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outdoor ballet

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This is another ballet photo taken on the same day. Seems people wanted I can't take credit for the posing, a professional did that. He decided to use my daughter to enter a national competition. I just snapped a shot while he snapped his. A mom can only buy so many you know ;)
September 9, 2003
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Sep 9, 2003 1:30:30 pm
oh - another wonderful photo of your lovely daughter - and what a wonderful place, this would be a great reference for a painting, maybe you should try it one day :-) - thanks for sharing it with us - your friend uwe

by j-art Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 1:34:51 pm
Vikki, this happens to me a lot ...I go to the bottom of my garden, and when I don't see those pesky fairies, I always somehow manage to find an enchanting ballerina doin' up her thingies! Lovely shot ...again! Regards M. :))

by R3MAF Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 1:41:16 pm
Oh....this has moved me to tears. It's absolutely breathtaking. Thank you so much for posting it :)

by lakefaerie Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 1:47:56 pm
Told ya so!! Fantastic Vikki!! It doesn't matter who posed your beautiful ballerina...only that the right artist...captured the image. Absolutely beautiful!

by geneb19 Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 2:08:16 pm
yes very nice indeed!! i still prefer the 'indoor one' still i bet your daughter is happy with all this kind comments!!

by Mechanismo Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 2:11:54 pm
Breathtaking beautiful photo. Your daughteis a wonderful model, and the pose exquisite!

by gunsan Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 2:22:19 pm
Beautiful! You caught her in the right moment...

by jgeorge Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 4:28:41 pm
she's just so lovely there on the steps, good thing the other photographer didn't mind you shooting too, i was so tempted when mine had her senior portraits done :]

by cynlee Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 6:55:01 pm
Absolute good modeling work and pov :) And a lovely daughter 2, then a shot like this, thats called heaven.

by Kropot Homepage »

Sep 9, 2003 8:30:33 pm
So very lovely....!

by Michelle A. Homepage »

Sep 10, 2003 8:36:52 pm
Fine work!! - A really nice shot!

by Bidsy Homepage »

Sep 10, 2003 11:08:29 pm
The softness against stone... Very nice shot :)

by baryack Homepage »

Sep 11, 2003 6:07:46 am
I LOVE the subject and the way you've captured it :) compliments dear :)

by gallimel Homepage »

Sep 13, 2003 9:59:02 pm
This is fantastic! What a lovely shot, the photo is perfect!

by Mercytoo Homepage »

Sep 19, 2003 3:15:40 pm
I like this shot. Portrates are not my best point and have done very few. The DOF is good on this one.

by LostPatrol Homepage »

Sep 22, 2003 10:19:46 pm
Just snapped huh? So perfect!
It matters not the pose. . . I've seen many ruined shots of wonderful poses~ for instance: the feet of some guards, instead of your baby daughter's face and the pigeon that landed on her arm, while on a trip to Greece many eons ago, or the shot that got missed when she wizzed all over the Papas during her christianing.
Well, at least I can still see them in my head, LOL. ~but the guy who missed these great shots?
heh heh, I try not to see him, in there, at all.
Oooops~ I got carried away.

by Rendered2Blue Homepage »

Sep 25, 2003 5:13:07 pm
a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman.

by Gwyn Tyger Homepage »

Oct 5, 2003 1:54:34 pm
Wonderful photograph! Your daughter is quite a beautiful young woman!

by wildfire2003 Homepage »

Oct 14, 2003 10:21:57 pm
Great shot... I love the dichotomy between the soft flow of the fabric and the rough stone. Well done.

by Anonova Homepage »

Dec 18, 2003 8:07:51 pm
Something incongruous about a ballerina in such a setting. Nice job! Very nice.

by weesel Homepage »

Jan 18, 2004 7:21:37 pm
Who cares who posed her? What a great shot!

by pm_hackworth Homepage »

Apr 27, 2004 4:03:23 am
Many thanks for your encouragement on my own submissions. I wish my photography was half a good as this. Beautifully composed and excuted shot. Excellent work!

by Deane Homepage »

May 5, 2004 11:37:34 pm
From time to time, I come back and look at this image only wishing that it was I who had the privelage to take it my lady. It won't have come out better than your's but it's being there that matters. What other way could a man enjoy a womens beauty than through ballet.

by signsofdeath Homepage »

Sep 28, 2006 6:52:24 pm
I like this one, too!

by Buffalo1 Homepage »


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