The Dawn of A New Era

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The Dawn of A New Era

Dawn is the latest in a long line of historically significant figures developed by Chris Creek, creator of the original Poser figures, Dork and Posette, as well as the original Michael and Victoria figures. Created with both Poser and DAZ Studio users in mind, Dawn will be available in two versions: one with native Poser files compatible with Poser 9 and above, and another with native DAZ Studio files compatible with DAZ Studio 4.5 and above.

In a collaborative approach like never before - Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, Poser World, YURdigital and HiveWire 3D are working with merchants across the community to create supporting content for Dawn. All are welcome to join this effort.


"It's very exciting to see a new wealth of creativity and community wide collaboration on the horizon with the release of Dawn. This is a very unique opportunity to come together and celebrate the talent and passion for art we all share across each of these communities". - Tommy Lemon, Vice President of Renderosity

"Through the combined efforts of this wonderful community at large, we will achieve great things with Dawn. But perhaps a more important outcome will be the unity we can realize". - Chris Creek, Founder of HiveWire 3D

"We are extremely excited about the new Dawn figure and the opportunity to create content for such an excellent 3D figure. We think this could finally be the perfect Poser character to work with". ~ Allen Harkleroad of

"I am awake and dreaming. Today four communities stand together shoulder to shoulder with someone who developed the most widely used figures in the history of our industry. How wonderful an opportunity it is to combine efforts with such historically vibrant and successful communities. This like minded group of innovators put their heads together, took a deep breath and walked across the bridge to a brand new future". - Syyd Raven, Founder of Runtime DNA

"The highly anticipated release of the new female figure, Dawn, from the extremely talented team at HiveWire3D will be a breath of fresh air for the Poser and DAZ Studio communities". - Clint Hawkins / YURdigital, LLC CEO & Co-founder

The future of Dawn will be decided by YOU

We stand together because of our shared belief in our communities, its members and creators who are the driving force behind each one of us. We openly invite everyone to participate in this new initiative in whatever way they can. Whether it be in add-on content, utilities, tutorials, renders or anything else, we encourage everyone to find a way to support those around them and help to further this landmark community project.

On August 9, 2013, Dawn will be released to the public at, with supporting content for Dawn released simultaneously in the marketplaces at; Renderosity, Poser World, RuntimeDNA and YURdigital.

Member Opinions:
By: HiveWire3D on 7/8/13
This is so awesome! We cannot thank everyone enough for the amazing interest and support that Dawn is receiving.

We are SO excited to release her and see what everyone can do with her!

By: StaceyG on 7/8/13
We are soo happy to support Dawn and cannot wait to see all the great artwork this wonderful talented community of artists comes up with!!!

So exciting!

By: randym77 on 7/8/13
She looks fantastic. She bends so naturally. And her arms and shoulders (always tough areas for Poser figures) look great.

She's got the right number of polys, too. She splits the difference between Genesis and V4, which is perfect, IMO. With both Poser and DS having SubD now, there's no need for a V4 sized geometry any more. But I do like the better definition you get with more polys than Genesis has.

By: Demon2330 on 7/8/13
Looks really good you could make it even better by allowing us to use v4 stuff on it but hey if you cant I am still going to support it daz has got to big for its boots now.

By: kathym on 7/8/13
Stand-alone figures for Poser/Daz haven't had the best track record. However, the overwhelming support from artist and vendors alike, may just tip the scales in Dawn's favor. Wishing the entire group of talented artists behind the project much success. I am eager to get my hands on her!

By: Deecey on 7/8/13
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!
Best of luck and success for the new Dawn!!

By: Jan19 on 7/8/13
A landmark achievement, in the making. Two, really -- a re-unified community and the creation of a fantastic new figure. Congratulations, HiveWire, and thank you.

By: ointment on 7/8/13
This looks really exciting. If any nice kind person will be making tutorials I'm quite happy to purchase these.

By: Cimaira on 7/8/13
I am eagerly awaiting the release of Dawn!

By: BadKittehCo on 7/8/13
Wonderful News!!!!!!

By: MagicWeaver on 7/8/13
can't wait to see her in action, thanks guys

By: Crom131 on 7/8/13
I am an Independent content creator merchant with a well know site, that has two large online stores for 3D product, will I get a chance to work on Content for dawn our will it only be limited to only to Daz, RDNA,& Renderosity merchant content creators at this time? I have sent an e-mail thru my wifes facebook page ,I don't facebook, because I could not find a direct E-mail this is the only way I could send it.

By: HiveWireChris on 7/8/13
Exciting times indeed. This community effort is so valuable for us all. Dawn will have a great chance to have legs now to run fast and long.

By: amabra on 7/8/13
Looks good so far. The devil is in the details.

By: Faerydae on 7/8/13
Soo happy to see these stores and communities coming together to support Dawn. Can't wait to play with her and see what all these talented artists are creating for her!

By: Guardian_Angel_671 on 7/8/13
I can't wait to see what goodies are being made lol:)

By: Darkworld on 7/8/13
I'm excited! from the pics Dawn looks to be the same resolution as V4, is there more detail associated with this figure?

By: MarianneR on 7/8/13
Very exciting news! She is very well-proportioned in my opinion.

By: FaeMoon on 7/8/13
I'm hoping to see tons of stuff for Dawn. She is a gorgeous girl, and I can't wait to throw some of the $$$ her way to buy the extras.

By: JohnMichael on 7/8/13
If Dawn doesn't work with V4 clothes, hair and poses, she won't get too far. We see the same thing happening with Poser stock characters and others, even though they are awesome models.

By: cedarwolf on 7/8/13
Looking forward to her release. Now I just have to see how expensive she is.

By: AetherDream on 7/8/13
I love the fact that so many people have come together in a positive way for this project. I eagerly await the great content that our wonderful creators are making.

By: JohnMichael on 7/8/13
July 8: is currently down. Not a good omen if they are the one's rolling out Dawn.

By: JohnMichael on 7/8/13
Is PhilC in the loop to create a module to convert clothes to fit Dawn?

By: Elcet on 7/8/13
Sorry to be critical, but it's not a good point that she isn't compatible with Poser 6, 7 and 8. She should be! So, sorry, but I am negative!

By: tempest967 on 7/8/13
The talented creative render & promotion teams at Elite Models 3D & Digital Stardust on Facebook are eagerly awaiting Dawn's release and look forward to supporting this new endeavor.

By: matrix03 on 7/8/13
I can't wait! I would love to use her now!

By: snowlambs on 7/8/13
Well, I don't make clothes or hair etc but, can't wait to purchase Dawn and in that way I feel like I am contributing as
Will be waiting for you to give us a link to her.
TY snowlambs

By: MKDAWUSS on 7/8/13
So... will Dawn give Vicky significant amounts of competition?

By: aproctor on 7/8/13
Very exciting that so many parts of the community are coming together for this!!

Just to help, with some info that's been posted elsewhere.

cedarwolf - Dawn will be free initially

JohnMichael - isn't "down", the site has not yet launched :)

PhilC is aware of things.

Elcet-she is weightmapped, so unfortunately can't be compatible with earlier versions of Poser that don't support that :(

There's a HUGE thread here with TONS of info:

By: Strixowl on 7/8/13
Sooooo EXCITED !!!

By: Nephanor on 7/8/13
All hail the new dawn!

By: jeanne_50 on 7/8/13
She really looks fabulous! I wish the creators congratulations and good luck with her and I wish for Dawn a very, very long life. :)

Love, Jeanne

By: johnbarker on 7/8/13
Is a beta version available for developers?
I'd love to get even an unrigged copy with texture guide so that I can make a significant start on some texture maps and facial morphs.

By: mazzam on 7/8/13
If Dawn is to be a successor to V4 she should have an equivalent variety of morphs. Dawn ought to provide the means to transform her into a faerie, fantasy warrior, girl next door, high fashion model, etc. So to be successful, the default dawn should not have a strong 'personality'. Leave that to the host of talented character artists who have done so much with V4.

By: RAMWolff on 7/8/13
So glad to see this official announcement. She's really gorgeous and I love that she will work natively in both Poser and DAZ Studio. Smart path to take Chris and Co. Can't wait to get my paws on her and turn her into a dude in ZBrush! lol

By: SimonJM on 7/8/13
Not sure how clothing and hair needs will be seen to, but I am certainly looking forward to the new Dawn :)

By: N8Dreams on 7/8/13
Dawn will make a great success surely better than every V5 or V6 crap.
Offering Dawn for both platforms is a great idea, no one excluding.

By: SeanMartin on 7/8/13
From a strictly mechanical point of view, she sounds awesome, and I applaud the work of those who accomplished this.

Having said that, I look at this and think, "Great. Another figure that has to be marketed by selling sex and borderline sleaze for it to get attention." I'll be curious to see if the male counterpart is presented as well with a tiny little barely-there thong.

By: sandman_max on 7/8/13
Where can we see more of her while we wait?

By: LokiMortmagus on 7/8/13
Something to take note of... the base figures that Smith Micro and Daz use, which apparently have all originated with Mr. Cook, share the same base DNA.

So there is no question that they COULD be made backward compatible.

And if this is truly a project striving for unity in the community, should we begin a new Dawn by drowning many members of the community whose work becomes obsolete or at at best a "B" option?

I hope not. I'm sure Mr. Cook's work is A-number-One. I'm sure that the Pollygon sculpting will be optimal. And I'm also sure that a way forward can be found that doesn't leave a massive trail of roadkill, and a potential class action Tortious interference lawsuit, in its wake.

I also hope that the design is multiple stack layered... this would solve SO many compatibility issues. have 1 or 2 upper layers, preferably 2, with deformers which turn that mesh layer into Vic 4.2 or Aiko 3 or Aiko 4 or the Girl, or Jessi, or Stephanie, or Michelle, etc.

this would also work wonders for the female anatomy.

i have fully - and i mean FULLY - analyzed the v4.2 mesh, for probably a thousand hours worth of tests over the last few months.

i've identified and isolated all the relevant anatomical details, and have achieved separation of individual layers, and independent isolated movement of each part. I know how to place all of v4.2's bits, and have figured out how to start the setup so that the internals, which rely on the head mesh's rigging and codes for the inner mouth, inner eyes, innerear and inner nose, are textured to look photorealistic inside and out.

i've done the same for the back door, so to speak, and have done the same animation optimal reshaping I did with Linden Lab's default Ruth base avatar.

ive even figured out how to simulate pregnancy from conception through gestation to full on simulated childbirth, with a real baby avatar v4.2 can fit inside her like a glove through various stages of development.

and the interior can be made solid faced non see thru planed, perfect alignment between inner walls and outer belly skin.

this is possible becuase that super annoying thin bikini thong like strip on the hip is actually a super compressed inside out mirror of the lower abdomen, pelvis and hip, and morphs in precise inverse ratio to changes made to the hip pelvis and abdomen.

i'll be releasing all of this information to you all very soon, along with anatomy guides and instruction sets.

despite all of that, I am in the process of sending a white paper to Linden Labs recommending that if an avatar 2.0 is adopted, they should give serious consideration to a long term view, and consider negotiations with Daz for exploitation rights for Genesis2.

But this announcement changes everything. I guess I have to wait and see.

One more thing... IMO this community needs to prepare itself for the next revolution, the next evolution of digital 3D, because you're all already poised with content catalogs which will be VERY valuable, and make you money hand over fist when the new fad hits like a tsunami wave coast to coast.

two fads really, stemming from the same concept... LIVING ON VIDEO.

A year from now, people are going to be able to make a newbie avatar in Second Life, pick an outfit, and be in a club with their friends and on TV within an hour. Realtime render at resolutions as good as poser and daz render output.

Your consumer base is soon to go from tens of thousands to millions of middle class disposable income homes worldwide.


You are ALL the bringers of the new Dawn. And your patience and devotion to this artistic genre in its infancy is about to be rewarded.

The pose makers need to start preparing for realtime animation. It's easier than you'd think because of how Linden Labs' render engine - which is VERY smart - is able to smooth transition logically between key frames.

You clothing and character designers need to start looking at converting your meshes into 3D printer, aka Home Fabricator templates which can take input scanned from a hacked Xbox Kinect or some other mocap device, get precise proportions from the client, and give them a customized 3D template for clothing they can print out at home on their 3D printer, and wear the same things their avatar wears.

And the materials used are all recyclable.

Shoe and boot makers... you need to do some material science study and lots of testing and be VERY diligent in terms of safety concerns.

All of this is on the way guys. And these 3D printers can print electronic circuits.... this can enhance the immersive user experience tenfold.

think shoes or stockings with sensor pads, so your avatar;s toes will wiggle and curl the way you choose to do it at home.

sensors in a wristband you print out, with memristor circuits so the power lasts for years, which will let you spin and slash and block and parry a melee weapon with the flick of a wrist.

I already have a mouse which has AA batteries that last 3 years without recharge.

a remote control that can run preset dance sequences.

endless possibilities.

And I hope this new Dawn paves the way for it WITHOUT leaving people who have worked so hard for so long for minimal reward out in the cold.

Please keep the little guy in mind, guys, always.


Because karma can be a real b*tch.


By: dullboy on 7/8/13
If the weight mapping doesn't provide a visually noticeable better figure than what we have with V4, this excitement will be short lived.

Genesis has almost all the visual bending /appearance problems as V4, with many similar types of utilities to fix bending problems and other morph deformation issues seemingly (I don't use it, just see the stuff for sale) required. I have purchased many add-ons for V4 that overcome teeth/toe/jaw-line/glutes etc. problems, and if the new figure is going to need these things in order to look right, then there is no need to change over to it.

I will keep an open mind 'til we see what the figure an do.

By: tsarist on 7/8/13
Will Dawn work in Carrara 7Pro? I'm a Carrara user and hope she will work. She looks great and I'm looking forward to this new figure.

By: the3dgm on 7/8/13
IF, and that;s a big if, the whole of the community gets behind a new stand alone figure that didn't come out of DAZ, not only would it be a first, IMHO it would be the best thing that has happened since the original Victora. Good luck. . . and has anyone notified Xurge?

By: Urcheon on 7/8/13
Sounds interesting but I will not be able to invest in a new figure if it does not work well with most of my existing content. I have a ton of genesis and V4 clothes, morphs, skins, etc.

By: PCKaz on 7/8/13
Looking forward to her arrival.

By: jperez2011 on 7/8/13
Sadly if she can't use all the content available for V4 I don't think it will work in the long run.

By: Anim8dtoon on 7/8/13
I too am very excited about this new Poser/DAZ figure; she is, in my opinion, the most realistically modeled one to date and could potentially leave DAZ Genesis figures far behind in the dust. August 9th seems so far away! Great job, HiveWire3D!

By: JOdel on 7/8/13
Does this mean that the Hivewire site will go live on 8/9?

By: Costello1 on 7/8/13
If she has the auto-fit capabilities and can take the same wide array of morphs available to Genesis, but native in Poser, then I'm excited. If she's just a slightly better version of Victoria, then that's nice and all but hardly a major improvement. I like Poser and a *real* breakthrough character platform will give me the incentive to spend more time (and money) on it.

By: calmday on 7/8/13
Great! Hopefully I can use
my V4 stuff on her!

By: JurgenDoe on 7/8/13
It's looking very good so far but I'll wait and see what really happens .. I hope she will be successful as V4 and a better addition as V5 or V6 for poser

By: kb7rky on 7/8/13
WOW! A new figure to compete with all the Vicki and Genesis figures?

Count me in!

By: ATZE-TM on 7/8/13
Thanks for the email invitation to visit this occurances. To Chris Creek the purported originator of the Poser simulations: Congratulations for being the purported originator of the Poser semblances. USE AT YOUR RISK; do not use abusively. eof

By: hisstoryman on 7/8/13
Glad to see that she will be compatible with Poser. The kind of support promised is making me, somewhat, optimistic,

By: strifex on 7/8/13
Glad to see some people trying to unite DAZ/Poser again rather than divide it like DAZ tried to do.

Its really up to the vendors to support her, and us the customers to buy said products. If only garbage or poorly crafted things come out for her, people will remain with Gen4.

By: RodS on 7/8/13
OK - I must have been living under a rock.... Hadn't heard of this before, but she looks awesome! And what a pleasure to see all these CG communities coming together on this project! I'll be looking forward to Dawn's release!

By: aqua1955 on 7/8/13
She looks great to me.

By: efron_241 on 7/9/13
I am glad !!! and happy
Wise to work together.

By: AlexandersGrandma on 7/9/13
I, like some others who commented here, WAS happy when I heard she was coming, until I read that she is for Poser 9 and up. So yet again, we Poser users who cannot afford to upgrade ( I have Poser Pro 2010) will not be able to use her. Maybe I should be happy because think of all the oney I am going to save buy not buying products for her. So maybe I should say thank you. Bleh. Bad move though, because I am sure I am not the only one in here that spends a fortune and I do mean FORTUNE in here as well as other 3D stores. Think of all the money that will be lost in sales. Ha.

By: 0oseven on 7/9/13
Will she work with Carrara 8.5 ?
I hope so - Genesis gives me hives !

By: yarp on 7/9/13
Welcome Dawn, I have been waiting for you.

By: cypherfox on 7/9/13
I wish them the best of luck, but...

So...the base model exists for DS and Poser. But as soon as someone makes morphs for it, clothes for it, skins for it, it's going to fork again, right?

I mean unless people are willing to do the work to support both platforms, and are willing to work to the lowest common denominator between the two, which seems like a poor bargain.

I love seeing the communities working together, but...I'm skeptical. I look forward to my worries being shown unfounded, and am slogging through the 93 pages of post to see if they're addressed at all...

By: cypherfox on 7/9/13
This is a hopeful sign:

Hopefully vendors are willing to do the work, in both directions.

By: freek2 on 7/9/13
So a new and improved figure will effectively render the $1000+ content collection I've built for V4 virtually useless and I will need to replace each thing as a facsimile occasionally floats down the pike?

By: heinz0r on 7/9/13
I would like to see more shots of her with all kinds of difficult positions. To see how the bends actually look. The figure looks good from the shots you showed but most of it is just relatively neutral positions where the legs are almost in default position and the arms are not above the head and such.

Almost all the figures look good in neutral poses. I just hope that Dawn will look great in difficult ones without the need of massive mesh correction or postwork.

By: shinner on 7/9/13
Looks like an exciting new change to whats available.
Can't wait to see how the model holds up to twisting and bending.

By: Myst_Lady on 7/9/13
Fantastic when is she for sale

By: lululee on 7/9/13
Congrats to HiveWire3D for such a beautiful lady. A real beauty with stunning bending.
Congrats to all of the brokerage sites coming together once again as a community.
It took a lot of power to reunite the community and restore some balance so I I know
Dawn will be successful. She is already inspiring so many of us vendors to create for her.
Looking forward to seeing all of the fantastic new art that the community will create
with this new Dawn. I am definitely supporting her so if you have any requests let me know.

By: toastie on 7/9/13
Unless Dawn brings something significantly new or different to my runtime I don't have any need for another Vicky clone. From the renders I've seen so far her bending isn't significantly better and in some areas (hands/wrists and feet/ankles particularly) she's certainly not as good as GND4, Evolution Eve or GNDA2.
I wish her creators and content supporters every success, but from what I've seen so far I'm not very interested in this one.

By: Paldav on 7/9/13
We aren't waiting for another Vic clone...IMO GND is much more better concerning bending etc...

But I wish You succes with her...

By: animajikgraphics on 7/9/13
Incredible work Chris, Steve, Eric and HiveWire3D Team!

By: LocusSolus on 7/9/13
Great news ! I can't wait to see her.
(a small detail: perhaps there may be a copyright conflict with DAZ Published Artist Raiya: )

By: BleedingBrain on 7/9/13
I've got Poser 8 so I will have no opinion on using Dawn.
I do have an opinion on software developers. They want you to keep buying new software. So in order to use Dawn, I would have to first buy a whole new version of Poser and then get Dawn and then wait months for new Dawn specific content...Don't think I will be spending hundreds more dollars just to try a new model that doesn't seem to really be that much of an improvement...even the simple arm bend in the above render looks bad in the elbow. You can already turn Vicky into just about anything so what's the attraction?

By: animajikgraphics on 7/9/13
@bleeding brain - well you have option of Daz Studio even if you version of poser doesn't cut it - I bought the latest version to play in poser myself (mostly a DS user myself)

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 7/9/13
If this new character can also use Vickie content via some form of morph fit she is a big thumbs up for me! Her complexion is flawless and she has a fresh look... as long as my thousands of dollars investment in Vickie is augmented, I am 100% on board! ;)

By: Richardphotos on 7/10/13
thanks to the people that made Dawn possible. she is an exceptional figure

By: BreighnMe on 7/10/13
me 2. i spend moocho on v. q. what hair is this

By: LostAlien on 7/10/13
This is brilliant! I too have lots of time and effort invested in V4 and love the figure. SO hopefully some compatibility will be there. I am SO looking forward to seeing Dawn... I have Poser Pro 2014 and DS, but mainly use Poser for my serious renders. Poser's new fitting room is pretty good too, so maybe all my years of effort still have some mileage! I am so excited, this is going to be great!

By: morganahope on 7/10/13
she´s look gorgeous to me !! I´ll stay here waiting her !!

By: carrara_pat on 7/10/13
If I were Rendo or RDNA I would look after #1 and wait to see what kind of policy the new competitor store will have before giving them all this free access and publicity. Maybe its all about uniting the community now...but who knows they may be taking away top vendors from you in a couple of months.

By: TLCDigitalArt on 7/11/13
I work with a wonderful group of artists on Facebook, both Elite Models 3D and Digital Stardust, and we are waiting anxiously for her to be released. And very curious to see what sort of support the vendors will supply. I myself am personally so excited, TLC.

By: Rhyull on 7/11/13
I wish I could get excited but after seeing V4WM fail to get critical mass when it was free and came with a free script that converted a lot of V4 content to work with it, I just can't see how this will fare better unless it also has an easy way to convert V4 items and hair to the new figure.

But tell me that Dawn will come with a script that will trawl my 125 gig of runtimes and convert at least half to be compatible and put them in a parallel set of directories for less than $50, and that merchants will be able to create content for VAGS4 / Genesis / Dawn in a way that makes it profitable for them to do it, THEN you will have my attention almost as much as you would if you told me Smith and Daz were going to stop squabbling and come up with a set of rigging that worked in both their programs.

By: angelluciano on 7/12/13
ok... I've been around this community for quite some time & I hate to sound like the bearer of bad news, but what is the big deal about this new character? I've even tried to go to the hivewire website & it's not even up yet... are you sure you're not just getting duped into buying stuff for a new character that won't be much different than the old ones? Then, when you go to the site it tells you they're not quite open for business so go to their facebook page, but the link doesn't even take you to their facebook page. And if you type in, it takes you to a page that has NOTHING to do with a Poser character. IDK about this...

By: Ameesa on 7/12/13
To the poster above me, try going here:
and here: those will explain things in more detail. If you've been around for a while, you should recognize the names. They've been there, done that, and this time hoping to do things better. That's why the excitement. As for the storefront, that's being constructed and likely won't open till Dawn is released.

I'm lookng forward to trying Dawn

By: Madrigal on 7/13/13
She's a very nice looking figure - but not for me. With Genesis I can turn Dawn into Dan... once again, we're offered Barbie with no Ken :)

By: danhrub on 7/13/13
I also have over 100 Gigs of V4 content and will not support a new figure unless there is a way to convert it easily. I'm tired of being pushed into new figures by Daz and then have to suffer from their poor service and have to jump through hoops to attempt to use my content on them. I stick to Renderosity and RuntimeDNA for my purchasing so I hope they think this through thoroughly with their customers in mind.

By: Ashter on 7/14/13
Dawn looks very nice but as many other customers have stated already. If I can't use my V4 content and my Genesis then I am really not interested. Money is tight these days and I spend enough money as it is on V4 and Genesis. Now if I can't use it on Dawn upgrading to Dawn will not be anything I would be interested in. Just like I'm not interested in upgrading to Windows 8. Microsoft must think we are all made of money. I hope that's not the case with Dawn.

By: MagicWeaver on 7/15/13
I'm starting to think Daz and Microsoft are in league and endevour to squeeze my last dime, but I love renderosity and RDNA and I buy most of my content and MR at these places, I also am hoping Dawn will be able to impliment morphs, flesh and clothing that I have (gads of) from V4 that would be totally groovy for me, being on a fixed income sucks but its my reality and I'm sure the reality of most of the folks, including vendors here!

By: Shoku on 7/15/13
Not sure about this model. Her upper lip appears odd. Maybe a lack of polygons in that area? Or just bad sculpting? Anyway I am sure she will have a niche in the market but unless there are as many morph options as V4 or Genesis she'll fade quickly.

By: fireknght2 on 7/22/13
We do need more of Dawn's early Light. Can't wait till she comes back

By: sioc on 7/25/13
They must support all that Daz official model do or it's already a dead project, see My Michelle at RDNA...Nice but too short in support. I'll try it but I believe it will live on only if there is stuff like auto-fit to make the new model at least as much as interesting as all other new ones.

By: erogenesis on 8/9/13
Despite my reservations, and the fact that it doesn't support V4 content, I was expecting this figure to be very well done. I checked it, and there is a major mistake in it. The thigh pivot is in the anatomically wrong location (down to the pubic bone level), and the bending of the leg looks strange, as if it gets shorter as it bends up.

Furthermore she's not the best base model for expanding to different figures, she's too robust and defined. Her shape shouldn't have been a base mesh, but an FBM. V4 is skinny, and that is good for modelling different body types to it... which is part of the success (and in my experience with my morphs it works better that way).

I'm busy making my own 3D figure, and I want it to fit all my V4 content. I'm already busy rigging it with JCMs.

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