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Thinkin About It-REpost

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Repost with additions...enjoy...comment...etc.
.........Thinkin About It.........
Well I finally get to click on the nudity button,let's see what happens.
Binary Beauties 2000 demo
for Imagine for Windows (1.3 +)
(c) Martin Keitel, 2000
is the beautiful woman.He has many moreof equal quality and when i get some cash i gonna gettem all.
This render was constructed as an attempt at modelling waves.2 techniques were used,both involving 100x100 section planes.Large wave made with stage f/x ripples.ifx,applied a couple of times and then the wave tool was applied several times at different sizes bt moving and changing the .iob's axis giving the peaks in the distance.The breaking wave was an applique of a greyscale i constructed in photoshop,which i then proceeded to distort using the shear,and taper tools.The breaking wave then was sub grouped and textured.There are 5 peak subgroups in the breaking wave,the large surface was then 'skimmed' in pick faces mode to grab the whitecaps sub group and the texture from the breaking wave was applied minus 4 subgroups and the other turned into the whitecaps.A simple 2 face plane was pushed thru the breaking wave and into the shore with a similar itx combo applied for the tide pools.The beach was made with magnetism...all .itx's for texture,the log was appliqued similar to the breaking wave,had the axis reset and conformed to a cylinder,added ends,reduced polys,and all itx's again...the weeds from the web,29 hours render time on this crummy box...comments...critiques...ideas...all are welcome
January 9, 2003
Imagine 3D
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Jan 9, 2003 12:32:59 am
wow bobby, really nice work the waves are great actualy all fantastic

by digger41 Homepage »

Jan 9, 2003 2:41:55 am
Comment : Very nice picture. The shapes of the beach and the waves are well done. Critiques : It's a long time since i've seen the ocean, I don't remember the colors exactly, but some blue reflections seems to intense, dark, on the highest wave. The sky need perspective, smaller clouds near the horizon.
Ideas : footprints in the sand, sand on the character, a bird in the sky ( far away, few pixels in size)

by ManuelFr57 Homepage »

Jan 9, 2003 8:53:31 am
thanx manuel,as i live in the exact center of north america,it's bin a while since i've seen it as well,and i'm colourblind t boot so i'll work on that,..maybe tone dowm the blue by using the reflect component of the dirt.itx to dial it around,...the bird is on the list of additions and thanx,the character,not being my own,i sorta wanted it to appear pristene so folks could see how great his stuff is but i will associate a sand iob to her butt and legs,probably do it with particles.and the footprints occurred to me as the render was ending,gonna have to be a map as my mesh is too coarse to model them.thanx again

by bobbystahr Homepage »

Jan 9, 2003 10:52:40 am
i guess the "nice job booby" is appropriate even though you can't see and as noted these things are being worked on...sigh no one mentioned my awesome deadwood log....very happy with should go to the listed url and dl the demo...very fine....

by bobbystahr Homepage »

Jan 11, 2003 3:46:26 pm
The ocean and waves are really good, maybe you could share a tutorial here or in the IML ?

by dickbill Homepage »

Jan 11, 2003 8:58:33 pm
the best tutorial would be to look at the object.any one who wants need only e mail me and i'll gladly share them.i sort of explained in the description at the top.the shear i used to get the wave to lean forward and the taper i used to taper it down to the main wave surface height.on the main wave, if you move and rescale the axis of the object you can reapply the wave tool at each instace that you move the axis.the tool is controlled by the object axis for effect size.and the other is just applying ripple from the stage f/x a coupe of timesusing different assignations each time(around z,along x).mainly the wave tool was used to get the random peaks so no implicit order was used.

by bobbystahr Homepage »

Jan 13, 2003 4:40:17 pm
Nice bobby, don't mind the comments about the ocean, it looks just fine (I live near the coast and see it all the time). OK, it's a nice log too, but the ocean doesn't leave things sticking out of the sand like that often--they usually just lie on top (stupid purist comment). Very nice over all. Yeah, if you want to go nuts on the details, it could look better with some sandiness towels and such, but it's very nice without em.

by grumani Homepage »

Jan 13, 2003 5:02:10 pm
grumani,you have the advantage of looking at the repost in which i fixed the waves,i was unhappy with the colour and figured out it was the reflection set too high as water really has no real colour.That log got "spiked" into the sand in a wild storm the previous evening then,ever the rationalizer,heh heh heh, for the kind words

by bobbystahr Homepage »

Jul 2, 2008 12:29:27 am
Simply beautiful scene 5++ exccelent work !

by Philart Homepage »


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