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"Where's the beef?"
"What the ---?"
"We're only here for the cows, man!"


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sixus1 - Greys
July 6, 2005
Science Fiction
300.7 kB

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Image Comments

Jul 6, 2005 9:07:37 am
Absolutely hilarious! The Greys are posed perfectly. The scale of the models is dead on and the lighting is great. I love the little blood splatter from the hit to the head! Well done, indeed!

by Forevernyt Homepage »

Jul 6, 2005 9:42:22 am
Superb sense of humour you have. Excellent art skills as well. "V"

by genefleeman Homepage »

Jul 6, 2005 10:07:04 am
This is cool and funny. Where did you get the alien ship from?

by photographex Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 9:07:35 am
LOL this is just fantastic!!! I love the concept and the posing and lighting are excellent!!! LOL the title is perfect too!! wonderfully done!!!!

by iamkate101 Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 9:21:10 am
Very cool image. Love the sci-fi stuff.....

by 1010 Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 10:02:11 am
*LOL*!! Very nice image!! KooL characters and excellent quality render!! Amazing job :) Congratulations!! *Hugs*

by Vampir3Princess Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 10:13:53 am
Hehehe.. Excellent job on the poses and lighting! :o)

by antje Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 10:57:38 am
Quite funny :O)...Those poor aliens must have my neighbors living next door to them ROFL :O) I tell ya some people just don't appreciate a good crop cirle :O) *giggle* Very original and the lighting and the delivery of your vision is excellent....I still can't seem to make a scene that shows action and this does that superbly :O) EXCELLENT!! :O)

by ann0314 Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 11:15:33 am
Fantastic! I love this! This is so hilarious and just goes perfectly with my sense of humour. Well done and welcome to R'osity!

by visualgirl Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 12:00:56 pm
LOL!!! Wow-this lighting is just incredible and you gave the aliens so much personalitly!!! EXCELLENT work!!!

by prog Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 12:02:48 pm
What a cool scene!! You've done a marvelous job with the posing & lighting, and the background looks terrific. Great characters, too. Excellent work!!

by cliff-dweller Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 12:25:18 pm
:grrrrrroooooooan: IT haaaaad to be aliens didnt it ROFFFFFL!! Im scared to death of thems. And eep!! You did such an awesome job on them, they look real :hides under couch: Awesome job!!! A most excelllent sci fi pic.

by IgnisSerpentus Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 12:29:44 pm
I might have called it "Don't have a cow man!", but then that belongs to Bart Simpson... LOL
I like the down lights from the flying saucer, very nicely positioned, Great, great humour!!! (V)

by RGUS Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 12:42:00 pm
LOL!! I love those poses!!! Very good sci-fi scene!! I really like your lighting!! Cool looking ship too!!

by cappy3 Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 1:12:11 pm
LOL Fantastic work Excellent and funny Bravo! Wonderful lighting also!

by dayna2 Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 1:14:41 pm
Awesome! I love their expression! Pretty impressive art here! Excellent work =D

by MoonGraphics11 Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 1:34:37 pm
ROTFL!!! Not only is your talent incredible, but your humour is awesome! You still have me giggling here! What a brilliant job of creating a sci-fi scene, complete with the little aliens. I love the way you have all the characters interacting, and your lighting is outstanding. Amazing artwork!

by SK2Design Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 4:19:11 pm
LOL! Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this! Very humorous composition, and even aliens need a hamburger once in awhile! The disposition of the male character is quite amusing, and I have a feeling this isn't the first visit from these guys! The aleins look great and are posed wonderfully! Love the UFO and the lighting! Excellent work!

by Shardz Homepage »

Jul 7, 2005 7:52:45 pm
LOL!! This is awesome!! Very cool concept and what a fantastic sense of humor!!! Bravo!!

by squeeka Homepage »

Jul 8, 2005 2:18:09 am
Very funny, nice work!!!

by Danceswithroos Homepage »

Jul 8, 2005 9:30:52 am
Oh that's a real fascinating SF scene! What I like here is how you have combined this modern looking UFO and the wonderful landscape as background! Excellent lightning and atmosphere! I love this mystic work! Bravo!!!

by Gor111 Homepage »

Jul 8, 2005 1:11:37 pm
Nice composition and lighting. Funny idea. That was probably what make the Roswell UFO crash! 8-) The poses on the aliens are very good. Nice POV. As it looks like the man is throwing rocks at them, his right hand should be open.

by Bernado Homepage »

Jul 8, 2005 3:22:43 pm
ROTFL! Great pic :) Love the aliens and the one protecting his face. I've seen what they do to cows...wouldn't let them anywhere near any of mine either! :D

by Burpee Homepage »

Jul 9, 2005 1:39:57 am
LMAO now that is funny and one hell of an awesome image .Very cool work

by B_PEACOCK Homepage »

Aug 17, 2005 9:01:33 pm
Those grays get into trouble every where don't they.

by Ethesis Homepage »


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