April 2011 Vendor of the Month - hongyu

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Congratulations to hongyu for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for April!

Who is 'hongyu'? What can you tell us about yourself?

First of all, to those who still think I am a girl, I have to clear it up that I am actually a guy, and the thumbnail image for my ID is not myself ^_^.

I painted and drew a lot when I was a child, but for a long time I was not satisfied with my own works until I started using the computer as my canvas and brushes. I began to get serious about creating something that others can appreciate too, and from then on I started my career.

How did you get into content creation? What made you decide to become a vendor?

In early years, I made 3D models and 3D animations. I knew nothing about content creation, then one day my friend Idler168 asked me why not make something for Poser. I saw his works, which were really awsome, and those works inspired me to take the chance to create my own Poser content. Since then, I knew this wonderful place and I really enjoy working here. I knew many great artists from here and many of them become my good friends. Being a vendor here is great!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on Hongyu's SportsBaby 4.

Through the creation process, from inception to finalization of the product, what is your favorite part and why?

Favorite part is finalization, because it is like the weekend of the whole process, like running downhill. And most of all, finally I have a chance to look at my works with full textures and morphs on, and I can play with it and enjoy myself.

How much time goes into creating one of your products?

One month or more... Some projects cost more time, like two and three months.

Where do you find inspiration for your products, and do you have any particular favorite among the products you've created?

Cowgirl series cost me more time than ever, they used to be my favorite. However, my favorite is currently the hair.

Who is your favorite artist - digital or otherwise?

My favorite artist is Tony Puryear from DAZ.

What else do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?

I love watching movies, especially those from the 40s, 50s and 80s. I love songs from the 80s, too. I enjoy making sculptures, making small toys, and I love filming.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Find your talent and put it into your art!

Do you have any final words (any info you want to share with the community)?

I want to thank all my customers. If not for your support, I would never be the VOM. Thank you to my friend Shana, for making gorgeous textures for almost all of my products. Thank you Debbie and Blake for being the most wonderful admins I've ever met.


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Member Opinions:
By: Anagord on 4/2/11
Congratulations hongyu!I look forward to seeing more of your products.

By: ironman13 on 4/2/11
Congrats!! Very well deserved! :)

By: SWAM on 4/2/11
congratulations :-) fantastic job

By: waningmoon on 4/3/11
congratulations on being vendor of the month.

By: Shana on 4/4/11
Congratulations Hongyu! Thanks for creating the best products out there! You definitely deserve this :) *hugs*

By: suzuki.shinji on 4/5/11
Congratulations, well deserved, and thank you for so many great items !

Keep up the good work !

By: fabiana on 4/5/11
Congratulations Hongyu, really deserved!

By: vyktohria on 4/7/11
Congratulations, hongyu! May your beautiful products continue to inspire my (& others) artwork!

By: -supernova- on 4/8/11

By: ragaray on 4/8/11
I love your products!

By: hongyu on 4/10/11
Thank you all very much! I really appreciate your comments.

By: quietrob on 4/11/11
I have so many Hongyu products I have a folder in my runtime named "The Hongyu Collection". This honor is well deserved. Thanks for your products and supporting more than the usual suspects.

Way to go!!!

By: vshane on 4/14/11
Congratulations! Well deserved.

By: perfy0 on 4/16/11
Congratulations Hongyu´╝ü

By: TheOwl on 4/16/11
I bought the sport baby before. It was the best.

By: halcyone on 4/17/11
Congratulations! Lived up to its name!!

By: infinity10 on 4/19/11
Congratulations on being featured. I have several of your items. Good stuff.

By: Richabri on 4/24/11
Congrats Hongyu, this is a well deserved distinction for you :)

By: mrestey on 4/24/11
Hongyu is one of the all time BEST vendors! Congrats Hongyu!

By: Silver on 4/28/11
Congratulations! Very deserved your products are wonderful :)

By: matrix03 on 5/1/11
congratulations and well deserved.
this Man is becoming my favorite poser clothing vendor over here at Renderosity.
I just bought his new sportsbaby 4 set and it rocks!
his products are always high quality and at reasonable prices! I am still using Jersey dress nearly five years later!
keep up the great work and I will keep buying your items!

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