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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... February's AOM is ARCHITECT_SAMER. We congratulate ARCHITECT_SAMER for his outstanding work in the 3D Studio Max Gallery!





First of All, "Assalamo Alikum" to all (which is our local greeting). My name is Samer El Sayary. I am a teacher assistant in Alexandria University, Department of Architecture. I am 28 years old and have a master degree in virtual environments from Alexandria University. I work as an architect and interior designer in Alexandria beside teaching in Alexandria University and some local academies and centers dedicated to digital modeling.

Egypt is the place I lived until now. I have been experimenting and developing new ways in architectural design using the virtual environments and I test it in competitions, and thank God I got 6 prizes till now (some are local and some international).

Once upon a Morning in Casablanca

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?  

Well, I began working on 3DS Max 2.0 in 1998. As I remember I was in second grade, and it was so hard in this time to find a place or web site dedicated to 3D art. So I was self taught, and I consider my self so lucky I began this early and witnessed the enormous developments made from this time till now. But I really learned 3DS Max from 4 years ago when I decided to teach it to others. I found out that the real learning is when you teach, not when you learn.

What are you currently working on?

These days I am preparing for my PHD thesis, my personal projects and competitions, and trying to grow my new bureau (DIMENSION.LAB)...and planning for what to do in the next year as I planned for this moment 2 years ago ;-))


What software/equipment do you use and why?  

My software is mainly 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop, beside the Autocad. Why? I tested a lot of software and was fascinated by 2 packages: 3D Studio Max and Maya. But I found from 8 years ago that 3DS Max was developing with a faster rhythm, so I decided to stick to 3DS Max and grow with it in time. For my hardware, it would be strange to say I work on a Pentium 4, 2.66 ghz with 256 ram and 80 gig harddisk, but proud I did these works on this small machine. As I always say, no matter what circumstances you have, faith + hard work = success.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

Well, this is really a good question. Deep inside I think my best piece didn't come to life yet, but maybe it would be the last piece I would make in the end of my life. Maybe because I am sharpening my skills continuously, and trying to be better (this can be seen obviously in my gallery). But no, my best piece didn't come yet. I am a perfection-seeking person, so I am never satisfied with my work because whatever I do I always see there is better.

quiet slums

Who/what inspires you?  

My culture, of course, and environment which I see it is so deep and rich enough, and I am keen to show the world the beauty of our culture. It is interesting to live in a place that you know is aged for more than 7000 years, and you walk in the same streets ancients walked on. But the role of the artist is to convey his message, and my message is to make people all around the world to know about our culture.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity was so important to me. It was the place which helped me to share my vision with others, and to sharpen my skills. It helped me to express to others my aspirations and culture, till I decided to take it as an arena for our students to show their artwork in and compete. So Renderosity helped me in 2 ways.First, in showing to the world our culture and aspirations, and second in the other way it helped me to spread the digital art in my country.

Celebration of cities

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

Well as our teachers of traditional arts taught us to sharpen our skills...DRAW, DRAW, DRAW! I think continuous practice is a key factor in sharpening skills in everything in life, not just art. Patience is a second key factor. 

My advice to all new learners or seasoned artists: art now is different from the past where people used pencils and brushes, because it is connected now with computer software and hardware. These new tools develop in a very fast rhythm, so we have to be as quick as these developments are. I stay the whole year studying the new features in 3D Studio Max, till the next year to see the new features in the new software versions.

And finally, I would thank God for the gift, then express my gratiude to all my friends and students who supported and encouraged me. Good luck for all, and finally, as I begun my interview, I end it with our local greeting "Assalaamo Alikum wa ra7mato Allah wa barakato."

Please have a further look at ARCHITECT_SAMER's Gallery.

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Member Opinions:
By: kareemkarawia on 1/29/07
you deserve it bashmohandes

By: Ola_Hassan on 1/29/07

Congratulations Samer
I'm really happy for being the artist of the month & each month inshaa Allah

i wish u the more glorious in this field which i know u admire the most ..

MAbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrok samer ..

By: engi_arch on 1/29/07
Samer you are the best...
& ur work is the best too
keep going on forward not backward pl z

By: EgyMan on 1/29/07
well done

By: Nitpac on 1/29/07
Good Job Prof./Samer. You Deserve It Without Doubt. We Consider You Our Ideal In Success. Go On ..

By: MMES on 1/29/07
( congratulations )... you deserve more than that Mr. Samer because you are on top pf your game now so wait for me casue i ll do my best just to make you broud of your student ....

By: abuyhia on 1/29/07
really you an artist........ best artist ......... keep up.
10000 mabrok..

By: Ahmed_Salah on 1/29/07
Congratulations again ,I think I don't have new 2 say the others said everything....but again really u Deserve it .......

By: momen on 1/29/07
congratulation bashmohnds, 2lf 2lf mabrooook

By: ARCHITECT_SAMER on 1/29/07
Assalamo alikum,..hello guys thnx sooooooooooooooooo much for your support,...special thanx for Ingi,Abuyehia,.basyioni, Karawia, Neven, Ahmed salah ,.marwa ,MMes, Shreen 3ezat,.MOstafa, mommen, Olla hassan , faheem,.and for all students in second grade and third grade,.and all friends and special thnx to my Fiancee,..;-)) i love you

By: IHAB on 1/30/07
congratulation ,and we r waiting for architect of the year isa ,trust ur self u need something good in ur life to keep up , u deserve it

By: motaz46 on 2/1/07
congratulation.MR SAMER u deserve mora than it..cuz u r the best..w isa ahsn sh3'l 3ltol...congratulation

By: MONY_M on 2/1/07
congratulation bashmohnds SAMER
(23bal kol sana isa)

By: NIVOO on 2/1/07
congratulation eng\samer

(3ashan tesada2 lama kont ba2olak hateb2a 7aga kebera)



By: kimariehere on 2/1/07
A big congradualtions to you!! love your work!!

By: newangels on 2/1/07
Congratulations a well deserved win :)

Angela (newangels)

By: 3mad on 2/2/07
the otehr say evrything..hope u the best wishes..

By: architect_marwa on 2/2/07
Congrats !! Mr samer u deserve it ... and as nivo said we always say that u r "Master Of Max" :D :) ...

Really i am very happy 4 u .. Hope u get Artist Of The Year .. And isa i will be there too :D :P ;) ...

Congratulations ... :)

By: sarah-ibrahim on 2/2/07
congratulations more and more.realy u deserve more than that,u will still our master and im sure that u will continue to be the atrtist of the year,god be with u my teatcher

By: Shardz on 2/2/07
An amazing level of detail and realism you achieve in your work, I am very envious of your UV mapping skills alone! Outstanding work and congratulations!

By: solom on 2/3/07
congratulations arc samer...waiting for more projects

By: Sivana on 2/3/07
Alaykumu s-salam! Congratulations, you really have done a fantastic gallery!!! My father was an architect too, but along his time of life he had to do his projects with paper-models and camaera. He certainly had loved to work with 3D Studio Max too. But he died just 1977. With the hope to see more of your fantastic works, Sivana

By: nedalbadr on 2/4/07
after a lot of work, now you deserve it. i know you are proud of your self, so do i... now u can open your own center to teach ppl 3D art.

By: badawy on 2/4/07
congratulations........ u deserve it cause u r the best....... and i'm proud to be your student ......... i hope you get the artist of the year isA

By: Belladzines on 2/4/07
congratulations!!! well deserved.

By: architect_maram on 2/5/07
wowwwwwwwwwww, i'm really so happy for u arch samer. congratulations & i wish u more & more sucsses.

By: amirapsp on 2/5/07
Stunning pieces. Love your work...Congrats!

By: uzma on 2/7/07
Congratulations.I saw your work its really great.

By: lodep on 2/9/07
congratulations samer.

Knew you would be AOM one day.

love your work

By: yamishe on 2/11/07
congratulations arch samer your work is really wonderfulll masha2 allah keep it up ;)

By: beso on 2/12/07

By: baby_baby on 2/13/07
congratulations , u inspire us all . i wish u all the best ...

By: omrantheone on 2/13/07
gamed ya bashmohandes
ana mo7amed omran fe sana oola 3emara
bs ana sha3'aal 3ala el cinema 4d
bs makontesh at5ayel en el max bie3mel keda
5ososan beta3et el safeena
akeed metrandara feh program tany

By: UVDan on 2/15/07
Five stars, three cheers, and two thumbs up. Stand tall and be proud!!

By: EscadaE on 2/16/07
Congrats :)

By: vshane on 2/18/07

By: Nehal_Mohamed on 2/18/07
3an gadarAh ,u deserve it
bekefaia mesta7mel my comments (",) ma3lesh ba2a :D
congratulations begad , isa 3o2bal....???? ay 7aga 3awzha ba2a 3ashan ana mesh 3aref :D

By: travo on 2/21/07
you are my teacher you are the man whom i hope to be rabena yewafa2ak ya sammora

By: nonaaaaa on 2/22/07
alf mabrook ya bashmohandes.ma3lesh heya met2a7'ara showaya,bas tet3awad almara algaya.......mabroooook

By: Grahamhoc on 2/25/07
Well done, great work.

By: mahamo7y on 2/28/07
congratulations e.samer you deserve even more than that you are a great model for prefection seekers. maha sobhey 2nd grade

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