Lesson 16: Custom Morphs & Magnets

Mar 31, 2015

Making new characters easily with Custom Morph and Deform Dial creation.

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Lesson 15: Exteriors

Mar 03, 2015

Special tools and WACRO usage for better outdoor environment output.

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Lesson 14: Optimizing Indoor scenes

Feb 02, 2015

Texture and Render Room Integration for better output

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Lesson 13: Lighting and Material Integration

Jan 06, 2015

Foundational Considerations for Scene Building

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Lesson 12: Rendering 2

Dec 01, 2014

Introduction to non-photorealistic rendering.

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Lesson 11: Rendering

Oct 30, 2014

Introduction to realistic rendering.

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September 2014 AOM ~ Savage_dragon

Oct 27, 2014

We congratulate Angelis Jara [Savage_dragon] for an outstanding collection of works in the Poser and DAZ|Studio Galleries!

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Lesson 10: Strand Hair

Sep 30, 2014

Common sense hair development

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August 2014 AOM ~ Juliette.Gribnau

Sep 17, 2014

We congratulate Juliette for an outstanding collection of works in the Photography Gallery!

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Lesson 09: Animation Part 2

Sep 08, 2014

Introduction to facial and body animation techniques.

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July 2014 AOM ~ EyeOfTheBeholder

Aug 08, 2014

We congratulate EyeOfTheBeholder for an outstanding collection of works in the Terragen Gallery!

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Lesson 08: Animation 1

Aug 04, 2014

Introduction to animation controls, key framing adjustment and primary animation methods

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