New and Updated Site Features
To better serve our members, new and old, we’re adding some new features to the site that we hope will make visiting Renderosity a more pleasurable experience. This includes more informative welcome messages for new members and a ‘Tip of the Week’ that will be integrated into both the site and weekly Newsletter.

The Welcome message sent to new members will be more informative on what they need to know to begin using all of the different areas of the site. It will also include helpful links to the FAQ so that they will have a handy reference for a variety of common questions and topics.

The Tip of the Week will become a recurring part of our weekly newsletter as well as a new fixture on the site's sidebar. These hints will range from functions that most users are familiar with, to some helpful features that you may not have known existed previously. We believe this will help maximize your use of the site, and make this a better community for everyone.

Member Opinions:
By: MirageBay on 2/11/08
Sounds great! New features are always welcome.

By: bobbystahr on 2/11/08
A feature who's time has finally come...kudos Admin.. ...

By: awjay on 2/11/08
good idea guys

By: durleybeachbum on 2/11/08
Brilliant! I just blundered about at first, still lots of things are a mystery!

By: SAMS3D on 2/11/08
Yepper, sounds like a great idea.

By: rstar on 2/11/08
The 'tips of the Week is a good idea.
I wish someone would start a similar idea in the individual forums for Bryce or Vue or Poser, etc.
I am sure there are plenty of 'tricks' to getting the most out of every software package you represent but aren't readily apparent to a lot of users and a few tips from your more masterful users would be very much appreciated.
Any way, thanks for the site improvement!

By: StaceyG on 2/11/08

We are looking at doing a TIP OF THE WEEK for the individual SubCommunities. We are just getting the site wide one up and going then we will start seeing about the ones that will be SubCommunity related for each software topic.


By: Moondog117 on 2/11/08
Thanks for growing and making things better and better. I am constantly on Renderosity and grateful that we have such a productive community.


By: roboslayer on 2/11/08
Updates and new features make a website grow better and stronger and help to encourage more and more members to join. I look forward to the welcome changes especially the tip of the week.

By: infinity10 on 2/11/08
bring it on

By: alida on 2/12/08
great idea.i love changes:)

By: Giana on 2/12/08
i'm not sure if anyone is interested in this or even if it matters, but the Tip Of The Week seems to update ahead of schedule. right now it is showing the tip for Wed. 13. it's currently 8:50 PM RO server time on the 12th.

By: TomDart on 2/12/08
Go for it...keep it getting even better. Appreciated..TomDart.

By: StaceyG on 2/13/08
Hey Giana,

Yes we are aware of this bug and the programmers are looking into it. I noticed it last night as well:)

Thanks for letting us know

By: Jestertjuuh on 2/13/08
Great idea.
And to add one :smile:
Can the bookmark thread from Acadia and the homepage of DrGeep become a sticky or something??
They contain great tips and tutorials, realy some must have reading.

By: Kimberly.3D on 2/13/08
Renderosity is the finest art community there is. I always look forward to the new plans you guys have! Thanks for all your hard work!

By: LocusSolus on 2/13/08
As a newcomer, I take the site "as is", but can tell you, after a short survey of several forums that this one is from far the best for the beginner I am to be secoursed by well behaved people. The main quality of a forum will ever be this of its audience. all the same, Thanks for your efforts for welcoming the newbees, thanks simply to exist.
New and allready faithfull, LocusSolus.

By: HorseFlesh on 2/14/08
A site feature I would like to see is something other than ads for poser stuff on the home page of renderosity. There are more than just poser merchants selling here, and I hardly ever see any of their stuff advertised on the homepage.

By: TrekkieGrrrl on 2/14/08
I noticed the Tip of the Week a few days ago and was thinking "did that use to be there?" Nice. I like it. And I support the idea of targeted tips in the subcommunities. THAT would be great!

By: Pewter7 on 2/15/08
Wonderful! Thanks so much for keeping Renderosity on the cutting edge :) It is one of the BEST sites on the web.

By: griffoso on 2/15/08
Renderosity has been doing such a great job overall, I cannot imagine it getting better. The great thing is, it is getting better all the time!

By: vansphere on 2/16/08
I love this site already. I often wonder what more can you do to it. But I guess you have to keep yourself busy:)!!!!!

By: R_Cadia on 2/16/08
Brilliant Idea :-)

By: Pforce1 on 2/17/08
Ausgeseichnet! Ve alvays need new... Er, "feathures...!" Ja!

By: karanta on 2/18/08
Great idea :)

By: GARNETROSE on 2/18/08
Love the idea :0]) **clap**

By: HERBshines on 2/19/08

Anything that aides people in their
productivity and adds to the design of the
site I'm totally in favor of.... BRAVO!!!!
keep'm coming....Herb

By: aqrose on 2/19/08
Is there a way to turn off the tip of the week or at least hide it after it's been read? I find it oddly annoying.

By: StaceyG on 2/19/08
No there is no way to "turn it off" or hide it.


By: Phuzzie on 2/20/08
I like SAMS3D's idea (tip of the week for each forum)
I hate to be a whiner...(the proverbial BUT)
Any chance of integrating an idea I sent to the support folks where you could make a button to resolve your wish list against your purchased content?
I have stuff on my wish list that I have already purchased and being a dufas I sometimes try and buy the same thing twice. It sure would be nice to hit a button and have the data base take all the stuff off my wish list that I already bought.


By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 2/21/08
Thanks. :)

By: strata on 2/26/08
One could never get to much tips!! :) Strata

By: FranOnTheEdge on 2/27/08
I'd like to be able to turn it off, or to at least have it at the bottom of the page so that it's not obscuring more interesting stuff. Seeing the same 'tip' over and over again, does become pretty annoying after a while.

I mean the marketplace has been shoved out of the way and out of my view by it, and the linkshare is now at the bottom of the page where I mostly never see it anymore...

And you can _definitely_ get 'too much tips'.

It was a nice idea but it's a bit too obtrusive for me.

By: johnl3dx on 3/5/08
Great the more info the better

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