The Dawn of a New Era is HERE!


Renderosity is excited to announce that the wait for "Dawn" is now over! Never before has the Renderosity Community seen such enthusiasm over the release of a new figure and, as a result, we've joined hands with the likes of; HiveWire 3D, Poser World, RuntimeDNA and YURdigital to support this new figure.

Some of the same people who helped develop other popular Poser figures like; Dork, Posette, Michael and Victoria are also the creators of Dawn. With that in mind, you know Dawn will be a good quality female figure that will continue to get even better. Fortunately Dawn was created with both Poser and DAZ Studio users in mind and will be available in two versions: one with native Poser files compatible with Poser 9 and above and another with native DAZ Studio files compatible with DAZ Studio 4.5 and above.

"It's very exciting to see a new wealth of creativity and community wide collaboration on the horizon with the release of Dawn. This is a very unique opportunity to come together and celebrate the talent and passion for art we all share across each of these communities".
- Tommy Lemon, Vice President of Renderosity

We here at Renderosity are excited to watch the future unfold around this figure and the endless creative possibilities it will bring to the entire 3D community!

Dawn is free to the community for a limited time at hivewire3d

Lastly, we'd like to be sure to thank outoftouch, Danie, marforno, Tempsta3d, Freja, lilflame, kaleya, lyrra and others who have dedicated so much development time and effort thus far to support Dawn's arrival.


Dawn Contest Coming Soon!

Stay tuned to Renderosity for more details...


A portion of the Renderosity Team (front row left to right: Jenifer Carey, Stacey Granstaff & Tina Kaylor back row: Adam Mitchell & Jenn Blake)


Member Opinions:
By: lucky2563 on 8/9/13
and where can you find Dawn? I don't see any links to her

By: StaceyG on 8/9/13
You can find her at hivewire3d

By: odditorium on 8/9/13
Looks good everyone!

By: Anagord on 8/9/13
Welcome Dawn!

By: efron_241 on 8/9/13
why only hivewire3d ?
for all kinds of fun things like the jeans.. they do not have PayPal opportunity.

By: ChromeStar on 8/9/13
In case this confused anyone else, the base figure is at

You don't have to buy the whole package, you can uncheck items you don't want.

By: StaceyG on 8/9/13
Hivewire created the figure which is why you have to get it there but our Renderosity vendors have created lots of great products and we have more in the works. If you post in the Wishing Well forum that you would like to see some jeans created for Dawn sold here, I bet you will see good results

By: 0oseven on 8/9/13
Can import poser version into Carrara 8.5 but cannot pose without joints breaking - same with pz2 animations - haven't tried bvh but no reason to think they would be better.Somepeople have said she can be imported to Daz then exported out and into Carrara but haven't tried that and dont know what format was used.

By: UteBigSmile on 8/10/13
Diese neue Dawn kann der Vicky4 noch lange nicht das Wasser reichen, aber das ist bloss meine Meinung!!!!

By: Elcet on 8/10/13
It's great that Dawn is compatible with both Poser and Daz Studio. But it's bad that she isn't with Poser since versions 6 or 7. Anyway, I hope that ethnic and age morphs will be available. Great also if on the same mesh, male and children figures, and perhaps alien (or prehistoric) ones, will be created.

By: ronem9 on 8/10/13
I don't know,but something missing. Just can't put my finger on it. Seems like a stopgap.

By: sandwood12 on 8/10/13
I looked at the vender list at rendosity I can't find hivewire3d so where is Dawn?

By: ckporkchop23 on 8/10/13
Hivewire3d have their own webpage:

By: westcat on 8/10/13
I tried Dawn, but where are such items as Mouth open close, tongue shapes etc etc . The starter morphs list only a fraction available with V4. I have already heard disappointment after disappointment with V5 now V6 etc and now Dawn ? The posing ability seems very good, but recent add on for V4 make it still more relevant and affordable... thanks but no thanks I'll be sticking with V4 for now.

By: kobaltkween on 8/11/13
Is there a single category or URL in the MarketPlace you can go to see all Dawn products? Or do you need to go to each type of product one by one?

By: ninchen on 8/11/13
Any idea of working with Interposer / Cinema 4D?

By: legarc on 8/11/13
Bring on the weight maps! Long time coming. Great bend deformations without all those stupid 'fixes' needed at every turn. Imports nicely into fbx applications too while maintaining defs. Awesome! put V4 to rest now. She's had a fine run.

By: shannonsuzanne on 8/11/13
I downloaded her, but I'm vastly disappointed with her face and lack of add on characters available. I think I'll just keep collecting the freebies and experimenting. This is the same boat I found myself in with Anastasia and Antonia. I liked the characters and the promise of something new, but in the end what is available for V4 is often not available for other characters. My V4 is pretty decent and bends pretty well with the perfect V4 add ons. Right now I can't seem to find anything to replace her with. I have V5, but that was disappointing too. V6 sounds great, but I really like Poser more than Studio and I don't have the funds to re-buy everything for Genesis 2 or whatever.

By: linwhite on 8/13/13
I love her and will be using her. The weight mapping is great, so she bends beautifully. She's a little more athletic with her broader shoulders and smaller glutes...and I like that because it makes sitting and bending poses so much more ascetic. I'm keeping V4 for the outfits and textures I have for her, but for many reasons, I will be using the lovely Dawn. I just adore her smile. The only thing I could get from V4 was a grimace.

By: Ulysses0302 on 8/16/13
I would wish for a new male model, since I have never become a friend of Genesis and/or Michael 5 and I don't like the direction Daz3D is taking. I still keep to Michael 4.
She is very well done though but I'll pass since I mostly create male art.

By: caty77 on 8/16/13
I do not know if I said this in the topic dedicated to Dawn since June. So I say here: thank you to all those who have created this new character! :)

By: echokimono on 8/23/13
I like Dawn. At first I didn't, but she sort of grows on you! She seems to be less like a doll, and more realistic in her facial features.

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