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The Oracel

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After a total computer crash (Puuuhhh, Arghhhh!!!!), a lot of work and money, Iíve bought a second (new) computer and Iíve finished a new picture!!!
This is the story of an old forgotten oracle on a planet far awayÖ..
Original size: 2380x3368 pixel
Render time: 14:50 hours (3,4 Ghz, 2 GB Ram, 200 GB Hard discÖ..)
Iím happy itís over!!!
Hope you like my new picture, comments and so on ;-) are very welcome, have a nice weekend and so long!
June 18, 2005
426.5 kB

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Image Comments

Jun 18, 2005 11:40:54 am

by ericfarris Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 11:46:43 am
Hey, that's a masterpiece !!! :o))

by whiskeysierra Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 11:48:52 am
excellent work :)

by draculaz Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 11:49:51 am
very impressive. Textures, models and the whole feeling are really very good. You should be proud.

by drawbridgep Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 11:58:39 am
Really amazing work here -- and the paving stones/skulls are a nice, chilling touch.

by duncanlong Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 12:28:28 pm
Wow! This is Bryce??? Excellent job!!!!!

by maggiemai Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 12:41:16 pm
Very excellent

by Vertecles Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 12:45:09 pm
This is one well crafted masterpiece!! The time you took was worth it as this piece is superb in every way! Great creativity and effort in realizing this outstanding image! Masterful artwork!!

by Shardz Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 12:57:10 pm
Yes! This image is a cosmic representation of kickass!

by MoonGoat Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 1:07:40 pm
Very cool, wish I'd had this idea ;-)

by dougocd Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 1:17:09 pm
Wow! wow! what a work!

by waldodessa Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 1:28:36 pm
Fantastic work!! (Sorry for your computer crach :((

by Sophies Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 1:52:29 pm
That's a long time render... but I think it was worth it ... the proportions are terrific ... I like the plants a overall compo ...It look like the future and the past at hte same time ... excellent

by DRAKELOT Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 1:56:14 pm
Words fail me.... wow! Normally I have somehing to comment on....but, huh, wow!

by yogdog Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 1:58:17 pm
excellent work!! wonderful composition and lights. WOW

by jaydiva Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 2:09:20 pm
Nice image. Great vegetation, light and pov.

by jrcejaspulido Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 2:10:49 pm
Stunning work, stirs the imagination! ***

by Burpee Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 2:12:06 pm
Fantastic artwork Bravo!

by dayna2 Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 2:13:22 pm
Amazing work of art. I really like the way you've done the horns. The skulls in the dirt look excellent. What an imagination you have!!!--- The new computer must be a boost for you. *V*

by Sans2012 Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 2:18:03 pm
Beautiful scene and composition,pose...bravo!!!:o)*v*

by Anjour Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 3:55:06 pm
Exceptional image. vote!

by kenwas Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 3:59:16 pm
Amazing, absolutely amazing! The textures and lighting are just superb... well done!

by hutchingsm Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 4:01:40 pm
Impressive work of art!! Textures are awesome!

by wannes Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 5:28:35 pm
WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

by Aravositos Homepage »

Jun 18, 2005 6:40:49 pm
THIS IS FREEKING AMAZING! I love it!. Fine Bryce art. *Vote*

by RJC Homepage »


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