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Deeper Into Slavery

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Three days ago, Princess Weyla's caravan was ambushed by slavers. The youngest daughter of Franweld VII, emperor of the Zoar Empire, had led a pampered existence up to that moment. Horrified, she watched her guards being slaughtered, along with most of the men of the caravan. Although she was untouched, many of the surviving women and older girls were systematically raped. She resisted, when they tried to chain her and was rewarded by being knocked senseless. When she regained consciousness, Weyla found her arms bound in chains and a ball and chain attached to her right leg.

Weyla remembered little of the past days and nights. Most of the survivors were forced to march on foot, but she was placed in a cage on a wagon. A day later, they reached a town with a slave market, where the others were consigned. A smaller group of slavers accompanied Weyla's wagon out of the squalid place. She remained mostly in shock. Food and was meager, but she was given water six times during the day. Last night, they arrived in this place--basically an old shrine that the slavers had converted into a make-shift jail. They unchained her arms, but left the ball and chain fastened to her ankle. She slept fitfully, and whenever she couldn't, Weyla tried to keep up her hope that her father's soldier's would find her before it was too late. She was scared, but tried to remain defiant to her captors. She was, after all, a princess. Certain behavior was expected of her no matter what the circumstances.

Early the next morning, Weyal heard the droning of motors. Looking out of her cell, she could see a blimp approaching from the East. Despair began to fill her. If she was whisked away through the air, how would her father's men find her? As if reading her mind, one of her captors approached, telling her; "Get ready! You've got a little trip across the Eastern Sea ahead of you." His eyes mocked her. "In a month, you'll be halfway around the world. Your father will never find you."

"Please. If it is money you want, I'm sure my father will pay you ransom to return me unharmed."

The slaver laughed. "I seriously doubt he would match the price our client is willing to pay to have a princess for his personal use." He gave another ugly laugh. "For you, we will get the price of two-thousand slaves. I doubt your father would be willing to pay such a price." Laughing, the slaver turned on his heel and walked away. Despair filled Weyla. Whatever life she had known in the past was gone forever.



Building and fantasy blimp by Danie and Marforno

Slaver: DAZ's Michael 3, using the "Russell Updated for M3 morph and texture" by Nouschka with Beast Master clothing and textures by ABen.

Weyla: DAZ's Victoria 3, using "Betsy" morphs and textures by dalinise, "FK-Divine Hair" by wenke.

Wagon: The-Slinger-WagonZ by Paul Winter.
Production Credits
dalinise - Betsy
The-Slinger - The-Slinger-WagonZ
Nouschka - Russell Updated for M3 morph and texture
July 15, 2005
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Image Comments

Jul 15, 2005 6:14:30 pm
And, of course, thanks for looking and any helpful comments.

by kjer_99 Homepage »

Jul 15, 2005 8:42:07 pm
Interesting premise. A lower camera angle might help to intensify the scene, but a solid composition overall.

by Daveoramma Homepage »

Jul 16, 2005 6:52:44 am
Looks like me on the hunt, far too familiar to post a reaseonable comment

by Django Homepage »

Jul 17, 2005 2:45:46 pm
absolutly great characters with a touch of surrealism.

by nexxon Homepage »

Aug 28, 2005 3:08:16 am
I had such good laugh looking at your picture.. but Iím not laughing at your work as it is incredibly well done.. And so is the story. But more at my wild imagination and all the things that I could write but canít Iím sure you understand , this is the kind of picture that definitely grab one ,s attention great work..

by fluffgirl Homepage »

Feb 26, 2009 7:09:38 pm
Great story.

by Flores Homepage »


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