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The Holidays are over and it's now time for all of us to settle back in to our daily routines of creating great Digital Art.

As we move forward into 2014, Renderosity would like to invite you to take your POSER skills to the next level by participating in a 12-month comprehensive video tutorial lesson. Whether you're a budding digital hobbyist or a seasoned professional, we're confident that you'll find something you can add to your list of tips and tricks.

Recognizing a need to provide a single destination for artists to better learn their craft, we've partnered with industry veteran Mark Bremmer to provide a video tutorial package aimed at the beginning POSER user. Beginning in January, we'll be releasing a new tutorial each month that will build on the knowledge you developed in each of the previous lessons. By taking the time to view and follow along with these 10-15 minute tutorials you'll gain confidence in discovering the fundamentals of the powerful POSER software platform. The first lesson will begin by guiding the user through the basics of navigating the user interface and as we progress through the lessons, you can expect to learn more about; installing new products, using multiple runtimes, cameras, lighting options, figure posing, animation basics and much more!


How to watch this tutorial series

These tutorials can be found by navigating to the 'Tutorials' option in the main navigation bar. From there you'll want to select 'Premium Tutorials' from the drop-down. You can Click Here to be taken directly to the first lesson.

If you have any questions or comments after viewing this lesson, you can post in our Premium Tutorials Forum. You can Click Here to go directly to the forum or you can click the 'Have Questions' button on the tutorial page.


Click the image below to play


More about Mark Bremmer

Mark Bremmer, a Moderator in the Carrara forum, has been a member of Renderosity since 2000. Professionally, Mark has worked as an illustrator, animator and designer for over 20 years. While much of his work is for the business to business markets, if you have seen shows like; The Voice, ESPY Awards or the History Channel’s Mega Movers, then you have seen some of Marks commercial work for consumers.

Since deadlines are ‘King’, Mark uses a host of software to complete projects on-time such as; Vue xStream, Cinema 4D (with a ton of plugins), Lightwave, modo, Poser and Carrara. His Video applications include the Adobe suite of products and Apple’s Final Cut offering.

This diversity of experience in software and client needs has resulted in Mark being asked to be a presenter at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), SIGGRAPH and also makes him a sought after freelance author for 3D Artists Magazine, 3D World Magazine and Micro Filmmaker Magazine. In addition, Mark is asked to speak at art colleges and schools about the business of creativity in the commercial world.

Over the years, Mark has also been hired by several tutorial companies to produce a variety of tutorial series on many of the software packages that he uses professionally.

Member Opinions:
By: singanprayisme on 1/16/14
What a wonderful gift this is! I know this is going to be fun! Thanks for doing this! This is why I love Renderosity so much!

By: NanetteTredoux on 1/16/14
This is a wonderful idea but I am not able to watch it on my adsl line.

By: 3Dream on 1/16/14
Excellent! :)

By: annette16 on 1/16/14
Two thumbs up! I've see Mark's previous tutorial projects, and he's an AWESOME instructor!!

By: TeamSchmidt on 1/16/14
Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 1/16/14
Thank you! :)

By: hellopascal on 1/16/14
Excellent idea and the voice is very good.

By: Gogger on 1/16/14
Two (rendered) thumbs up!

Learn. Shop. Do. Renderosity!

By: 0oseven on 1/16/14
I think Mark's presenations are second to none - very clear instruction and he takes time to cover the small details so you dont feel he glossed over anything.At least thats my experience with his Cararra tutorials so I reckon poser users are in for a treat.

By: jacky4you on 1/16/14
Thank you excellent idea and wonderful gift !!

By: RCTSpanky on 1/16/14
Great!!! I've started to learn Poaer Pro after a lot of DAZ years and this tutorial is a big help. Can't wait to see the next ones.

By: mrestey on 1/16/14
WOW! A very clear and concise video. Well done.
This looks like a very promising series. Thanks for this. :-)

By: Karaliina on 1/16/14
This is absolutely fantastic! This is going to be so helpful. I have definitely picked up and learned some new tips and tricks. I am so looking forward to seeing more! Thank you!

By: mazzam on 1/16/14
A wonderful start. I'm very comfortable with Poser 7 but this series will really help my transition to Poser 2014.

By: Nitab on 1/16/14
It won't play for me! :(

By: Cimarron on 1/16/14
Really looking forward to this, as a recent Poser convert from Daz I'm amazed at the power of the many tools available, just need to learn how to use them, so thank you:)

By: brynna on 1/16/14
Nice tutorial! I've been using Poser since Poser 4 Pro Pack. However, I saw a few things I didn't know about and am looking forward to putting them to use. :-)

By: npauling on 1/16/14
Thank you so much for this series as it will be very helpful.

By: LPR001 on 1/16/14
Another great feature to be found on this site. Thanks Renderosity and Mark

By: romanceworks on 1/16/14
Thanks so much. Lesson one tutorial was great and very helpful. Looking forward to the entire tutorial series.

By: LPR001 on 1/16/14
Like my renders I wish I had of finished it before I hit the save button :-) I was going to say the one thing I love about this site is there is always something fresh in both product lines and tutorials that keep me coming back :-) . I hope to learn a lot from this

By: Shaylea on 1/16/14

By: robinjain on 1/16/14
excellent ..

By: dsummers on 1/16/14
Thank you, this looks as though it has a great potential for helping.

By: vitachick on 1/17/14
Won't open for me either. WinXP.Just get black page. Keep trying to refresh but doesnt work. Can anyone advise? Using Windows Defender Security

By: SeaLady on 1/17/14
Great start for a tutorial series, thank you for this! Mark knows how to present and speak that everyone could follow - even non-native english speakers.
There is a small mistake I noticed: you can bring the "Render" tab up again by clicking on Window -> Recent Renders without reseting the interface to factory state.
But that's only a small thing I noticed, all in all this tutorial is a great way to begin with!

By: AGentleMuse on 1/17/14
Excellent!! Thankyou! Looking forward to the other tutorials.

By: lordpaul on 1/17/14
Wonderful, Thank you. You can never have enough tutorials. And Free WOW!

By: BE on 1/17/14
Awesome! Thank you!

By: amabra on 1/17/14
Clear and concise, I like it.

By: 3dpixstudio on 1/17/14
This is a good idea and another reason to support Renderosity vs other sites that are preoccupied with selling overpriced items with fake discounts

By: pet5 on 1/18/14
Nice job, thank you!

By: Pantheresss on 1/18/14
Wow this is so great you can find many tutorials but not one has got such a clear voice as Mark Bremmer.
Can´t wait to learn Poser from him.
Thank you Rendo.

By: Cimarron on 1/18/14
Thank you so much as I've recently moved to Poser from Daz I've so much to learn, so this is perfect timing!

By: ix on 1/19/14
The idea is splendid, but I'm afraid that the intended pace is to slow. If I may make a suggestion, it would be immensely profitable for us Poser veterans to create a parallel series presenting "what's new" in Poser 10/2014Pro.

By: arat on 1/19/14
Mark is a great orator and I can see why he is so sought after for tutorial work. Extremely well presented.

By: ldgilman on 1/19/14
A most needed addition, and this first Tut is excellent, with very good sound. The only problem I see is waiting a month between tutorials.

By: Photonflash1 on 1/20/14
Excellent tutorial! Well done Mark - the best narration and explanation I have seen on Poser. But a month for the next one?????? My keyboard is already collecting drool!

By: Nimeria on 1/20/14
Thanks for taking the time to put this tutorial series together. I am always looking to learn new things and having it be part of one of my "go-to" sites for content is wonderful.

By: 3dstories on 1/20/14
EXCELLENT! Keep them coming! A great idea to drive traffic to Renderosity AND to learn in the process. I watched the first one and really enjoyed it.

By: dmpljr on 1/21/14
Would be good to be able to view...
Video interface with loading icon, but no video in Firefox, nor IE.
'Download' produces a 1k mp4.

By: judee3d on 1/22/14
I love anything Mark Bremmer dos, he is so good at explaining the ins and outs of programs. With all the recent changes in Poser, it's nice to have these to help me get back into using this program! I am really looking forward to more of these! Thanks Mark!

By: giubandph on 1/22/14
Thanks !!! Very useful!

By: P3Design on 1/23/14
This is very nice. Great tutorial, very professional.

By: RainbowGypsy on 1/25/14
Awesome! I'm just switching from Poser 7 to 2014 and this is so helpful! Thanks Excellent tutorial.

By: tabbycat2 on 1/28/14
Just an awesome first tutorial. Nice pleasing voice explaining Poser interface. I really want to see the next video.

By: morganahope on 1/29/14
I loved this idea !! Tanks so much !!!

By: KF on 2/1/14
Very good but unfortunatelly, it miss the subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing. I am deaf but maybe I would be the alone deaf for work Poser as hoobies..Thank you for understanding and also sharing the tutorial :)

By: donnena on 2/3/14
January's tutorial was fun. When is February's due?

By: zocher1 on 2/10/14
Being a Poser user since version 3. Developed a certain way of working with it. Which means avoiding, working around some features that where hard to handle, even after several attempts to 'get it'. I am looking forward to the tutorials explaining the group tool and editor, deeper details of cloth, face and hair. For these features I now use cinema 4D.
Very good initiative. Thank you.

Rob Steenhorst
Leiden, the Netherlands

By: FingersTX on 2/12/14
Just viewed Tutorial #2 and can't wait to view the whole series. Recently moved from Poser 7 to Poser 9 and still don't understand many of the tools I could be using. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mark and Renderosity!

By: ThunderStone on 2/13/14
It is all nice and wonderful that Renderosity is offering video tutorial but it would be to no avail to those of us who are hard of hearing or deaf. Is it possible that future tutorial could have some form of captioning? Thanks.

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