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Through the Fury!

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This image needs no invented story. Many men have know what it means to fly through the fury of God's nature in full force. I salute them for their bravery and courage.

Vue 4 on a Mac; No Postwork;

The sky is a photograph by me, one of over 20 images I shot on July 4th as a major thunderstorm came through Alabama.
The Lancaster is from the Vue standard install vehicles.

Comments and suggestions always welcome.
July 7, 2004
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Image Comments

Jul 8, 2004 12:37:22 am
Excellent work George. Love the the clouds. Maybe a bit of motion blur on the plane would add some action to it. (just a suggestion). Well done my friend.!!

by timefighter Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 12:37:34 am
thats the coolest picture dude!!!!!!!

by Mollock_20 Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 1:49:28 am
Excellent lighting, and the clouds are very ominous - well done!

by niandji Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 3:29:13 am
Great job!

by kenwas Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 5:40:10 am
Wonderful clouds, but it sure wasn't me who would go out to take photos with such a storm :o) Great Image! Thanks :o)

by Arturzinho Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 5:42:06 am
Great work and a terrific mood. The cloud-picture fits perfectly.

by BGHart Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 6:08:58 am
Excellent composition!

by arata Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 8:20:52 am
~~Great~~ composition!! The atmosphere is SUPERB!! *Excellent*

by Sylvia Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 8:23:48 am
Great picture. Often thought of using that Lanc model myself but never got around to it. Wonderful cloudscape too.

by GJCoop Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 8:52:26 am
Love the clouds!!! Nice work with alphas. Well done...very realistic:)

by dlk30341 Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 9:14:37 am
Cool ! Personally IŽd add a litlle bit reflection to plane (2-3%), anyway, wonderful image.

P.S. Looking at that clouds, it had to be damn intense storm ;)

by deadhead Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 9:29:25 am
it looks ok but the plane looks very cartoonish and not very real maybe convert the pic to black and white and add some motion blurs to mae it blend into the picture better

by Skuttler Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 12:38:44 pm
The clouds looks very beautiful! Well done!!

by Panic912 Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 1:58:16 pm
Absolutely stunning sky!!! Love the drama here, George! Well done!

by FrenchKiss Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 3:15:33 pm
I have a few nautical art books and this would go right inside any one of them. Well done, and the clouds are awesome...

by ShadowWind Homepage »

Jul 8, 2004 5:19:46 pm
Terrific sky.

by sacada Homepage »

Sep 9, 2004 4:15:36 pm
Absolutly beautiful image.!!!!

by AngelicaB Homepage »

Jan 25, 2007 12:29:33 pm
Terrific work on the Clouds..........Bravo...

by jimw1 Homepage »


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