Poser 5 Wishing Well....!
Someone once did a Poser 4 Wishlist, then when Poser 4 was released, they set their sights on Poser 5.

Well we would also like to hear what you would like to see in the next version of Poser, so take a moment to fill out your answer to our question by clicking the "FULL STORY" link:

What you like to see come out or be installed in Poser 5!

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Member Opinions:
By: Devlin on 4/17/00
Collision detection, and morphs so that, say, when an arm hits a lig, they both 'squash'. I really hate it when arms just pass through each other. Also better shaping on the neck, 'cause when you turn it it goes all deformed.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/17/00
Ability to move an object in ±x / ±y / ±z until collision. That should be easier to program than general collision detection.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/17/00
A "wishing well" like this but for Bryce.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/17/00
In a CR2 file, if e.g. "actor rThigh { ... }" is a "chapter", then a part which is the goal of an IK chain should have TWO completely separate chapters, one re its relations to its ordinary parent, and the other re its relations to its IK-parent, rather than the present bug-ridden makeshift of both parents sharing one chapter.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/17/00
Ability for a pose file to specify a part's relations (direction, distance, etc) from its IK-parent

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/17/00
In CR2 format, for frequently used parameters, a way to specify standard values for them once at the start of the file. E.g. one Poser male model's CR2 file contains "max 100000" 1175 times. It all adds to wasted disk space.

By: hund on 4/17/00
ability to do other things while rendering such as carrara and bryce. materials and shaders that can be as complicated as carrara shaders without using a texture map. fog and atmosphere effects.

By: Magix-101 on 4/17/00
(Even Truespace and Hash have nice cloth dynamics)
BETTER JOINTS, BETTER 3D NAVIGATION (more numeric controls for navigating in 3d space)
Generally it needs to be now a more complete 3d program!!!

By: Techyman on 4/17/00
collision detection, more hi-res models, better integration with Bryce and Carrara.

By: a_super_hero on 4/17/00
Bryce Animation, Storing Morphs and Textures in the Libraries (such as Props, Hairs, etc...) More flexability in moving and rearaging the library Catagories

By: Drai on 4/17/00
Collision Detection, a viewer of some sort to see PZ3, PZ4 files without opening them. More morphability in the clothing to adjust to modified characters. Better hairstyles for male/female. Hair that behaves like hair.

By: har on 4/17/00
Exporting of animations to Bryce, collision detection, easier morph-targeting for imported objects, raytracing, blob/metaball functionality

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/17/00
Ability in Poser's ands Bryce's animators to say "repeat n times from frame x to here" (= in musical language "da capo" or "dal segno"). That will help people to design walks, runs, animal gaits, swimming strokes.

By: philjaeger on 4/17/00
An improved renderer, not even raytracing, just more accurate/ not as harsh. Improved export to 3D studio max. More realistic clothing folds. New male figure, as good as Vicky. Mini viewport showing another view of the figure/figures. Ability to copy objects or parts of figures easily. A light/figure/object lister. Ability to save different libraries of prop/camera settings (this may already exist, i just havent found an easy way of doing it).

By: Theresa on 4/17/00
A wider variety of figures,including children of all ages (a cuter infant, toddler, kindergartener). More clothes for kids.

A morphing area that the figures could be moved into for using many many different morphs and then moved out of it for posing.

Fabric/clothing that drapes realistically like different materials from silk to wool.

By: arcady on 4/17/00
Arg. Could I add that I also want the female figure to finally have all her body parts. Put in an on/off switch like the male gets...

By: cols on 4/17/00
a modeler (so we can do actual changes to the figure, instead of the current slider)... easier way to move around... collision detection...gravity... raytracing... multi processors...shaders & material window so you don't have to render to see how the texture looks... able to attach more body parts and be able to extend the IK for the new parts(example: four arms, two headed monsters)
On the superhero figure make it more super. (not just a larger version of the normal figure. Multi monitor support.

By: See on 4/17/00
Firstly, collision detection, then better joints, the ability to swap parts easier (without having to hide the whole animal or whatever), faster rendering by use of multiprocessors or parallel computing, and of course the impossible, seemless integration with bryce and either ray dream, carrara or another modeling program. (too bad) A better animation lab would also be great. I don't like the fact that neither Bryce or Poser works well with multiple monitors. I like to keep tools separate.

By: STORM3 on 4/17/00
Raytracing and other advanced rendering tools, a textures and materials lab like Bryce, Photoshop and Photoshop plug-in compatability, proper support for Developers of Plug-ins, full compatability with all major 3D software like Max, Lightwave, Truespace, Maya etc., multi-processor support and memory leak control to allow more sophisticated and higher resolution meshes and scene handling, better mesh control tools, gravity, collision detection, A DIFFERENT and USER-CONFIGARABLE LIBRARY SYSTEM (sorry personal bug-bear), 6 decimal places of contol in all the movement, scaling etc mesh transform options, NURBS support and finally keep the price in a similar range.

By: arizonaicedtea on 4/17/00
I'd say just about everything else everyone has said, and a built in lipsyncing program

By: phillycheese81 on 4/17/00
HEHE well everyone said a lot of good things abouve but it sounds like they want 3dmax instead of poser. Poser is great but it should be a little more tech usable then suck a user friendly screen. i would like to see the 4 views and graphic card enhancements. (more options on what to render with) I think the problem is what "needs to be" in poser, its "we need to get off our asses" and start doing the work ourselfs. dont relly on just the program people. The OpenGL issue does need to be addressed though.

By: KWRussell on 4/17/00
Lose the "Metacreations" look, and get a functional, user-friendly UI for Mac AND WINDOWS. OpenGL. Better library management, including morphs. Material presets and libraries. Multiple viewports. Model scaling based on real-world measurements (Think 6'2", 220lbs., instead of a bazillion Scale params) Collision detection. If that's too expensive on-the-fly, try a distinct command for collision analysis and correction.

By: claudiow on 4/17/00
A simple mesh modeler editor.

By: kav on 4/17/00
Collision detection, more functional interface for joint/hierarchy editor, improved body part selector, comfortable zoom/pan for all views

By: amboni on 4/17/00
Refelction map, cast shadow on invisible object, particle sistems, better light, fog, better render engine.

By: KillerConcepts on 4/18/00
Custom definable image mapping (eg. Ray Dream), instead of trying to match and align images in the texture map.

Particle based hair, Gravity, Collision detection and Multi-processor support.

By: ThralLord on 4/18/00
Some kind of useful interface for posing!

The crummy interface for posing is a problem that has never been addressed in upgrades, though from what I can see, posing problems are the main trouble that people have with Poser. Dragging a limb into position is worse than an excercise in futility. Using the dials is slow and awkward, but is the only reliable way to go right now.

Considering it's called "Poser," posing a figure should not be the goshawful pain in the butt that it is now.

By: JonVon on 4/18/00
I would like a new release of Poser perfectly running under the new Windows 2000 professional operating system :-)

By: Anubis on 4/18/00
A face editor with more options for precise modeling such as making each and every inch of the face customizable, maybe by implementing control points that can be pulled and shaped. a separate muscle editor for the body to control every aspect of a pose so the dreaded "ripple effect" doesnt show up when performing any sitting or bending over pose.

By: Steve_d on 4/18/00
Direct Export to 3DStudio Max or Character Studio
with Bones structure intact.

By: akin_ on 4/18/00
Sure, collision detection is the next step towards a better animation render ! Of course the wishlist might be more heavy, but response to environment and collision detection are surely one of the most important realisable next stage ! :)

By: AgentSmith on 4/18/00
Ditto on most of the above. (All the good stuff has been said, repeatedly). Uhhmm...How about user defined scalability of Bump Maps (.bum)across an object, along with (of course) the option to tile smaller bump maps?

By: josiahpugh on 4/18/00
I think that it should have all of many of the
things above. I really want OpenGL and 3D
graphic card acceleration. Also it would be
cool if if could do some special effects and
have some fantasy clothing. I would really like
the ability to do voice mimicing without the use
of Mimic, which by the way is way too
expensive and other things.

By: SoreLooser on 4/18/00
OpenGL support, absolutely !!
Free ,movable lightsources, not fixed ones
like in these late versions, 3dsmax omnilight stylee perhaps:)
Excellent render engine though...
But could still have use for Catmull&Rom aliasing..huh ?

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/18/00
Sometimes when I replace a body part by a prop, and I output it as an .OBJ file, and I select "weld identical points", I find that that .OBJ file contains two copies of each face of the prop.

By: hoborg on 4/18/00
I can't believe no one mentioned Carrara. I mean, Bryce is not even bought by the same company, why shouldn't Carrara get a chance. It's not like it won't get updated too. Anyway, import/Export for Carrara with Keyframes/Animation support.

By: kimmarcus on 4/18/00
I'd like to see more done with the TONGUE on the basic models. Only thing you can do now (with basic config) is phonemes.
How 'bout making it an actual body part instead of basically just a material applied to the model?
Collision Detection....

By: zxcv on 4/18/00
Collision detection would be nice BUT…can it be done for less than a GB of RAM and 1000 Mhz in processing speed…? No ALL of us have the LATEST TOP-OF-THE LINE hardware…

My main complaint about Poser 4 is that its (A) a compleat Memory Hog (I give it 122 MB -- almost all I've got minus OS requirements -- and it STILL crashes), and it takes up an inordinate amount of hard-drive space (the manual claimed something like 250 MB, but my MINIMAL install took up over 400!!) Would there was a way to put it on a diet…

Seriously, I'd like to see some plug-ins (for the MAC OS as well, thank you very much) like Mr. X's PZ3-CR2 utility that would make it easier to combine figures and integrate clothing (conformable clothing doesn't cut it for me, for numerous reasons), as well as some type of "Morph Manager" that would allow easy transfer, addition and deletion of morph targets.

By: talon on 4/18/00
Better joints/ blend zones, especially that pesky pelvis, which is the weakest area on a very fine (for the price) figure, 3dmax export

By: Jaager on 4/18/00
Ability to select more than one material at a time(variable batch) under: Render/Materials.
A functioning "stop" key for rendering and when applying poses. (After the patch Poser has absence seizures when appling poses about 1/2 the time, the only way out is a "3 fingered salute".)
An ability to set the default figure entry to "IK chain off"

By: fdw on 4/19/00
An a better book that you do not have to bounce around in covering all aspects of poser. That is easy to understand.

By: ConsoleCowboy on 4/19/00
Fully positional lighting (along x, y, and z). Lens Flares, built in *.obj manipulation (scaling, vt manipulation, etc.) Collision detection for clothes vs body surface sounds good. Ability to nest directories in the figures folder (ie: props->computers->monitors) Toggleable miniviewport (independant of main viewport) Ability to develop and use plugins. Non-editable copyright info for figures/props is a good idea. improved flat-surfaced *.obj importing.

By: JASONANDMCO on 4/19/00

By: redvant on 4/19/00
I would love to see a mix and match system like FX Realm's Creature Creator. Open GL support.

By: curt on 4/19/00
Age morphs, models or morphs for less-than-ideal body types. Mimic, or at least a better set of phonemes. Collision detection. Built-in morph manager. More and better hair.

By: jhostick on 4/19/00
Lose the touchy-feelie interface. I would like to be able to work with 1-4 shaded/wireframe viewports and right click on a body part to access a modeless dialog box to adjust parameters. Replace parameter dials with sliders/numeric value entry ala After Effects. Ability to delete morph targets directly in Poser. Multiple undo's (user configurable). Ability to apply multiple morph targets to symmetrical body parts at the same time (ie: select both arms and apply l-arm-morph and r-arm-morph at the same time). Skeletal/tendon system so when an arm is raised the breast also stretches. Improved .3ds or .max support (notably texture mapping). Perhaps a Poser Pro version linking directly into 3D Studio and Character Studio and automatically adjusting Biped and Physique tendons (wishful thinking).

By: jhostick on 4/19/00
Oh, and how about realistic breasts? I'm getting a bit tired of all the Hooter girls I keep seeing!

By: Reaper on 4/19/00
I would like to have Poser 5 more compatible with Bryce in its interface regarding to transfer of character into Bryce. Also I like to see the animation file that we develop in Poser transferible to Bryce so we come have characters able to move like they do in Poser work in the enviroments we create in Bryce.

By: blackace on 4/19/00
Figures in NURBS format rather than triangulated meshes.

By: walli on 4/20/00
export to Cinema 4D, collission detect

By: Taralex on 4/20/00
Poser5 must be in Bryce5

By: BAM on 4/21/00
Better use of the cascading menu concept. For example when accessing body parts instead of one long list their should be right arm with choices underneath such as upper arm, forearm, hand, thumb, etc.

By: BAM on 4/21/00
Support for the right mouse button.

By: BAM on 4/21/00
After clothes are conformed to a person clicking on the person should select the segment of the person and not the segment of the clothing. If I'm clicking on the upper arm of the person to move it why should the program think I am selecting the upper arm of the shirt?

By: jflmkr on 4/21/00
Particle effects, Mimic, collision. If not raytracing then at least add several other exporters to programs like Cinema 4D and Lightwave. Better Multi-frame export.

By: jscutt on 4/22/00
custom installation options - I dont robots,animals,old poserfigures hogging my harddrive space, and get rid of the awful ( slow ) meta interface

By: Salamander on 4/22/00
Collision detection, fixed elbow, knee and hip joints, Lightwave export/import including textures, more realistic hair types.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/22/00
Re my message above re avoiding repeats in .CR2 (e.g. 1175 "max 100000" lines in one file): someone else complained about the size of Poser; I feel that making .CR2 files smaller as I suggest above, will make the total size of Poser as installed a LOT less.

By: Gear on 4/22/00
How can we convince Curious Labs to cooperate with Corel to intergrate the Mac versions of Poser and Bryce? Will it really come to pass that Poser characters will never be animatable within Bryce? The very flaws and peculiarities of Bryce make it the "epic" environment for Poser life. An entire universe of surrealistic cartooning will never be. I know the integration was not going to be easy. Glorious capability never is. My heart aches.


By: underdog on 4/22/00
Scripting language! Many of the tedious tasks need this. Add the ability to tie these scripts (macros) to keyboard events.


By: DAD on 4/23/00
Ok, let's see...
Collision detection to objects and other characters.
Circle IK
Circle parenting.
Parenting of more than one character to an object.
Walk designer parameters to handle 4 and 6 legged characters.
Option to change interface to smaller icon based version to free up image real estate for power users.
Ability to delete texture maps that are not needed.
Ability to select different types of ground planes, ie: flat, rolling, stepped.
Ability to render shadows against a clear background.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Oh, a plugin interface for third party addons, open up the architecture a little and allow outside growth opportunities with a SDK.

By: melanie on 4/23/00
Someone mentioned being able to design original clothing within Poser. How about individual clothing parts, like sleeves, collars, bodices, skirts, straps, belts, etc. that can be pieced together to create a multitude of clothing ideas? The parts could be joined and saved as a clothing prop (hopefully conformable).

By: melanie on 4/23/00
Don't change the interface (or if you do, make it able to toggle back to the original). Four views on one screen shrinks it down too small for me to see what I'm doing. I prefer the current interface. It's easier to see. And please, make sure Victoria IS included. I'm using her more than Posette now.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/23/00
Generalize the "genitalia" menu option to allow other changes of geometry. E.g. in my blowtorch with backpack cylinders model, I wanted to make the genitalia menu option select between cutter head and welder head, since it was doing nothing else; but I couldn't have done it without renaming the torch head "Hip" and the cutter head's trigger "Genitals", which would have looked silly. Also it would be an option to specify what word shows in the dropdown menu instead of "Genitalia" as appropriate for the currently selected model.

By: Freakachu on 4/23/00
My biggest wish for Poser 5 is the ability to use
third-party plug-ins. SDKs would be appreciated.
The addition of scripted events would also be

If someone wants collision detection added to the
program, they can pay for it. If they want
something that allows them to scale models in real
world measurements, they can pay for it.

If someone basically wants the program to create
stuff on its own--with minimal user input, so that
the user doesn't have to spend precious time with
trivial concepts like creativity and problem
solving, they should be forced to waste their own
RAM and Hard Disk space for these features. I'd
like the ability to run the program as lightly on
memory as I possibly can.

I think Poser 5 should be more modular with
figures, features, and capabilities. I think that
code bloating should be a choice of the user--not
a program that tries to be self contained AND bows
to the wishes of every person who thinks Poser
should be a 3D modeler/photoimaging
program/landscape generator/virtual artist/and
professional animation program.

I would hate to see two versions of this program
on the market (Lite and Professional). The best
solution is

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/23/00
Sometimes people make a Poser render and overlay it afterwards on another image. But that is not easy if the render has semitransparent parts, e.g. in my recent image with men in riotsquad gear, their shields and visors are 80% transparent. If Poser's renderer could be told to make a transparency map for the image (i.e. like a Bryce mask-render but with grey shades also), then suitable 2D graphics software (which I could write myself easily) could overlay the Poser render on the background with the appropriate semitransparency effects.

By: studio187 on 4/23/00
Multiple parenting. Fix the damn "lock up" bugs. How about an Autosave feature? The coolest of all features - Glow Texture Mapping. Poseable props that do not have to be stored in the characters folder and don't have to be saved as PZ3s.

By: Arkhan on 4/23/00
What do you mean loose the interface????..For me, and I'm sure many others, the interface is what is so appealing in Poser4. Sure, I can imagine you guys want to get more technical, but dont loose that general user-friendliness!!! You would loose a lot of customers

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 4/23/00
A few more....

Better shading ablities....

Render to TRANSPARENT background....


By: true.northstar on 4/23/00
Gravity effects and collision detection. I picture dropping a sheet onto a character and having it drape itself realistically over the character. This could be memory intensive, but can you tell me it wouldn't be cool. Clothes could use collision-detection and gravity to hang right, and I could get my hair and breast bounce to work without having to adjust each frame :)

I think a physics engine would be cool, and it would be nice to be able to assign properties. Like, say I assign a character's skin with the skin property (duh) and assign another object metal. Then when they touch, the skin can push inward, but the metal won't.

I have a lot of thoughts, but these are the most important (and most unlikely, but oh well...)

By: Sprout on 4/23/00
I have just 1 minor Request......
PLEASE!! Finish the program as Much as Humanly Possible before releasing... too many upgrades (patches) are a sign of sloppy planning(rush job) and are a serious Pain in the Arse!


By: Ian Porter on 4/24/00
Hair/Fur simulation like the 'Furrific' plugin for Raydream.



By: Jim Burton on 4/24/00
To add to what I said above-

Raytracing should be a no-brainer, as there shouldn't be a major problem intergrating this in the program, and it will be a real nice selling feature.

Collision detection would surely be nice, but it might require more than we are willing to pay/wait for, I would have no problem if this way left for Poser 6.

I think something that should realisticaly be addressed is the problem with joints that bend past 90 degrees, namely the knees and elbows. What this will probably require is doubling up the joints, so there will be a inner and an outer joint, and reworking IK so than moving the limb would move each joint half the ammount.

The other and perhaps more important problem is how Poser treats skirts- and the whole sitting issue. What probaly needs to be done here is to rethink the way the hierarch works, so there doesn't have to be a hip between the thighs.

I think it is important that we ask for what is possable here, incidently, I think we are getting a little to many pie-in-the-sky requests.

By: NH_Hobbit on 4/24/00
I agree on some points on those listed above;

Bryce-style user-friendly textures would VASTLY improve Poser, so long as it is an option for props. People could not get the high detail needed for realism. An internal Painter 3d -style mesh painter would be revolutionary. But keep it simpler than P3D, please....

Open GL support, as it is becoming a standard.

If possible, please DO maintain and improve use with Bryce. Admittedly, with Metacreations selling off all their 3d apps and selling out all of us who've supported them, no guarantees can be made that Poser's new owner CAN maintain compatibility with Bryce, but it WOULD be appreciated...

Do something PLEASE to remove the convoluted libraries/geometries/etc. directories. Maybe I am too new at 3d, but I have never seen any other app use such a confusing architecture. Any simplifying would be greatly appreciated. :)

In regards to adding tons of new default characters, I'd actually prefer more tools inside Poser to allow easier modeling on my part. Morph Targets/Magnets seem limited and unnecessarily complicated to me. I agree with a poster above in requesting a simple mini modeler inside Poser, even if just for altering existing meshes.

Thanks for your time

By: ptrope on 4/24/00
Of course, I'd like to see collision detection in the next version; who wouldn't? I'd also like to see a focal point for the characters' eyes; it would be nice to just drag that point to any location, and have both eyes follow it, rather than needing to adjust each eye individually. It could be made with the ability to turn it off, if desired, so you could point the eyes wherever you felt like.
Context-sensitive right-button menus.
Import filters for other 3D applications, so Poser figures and animations can be rendered more effectively in them; talk to Fractal, Corel and Adobe about interoperability between the former-MC apps, and still pursue interoperability with the high-end 3D apps. Poser is good as far as it goes, but it is still only a character-creation app, and rightfully so. But we need to be able move those characters into other apps, in order to make the results we desire.
Vector export to Shockwave, for animated characters on the Web.
Metastream 3.0, for interactive characters on the web
I'm sure I'll think of more; I'm still feeling my way through P4. Main hope: keep the price manageable, even if it means we have to work with a little less capability. As long as Poser plays well with other, more high-end apps, and it's affordable, I'll be happy.

By: fgallindo on 4/24/00
All characters with the 'Vicky' improvments. And 'skin', i.e., in some parts of the figure it would be possible to "detach" a little the skin from the body and when the character perform some movements we could see folds in or out near the joints. A 'Texture Paint Editor' wich we could see and move the character while painting in a 2d media.

By: Nifft on 4/24/00
CLOTHES! AN INTERNAL CLOTHES CREATOR STARTING FROM FEW ELEMENTS really flexible (look like the one for maya)simplyfied as you start from simple created shapes and that create a dress (splines) at adding points etc etc we can modify the dresses creating news-
siplify the creation of new models a creation of a new model inside poser will bew amazing not with morphing but by points!! (like patch or the memrane of davinci for max)we by curves points and so on we can start from scratch or create new faces new bodies new creatures, the possibility to create creatures with more than 2 legs and arms and the possibility to animate in a more simple way...

By: CDunbar on 4/24/00
I agree with most of whats been posted on Poser5 wishlist as wishes, mine include Altivec processing support, raytraced rendering, fixed bugs in the current P4 (animations flying parts, etc.) and of course the wants for higher res models, clothes and hair and ageing morphs !

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/25/00
Re Jim Burton;s message re elbows and knee. See an anatomy book or a skeleton. Human elbows do behave as in Poser, and the epicondyle on the humerus marks the rotation axis. But in human knees the ends of the femur and the tibia roll on each other, and there is no single immutable xrot rotation axis if you want the behavior to be exact.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/25/00
A render option "make a mask render", i.e. all objects matt black, no shadows, white background, but obey transparency so that e.g. x% transparent shows as the grey shade "red = green = blue = x% of 255", to use the result as an alpha channel when superposing to make a scene which is too complicated to be set up all at once.

A render option whereby the user could choose for texture color maps to OVERRULE the material's defined color, instead of being multiplied by it.

Highlights to be defined not as a highlight color but as a number or % scale. That would let highlighting be applied to objects which are colored by a color texture map.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 4/25/00
An option to "use eyeball as camera".

By: jarm on 4/26/00
All of the above, more clothes, more hair, if Bryce gets compatibility, so should Vue D'esprit

By: Wolfman on 4/26/00
Collision detection/block, NO VICKY, more conforming clothing, completely backwards compatable! Genitals on the male child, after all the baby has them! Advanced character creation support. Bearded character morphs, more hair styles. Less bugs! NO VICKY!

By: bowen on 4/27/00
If I wanted ray tracing I'd get 3ds Max (opps, I have). Better intergration with more apps, (3rd party plugins?) I love the interface as it is, but maybe a "Low Overhead" Version (less fancy graphics for those with low spec machines) Improved pz3 format so it doesn't take up 12meg+ of HD space (grr!) Prehaps the ability to merge pz3's when you load them ("Replace current scene or Merge?" kind of thing) A Decent manual (some of us like to learn from books!) More control over the Sketch Designer, a better Hierachy editor. OH! Just remembered my pet hate: When you apply a pose, it freaks up your face/scale settings. Please, please, please, with sugar on and everything, could we have an option in the preferences to NOT apply facial morph settings, and scale settings! Anyway. In closing, I hope P5 (if it ever arrives) is an evolutuion, not a re-design, I'd hate to have to re-learn all my skills (those that I have) again.

By: Gustav on 4/27/00
Better export to other 3D packages like Lightwave
so you can start Poser,take a charcter,clothes,and movement and give it to Lightwave for rendering.

By: dcort on 4/28/00
The ability to cut/paste joint parameters from one figure to another. The ability to select multiple objects.

By: wintermute on 4/28/00
Collision Detection, Easiest And More Practical Texturing, Really Conforming Clothes, Less Patches, Delet not needed Textures, Thumbnails

By: truemac on 4/28/00
Professional Viewports like 3DSMAX! Also the ability to transform whole polygons into Mesh Objects and the ability to modify parts of the objects. But not making the program to complex like MAX. I like the simplicity of Poser!

By: ingrid on 4/29/00
Better shoulder and elbow joints are top of my list. Also the man and child figures need general improvement. A non-rectangular (eliptical) material selector option.
And hey I didn't know I wanted that 'Mr. potato head' style clothes creator but now that it's been
mentioned that would be super cool!
Basics+ collars, cuffs, etc. that can be swapped and the ability to add more easily...hours of fun. :-)

By: t76 on 4/29/00
1) Hi-Res Models. Hi-Res Faces. Precise mimic.
2) New renderer.
3) Not man only have genitals, the woman too.
4) New or improved GUI with viewports (like in 3d MAX)
5) Materials. Raytrace maps/materials.

By: nerd on 4/30/00
Circular IK Chains. Multiple Parenting in CR2 files (So Skirts will work right). Raytraceing. Build in Mimmic. Internal Modeling. Better support for hot keys. Better Joint editor.

By: samtheham on 4/30/00
there should be a better male like the eve in the female the joints should work more precisely and the ability to work on morph targets within an interface in the program and of cource the gravity and collision stuff thanks

By: punisher1999 on 4/30/00
How about a nice clean addon interface. Sort of like what Unreal Tournement does with mods, this way everyone can use the same format when creating new textures, props, characters, etc.. Basically a "For Dummies" version of adding stuff.
Also a low priced "economy" package would be nice. Just make sure it can be upgraded to the full version.

By: schak on 5/1/00
A physics engine would be cool - gravity, etc.
Wind effects would also rock.
But none of that is as important as support for 3D hardware.
OpenGL OpenGL OpenGL ad infinitum...

By: Mr. Adequate on 5/1/00
I'd like to see: improved joints, multiple undo, clothes that actually work, less memory leakage (including save files), the ability to create more light sources than the basic three, and export into POVray. Also, am I the only one here who wants a Linux version? Poser is pretty much the only thing keeping Win98 on my box.

By: jerr3d on 5/2/00
A better interface, multiple windows to see more than one view at once. Spend too much time dragging main window to get to controls. The preview window looks nothing like the final render in regard to lighting. Want to see lights and camaras in the main window. A render engine as good as Bryce. Mirror reflections.

By: PaulZolo on 5/2/00
Howabout making the walk designer work
with non-humans? Go on, use the horse and
you'll see what I mean! Hee hee!!!

By: Ankhara on 5/2/00
I don't know what's going to happen with Bryce, but it is an amazing program, and I think it should be easier to animate poser figures in Bryce. I think this is really, really important!!! I don't care if Corel bought it, I want to be able do complex animations in Bryce with Poser's creatures. The two programs should be completely compatible with one another so that there are no major hassles when trying to animate a scene in bryce with poser figures. There is no other program like Bryce, and I doubt there could be, so it is very important that this get implemented. Complex animations created with the two programs would be breathtaking, and our computers are finally getting powerful enough, so please don't give up on Bryce!!!! (and bryce needs to be able to add more than one sun and moon, but I guess I'll tell them that).

By: Ankhara on 5/2/00
I also agree with what oscarcon said above. Make it more compatible with Max also. That would be a smart thing to do. Compatibility with all major animation packages out there is wise.
Also... greater morph target capacity and handling and/or a face editor, some kind of collision detection (could be a plug-in), better bending and joints, something like furrific or shag:hair for the critters (also compatible with Bryce), better bump map ability and texturing in general, a clothes creator, advanced character creation support, plug-in ability (would be great because then certain things can be optional to please everyone, yet not make poser too too complex...plug ins like some kind of modeler that specializes in realistic musculature (and it's movement) for making creatures, hair maker where you model a hairstyle and it makes a trans map for it automatically?, etc..), render to transparent background, clothing that drapes and flows realistically, some kind of creature creator style section (or plug-in) where you can mix and match parts (especially animal types & creatures with 4 or more legs). And don't forget, an affordable price!!! (I got mine for $130/academic version, right when it came out). Ok. I think that is all unless I think of something else.

By: Jackie Lewin on 5/3/00
More than one viewpoint, 2 or even 4.

By: metalacan on 5/3/00
All these things sound but all you guys have to realize Metacreations won't do it. An all out GOD Ultraverse 3D app would be geat but that's what using seperate apps is for. I use Max,Poser,Bryce,Lightwave,Rino,Pixar Renderman and Ray Dream Studio all togther to suit all my Exacto needz. So letup a bit a purchase another monitor and multi task with two or even like I do four apps open at once. All I have iz a PIII 700 Hiked up to 950 on a WK/98b platform and I do just well. By the way where are all the advanced meshes these are great but I have seen better like at trekmeshes.

By: MarkW on 5/3/00
I would like to see:
1. Mimic built-in
2. collision detection
3. Simpler interface/more powerful features
4. Better support for TrueSpace
5. Features to be added via "plug-ins" so we can pick and choose what we want
6. All of the other ideas people posted here incorporated. Poser would be a tough app to beat!

By: krisgrondin on 5/3/00
i would like to see poser5 like poser and bryce all in one that would be great

By: poseraddict on 5/3/00
I'd like to see:
-patch rendering or even brush rendering like in Bryce 4.
-better clothes conforming and/or collision detection
-gravity properties on both clothes and hair props
-a morph target editor within the program itself instead of using plain magnets
-Better compatibility between Poser and Bryce 4. How about a Poser plug-in for Bryce. One that can export not just the model but the textures it comes with.
-More new Library models (characters, hair, clothing, etc.)
-Better memmory management. Something that will allow you to render hi-res and highly detailed images.
-Discounted price for previous Poser 4, 3 or even 2 owners
-A Library of motion capture files (BVH)
-Include Mimic within the software.
-Improved joints (especially in the Neck and Hip area). No more ugly, jagged, grotesque knee and elbow joints when fully flexed.
-Ability to copy and paste morph targets from one existing figure to another. (kinda like composer)
-More new Facial expressions
hmmm....I think I've said a mouthful already.

By: Jude on 5/3/00
At the risk of becoming a target for thrown missiles, how about a Linux version? Windoze gets worse with every release.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/4/00
In Bryce grouping can be in a hierarchy, groups of groups. It would be useful of Poser could export to Bryce so that each model is a group and in each model each part or each material is a subgroup.

It would be useful in Poser to be able to copy a model, so if I set up one man in riotsquad gear in action, it would be useful to be able to make multiples of him within the one Poser run.

By: splik on 5/4/00
Some kind of 3D match moving facility to line up background video with foreground 3D using control points matched to the background footage..... this would open up an entire new world of CGI and live action interaction.

Integration with Bryce.... Collision detection.... gravity for hair and clothing.... better pointing body parts, try lining up the head to the camera and we see the top of the head instead of the face......

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/4/00
Anastomosing trees? To make several identical figures, e.g. a rank of uniformed men posed and equipped the same, it would save much .PZ3 file space if each man could have a separate root BODY "chapter" describing his position but all being parent of the same tree of parts describing the man and his equipment and pose.

By: markb on 5/4/00
Bryce and Poser: Merge them into one product!

By: agamba on 5/4/00
I think that:
a) faster loading/saving would be just fine
b) a little cheaper upgrade fee (mainly if you started with Poser 1 first) would be quite kind
c) better support for a second monitor on a mac would be useful
d) collision detection and gravity supporl would be great!

By: Billy on 5/4/00
I'd like to see more animation features including motion blur and projection mapping for the ground plane so it would allow a background pic to show through but still recieve shadows from a figure.Oh and did I mention collision detection :)

By: serene on 5/4/00
Yeah, Collision detection is the big "I Want".
Multi-jointed and twistable backbones for the figures would be nice too, for realistic bending, and moving collarbones for realistic shrugs. Movement and collision for hanging cloth and hair.
A Mimic-like option for speech synthesis. Max-type view ports.

By: Marie on 5/4/00
I would only buy 5 if it TRULY would CREATE A NEW figure, easily, from my original models!! I get the feeling that zygote and poser people don't really want us to be able to do that?

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/4/00
Faster saving in Poser, yes!! If the scene has several figures in, saving to .PZ3 is a real right while-I-go-for-coffee job, or get an interesting book to read.

If Bryce and Poser are amalgamated, Bryce will have to be able to save in understandable text in a .PZ3-like format (but with a way to specify defaults instead of quoting hundreds of parameters in every chapter and section as now).

By: Nightstar on 5/4/00
Just fix the crotch area (male & Female) to look more realistic when I bend the legs and I'll be happy!!! (genitalia not necessary but would be cool)

By: pike on 5/4/00
I would like to see a bones utility or pluging for
single skined meshes with posers ease of use.A raytracer goes without saying.A pluging that would allow you to render in other apps lightwave, max,vue directly from poser.

By: Octavio1 on 5/4/00
What I would like to see MOST is the same omnidirectional lighting availiable in Bryce 4. Any of us who have tried for a torch or "bare bulb" effect will know exactly what I mean. Trying for this effect when rendering within Poser4 is an absolute nightmare.

I can't find one of the kazillion comments on this page that I disagree with, but I especially would like:
-Collision Detection
-Less "cracked" joints
-Integration with Bryce, the need for which is so obvious that this comment is redundant.
-And an end to sliding feet, "shimmering" texture renders in animations, and the rest of the petty problems we all know and love so well.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/5/00
When a prop has been imported from a plain .OBJ file: an option for the CR2 file to have a pointer to the file instead of embedding the prop's geometry in the CR2 file. That will make it easier to alter the prop after the scene has been assembled.

By: lee on 5/5/00
Ditto to all. Poser/Bryce combo with a built in modeler ala Lightwave. If we could edit and/or create our own characters there would be no need for 3rd party fixes of characters or props. Motion blur, faster rendering, and yes...Raytracing!

By: brainmuffin on 5/5/00
the biggest thing i would like to see is this:
If you parent a sword or baseball bat into the right hand, you should be able to parent the left hand onto the prop, so you don't have to keep moving the left hand...... this is a huge PITA when trying to animate a swordfight...

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/5/00
To Brainmuffin :: I managed that with my flamethrower (which is a model, not a prop); parent its fuel tank to its user's chest; set his right arm IK-off, and his left arm and the flamethrower's hose IK-on; parent his left hand to the flamethrower's gun-part and that to his right hand.
But, in Poser 5 please give a thorough going-over to the software that keeps track of the relative coordinates of all the components of the IK-circle, when IK is on and when IK is off. I am very sorry to reiterate, but I have just had another corrida with a many-segmented IK-circle (a man wearing and using my oxy-gas blowtorch with backpack cylinders) and odd behavior at its joints due to arithmetic mistakes and similar. Even if the IK-goal must have TWO chapters in the CR2 file, one re its relationship to its normal parent and the other re its relationship to its IK-parent.

By: poseraddict on 5/5/00
I agree with brainmuffin. I wish there were a way to parent a prop to more than one body part (as in swordfights). It would make my animation a lot easier!!!

By: canis on 5/6/00
Follow Apple's guidelines for the GUI instead of that nice but incompatible interface. -Incompatible with my scroll-button mouse, that is :/
However, collision detection and raytracing is even more pressing improvements.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/6/00
General collision detection involves checking how near every vertex is to every other vertex, and the time needed increases as the square of the number of vertexes, and soon gets much too big. It would be easier to tell it to look for parts A and B colliding as they approach in direction R. Then this could be done: Rotate so the direction R is vertical and A is above B. Make an altitude map of the underside of A and of the upper side of B. Then it is easy to stop the movement at collision.

Once there was a computer project called the Connection Machine. It could do the same thing at once to 65536 = 2^16 values at once (or less if some were masked out in a table of bits). With that at modern PC speed we could have full collision detection, radiosity, and all the other dainties that now take too long. We even would be able to render quick enough to make good movies at movie showing speed! But the Connection Machine project was dropped :-( .

By: WitchyGrrl on 5/8/00
What would I like? Collision detection, new male character with different face structure, more female charcters like Victoria, cartoon rendering abilities, more hair choices with trans map libraries (including better hair for the male figures), and my biggest pet peeve is the 'cuticle' around the female figure's nails - even with the best texture you still have to fix that to get the nailbed to look real.

By: Ankhara on 5/8/00
Wow Anthony, really? That sounds so cool. Wonder why they dropped it. I wish they hadn't!

By: erwebb on 5/9/00
I would like to see more compatibility and file formats between Poser and Bryce 4 (or later version). There should be an export file to Bryce format, and export to poser file format. They should be able to export from one program to another.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/9/00
In Poser, let the default lighting be all white. The current default, one grey one brown one flesh colored, is fine for nudism scenes, but for anything else is merely a nuisance and discolors things, e.g. mid grey gets an unattrctive dirty olive-like tinge.
To make it easier to make such things as bat/dragon type wings, and a cat or dog with anatomically correct shoulders divided according to the bones (scapula, humerus, etc) where two segments must touch which are not parent and child, (a) allow several extra Weld commands per segments; (b) provide a way to get those extra Weld commands in and out of the CR2 file without the user having to text edit the Cr2 file.
Have a way to get rid of unused materials, or rename materials in a CR2 file without having to text edit the CR2 file.

By: lmckenzie on 5/10/00
I'm always awed by the expertise here, so I hesitate to suggest a possibly lame idea - but. You may have seen "morphing" progs that let you specify similar points on 2 pics and create a morphing effect combining them. I'd like to be able to take a picture, click on body landmarks (i.e. head, knees, feet, etc.) and have the pose in the pic transferred to a poser figure. This way, I could take any picture of a figure and get at least the basic pose in Poser. The more points, the better the transfer. Posing is the hardest part for me (and yes, I'm lazy). Hope this makes sense. I'd pay at least $50 for such an add-in if it were available.

By: Crimson Warlock on 5/10/00
Context-sensitive right-click menus! If I right-click on a body part, I want to instantly be able to set its parent, lock it, unlock it, point it at something, etc.

Multiple-level undo!!!! I can't count how many times I moved an element, shifted the camera around to get a better view, and hit CTRL-Z only to find that it was the camera angle that was undone rather than whatever it was that I moved!

Create the tongue. Let it stick out of the mouth instead of just curling upward inside the mouth (of COURSE there are perverted possibilities with that, but as if Poser's possibilities were simply limited to PG-rated pics....come on! ^_^)

I commented Waaaaaaay above about facial controls. Not to say that I don't appreciate what's available already, but add something like distance between the eyes, size of the eyebrows, width & angle of eyes....

And finally, hair. I wouldn't complain too much about the lack of hair-styles for men, but maybe turn the hair into something poseable (break the wig into parts, like 'Front', 'Back', 'Left', 'Right', and 'Top' -- all with the x/y/z scale, rot, and trans properties...that way, one could create more realistic hair styles and situations (blowing in the wind, hanging upside down, lying down...) After all, I'm a long-haired male metal-head musician and I would like to create the rendered version of myself and my band! :)

By: Crimson Warlock on 5/10/00
Oh, one thing I forgot....

I don't remember if this was part of the installation or not, but what about making the animation feature an optional install? I personally prefer doing compositions rather than movies, so maybe if I hadn't installed all the animation features, I MIGHT have more screen space, memory management, disk space, or whatever.

Of course, if it turns out that more people do animations than just straight-out compositions, I'll shut up :)

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/11/00
Ability to alter the xyz joint rotation order at one joint without having to remake the whole model.
If I alter the .OBJ and delete the mesh .RSR and then use the model, if then Poser finds extra undeclared groups in the .OBJ file, Poser to ask the user if he wants those extra groups to be added to the model, and if to, parented to which existing part and with what xyz joint rotation order.
If ditto and Poser finds that some declared groups are missing, Poser to ask me if I went those parts to be deleted from the model.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/11/00
From my own experiments in writing mesh handling software, booleaning by mesh welding is messy and tends to create lots of extra little polygons along the join. Booleaning on rendering as in Bryce could be made more portable by an extension to .OBJ language:-

group qwertyuiop


group asdfghjkl


group zxcvbnm

and qwertyuiop
# only render group zxcvbnm where it is inside qwertyuiop
or asdfghjkl
# only render group zxcvbnm where it is outside asdfghjkl

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/12/00
The menu that lets me reset the name and bend etc of a part :: that menu for the current part (or BODY, if that is currently selected), to come up if I click near but not on the image. In my picture with the incinerator-truck in it, the truck model's root segment dominated the picture and it was hard to avoid clicking on it and thus selecting it, and if I selected another component model's BODY, and then clicked the image away from any part of anything, up came the name / bend / etc menu for the truck's root segment and not for the other model's BODY.

By: fredericmalmartel on 5/13/00
The most important thing is to be able to export Poser characters into Bryce WITH THE MOTIONS!!!

By: Atnas_Zurc on 5/13/00
3D card acceleration
Better 3D card faster rendering time
I think that would be great.
Multiple processors is another thing.The more processors the faster

By: mikq on 5/14/00
Multi processor support is the biggest wish I have for poser 5..... If metacreations are going to release Poser 5 ?

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/14/00
More cooperation and communication between Bryce and Poser will probably have to be via extra instructions in the .OBJ file or in its companion .MTL file. What harm may come if the .OBJ /.MTL format is extended with instructions unknown to Wavefront (which the .OBJ format was invented for)? How many people still use Wavefront? (I suppose that those squeamish about extending the .OBJ language could start the new instructions with a `#' as comments.)

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/15/00
ScottA on 05/14 17:41 guessed that there is some sort of hard code written into Poser that turns the legs IK on automatically when the model is loaded into the current scene. It doesn't do that with any other parts. If so, that misfeature should be removed.

Un rendering currently the color on the texture map is multiplied by the color set for that material, probably as (A*B)/256 if the colors are scaled as 0 to 255. That is unexpected and sometimes a nuisance. Please let there be an option for the texture map color only to be used, instead of the color set for the corrent material, where a texture map is set.

By: Oxygen on 5/15/00
Better Import & Export to 3D Max 3, Carrara (maybe whole *.pz3 files) and Bryce. Gravity for Hair ot other Objects. Better Renderer (or much better Shadowmaps).

By: lilmikee on 5/15/00
I would like to see an esasier way to group and ungroup objects than what is already in Poser. Like that in Bryce or Raydream even.Just select the prop or obeject and group and ungroup parts instead of ungrouping polygons.

By: maclean on 5/15/00
PLEASE!!! renders that can be reduced to icon, to allow me to compare them without saving and re-opening or taking up the entire workspace!
A color-picker that retains my favorite tones..
A keyboard shortcut for the back camera (in fact all cameras!)

By: cobalt on 5/16/00
On the subject of a Bryce5 wishlist, here's a couple things from the back of my head..

Poser/Bryce integration is a must-have.. as lots of people have mentioned. But there are a few other things I'd like to see, that haven't been touched on here:

Fur Shader: we have volumetric shader that fills the inside of objects with a virtual 3d texture - why not a fur shader that extends from the outside? You could use a greyscale map to define thickness and/or length of individual hairs. Could be used for grass, and/or carpets, as well.

AVI/QT as texture: BMP and Photoshop textures are nice, but it'd be really cool to have the ability to animate picture textures. A four-frame animation could be used to animate the blinky lights on a computerbank, for example.. or map it to a light, and you've got a little movie projector!

BUY ORGANICA: this is a great program, for modelling. BUY the rights to this program and integrate it as a meta-modeller for Bryce! Unlike Metaball modellers, this one give you a wide asortment of diffeent meta-primitives to choose from. It's possible to quickly assemble complex models that would take forever to build in MAX or lightwave.

selectable Raydiosity rendering: let's get some real raytracing going on. Soft shadows.. real reflections of light off mirrored surfaces. The ability to light scenes with ambient objects...

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/16/00
When welding two parts when obeying the weld command in CR2 language, if one of the parts is rigid (= bending is off), move each edge point on the flexible part right up to the corresponding part on the rigid part. At the moment both matching points (one on each part) seem to be moved to their average, which is fine if both parts are flexible, but leaves a gap if one part is rigid. I have had a lot of nuisance with my models, from my first flamethrower model on, where a flexible part meets a rigid part.

If a chain of parts all has the curve property, where a rigid non-curve part is parent or child of a curve part, I find that the end of the curve part is kinked to aim at the geometric center of the non-curve part. Sometimes this kinking is inappropriate, and to cure it I must interpose an extra very short part, which can make nuisance when selecting the right part when posing. I had this nuisance with my flamethrower model, and I had to repeat the precaution in several later models that I made. Likely this situation was not thought of my whoever put in the curve feature to get animals' tails right.

In CR2's, why does each joint need so many parameters? One example had 21 (taperY smoothScaleY zOffsetA yOffsetA xOffsetA scale scaleX scaleY scaleZ jointZ jointX twistY rotateY rotateX rotateZ xOffsetB yOffsetB zOffsetB translateX translateY translateZ). What are the six "offset" hidden parameters for? What are "jointZ" and "jointX" for? Can they be removed to cut down on file size?

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/16/00
In Poser and Bryce, it would be useful to be able to create a camera and group it in with a saved model, so the user can see what the model sees.

By: Mordikar on 5/17/00
lets see they could starts by redoing the interface to free up some room, poser doesn't seem to like my poor 14" monitor, much beter memory management, and some more male clothing items. some armour wouldn't be bad. it's not the easiest thing in the world to make..

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/18/00
Is there any need for Poser to keep any more the stupid misfeature of inverting the uv texture map coordinates in y as it poses?

By: Lady Cherry on 5/18/00
i could really go for multiprocessor support to help with faster rendered animations ect.

By: P3DDV on 5/19/00
A plugin to Lightwave 6, RayTracing, Field Rendering, More and Better Motion capture import.

By: wmccormick on 5/21/00
the option of using multiple view ports

By: mr_clonus on 5/21/00
Better Morph Targets on Models Like Chests , Arms and Legs . Better Hair and perfomance.

By: Wizard on 5/22/00
For a wish list? Everything above. If MetaCreations is going to take any of this seriously, then give collision detection, remove other “bells & whistles” and concentrate on character creation and animation only. This way it can be made the most powerful character based 3d software in the world. Also, what about a single program that has all the features of Poser, Bryce, True Space, Painter 3d, etc. Head to head competition with the big boys!

By: henriqueaguiar on 5/22/00
I agree with all the wishes that people have put here and I would like an option (toggleable to on or off )that the eyes would follow the main camera. Thank you, henriqueaguiar.

By: DaveLH on 5/22/00

-- A native .OBJ object editor/modeler (not all of us are rich enough to buy RayDreamStudio as well)!!! Support for 3D spline editing would be nice.

-- A "Consolidate" function that lets the user copy and archive projects and all their files in one step without the user having to remember all the geometries, textures, etc. to copy/archive manually. (How many times have *you* downloaded a zipped project from Renderosity.com that had missing files?)

-- File Dialogs (e.g. "Locate morph target") remember what folder the last file was loaded from, rather than always reverting to the Poser root directory.

-- Support for procedural textures and "decals".

-- Fix the bug that makes Windows unexpectedly freeze when editing scenes with large prop files (such as Club-bar.3ds).

-- Import models from Animation:Master (.MDL) and Imagine (.IOB), including their texture maps and skeletal hierarchies.

By: Digital on 5/23/00
export to shockwave flash

By: arcady on 5/25/00

Ok. This just came to me this morning when I was thinking about how I can never remember who made a prop or model from the thousands I've got...

An about model/prop button. Clicking the button causes poser to open in a popup window the contents of any .txt file it can find in the same directory as the model cr2/pp2/ps2/etc file that has the same name (case sensitive) but ending in .txt

The way people and model companies could put their readmes in these files and we wouldn't keep losing the darn buggers...

I lose most readme's when they overwrite old readme's after dumping everything inot the directory... And I simply don't have space to keep the zip files (I burn the unzipped files to a CD every 600-650mb or so, in the proper directory structure so I can rapidly recover drive data).

By: rogue on 5/25/00
I would like to see the ability to use JPG files instead of bmp or tif. This would take up a lot less disk space.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 5/28/00
In Poser and Bryce, ability to read .LSO / .LWS format including obeying Lightwave texture map files and "bones".

By: jeffroig on 5/29/00
With the upcomming new release of Hash Animation Master they have provided a way of being able to export the single frames in a BMP format in 256 colors. This is done so that the images can be used in creating Microsoft Agent Characters. Why no have Poser 5 do the same thing, all it would require is a color reduction method so that you could choose color depth. The MS Agent Characters are becomming more and more popular and Poser is a key player in the creation of these characters.
If Hash can do it why not Poser? Posers interface is by far easier to use than Hash and can do a far better job in modeling and designing of figures and doing animation.

By: hazzard2K on 5/30/00
A new and bigger galery, more fexible, macros editor, support for 3d graphics acelerator, better interface, developers options(for game makers),better animation system,and more customizable options,sound editor... isn't that too much i can continue but let's just leave something for poser6

By: atilla on 5/31/00
1) A must have thing is a very complex shader studio as used in Carrara.

2) Different animation plugins like walk designer, such as controlling fur, lips, cloths and eye movement.

3) Support for wide range of file formats, including MPEG for rendered output and most common 3D object formats for both import and export.

By: btsculptor on 5/31/00
More preference options - like Photoshop: Scratch disk, etc. Better joints, hair, clothing. More animals and poses for them (there are NO lion poses:( 3D paint. Direct import of MAX files as objects, morphs, etc. No Victoria.
But I've still gotta say that Poser4 is an awesome program and 5 has got to be even more outstanding:)

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/1/00
In the horse etc, make separate segments for the femur and humerus and scapula. Give these and the limb parts the same names as the anatomically corresponding human parts. If this causes contact between parts which are not parent and child, use Bloodsong's idea of text-editing extra Weld commands into the CR2 file.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/1/00
A long-reach excavator has a hydraulic ram across the qngle of the "elbow" of its arm. That ram would have to have 2 segments: its cylinder and its piston. That ram would have to be hinged onto the arm's "hunerus" at its proximal end, and declared to be an IK chain and set IK-on, and its end parented to the "forearm" of the arm. As the elbow moved, for the ram to adjust automatically correctly, it should be possible to get that automaic adjustment to occur by the piston zTran'ing against its cylinder, and not rotating as usual. I.e., if I set "hidden=0" for that joint's zTran, then automatic joint adjustment could take place by moving it in zTran.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/2/00
The Poser 4 named characters (Carson, Derek etc) are OK as far as they go, but they only come as nudes, and each one's CR2 file takes up 1.6 megabytes, most of which bulk merely reiterates a lot of joint parameter settings which are already in the standard male and female nudes. Putting clothes on a nude takes up much more file size space than having a clothed figure in the first place. I feel that a character could be much more economically be stored as an extension of the pose file format, as: a morph target for that character's head, to set his/her face; materials re-settings for his skin color and for his eye iris color; a hair or a pointer to a hair; and perhaps any special personal props or pointers to same.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/2/00
Characters (PS): THis way _ could give any character's face etc to any Poser character whose head's vertex count matched.

By: isidro on 6/2/00
A Plugin for Max

By: pjanak on 6/3/00
I would like to see avi, asf, mov and mpg added to the import background image dropdownlist. It would not only aloow for blending into real footage but also aid in animating a figure. This next one is an absolute must! some kind of ini file that retains locations of all morph targets, and other importable features. I truely get disgusted when it always defaults to the destop.
Rather than creating a PZ3 file that saves all objects. For local use, add option for reference only to save diskspace. For sharing with freinds use as normal. Visual cues for camera locations and ability to manipulate cameras by dragging camera object. This makes for easier placement of the camera. Rather than a 360 degree representation for infinite light. Just use and arrow. Infinite light needs to be positionable. As is now, If you are in a room, infinite light does not pass through and therefore are stuck using spots only. You need to be able to bring infinite lights into where ever you need them. I doubt mimic would become a part of the poser interface although that would be cool. Would be nice to have a plugin allowing for export/import of camera locations and movement to and from various 3D progs like TrueSpace or Raydream and lightwave.

By: pjanak on 6/3/00
ability to remove morph targets after its discovered that they are of no use rather than starting over with a new project

By: pjanak on 6/3/00
ability to remove morph targets after its discovered that they are of no use rather than starting over with a new project

By: pjanak on 6/3/00
Why do people keep saying "No Victoria"? What are all you jealous or something? Zygote makes victoria not Ghost Effects

By: pjanak on 6/3/00
The idea someone had for not haveing seperate clothing objects is indeed rediculous. Without them we would be forced to clothes are figures to presets wich limits creativity

By: pjanak on 6/3/00
Much of these suggestions sound cool but many are far too complex to be involved in the program. What many are asking for are already parts of extremely expensive software and would cause Poser 5's price to skyrocket.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/3/00
DaveLH wrote "A "Consolidate" function that lets the user copy and archive projects and all their files in one step". It is possible now to keep a model's .OBJ file in the same directory as its .CR2 file, if (a) the .CR2's file pointer lines matched, and (b) the .OBJ file and the .CR2 file have slightly different names before the dot so their accompanying .RSR files don't have a name clash.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/4/00
This is if that part's lengthwise axis (= the first mentioned coordinate on that part's line in the PHI file) is X. Mutatis mutandis if it is Y or Z instead.

Currently the `taper' alias `taperX' parameter dial scales Y and Z alike according to how far that vertex is along the part's X-axis. It would be useful if I could specify separate one-axis taper parameter dials such as taperXY and taperXZ, which scale one of Y or Z but not both, according to how far that vertex is along the part's X-axis.

By: Bill B on 6/4/00
Dear everyone, I despratly want to post my wish list on the forum but its huge 73 items and still growing. It contains a overveiw of how I use poser and what it lacks and what I need. How can I post it in here its 12 pages long.
Please please help

By: Bill B on 6/4/00
Am am a sculptor and toy prototyper in the toy and product industry and have been using poser since v 2. I use poser figure files for CNC milling of human bodys I body parts in the creation of real world 3-dimentional parts.
poser has so many limitations for me and I have a huge wish list I desperately want to post on the wishing well. The proble is it is huge its 12 pages long. I really want to be herd and want to share Ideas with anyone who wants to listen.
how can I post so much information on this link.

By: brainmuffin on 6/4/00
I've been looking at other character animation programs, and reading about some of the professional ones, and this is what I've seen that poser lacks: The ability to parent an object to BOTH hands,parenting an object to another and then unparenting it over the course of an animation, linking a morph target to a joint parameter, e.g. when you bend the elbow the muscles flex automatically (muscle morphs linked to forearm Bend param.) And think conforming clothing should conform better, and be easier to make.

By: Huolong on 6/5/00
Poser's too damn dark. Normal ambient light levels are hard to achieve in Poser without a million extra lights. I usually turn off shadows to get a more normal appearance.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/6/00
In the column of parameter dials, mate their names white on black background for maximum visibility.

If there are many parameter dials for one segment, to save much space, have a closely packed click-to-select-one table of parameter names and ONE paramater dial. That dial alters the setting of the currently selected parameter name.

By: mrtom on 6/8/00
figures spline based, quicktime support for
texture map, physical parameters for collisions,
clothes and hair, more parameter for texturing
props (cylindrical projection etcetc...) AND the
possibility to work with bryce (as it was done
with raydream for exemple)
thats all for n

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/9/00
In magnets, I have a use where I want the magnet's zone object to be not a sphere not a rectangular block. Also I would like an option telling the magnet to affact vertexes which are in particular materials or body segments but to leave all other vertexes alone.

By: edriver on 6/11/00
The ability to twist an object based on its x,y,and z origins. Wrap around feature to allow an object to "wrap around" another object through collision detection. The ability to "stretch" part of an object definded by stretch points added in by a right mouse click or drop down menu. Magnets kind of do this last one but are far too complicated to implimant.

By: Exccidium on 6/12/00
proper mesh deformation, not morph targets. mesh deformer used through 'polygon picker' tool to edit mesh better than spherical mag zone. collision detection and gravity options to improve animation and walking effects. skeletal animation would be simplify animation and speed up renders

By: klown on 6/12/00
More cloths!
Cloths that take on MT' of the part they cover so they can conform better to coustom figures.
Did I say conform? Cloths that do just that when you bend them. The ability to save a customized figure with cloths as a single .cr2 without going "plum loco"
More hairstyles.
Outdoor Terrains.
More control over other parts of the figure seing that the face has so many built in MT's whereas fingers, toes have taper and thats it.
Better support for multiple figures in a single document.
Better rendering engine.
Open GL!

By: Nifft on 6/13/00
first we have a lot of things we love/hate in poser (i'm a beginners) we love 1° at all ehehhe the low price :P the thing's that poser is "simple" but really powerfull if u know it well
i personally hate that i'm in need of an external program to create new figures (i've started now understanding how to) (thanks ThorneWorks) for your incredible tutorial, why don't creating a new internal modeller that automaticall apply the joints blending etc really simple to manage for modelling (davinci is the best and more simple sistem i'd never seen cause changing the spline that costruct the mesh of a face u have a morph !!!!!!!)
raytracing and a internal paint forthe texture
for the modeller if u do that a (please) four view modeller)
open gl and a real integration with ther 3d packages.
And a true manual with tutorials for all!!! but good tutorials step by step!!!!!!!! for joints ik and so on !!!!

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/13/00
Walks: If I make an animation, it would be useful to be able to save it as a walk, so it can be applied repeatedly, and I could design a walk for anything I like however many legs etc it had. A "walk" could be any repeated movement; e.g. for my frogman model (in the Poser Free Stuff) I could animate him in one cycle of swimming, and save that as a walk "frogman_swim"; I could animate him in one cycle of his rebreather beg inflating and deflating, and save that as a walk "frogman_breathe" with a different repeat time period, and then apply both at once to the same frogman model.

By: Archanejill on 6/13/00
I am a beginner to Poser 4, but there are a few things that I think could be better.
1 -- when I make a person, I'd like their arms to be able to cross rather than sink through each other. So, some kind of collision option where you can have it turned on if you want it.
2 -- a way to export movement to Bryce.
3 -- a way so that hair presets can actually look like they're properly windblown rather than a plastic-looking, stuck-out-in-all-directions-cat- on-head look.
4 -- an in-program modeller. I was confounded as to how people did all the new people, etc, before I came here. I admit I didn't really look at the manual though. But it'd make it so much easier for novices like me if they realized "Hey, there's a modeller here...let's find out what it's for..."
5 -- more realistic children. They are very obviously shrunk down adults and the joints just don't look good.
6 -- more hairstyles, models, and props. A gun or a bazooka maybe. Oh, and definitely some wings for faeries, demons, dragons... and maybe a bird model. An eagle or something.
7 -- better genital areas. I know Japanime has no pubic hair... but uh... yeah real people do.
8 -- better folding and conforming clothes, hair, etc... and magnets that actually pull on what you want them to pull on, rather than what they think they want to pull on.
9 -- JPGs please! They're smaller!
I think that's it. Please, Santa, give me my wishes!

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/14/00
It would save much on size of models' CR2 files if CR2 language could #include sections of text like in the C and C++ programming languages, e.g. with sections like for the head, and for the hands and fingers, which are big and the same for many models.

By: coglio on 6/14/00
My biggest surprise when I first got Poser was
that it didn't have any modeling tools. It would
be nice to be able to not just pose, but model and
create entirely from within Poser.

Even if it didn't have full-fledged modeling
tools, I would like to be able to tweak existing
models to make new ones.

Also, the process to create new models is way too
complex. You gotta figure out the inner workings
of the program itself, unearth cr2 files, etc.
Seems like the program itself should take care of
such "bookeeping" and let the designer just
design. There should be an interface in Poser that

By: caleb68 on 6/14/00
Ability to asign material properties per frame if chosen to do so, rather then one set for the whole animation. This seems to be a minor problem that can be worked around fairly easy.

Another thing would be better memory management, I've got a pretty large model collection for poser and as you switch into different groups it keeps all information loaded rather then reloading when needed. This should be a option that the users should be able to set on or off, It becomes pretty anoying when your working on a anime and your almost done and you get a memory error, makin' you start over from the begining.

The animal models seem pretty lame, you can't make a dog growl, you can't make a horse nea (sp) some of the animals you can't move the eyes. they could be a little more realistic.

The walk path generator doesn't work all that great with animals as well, tried making a dog walk and the result was pretty wierd looking that could use a change as well to handle walk paths for "at least" all the models they supply with the program.

Ran across some minor flaws in poser 4 as well that could use some fixing, as well as better error dialogs that accually refect the "accual error".

By: professor on 6/14/00
Poser needs to be able to run with Win 2000.
An install option for genitalia would make it easier to use in public schools.

By: Uthena on 6/15/00
Alright. Here's my wish list.
1)A better looking Male face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, the woman looks great, but the man has an almost neanderthal look to him. He's so ugly that to make a decent looking guy I had to rip of his head and replace it with the womans!!
2) The ability to make hair.
Let's face it. Some of the hair is good and some of it just downright sucks. The women's hair goes too far back so they look like they have huge foreheads. Can't you create hair with bangs? I mean, I've downlaoded the hair here with bangs, but unfortunately it's always short hair. ANd counldn't you make the curly hair actually look curly iinstead of wavy?
3) Make it easier to export a figure to Bryce and KEEP it's texture and the ability to pose it.

By: isidro on 6/15/00
make a separate plugin for Character studio
and call it something like poser Max
so that when you import it into 3d Studio
it would be biped ready and physique ready
Better lights. a real material editor
for the time being. But ultimately my real wish would be a seamless integration with 3d Studio
because lets face it if youre going to animate
in a professional manner you have to leave the toy softwares behind and get with the real.

By: thip on 6/16/00
ATTENTION BILL B : If your list's too long for posting in toto, post it one item per post. As long as it is input to the wishing list, I don't think anyone would see it as spamming (or would you - opinions, please?). I volunteer to help you (anyone else ready?) - just zip part or all of your list, mark the entries you want me to post, and mail to thip@worldonline.dk.

Hope this can help.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/18/00
There seems to be a bad bug with full-body morphs, whereby someone put 2 figures in a scene, and the second had a "muscles" full-body morph; the first figure went muscular as rhe second was loaded. This needs to be put right. If I select a character's BODY and change one its full body morph settings, why can't it only effect the parts in the tree under that BODY?

By: Linda on 6/18/00
How about bug parts? Like wings, antennae, eyes...etc...then all the textures to go with them. Then I would love to see small critters. I am new to the program so I don't know if perhaps I should be looking for this in the Carrara program instead. Nature theme is my scheme and I would love to get my hands on more of the stuff!

By: msken on 6/19/00
Poser is a great tool, but here is what I think, support Pixar's Renderman's plug in please!!! There renderer is great for movies which I like to make, it takes days to render a 30 min short in poser! This will cut time in half. Also as a game developer we need more options. Export lab with poly reduction would be great! A bones system of some sort would also be very useful to import a ready made mesh and just add in joints ready for animating. Replace body part with prop is way to hard to do, and shouldn't be taking up so much time. Thats my two cents hope to see it happen :)


By: AgainstTheNight on 6/20/00
How about a Most Recently Used menu files in the File menu, like Word has. Simple to implement and very convenient.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/20/00
Ability to alter a model in these ways without having to start again from the PHI file and remake every joint parameter each time just because I found I got its PHI file a bit wrong or I change my mind on something. OK, I would likely have to remake one joint's parameters. Far better than having to remake the whole model for one small alteration:-

Ability to change the declared xyz/zyx/etc order of the joint parameters in one joint of a model.

Ability to add or remove the `curve' property.

Ability to edit the parentage tree of a model, i.e. to give a part a different parent within that model without having to remake the whole model.

When Poser is reading in a model's new or altered .OBJ file, and in that file it finds a group which is not declared in its CR2 file, Poser should offer to add that part and make it a child of the model's root segment. If my previous suggestion is followed, then the user can give that new part its proper intended parent. That would have been much easier and safer than hacking the CR2 file with a text editor when I had to add the new parts "helmet" and "faceplate" to a Poser human model to make my Gerry Anderson UFO series alien in a spacesuit model.


Ability to add and remove `Bloodsong-type' extra Weld commands in a CR2 file.

Ability to find and weed out unused material declarations in a CR2 file.

By: Dracoraven on 6/20/00
In addition to the many good suggestions already posted, how about multithreading poser5 so multiple procssors make a difference?
Also, How about porting it to LINUX?

By: Bill B on 6/23/00
A Plug in arcuhitecture for Poser 5 so people with very spacific needs could have plug ins made.

By: serge m on 6/24/00
BETTER SMOOTHED SHADOWS; the possibility to track my motion via a camera directly into Poser ( face, hand, body...etc. ); more possebilities to morph - to edit the figure individualy. Thanks !

By: Macsen on 6/25/00
Support for Wheel Mouses!!!... More I/O options, an autohide for the presets palette, accelerated rendering on preview (direct3D, OpenGL)

By: wyldechylde on 6/26/00
All of these are great, yet I would also like to a see a better renderer and a shader option. That phong shader stinks. How about blynn? And a bigger work environment, not just that little window.

By: jarec on 6/28/00
Collision Detection is a must, so is soft body dynamics and cloth dynamics. Morphs should be seperate and with a seperate test area. Directory path list so I can keep files on CD/Zip disk instead of on my hard drive. Some form of phi/cr2 editor with copy/paste to simplify making posable clothing etc. Dual parenting to props. And if you have time forward Kinematics as well as IK.

By: Headshrinker on 6/30/00
How about a Cloting design utility

By: Anthony Appleyard on 6/30/00
General collisipn detection is very expen$$$$$ive in run time. It is easier if you know beforehand which way the 2 colliding objects are moving; then a contour map can be made of their advancing surfaces as seen from the direction of movement, and go by that, like "drop object to ground" but somewhat more complicated.

By: Airy on 6/30/00
1)Ability to export objects (including textures)
and animation to others programs (ie Cinema
2)Lip. Synchronisation/Full phoneme catalog
3) Collision detection.
4) Physical models : when the head moves,
make the hair move (or wind, or gravity...).
Same for clothes.
5)Multitasking for Mac version !!!

3+4 then 1 will allow to make really great

By: BobToolbar on 7/2/00
A way to save and restore a character textures info in a single set without having to save the whole character(CR2)

By: dawnracer on 7/3/00
I would like to see a better 'outline' look or
'cartoon' view to use for quick cell animation.
An improved sketch view would be nice with
more detail. A better looking male. (He's so
ugly and looks like a mannequin).. Better hair
and more morphable clothes.

By: ahlswede on 7/3/00
More control over head, eyes and hair (and/or) more deformers: skew/shear, taper (+/- x, y and z), "pinch" and "punch"

recursive "undo" (if this is not too big a resource hog)-- maybe let user define how many undo's to save.

By: burninhigh on 7/5/00
ability to make movies into mpeg , mov or other movie formats

By: Stormi on 7/5/00
I want it to be like Photoshop with Layers
for each clothes.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 7/6/00
It seems that getting joint parameters in conforming garments includes a long tedious job of copying many joint parameter settings by hand one by one from the target to the conformer. It woul;d be useful if the user could select a menu option to copy all joint parameters in one action from the current segment of the current model to the same named segment of some other model.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 7/7/00
In making a conforming garment, many would welcome ability to call in one operation for all joint parameters and settings to be copied at once from the target to any segments of the conformer that have the same name as segments of the target, instead of the long tedious job that Nerd's tutorial describes.

I have made 4 Poser models of backpack devices (scuba set, flamethrower, backpack helicopter motor and rotor set, oxyhydrogen blowtorch with backpack cylinders.) Some would likely like these as conforming garments instead of as several multi-segment straps. But they would likely need to fit at one time the Casual Man, and at another time the Zygote Racing Car Driver, and at another time Posette, and at another time Vicky, etc, and these all have different joint parameters and different frontier lines between the trunk segments. This ability would be useful:-

Let the conforming parts of the conformer come as one big group called _CONFORM_ . _CONFORM_'s vertexes are moved in or out until they are all a set distance from the outside of the target. Then each component polygon of _CONFORM_ is assigned to a new group which has the same name as the group of the nearest face of the target. Then proceed as above.

By: harper_ on 7/10/00
1 Lose all different size characters.
Lose the different sized characters, but use the 'figure height' menu for that. You can start with 2 characters: male and female, and save char-specific data in the 'character' folder (race, skin tone etc) instead of the whole figure. That should save a LOT of space -and you'd be able to let a char 'grow up'. That way you also KNOW your morph targets are going to work, because every character has the same number of vertices.
At this moment all different characters, even the baby, are 'ideal adult'- sized according to the menu.

2 add the ability to export animations into other programs (like Bryce or MAX).

3 A surface material selector/editor - such as the one Bryce is using

4 Realistic gravity with collision-detection - both for characters and clothing/props

5 a more memory-friendly way to make preview pictures on the add-list - with 128Mb in my laptop I STILL don't get the nice preview pics the people on MACs have, although according to the Poser manual I should have 'em when I had 64Mb.

6 full interchangeability between body-parts

7 a standard bone setup after Poser changes the PHI-file into a .CR2 which you can tweak after creation instead of having to re-invent the wheel every time you make a character (if it's on the list, Poser will use it, add end-points and all)

8 a better way to define colours within a .CR2 - Poser's manuals (both beginner's and advanced) don't show ANYTHING about that, and it's the best way to keep your files small and accurate

9 clothes and clothing support for ALL characters - aside from the casual chars there's NOTHING for kids, and the clothing items for adults don't work that well

10 the option to add new categories in the main library

By: harper_ on 7/10/00
11 slim down the size of the .CR2 files. MAX' files are usually under 1Mb, as are most other packages' files.

12 Increase the scale of the models.
Make it more compatible with what's available in the rest of 3D-world: the manual mentions that even RDS finds the scale of the figures very small.
It makes things a lot easier when interacting with props in Bryce too...

13 ZIP/ARJ-support.
I'm amazed nobody came up with this one - when zipped the PZ3's get nice and small, same goes for the texture files.

14 Find a way of jumping to the root folder of Poser instead of Win98's 'My Documents'- folder. Win 95's solution was better, but I HATE to change directories every time I need to test a morph or add a prop.

14 Add the FULL location of the texture file in the .obj or .3ds file when exporting to other programs.

16 the possibility to add a jump in the walk designer.
If you want a dive and a swim, it should be permitted to add that too.

17 smaller size PZ3's.
- 10 of the things add up to over 150Mb!

18 exchangeability with MAX's .BIP's

19 Lose the magnets.
It's too much of a pain to remember all the magnets you have, and usually a morph target is easier to make and keep - and you can turn it off at the dial.

20 Keep the selecting/clicking-menu to the character you selected earlier.
When I choose a character, then the arm, I DON'T want to work on the shirt! Select the char, then work with that...

By: harper_ on 7/10/00
21 I don't know if people agree, but RayDream is not as flexible as MAX and other 3D programs, which are used much more in the real world. While RDS is fully supported in the manual, MAX is not, and I think that as more and more people are moving away from RDS it should be addressed...

22 Save ALL position changes in a pose - including axis-rotations of the whole body.
Some of the poses people put online are impossible without rotating the char - only to find out in the application of a new pose that the whole char needs to be rotated again. Very frustrating when you're working on an animation...

23 let the clothes conform with different chars better.
Nothing is more frustrating than having a girl in a low-cut shirt with her breasts poking through the shirt material. Sure, you can use morphs, but it should be avoidable in the first place.

24 more realistic morphs within the program.
A lot of people are complaining about breasts and genital areas, but what about a breathing morph?
It's something we all do in RL... and I think a lot of people would appreciate it.

25 combine poses.
For instance, combine a walk with an animated conversation. Or huffing and puffing when running the marathon in record time. Why not a cuddle when kissing?
Implement the possibility to individually create actions, then combine them using a menu for the whole duration of the action, with the possibility to add/change parts in keyframes.

By: TheWolfWithin on 7/11/00
more primitives, such as flat-topped pyramids, tubes, etc.....better memory management......rounder, more natural look when enlarging breasts.....more hair choices.....better conformity with clothes when scaling a figure.....more natural looking joints when bent.....smaller mouths on figures being as the default ones are way too wide, and morphing them sometimes makes them look unnatural.....

By: TheWolfWithin on 7/11/00
oh yeah....almost forgot....add the Taper function to the primitives....and maybe Sweep and Deform....

By: harper_ on 7/13/00
26 Bone structure setup
Back to the assembly of characters: get a representation of the 'bones' you are setting up inside the character. Now all you get is circles and points of origin, which doesn't help aligning all that well. Instead of 'sketch-lined', it would be a lot easier if you had 'stick figure/bones' and 'outline with bones' for more precise aligning.

27 BR4 / BR5 support
The option to import/export .BR4/.BR5 files.

28 Robots/Raptor
Lose 'em. Most of us don't make an animated feature of either Turok or Jurassic Park. As for the robots: how many people are into MechWarrior? Really?
Make them available as downloads, add-on packs or something like that, but keep Poser for what it was: posing people. Everyday scenes are difficult enough as it is...

29 grouping prop parts
It seems that every time I want to change prop colours I have to export it, regroup the items, re-apply textures, re-import the prop and go from there.
(example: coffee-maker in Poser 3). If I want my char to interact with PART of the prop, I have to make morph targets (opening car door, taking coffee mug).
It'd be nice to have grouping capabilities within Poser so that my char can actually GET the mug from the cappuccino-machine.

30 full interactivity within Bryce
When I want to work in an environment such as a bar, I'd like to be able to work with all the items, not just the props I've imported.
Like Photoshop and Illustrator, it'd be great to have the ability to create a figure in Poser, take the environment in Bryce (better material control) and animate in there.

By: Anthony Appleyard on 3/12/02
In an IK-chain, abolity to IK-parent mny link in the chain to something, not only the goal.

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