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Each month we showcase a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist, in appreciation for their thoughtfulness, and countless hours spent creating free items for the Renderosity community. This month we are proud to showcase the works of Richard Taylor, better know to his Renderosity fellow artists as Richard T.

Can you give us some insight as to who Richard T is by telling us a little bit about yourself?

I have been retired for two-and-a half-years now. I was a Tech/Manager of a telecommunications company for 37 Years and then worked part time in Customer Service (Call Center) for another 5 years. My main interests are family (we have two children — one still going to school, the other going to university), computer graphics, model trains and travel.

What drew you to the Poser Community? How long have you been a member? What do you like best about it?

Discovering Renderosity and newsgroups when I first got on the net in 2000. What I like best is the way everybody helps each other.

What version of Poser do you use, and why do you like it best?

I use Poser 4 (Pro Pack) and Poser 6. Poser 4 for larger scenes and product development — It is not so resource hungry. Poser 6 for smaller scenes, the great material room, and the improved Renderer.

Which came first modeling or Poser? Do you like one more than the other?

I started with Visto Pro and Imagine 3D on an Amiga, then progressed to Bryce, and then Poser in 1997. Although I played around with programs like Ray Dream Studio, I didn't really start modeling until recently with the purchase of C4D. At the moment I like modeling better. I find it more creative because you start with absolutely nothing and end up with a model that is 100% your own, which may come in handy for other members of the community.

You have quite an array of free stuff items that range from mats to furniture to sci-fi. Where do you get your ideas from?

All Items created by Richard T, and can be found in Renderosity’s Free Stuff

With the Mats it was first an experiment to see how some of DM Productions buildings, available here at Renderosity, would look with some textures created from digital photographs of Bushland where I lived. I was amazed! It just went on from there.

The ideas for the models come from everywhere: real life as in the bus stop, woodworking magazines, model railroad magazines, pictures I see in architecture magazines, and my son's wargame books etc. I also accept some requests for a particular model. Sometimes I will get an idea from a Sci-Fi novel I am reading. The only problem is I have all these ideas running around my head, however I do not have the modeling skills, yet, to implement them.

Is there a genre you prefer to work in such as futuristic, fantasy modern etc.?

While landscapes can be nice I like to create artwork that tells a story and most of the stories I like are Sci-Fi or are from history (fantasy). As far as the models go it tends to be modern/industrial because my skills are not good enough to create clothing and organic models yet.

What is the first model you ever made? Did it come out the way you envisioned?

It was a model of a Spanish historical Parador (a castle/monastry/convent which is now a hotel), which was done for a Bryce project. I got a lot of positive feedback for the picture in which it was used, which was very pleasing.

Can you give us an idea of the steps you take when you're planning a model?

  • The idea.

  • Research it if it is a real world object
    Measure and make notes and photographs (best)
    Find or purchase plans and photographs — Woodworking Magazines are great also — Industrial equipment manufacturers websites some times have PDF plans and specs, which can be a real help in deriving a model.
    Just work from photographs

  • If it is not a real model make some rough sketches with dimension on them.

  • Break the project up into a series of small tasks and begin modeling.

    Can I do it with (modified) Primatives (eg cubes/spheres/cylinders etc.) or do I need to do some "sculpting" … where you build the model by pushing and moving surfaces of the model (I am still learning how to do that).

    Think about what textures I need, and do I have them already, or do I need to create them.

    Begin modeling and texturing it a piece at a time. I use Cinema 4D for modeling — once a piece is created I will then apply the texture in C4D to see how it looks.

    I can adjust how the texture is applied within C4D. Do a fair bit of jumping back and forth between 2D bitmap programs and the modeling program here. Once I have all the parts I need, then I assemble them, in C4D before exporting them in .obj format.

    What do you do when something you're working on just isn't going the way you planned?

    I do additional research on how to use my modeling program (tutorials) and practice on modeling techniques — to improve my skills so I can make what I have in mind.

    Do you have a favorite model that you've made?

    The first model I published: The Air Raft. It was really fun to see it come alive on the screen and it was also my first fair Dinkum project in C4D.

    The Air Raft by Richard T

    Which do you like doing better, mats, single props or full scene type props?

    Full scene props or a series of props to make a complete scene — like the industrial ones I am doing at the moment. It means more research into the prototype, more mats to be created for the props, and most of all it is probably more useful to the community.

    Do you have a favorite image that you or someone else has created using your free stuff?

    My own favorite would be from For Don one of older Mat uploads.

    For Don by Richard T
    Created using Richard's Mats for DAZ's Temple Ruins

    As a freebie provider you see very little of what people do with your offerings, however as a result of this interview I did a search through the gallery and was pleasantly surprised. .

    Can you give us a hint on what your next item will be, and how do you anticipate before it will be released?

    I still have at least five items in the Industrial/Sci-Fi series to do. I would expect to see the next one in a day or so (the model is 90% completed), it just depends on domestic duties. After that I have in mind some vehicles for the "steampunk" series, and would hope to have at least one by the end of the month, however a vacation may interfere with that!

    Time is always a problem — I don't seem to get enough to create pictures any more. [smile]

    From the Industrial/Sci-Fi series by Richard T

    Do you have a favorite free stuff provider?

    That's a hard one. Mapps — mainly for the quantity/quality and variety of downloads. Also, because the comments in his interview inspired me to have a go at publishing models.

    Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting to model and wants to share their items?

    Do the best to your abilities. Start small (that is from Mapps). Don't rush. Listen to, and look after, your "customers," and if you do have a successful "product" make sure you have plenty of bandwidth on your hosting service!

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    December 12, 2005

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    Member Opinions:
    By: Sabra on 12/12/05
    Many congratulation, and also many thanks for creating and sharing your outstanding items. You certainly deserve to be in the spotlight! - Sabra

    By: specs2 on 12/12/05
    I haven't gotten to use any of your industrial structures, but I like those the most since they have detail and are greatly textured. Congrats on being featured.

    By: vilian on 12/12/05
    Glad to see you in spotlight ! Your furniture series is wonderful, as the sci-fi models are. Thank you very much for everything, hope to see more of your stuff soon ^.^

    By: Vigilant on 12/12/05
    Thanks for some really wonderful models. I've been playing around with the industrial structures for some secret agent/sci-fi designs and they are great. Keep up the excellent work.

    By: Skipychic on 12/13/05
    Yep, you definatley deserve to be featured here. I love your props, even though I havent used many of them yet.. I promise I will. You do such top quality stuff, I'm suprised that it's all free..

    By: Shadow_Fyre on 12/13/05
    I have been collecting your free items for quite awhile cause I like what I see! You do an awesome job at both modeling and texturing :) Thank you so much for all you create and offer to the community, and I really enjoyed the interview too.

    By: jennblake on 12/13/05
    Congratulations Richard! You deserve all the attention this will surely bring. I have never met such an inspired, hard working person. Your work does nothing but improve. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

    By: brookekroegerdesigns on 12/13/05
    Way to go Richard. I'll soon say " I knew you" Many hugs....Brooke

    By: cyanure on 12/13/05
    Way to go,your props are truelly a pleasure to use and yours SciFi one are among my fave.Thank you a thousand times for making those great props and sharing them with us!

    By: Richard T on 12/14/05
    Thanks very much for the kind words everybody, they are much appreciated.

    BTW: More to come

    By: McDod on 12/14/05
    Richard, never heard of you before but anyway...great attitude- and the pic by the vintage car is a killer...take it easy etc.

    If you ever get over to Yoekshire give me a shout.


    By: JamesRoden on 12/14/05
    I've been using RichardT's stuff a lot lately in a webcomic I do to try and flush out an industrial area, and I gotta say the man's brilliant.

    By: graphixdezine on 12/14/05
    Congratulations Richard!! Very well deserved!!! Hugs Neesa

    By: vaia on 12/15/05
    Thank you for your contributions! I've used several of your products, and all are exquisite <3

    By: bigjobbie on 12/15/05
    Fantastic - RichardT has been a freebie MACHINE! Always manages to suprise me with his variety. Very deserving of the spotlight.

    By: bobbystahr on 12/16/05
    This was a welcome insight into a very productive community member. I have long been a fan of your models and I now know why. it's your Imagine sensability that you developed when first modelling in Imagine on your Amiga...that stuff(the first tenuous steps) will always some how remain in your style I figger. Thanx for your very generous input over the years,,,,,peace

    By: Richard T on 12/16/05
    Thanks again everbody. Glad to see the props are comming in handy.

    By: Niles on 12/16/05
    Congratulations, Love your work .Thanks for all of them.

    By: chrispoole on 12/17/05
    Thanks Richard, your freebies are fantastic, The Amiga, I still have fond memories of that machine you must have stuggled with the memory, it wasn't exactly huge.

    Chris Poole

    PS this is my second post, not sure what happened to the first one.

    By: novelist999 on 12/19/05
    Congratulations, and thanks for all of the great freebies! :-)

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