March 2007 AOM - Thomas Weiss [beton]

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... March's AOM is Thomas Weiss [beton]. We congratulate Thomas for his outstanding work in the Bryce Gallery!





Who is 'beton' ?

My name is Thomas Weiss. I was born 1963 in Bavaria, Germany and I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. My first public art exhibition featured drawings that I did when I was 19.


A.M.A., the ancient machine awakes

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

Since 1999 I have been creating 3D Computer graphics. I am a member of several different Art Communities on the Web, but Renderosity was my first one and was always like a big family to me.  


(contains nudity)


What software/equipment do you use and why?

I work with Poser 4 and Bryce 6, Painter 7, and sometimes with Paintshop Pro 7. I love Painter, it is easy to handle and supports my Wacom Sketchboard perfectly.

Who/what inspires you?

Life as a whole inspires me to create my kind of art. Also, music, movies, and other artists, especially the paintings from the 19th century.


Jessi in the garden


What are you currently working on?

At the moment I work on pictures for my erotic Artpage, but they are against the TOS of Renderosity. *grin*

Parting Comments ?

I would like to say thank you to you all for giving me the chance to show my work on the WEB.


Please have a further look at beton's Gallery!

Be sure to visit the Renderosity Bryce Gallery, and also pay a visit to the Renderosity Bryce Forum!

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Member Opinions:
By: scanmead on 3/4/07
What a wonderful artist to feature! beton's work is always an inspiration to others, whether they're just starting out, or have been creating for years. Congratulations to a great artist!

By: lotsanotes on 3/4/07
Richly deserved. Keep up the great work!

By: grand-poobah on 3/5/07
Congratulations Beton. An honor due for a long time!!!!!!

By: BarbieDahl on 3/5/07
Congratulations. Your work with Bryce is really awesome. I'm just blown away by your skill.

By: Gog on 3/5/07
Congratulations, very well deserved.

By: cmaupin on 3/5/07
Congratulations. You are a superb artist.

By: hobbit on 3/5/07
Congrats Thomas, about time you got this spot. Always a great source of inspiration.

By: beton on 3/5/07
Oh WOW ! Thank you so much my friends. I am speechless. ( OK ...I am not ) *lol*

By: gattone_blu on 3/5/07
Bravo my friend. yoor work are very very beautiful

By: Yoro on 3/5/07
Dicken, fetten Glückwunsch auch von meinereiner!

By: Daramski on 3/5/07
Awesome artwork, very much deserved, Congratulations beton:)

By: ysvry on 3/5/07
well deserved, congrats , now if this isnt an occasion to put up a smiling avatar :P

By: Riquelme8 on 3/6/07
Congratulations man, well deserved! You're one of my idols here:)

By: Gucky on 3/6/07
I noticed the artist Beton firstly in the book Poser Experts, which I own and I was really really fascinated studying the wonderful images in his gallery. Ich bin total beeindruckt Thomas

By: TheBryster on 3/6/07
He probably takes LSD for his inspiration but if I could get inspiration like that I'D take LSD.....just kidding! A fantasticly talented artist who deserves all the honours we can heep on him!

By: sirocco on 3/6/07
Congrats! You do awesome artwork.

By: Thorne on 3/6/07
wow awesome work man! Great to see you. Congratulations!! :)

By: Elsina on 3/7/07
Congrats! Well deserved!!

By: ek-art on 3/7/07
Congrats :) your work is always wonderful.

By: faveral on 3/7/07
So deserved! Congrats Tom!

By: NightCelt on 3/7/07
A long overdue honor....congratulations Tom, you do such incredible work.

By: LillianH on 3/7/07
Congratulations Beton! It is good to see you get the award after admiring your work for so long.

By: garyandcatherine on 3/8/07
Beton is one of the very few artists who has been at the penticle of my inspiration. Congrats for finally being recognized for your skill and style. I cannot wish this distinction to anyone but you. I tip my hat and celebrate your victory.

By: whiskeysierra on 3/8/07
wonderful choose, congratulation !!!

By: yeohann on 3/8/07
Congrats, your work is excellent. Your Bryce modeling is over the top.

By: Burpee on 3/8/07
Congratulations Tom! Your images inspire the imagination.

By: IO4 on 3/8/07
Congratulations! Well deserved:)

By: Rochr on 3/8/07
It´s about time. :)
Congratulations Thomas.

By: Syyd on 3/8/07
Agreed on long overdue, and probably one of the most talented to every grace any of the communities, and 3D. Congratulations, a fan since the early days.

By: Anjour on 3/8/07
Congrats...well deserved!!!:O)

By: Surama on 3/9/07
Most excellent artwork...congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

By: donniemc0 on 3/9/07
nice one! congratulations!

By: LadyJ on 3/9/07
Beatiful work!

By: hansklerk on 3/9/07
Congradulations, Tom!!!!!!!!!

By: chrispoole on 3/9/07
Awesome choice, a superb artist and superb art, congratulations.

By: Questor4 on 3/10/07
ive only just recently discovered your artwork, and it is truly awesome. congrats

By: Death_at_Midnight on 3/10/07
Congrats!! You've been one of my favorite artists for years, and an inspiration.

By: Gongyla on 3/12/07
I like your works a lot, like many. The interview is a bit short...perhaps you shouldn't have...grinned? Anyways, it's the work that makes you AOM, and I'm very happy for you because you always go beyond digital. And that's the future.

By: johnyf on 3/12/07
Congrats, well deserved!

By: vince3 on 3/13/07
Many congrats beton!! big fan of your work, so it is great to see you get AOM! well done!!!!!!!!

By: TIMMYLYNN on 3/13/07
I really like that sexy pic of YOU....I was born in 1963!

By: TwoPynts on 3/14/07
I'm a long time fan of your work Thomas. It does my heart good to see you getting this recognition.

By: vshane on 3/14/07
Congratulations Tom!

By: T.Rex on 3/15/07
Congratulations Thomas! You should have received this honour a long time ago! Thanks for all the fine images and inspiration. I never cease to be amazed at your imagination and talent in presenting it. Keep up the good work!

By: marforno on 3/15/07
Congrats...!!! Your work is truly Magnificent...!!!

By: 2Loose2Trek on 3/15/07
Congrats on a deserved honor!

By: ariannah on 3/16/07
Tom, you were and always will be, one of the first artists ever to inspire me. A huge hug & congrats on such well deserved recognition! :)

By: DOTF-Wizard on 3/17/07
Das hast Du mehr als verdient. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!! Du bist und bleibst mein großes Vorbild. Vielen Dank das Du uns hier schon so lange mit Deinen absolut super Bildern eine Freude machst und ich hoffe es werden noch viele folgen

By: Kimberly.3D on 3/20/07
Congratulations! Wonderful!

By: A_ on 3/25/07
very well deserved, your art is exceptional.

By: richardson on 3/28/07
You've been in my favs for a long time so,, no surprise here!

By: Wappen on 3/28/07
You are one of the best!

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