September 2006 VOM Thorne

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Who is Thorne? First let me say thank you very much for this honor! Who is Thorne? Now that's a loaded question, lol let's see... all the hats I wear: artist, musician, poet, programmer, electrical engineer, carpenter, witchdoctor, faerie shaman. After a near-death experience in 2001, I pretty much dropped the electrical engineer part. Now I just sit around and play with dolls a lot. ;) How long have you have you been involved in digital art? Actually since 1984 when I got my first Commodore 64 computer, with screen resolution of 320x200 pixels and a palette of 16 whole colors! I used to draw people one pixel at a time, and eventually wrote my own little program on the Commodore to manipulate simple 3d objects. Of course I was drawing, coloring, and cutting out paper dolls and props to play with when I was about 3 years old, so nothing much has changed since then in that respect. What are you currently working on? I always have several projects going on at the same time. Currently I'm working on more Poser characters with various partners, as well as some really cool upcoming clothing items for Maddie, Aiko, and V3. Then again I might throw in a spaceship just for variety, hehe. What software do you use and why? In my software arsenal I currently have: Poser 4-6, Corel Photopaint, Bryce, Lightwave, Rhino, Silo, Hexagon, Carrarra, and my old standby, RayDream Studio 5.5. I tend to rely more on the older programs though, as I have a real aversion to that whole learning curve thing. ;) These, along with some others I simply couldn't work without, including UVMapper Pro, EditPad (a text editor in which I do a majority of Poser work), and the free programs Mason's Morph Manager and Masa's Morph Mirror. I still prefer Poser 4 to Poser 6 when I don't feel like cussing a lot. Poser's magnets are a really wonderful tool and well worth getting to know. The text editor is great for many jobs such as manipulating morph targets, building mats and inject/remove files, creating/altering new Poser figures, editing OBJ files, etc. I really use it extensively in my work. Where do you find inspiration for your products? Inspiration is literally everywhere! The supermarket, History channel, Heavy Metal magazine, America's Next Top Model :)... I also find a lot of inspiration in my own backyard, which consists of an alternate reality all its own. Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers? My advice would be to pay attention to the details! In this business like no other, quality and craftsmanship really do make a difference. Don't cut corners, and don't settle for "good enough". Think in 3 dimensions and double check everything from every angle. Do your very best in every aspect, then take it to the next level and try to outdo yourself with each new project. Practice being a perfectionist in your work and try not to worry abut how long it takes. It will certainly be worth it in the long run. How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning? I've been a member here since the beginning, and except for a brief absence, had a store here in the marketplace since its inception. Renderosity provides a unique opportunity for challenging yourself and learning in any number of ways- not only in artwork, but in interpersonal and professional relationships as well. I truly consider my friends to be my greatest asset, and I've met many of my best longtime friends here, including my good friend and partner Sarsa way back in '01. Do you have any final words? Hi mom! :) Please pray for peace on earth, and may Goddess bless us all.
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Member Opinions:
By: luciferino on 9/1/06
Well deserved ^_^ great Thorne ... byeeee Orietta

By: Puntomaus on 9/1/06
Yay, congrats to my favorite Faerie. Well deserved, Thorne :-) {{{Hugs}}}

By: Toribev on 9/1/06
Congratulations Thorne! You definitely are well deserving of this.

By: Angelmoon on 9/1/06
congratulations- breath-taking product- as always- stay inspired :o)

By: dolfijntjes on 9/1/06
Well deserved faerie master (hugs)

By: Danie on 9/1/06
Congratulations !! Very well deserved honor ... keep up the great work! :)

By: marforno on 9/1/06
Congratulations!!! Well deserved...

By: ryverthorn on 9/1/06
Congrats Thorne ! Thank you for making all those pretty dollies :-)

By: karanta on 9/1/06
Congratulations Thorne :)

By: LeChatDesigns on 9/1/06
Thorne, you have such a beautiful and creative spirit. I'm proud to belong to any community where you are a member. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us here.

May Love and Light illuminate your path always,

Cat of Le Chat Designs

By: Turtle on 9/1/06
Congratulations, You earned this honor with your wonderful products. Thank you for all your free tips, and all those free wings and Fairys at your old site. hugs to you!

By: rebelmommy on 9/1/06
Congrats! And well deserved! You make the most precious dollies and excellent tuts to help others create them as well! Thank you!

By: Christel on 9/1/06
Congrats!!! You create magic and beauty!! Well deserved :o)

By: CrimsonRoseDesigns on 9/1/06
Congrats!!! And thanks for all your hard work it's always appreciated!!!

By: Dragonluna1 on 9/1/06
Congratulations!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!! =D

By: calico1 on 9/1/06
Congratulations! Your excellence in art and consistent standard of representing beauty with this art is encouraging.

By: outoftouch on 9/1/06
Congrats Thorne! Very well deserved :)

By: Virtual_World on 9/1/06
Congratulations!!! Love your products!

By: kimariehere on 9/1/06
well deserved your such a great talent you have and so much history behind it as well!!... CONGRADS!!

By: KymJ on 9/1/06

Congratulations!! This is wonderful and so deserved. Your characters are...gawd! don't make me say *that* word...oh goes LOL...*awwwwwwwwwwwesome* ...there! I said it...*grin*.



By: A_ on 9/1/06
great interview, congratulations! it is well deserved, i've always loved your work! :)

By: vshane on 9/1/06

By: mada on 9/1/06
Yay! congratulations, its well deserved - you're the dolly king :) [[[big hugs]]]

By: sarsa on 9/1/06
Great interview! Congrats on a well deserved VOM!

By: jan_scrapper on 9/1/06
To the King of Fairies, Congratulations. I loved reading about the software you use, your inspirations and the fact that you loved art since you could hold a pencil. I once spoke to a RDNA artist on the phone and asked her did you really look like your picture and she said yes (Ok, so maybe the ears are Photopainted in.) I wanted so badly for that to really be YOU. Your picture just illuminates the beauty you create in your characters. You are not smiling, however there is such a sense of calm beauty and a twinkle in your eyes. A fan for life,

By: OutsideTheBox on 9/1/06
sooo awsome!!! congrats and great interview =D
*huge hugs*

By: LadyElf on 9/1/06
Wonderful interview!! Congrats sweet man!! Well deserved :)

By: RoseMoxon on 9/1/06
Congrats thorne. this is well deserved. i enjoy your products immensely.

By: Foxseelady on 9/1/06
Congradulations Thorne your truly deserving with all the wonders you create. The 3d community would never be the same without you. :)

By: LadyStarDancer on 9/2/06
Congratulations, You earned this honor with your wonderful products and many more to come :)

By: renapd on 9/2/06
Congrats and most well-deserved to an old good friend! Way to go Puka! :)

By: rockets on 9/2/06
This is a well deserved honor and great interview. Congratulations Thorne!!

By: PageOfCups on 9/2/06
Well deserved! Congratulations :D

By: mattymanx on 9/2/06
What everyone else said! (without the hugs and kisses)

Sylfie is still my #1!!! :D

By: jennblake on 9/2/06
A honour well deserved. Congratulations! And I can't wait to see what you have in the works. :-)

By: Posermatic on 9/2/06
Congratulations!!!! Your work is excellent, well deserved.

By: Shaylea on 9/2/06
Congrats to you Thorne~well all your products!

By: stephaniebt on 9/2/06
Congratulations Thorne, this is an honor well-deserved! I remember my C64, I did my dissertation on it. It took 2 days to run off on a 17 cps daisy wheel printer! :D

By: judith on 9/2/06
Congrats! Couldn't have happened to a nicer and more deserving person!

By: seaayre on 9/2/06
Congratulations, Thorne. Great interview, and great products. :)

By: lululee on 9/2/06
Congrats. I not only love your fairy dolls, I collect them. Just having them in my runtime brings a certain peace. (There are worse habits.) I always tell myself I won't buy anymore but the next dolly arrives, I see the magic you created and I can't resist. You have a unique talent. It is rare that the goddess entrusts such purity and innocence to someone. You are truly blessed and it is a blessing to us that you share them. May you always walk in beauty and peace.
cheerio lululee

By: Lucie on 9/2/06
Congrats to the daddy of the cutest dollies ever! :)

By: butterfly_fish on 9/2/06
Oh, yay! Congratulations!! You deserve this so much. Your work is an inspiration to the rest of us. :-)

By: BigRedKane on 9/2/06
very cool and very well deserved. Your products are awesome. In that pic you also kinda remind me of Haldir (one of the elfs) in the Lord of the Rings movie, and he so happened to be my fave Hope I get to chat to ya one day.

By: Shardz on 9/2/06
Everytime I see one of your amazing products come to the marketplace, I already know who produced it simply by looking at the thumb. Your unique style and gifted talents have brought so much joy to so many for so long. The honor of this award is truly deserved! Congratulations!

By: Risika75 on 9/2/06
Congrats Thorne! Very well deserved. :)

By: Syyd on 9/2/06
Congratulations Thorne, you have been a rock on which the foundation of the Poser community was set. Wishing you only the best.

By: drhonnig on 9/2/06
My first poser character was a Thornworks original (Sunfaeries). Since then I have come to cherish all the Thornworks products. He certainly has a eye for technical detail matching only by his vision of beauty. I eagerly await every new dolly . . .

By: waningmoon on 9/2/06
well met, congratulations on the recognition. may your brilliant days be long and productive.

best wishes.

By: Diandra on 9/3/06
Congratulations, Thorne and so very well deserved!

By: B_PEACOCK on 9/3/06
I just love this guy !!! HE is an awesome artist and you could not ask to meet a nicer person .Congrats my friend

By: Kimberly.3D on 9/3/06
Congratulations Thorne!!! Your talent has produced some beautiful products! When I had found your sites I was thrilled. The quality you put out is beautiful and I appreciate the imagination and love put into each of your characters! I wish I could learn all your 3d secrets! Best wishes! Kimberly

By: FireDust on 9/3/06
Wonderful hon! Congratulations! It is very well deserved!

By: TIMMYLYNN on 9/3/06
congrats and god bless to you too!!!

By: vince3 on 9/3/06
Well done!!! papa Thorne!! if anyone deserves this honour, it is you!!! always look forward to your next creation!!(several "we're not worthy's" and a loud applause!!-type-Congrats Thorne!!!.)

By: MimiCat on 9/3/06
Congratulations!!! It is really very well deserved, Thorne:) Thanks so much for all your work, it is always appreciated.

By: Tamela.J. on 9/3/06
Congratulations Thorne!! A well deserved award for you!!! ;o)

By: rjghise on 9/4/06
You really deserve this, your products are superb. Congratulations!

By: moochie on 9/4/06
Not only a true artist and great creator, but also open-hearted and fair-minded. Two hyphenated compliments in one sentence .. that says it all, really.

By: Claywoman on 9/4/06
Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful interview! Very well deserved indeed~

By: zananeichan on 9/4/06
Shalom Thorn its me Zana elfy !!! :-) (((hugs))) I am a member , newbie on your forum... i tried to get into the forum today to read your pvt messages... i cant get in maybe its down for a while..
Zana /Danielle

By: zananeichan on 9/4/06
By the way your stuff is fantastic :-) congratulations again ;-)

By: goldtassel on 9/4/06
Hey Thorne! Congratualtions :) You KNOW I love all your girls. I hear an echo echo echo - but what else can I say: A much deserved honor.

By: Thorne on 9/4/06
I just want to let everyone know how much I appreciate all your kind comments! Thank you all :)

By: maelwenn on 9/4/06
Congratulations! Very very well deserved! You are a true artist and you create the most beautiful dollies in the 3D world, it shows how much love and dedication you put into your creations :)

By: neftis on 9/4/06
Congratz Thorne your art is very inspiring...And you look like a little elf yourself for that matter!:) Keep going on the good work!!!


By: leehilliard on 9/5/06
your work is fantastic. congrats you deserve all the best.

By: VoidDweller on 9/5/06
Congratulations, Thorne! You make some of the most beautiful characters around. :)

By: gandok on 9/5/06
Congratulations, Thorne! When I look at the market place, I don't look at all the new items. I only check out the ones that catch my eyes. Inevitably, your work always catches my eyes. I've purchased numerous items from Thorne and they are all impeccable. Great work and thanks for the effort and time you surely put into your items.

By: CandeeKis on 9/6/06
This is so well deserved Thorne. Im so proud and happy for you. You are truly a talented gentle soul! Way To Go!!

By: novelist999 on 9/6/06
Yeah, Thorne! You deserve this honor! Congratulations! :-)

By: -BrandyE- on 9/6/06
Congrats :) Your imagination and artistic vision are a real inspiration to those of us who wish there was just a bit more majoc in everyday life :)

By: SpunkyMaMa on 9/6/06
A well deserved tribute to a wonderful vendor!

By: Zrincx on 9/6/06
Well deserved man! Congrats my friend.

By: mada on 9/6/06
wow look at all the comments - its that little bit of magic that you put in your characters ;) they're all special

By: akulla on 9/7/06
If, I am going to spend money on Dolls I'd rather buy yours. Congrats.

By: deerpath on 9/7/06
This sure is great to see. Congratulations Thorne! :)) The faeries in the forest deep are sparkling brighter today... ((hugs))

By: Firebirdz on 9/8/06

By: asrai on 9/8/06
Many congrats and it's 'bout time!!!

By: HandspanStudios on 9/9/06
I agree, about time! You have been a huge help and inspiration to me and I'm really glad to see you get some recognition.

By: JenX on 9/9/06
Definitely well deserved ;)

By: lior on 9/10/06
Simply:your stuff are really wonderful!
Have a good luck!

By: M0rgane on 9/10/06
You are a stunning artist, being folowing you're work for a long time now...on your website and always love your wonderfull creation. As we say in french Bravo! And thank you for shearing your magical world

By: Jazzmin on 9/10/06
Congrats Thorne!
Well deserved :0)

I love everything you do... it's magikal!

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 9/12/06
Congratualtions :)

By: Kari-chan on 9/13/06
Felicidades, siempre ocupo los personajes que desarrollas en conjunto con Sarsa y me encantan... Saludos Kaze ^^

By: Conall on 9/13/06
'bout time, Master! Congrats! :-)

By: Lyne on 9/13/06
BIG CONGRATULATIONS and well deserved! :)

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 9/14/06
Congat....Well deserved

By: bsib on 9/15/06

Great to see talent rewarded. Thorne's products, especially his collaborations with Sarsa, are truly magnificent.

By: emorin on 9/15/06
You are one of my favorite character creators. Much talent and imagination.

By: capsces on 9/16/06
Oooo, let's break out the elderberry wine and pixie dust. It's a party for our faerie doll maker. Congratulations Thorne! :)

By: thoennes on 9/16/06
your talent and attention to detail has made "thorne" synonymous with beauty and quality.

together with sarsa, magic results.

it's my hope to be able to produce "thorne" quality models one day.

By: Inzi on 9/18/06
Hello throne, your photo has inspirational words for iteself. I am glad to have joined, i have never made a character in 3d before but I wish to someday learn. I have had an offer to join squaresofts team and design/sketch characters on paper for the final fantasy series but turned them down because i didnt have the time.

I still draw from time to time, and you have inspired me to attempt once more. Thankyou much. -Inzi

By: Aery_Soul on 9/18/06
Great to see you here, Thorne, and nice interview ;). Cheers to you and your dolls, As Shanim & Siliphiel

By: SpunkyMaMa on 9/20/06
A well deserved tribute!

By: hush5605psp on 9/21/06
Congratulations Thorne on a well-deserved honor!

By: Nancy_C. on 9/22/06
Congratulations Thorne! Your and Sarsa's creations have graced many a webpage, and it's nice to see you get recognition for your contributions to the "3D" world of art.

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 9/28/06
Congratulations Bud! I know its been a while since we've chatted, but had to say hello and congratulations to you!!

By: ilona on 9/29/06
Congratulations Thorne!!! Itīs always great when one of my poser heroes shines this way... so well deserved!!!!!!!!

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