping tools are already there.

By: bradthedog on 6/30/00
Part 2 of my wish list
I am not dreaming when think they should put in better control of prims and other objects. I want a taper command. Table legs, obelisks, etc would be much easier. I also think better controls of rocks and vegetation would be in order. I think the standard rocks which are close to what i want in the first place usually should be able to be taken into the terrain editor and fixed up. There needs to be a better way to spread out vegetaion as well it has taken weeks to finally get the corn and wheat fields to look right. I also want to find a better way to spread out distant forests besides using spikes on the terrain and turning them green. While this works to an extent, it sucks when you have to resize. Maybe have a tree button on the terrain editor that would populate with desired trees. I also want to group edit terrains once I have them tiled and layed out togeather. I want to see better tools for doing cities, road layouts in the terrain editor would be easy. I also want to be able to use some sort of brush in an editor to pain negative area into a model.

Speaking of tiling i think there needs to be a quicker way to edit and place distant terrain from the forground. There needs to be better horizon control without moving cameras that can not easily be return to the starting postion. There needs to be better tools for lining up tiled terrains once they are in the scene, gap fixing can be teddious, tiresom and a down right pain in the ass.

By: bradthedog on 6/30/00
Part 3 of my wish list

One of the most important things I want to see in the future is render pause and save. I have to use my computers for other things during the days and if i am rendering it really slows down the process o both my the renders and my real work. If I could render for a few hours when i am not using the computer for other things and then restart from where I left off when i go to lunch, or leave the house, it would be great. I have hundreds of scenes I just don't render because I know they will take 1 to 3 days, and these files need to be this big because they will eventually will be output on 4x5 film for photo printing. For that matter a grey scale render mode would be nice to have as well, it would save hours of post render photoshop work.

Something needs to be done about the preset librabries too. Materials, skies and objects all should be like photoshop plugins where you just drop them into a designated folder and up the appear on a menu. I have thousands of models, meshes, materials and at last count 2278 skies that would be easy to use and catalog if i could do this.

My biggest love hate relationship in bryce is the water, it only comes in a plane. sure you can set an object to be made of water but that is different. I want volumetric liquid to fill my glass, I want waves and ripples and want when my water flows over something for it to look wet underneath instead of doing it post render in photoshop. Waterfalls and Rivers need better integration. The terrain editor needs to be able to tile a river gorge.

By: craigrafx on 7/3/00
Bigger Buttons, Bigger Buttons, BIGGER BUTTONS!

By: pvx on 7/4/00
-I've always appreciated Bryce as an inexpensive landscape composition tool. While a lot of people who can't afford an object modeling tool such as MAX have been begging for mesh editing and the like, I personally feel that this is neither appopriate nor realistic. In my opinion, Bryce could become a much more efficient tool for simple modeling tasks without implementing advanced modeling methods if it were to replace its flashy interface with a more practical four-viewport layout, as seen in competing products such as Vue d'esprit. Whether such a change would be appreciated by the entire Bryce community is uncertain, it would, without doubt, improve the workflow.

-One feature Bryce is sorely lacking is random vegetation generation; I don't see how Corel can afford to leave this out of future releases, with such a feature shining so brightly in Vue, World Builder, and so forth.

By: Niko on 7/5/00
Better support of poser files. And a much, much faster render engine.

By: plmcelligott on 7/5/00
How about a port to BeOS, so I can have native multithreading and a genuine 32-bit OS with low hardware overhead?

By: MikeArizma on 7/7/00
I'd like to be able to import a complete character from Poser and have the ability to pose it in Bryce. Along with the primitives, which are good with the boolean features, I'd like to be able to create shapes, with a vertex/line designer coupled with a lathe tool and mirroring features.
One thing I'd really like to see would be a plant/tree designer----built into Bryce! Random spatterings of branches and leaves, each following a general form for each of as many species as possible would be great.
I'd like to hit the Lotto, too, but......

By: MikeArizma on 7/9/00
Besides plants and trees, I would like to see a "Path/road" tool in the terrain editor. This tool should allow a variable, manually set depth-from-surface, so any lines drawn over any terrain will result in a flat-bottomed pathway following the elevation, entrenched at a constant level. I suppose an averaging of elevations of surface points could be employed in the math. There could be limits set for the amount of rise or fall, creating some areas of path/road entrenched deeper and some forced above the surrounding terrain in spots, the latter pulling terrain up from the surface so it won't be floating in mid air.
Adding some good dirt textures already in existence, or something gravel-like, could make for some very interesting effects.

By: bradthedog on 7/9/00
One More thing i want to see. I want more automated tiling of terrain. I want to go though the process of selection as normal by turning off the randoms and telling direction of tiling but then say make x number of tiles by x number of tiles, this should also fix the gap problem of tiling. I also want to edit terrains in groups, to dig a canyon over multiple tiles would make my life really easy so would having slope to zero elevation along the front edge, I hate have the middle of a mountain on the leading edge of the tiles foreground.

By: Hubert on 7/10/00
Bryce urgently needs an option, to resume an interrupted "Render-to-disk"-session, much later. (Me just lost 18 hrs with 47% completion, due to a thunderstorm, that forced me to stop rendering and switch off my PC! Thus, no BMP file, 18 hours wasted, me having to start to render back from zero!!). This could easily be achieved with an additional textfile "projectname_status.txt", which accompanies the BR-file and that contains info about the last status/progress of the project! Then, I only would have to press *resume* to continue my session. :-)

By: bradthedog on 7/11/00
here is another wish list that probably won't happen but would be much nicer.

I want better control of the camera, maybe this is the phographer in me talking but I want to set lens focal length and fstop to achieve my depth of field personally i am getting tired of fixing this in photoshop. If I can't have this maybe they will just set a depth of field setting

By: darkus on 7/11/00
1. Batch rendering using a network with Mac and PC workstations as clients.
2. To be able on a Mac (or PC) to use a second or third monitor with Bryce. To be able to undock a window and place it on a second monitor is a must for 3D graphics.
3. Faster rendering of course without losing the present quality!

By: yasu on 8/8/00
- Editable subcategories in preset dialogs.
- Better performance for handling large 2D picture mappings
- Better performance for use of large meshes.
- Radiosity rendering or blurred dropshadow.

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