Fitting Clothes to Sidney in Poser 7

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I want to thank Karanta (Kerstin Weihe) for first telling me how to fit clothes to G2 characters such as Sidney and Simon by using the AddDeformers command. I had first tried to use the Conform To command after I changed a pose and I saw "poke-thru's"; it would not work once I had changed the pose from the standard pose.

The following are the steps I used to create well fitting clothes for Sidney using the AddDeformers command.

Step 1 - Once Sidney is in the scene, dress her as you like.

Step 2 - Initially use the Conform To command (figure>conform to).

Step 3 - Create a new pose. Notice how Sidney's skin is poking through the fabric.

Step 4 - Right click on the following part of the Library Palette to be able to access the AddDeformers command for Sidney G2.

Step 5 - Then select the following: Pose>Poser 7>SidneyG2.

Step 6 - Now you will see a selection called AddDeformers. Select the piece of clothing and double click on the AddDeformers' icon on the Library Palette. The top will fit properly.

The AddDeformers command fixed the "poke-thru's".

I was interested to see how Sidney differed from Jessi in reference to using the AddDeformers command for fitting clothes so I put them side by side in Poser 7. Notice the difference.

Again, I want to thank Karanta a lot for pointing me in the right direction.



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January 29, 2007

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Member Opinions:
By: infinity10 on 1/29/07
Very Informative ! Thank you !

By: karanta on 1/29/07
You are more than welcome Paula :)

By: judee3d on 1/30/07
Thanks to both of you!

By: Lord_Garland on 1/30/07
This will not allow me to Fit non-G2 clothing to a G2 Figure will it? I guess I had my hopes up =(.

By: rebelmommy on 2/1/07
Thank you for sharing this vital piece of information!

By: mhmann on 2/2/07
Thank you for sharing your interesting and import information ... :-))

By: chimera46 on 2/2/07
Thanks a bunch, I had no idea the new program could do that!

By: kimbrd1 on 2/3/07
Very much appreciated! I have yet to really wrap my head around these new characters. These tutorials are invaluable to me. Thanks again.

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