Renderosity Prime!

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Prime Time is here and YOU are invited!

The Renderosity MarketPlace staff is excited to offer a membership option to its community that is sure to revolutionize the way that CG enthusiasts interact with the site.

Beginning Monday July 18th Renderosity Prime, the only art community membership to offer products exclusively from Top Sellers, becomes available to the community!

Renderosity Prime was built on the foundation of providing great content to dedicated CG enthusiasts at one flat rate. With a single annual membership payment, a Prime Member will have access to a growing library of outstanding content for just $3.50 per product!

Prime members will also have access to a dedicated Prime Forum area in which only members will have access to. The Prime Forum will also have a dedicated group of moderators whose focus will be on providing unparalleled customer support for the Prime members.

Not only can a Prime Member expect great products coupled with exceptional customer support but they will also be given a Prime Gallery subscription which will allow them up to three (3) daily gallery uploads.

As a special limited time offer, we will be offering a Prime discount off the regular rate of $99.95.

The blue 'Prime Sash' alerts Prime Members to a product that will always remain within the Renderosity Prime list of products.


The red 'Prime Classic Sash' indicates a product that will only be available as a Prime Product for a limited time.


Purchase your membership now at the LOW introductory price


PD Joey

Rock World

Familiar Bikini

The Archer

Huntress for The Archer


Delightful for Betsy Posh

Sexuals VIII - Familiar Bikini

FASHIONWAVE Blackout for M4 H4

Movie Sets, City Block Ten

LaLux Dress

Merchant Resource: Scales to Chainmail

Betsy Posh


Blue Wave for FASHIONWAVE Blackout

Oskarsson's Zombie V4

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Member Opinions:
By: nyguy on 7/15/11
IF a real person I'd say PhilC,

By: disneyfabfive on 7/15/11

By: jbrown87 on 7/15/11

By: jbrown87 on 7/15/11
or Powerage

By: Robertsim36 on 7/15/11
Tom from Dreamland Models

By: ariasparkle on 7/15/11
Props Chick Or Svena, Fabiana, HUMMMM This is hard. lololol

By: kathbran on 7/15/11

By: kathbran on 7/15/11

By: AlexandersGrandma on 7/15/11

By: Alan-ASD on 7/15/11

By: schonee on 7/15/11
Tempesta3d would be Great

By: yakchat on 7/15/11

By: Casette on 7/16/11
Alan Alda ( LOL )

By: vienastoks on 7/16/11
Hmm... intrigue. :) I'd second Tom/Dreamland, but all mentioned artists would be cool!

By: mikeerson on 7/16/11
Prime Time??? could it be Deon Sanders???? LOL

By: thatbumzzz on 7/16/11
My guess is Genesis the new multi-character figure from Daz :)

By: DreamlandModels on 7/16/11
Hi Robertsim36,
The last thing you want to see in that chair is me. 8-}~

By: Elke on 7/16/11

By: EpiEndless on 7/16/11
I hope it's not Genesis.

By: GhostInc on 7/16/11
Loik of course!

By: Amigo968 on 7/16/11

By: Amigo968 on 7/16/11
I love items from Fabiana

By: jahman58 on 7/16/11
If it's as in "Ready for", probably not Genesis...

By: Wonderworldbabys on 7/16/11

By: Kazam561 on 7/16/11
Phil Collins? Alan Alda would be cool. Loved Scientific American Frontiers when it was on...

By: powerage on 7/16/11
No, not me! But thank you to have thought :)

By: Winterclaw on 7/16/11
Aery Soul or whatever they are called now?

If not them, maybe Val3d or pretty 3d.

By: Cimaira on 7/16/11
Dr.Pitterbill or one of his alter egos, lol
seriously, I have no idea, not enough information to even make a guess,other than the one I've already made ;)

By: Bendinggrass on 7/16/11
Mrs. Poser?
Ralph Daz?

By: mikeerson on 7/16/11
could it be the President??? Yeah, he could sit there and tell us he's cutting the net and have fun without it - lol... Hope it's not me, I get stage fright - lol

By: Kazam561 on 7/16/11
How about one of the CGI team who did effects for Harry Potter?

By: QTFlux on 7/16/11

By: Roxam on 7/16/11
Casey Anthony

By: mikeerson on 7/16/11
Anthony Weiner with a direct line to renderosity on his cell phone - lol

By: jjk on 7/17/11
That chair does not look to be very comfortable. So it is not for a celebrity, but for a hard working person. Bagginsbill, maybe?

By: Barbara1337 on 7/17/11
Hope it's Santa and he's bringing lots of presents of money or gift certificates.

By: slicehel on 7/17/11
Whahaha Roxam, good one!

By: Anagord on 7/17/11
Propschick & Fabiana!

By: Cimaira on 7/18/11
Wow, what an awesome introductory offer! Glancing through the products offered, I can see a lot of items I'd love to have that will save me the $25 membership fee. Yep, lol, already went through the checkout with this one, it's a no brainer! Great idea Rendo Staff, thank you!

By: Acadia on 7/18/11
Before I decide whether "Prime" is right for me, I would like more information.

1. The announcement states "a Prime Member will have access to a growing library of outstanding content."

Right now I see 34 items available, and out of those 34 items I either already have it, or it doesn't interest me.

How often will more content be added? Will there ever be new releases for the Prime price, or just older content?

2. How is this going to differ from the clearance section, other than price?

3. What are the TOS rules for the members' Prime Forum? Is it going to be limited to Prime customer service only, or is it going to be a forum where members can discuss their art, Poser or other programs, OT, etc?

There is already too many forums on this site, what would entice me to want to join Prime so that I can have the choice of yet another?

4. Will Prime members have the option of being able to turn off the intrusive marketplace advertisements in the forums?

By: Xameva on 7/18/11
I'm wondering if there is an incentive for the vendors to make their new items a "Prime" item?

Otherwise I can't see a lot of vendors making their items "Prime", which is making me skeptical if this is worth the price. The fact that there aren't very many "Prime" items to start with is not a good sign.

By: BlakeM on 7/18/11
1) There are incentives for top sellers to frequently submit new and classic products to the club. All these products will be listed at the prime price of $3.50

2) This is different from the Clearance section in that we offer brand new products at the highly discounted "prime" price of $3.50 as well as other top selling "non clearance" products at a below clearance price.

3)The Renderosity Prime Forum will be used for Renderosity Prime Members to receive "prime" customer support, list any suggestions or ideas, and discuss any topics that pertain to the Renderosity Prime Club.

4)No, not at this time.

By: Mihrelle on 7/18/11
Are 'Prime' Products permanently offered at the $3.50 price, and are Prime products permanently in the Prime category, or is there any form of time limit - how does it work?

By: helgas on 7/18/11
How long will each Prime item stay in the pool for $3,50? Is there a time limit at all?
This is very important for me to know. I will gladly give up my DAZ membership for this one if I get a little more detailed information.

By: dialyn on 7/18/11
So, you are saying there will be discriminatory policy of providing "prime" customer service to those who pay for membership and less than great customer service to those who don't but who buy products and also support the site by doing so? That doesn't seem to be a very good customer service attitude, but then, seeing what's happened in the forums and the way the site has been made even more unreadable than before, I guess it is not surprising.

By: mcgoski on 7/18/11
5. Will coupons (eg 15% off) be valid on Prime Products?

By: mcgoski on 7/18/11
6. Will the Prime $3.50 products always be available for Prime Members at $3.50 or is there a time limit?

By: remo on 7/18/11
This sounds similar to the Platinum Club over at DAZ. I guess it's about time we had something like that over here.

This sounds good to me!

By: PandaB5 on 7/18/11
I have too many questiosn to make a decision:

1.If a product has a prime price is that forever, or just for an introductory period? 2. Will that product still have other discounts applied for example 20% off for customers who don't purchase the prime subscription?
3. What about coupons, will they be continuing and are prime products included or excluded?

By: renecyberdoc on 7/18/11
considering the amount i buy each month +- 300 dollars i guess its a good deal for me.

i try it out for the introduction price of 25 dollars wich i will soon have levelled out easy to calculate lol.

By: bad4u on 7/18/11
Nice - if the quality and number of regular releases stay acceptable over the time. But only time will tell..

PS: You forgot nursoda in the sellers list of "
Special thanks to the following Top Sellers for making the initial launch of Renderosity Prime possible:

By: bad4u on 7/18/11
Two more questions:
1. How long does "this limited time introductory offer of $25" for the membership last ?
2. Does "Flat fee of $3.50 for all NEW Prime product" mean these releases are on prime price only for some time before they go back to normal, or will price stay at $3.50 ?

By: thaaksma on 7/18/11
New content in the Prime Products are will retain their $3.50 cost. Classic items will come and go to this section. It's important to check back often to see if the product you're looking for is included at the Prime Price.

Coupons will not be valid on Prime Products.

By: thaaksma on 7/18/11
Please know that the Customer Support at Renderosity has always been considered by many to be the best in the industry. It is our goal to provide exceptional Customer Support to Prime Members while not compromising the attention we offer to every other Renderosity Member.

By: LilOne on 7/18/11
Who no option to pay a monthly fee? Sure, currently $25, but $100 is a lot for many, while $8.33 a month is something everyone can afford. Just saying.

By: singanprayisme on 7/18/11
I think it is a great deal and joined! I haven't had much experience with customer service but what I have had has been excellent. I hear from others it is superb.

By: Artemis on 7/18/11
I know that $25 is a big fee - even at a discount price - but its for a year! .... just think of the money you save if your buying quality products at a discount? .... for the price of one you are literally buying two products in the club ..... its awesome i think. i love bargains like this.

By: tiggersprings on 7/18/11
How long is the $25 introductory price going to be valid?

By: mirana on 7/18/11
Waited so long for something like this! Hope the introduce will be a few days. Money doesn't come until next week O_O

By: 3doutlaw on 7/18/11
I was just going to ask the same question...about the duration of the sale?

Also I noticed a few new items were added today. Is this like a 30 item, constantly updating type of thing, or will there be hundreds of items (updating)?

By: helgas on 7/18/11
I just bought the Membership. Can I start using it right away or do I have to wait for a confirmation?

So many tempting items. What a great idea - I love it. A breath of fresh air after 6 years of ...

By: bad4u on 7/18/11
Could you please consider adding a 'prime' status icon for prime items to the other wishlist icons ? And maybe even a mail notification when a wishlist item is added, or when new items are added to the portfolio ?

By: Faerydae on 7/18/11
"New content in the Prime Products are will retain their $3.50 cost. Classic items will come and go to this section."

Will newsletters/emails be sent to those that buy a membership to know when new items have been added to the prime category?

By: Artemis on 7/18/11
Helgas try it out and see if the Prime items show the Prime price it means you've been activated ... im pretty sure the admin staff are fast on these things ....

By: jakiblue on 7/18/11
Interesting club. Just looking at the Prime category. Where are the DS vendors? Where are the products that are very friendly to DS? On the surface it looks like a good deal - but how often will new items be added? Will you be asking DS vendors, or those vendors who at least TEST in DS or create DS mats etc, to join?

By: jbrown87 on 7/18/11
How long is the introductory price? I really want to take it up, but I can't till at least friday :(

By: LilOne on 7/18/11
@ .Artemis: Yes, $25 is one thing, but $100 another, as I said. It is the latter that is a big sum for many, while splitting it up monthly would make it much more affordable.

By: Artemis on 7/18/11
@ LilOne, i understand, if it werent at this intro price i wouldnt be getting it ... i would prefer it be a monthly thing like daz is.....

By: DiabeticG on 7/18/11

Although having the prime blue tag in the corner is a start. Many of use have wishlist, where it currently doen't not show. I sugguest adding a status code (like P for prime).

By: renecyberdoc on 7/19/11
well i just bought it as well,i guess the success of the prime will also depend on how people accept and go for this offer.
for me it will be worth it for sure.
and yes a monthly payment, as i have on daz platinum would also be appreciated,not everyone can just slap a 100 dollars on the table just like that.
another question is:i have gallery plus already can i cancel that one and keep the prime gallery.
can the prime gallery be visited by all my viewers and visitors or is that restricted to prime members??.(that was maybe a stupid question lol).

what else....

oh yeah about confirmation:the confirmation of the prime is coming in while i am typing this, means that it took 5 minutes to activate thats fast people lightning fast,lol.

and the names of the participating vendors sounds like a Whos Who in the 3d world -and its only the beginning.
i get back asap, now lets see the deals i can do right now.

i am worse than a kid hehehehe.

By: LilOne on 7/19/11
@ .Artemis: Indeed. Maybe if we ask nicely they will introduce that? Here goes: pretty please, Renderosity, with sugar on top, make monthly payments possible? s:) (s = sugar on top!)

By: renecyberdoc on 7/19/11
another thing is i would wish(lol) that you give the prime products also a special icon as in sale bundle etc,to show in the wishlist ,as i have always a huge wishlist it would be easier to spot them at once intead of opening the productpage again and then see if or not its prime.

By: DestinysGarden on 7/19/11
Question about the gallery submissions, page above says "they will also be given a Prime Gallery subscription which will allow them up to three (3) daily gallery uploads."

Is there a seperate "Prime Gallery" that one would get a subscriptions for, or is it a "Prime Subscription" to the regular gallery?

By: tiggersprings on 7/19/11
Considering that comments on these pages have to approved by some warm body connected to Rendo... One would think that person (or persons) could take a few minutes to alert the powers that be that people have questions about this offer so people can get answers.

Besides my original question of how long the introductory $25 price will, I now have another...

Does the Prime price apply to any gifts sent to the friends via the "gift" option? Say person A is a Prime member and wants to buy Nursoda's Yweeb for a friend (Person B)? Would Person A pay $3.50 for the gift cart, regardless if Person B is a Prime Member? How does that work?

By: StaceyG on 7/19/11
Please send questions to or post in the Customer Support forum

Thank you

By: Acadia on 7/19/11
I've decided I'm going to pass on this. Yes, an introductory price of $25.00 is much better than $100.00, but the fact is that this is still just too new and there isn't a great deal of information behind it.

I couldn't care less about a separate forum for customer support. The one there is now is fine and I see no reason to have another specifically for paying members.

I don't like the fact that these prime prices will come and go being replaced by different products daily (or how ever often). I'm a member of the PC Club at Daz and I like the fact that if I see things for $1.99 that I know that I can't buy it just then, that next month I can go back and buy it knowing the price will still be $1.99.

I also don't like that these prime prices are only for "top selling" vendors. I feel that is discriminatory and bad business and pits vendors against each other because "top selling" vendors are getting prefered treatment. I imagine this is going to cause, if it already hasn't, bad feelings among vendors.

Personally what I would rather see is along the idea of what Daz does. The products at Daz being sold for $1.99 are product buy outs. I think that when Renderosity does a buy out of a product for RPublishing, that some of those items should be the ones being offered for $3.50, permanently.

By: Meldamiriel on 7/20/11
How long does this promo last? EXTREMELY tight on $$ right now...

By: Jan19 on 7/20/11
This Prime thing was a stroke of genius -- and a fantastic gift to Rendo customers. Thanks very're putting some good stuff up, too!

Opinions..._Fenrissa_, PDesign, Digital Tailor, Phoenix1966...

By: hauksdottir on 7/20/11
This might be a good deal for people who spend a lot of money each month on the latest products... but only IF they can find items in this section that they would have purchased anyway... and only IF there are more such items over the year.

This is too much like DAZ's Platinum Club, with items and textures and lights and poses for that item all sold separately. A bikini here and a bikini texture there. :sigh: If a quarter of the items for sale depend upon the purchase of other "Prime" items, is there really a selection?

A Prime club shouldn't be just another warehouse club. Paying money to save money is a delusion. [b]Prime means "first" and items ought to be extraordinary and exclusive.[/b]

Looking over both pages of items, only the Rocks looked interesting. There was nothing that jumped out and said "Wonderful". There was nothing that said "Novel". And there was nothing that said "Unique".

By: araneldon on 7/20/11
You probably ought to mention that rendo has a minimum purchase limit of $5. In other words, it's not possible to buy a prime product at $3.50 without spending at least $5.

By: Inspired_Art on 7/20/11
yeah, how long is the offer on the table? And is it a one time $25 fee or recurring monthly?

By: StaceyG on 7/21/11
minimum price has now been changed to $3.50 so you can buy one prime product if you need to ...
Inspired Art, we have no definite on the end introductory price but thinking a week from launch. It is not a reoccuring monthly fee but a one time annual fee of $25

By: yungturk39 on 7/22/11
Damn. The one reason I liked this site better than DAZ just went away...

It was nice while it lasted.

By: DiabeticG on 7/22/11
It's also a nice way to finally get some of my images uploaded 2.4 for 1 cost/rate (base on one year rate).

By: roger22 on 7/22/11
I think this might turn out to be better than Daz's platnium. Here, all the prime products have the same price; not like just daz originals for two bucks and five off everything else. Or the five dollar voucher that can't use on the platnium product that your trying to buy.

The money I saved off prime products so far, I can put it back in for next years prime payment.

By: DiabeticG on 7/22/11
Under Renderosity Prime is Here! my previous blog I sumbitted a respone with a calcultation error, saying 2.4 to 1. The ratio is 1 to 1.4.

When really its about 1/3 more upload/dollar value base on a year.

1 Year = 365 days

Gallery Plus.
12 Month x 5 = 60, 5 Photo/Day, 1825 Photo/year, 25/5 Month, 5/12 x 1825 Photos = 760 Photos

12 Month (Fee) = 25, 5 Photo/Day, 1095 Photo/year, 25/Year, 12/12 x 1095 Photos = 1095 Photos

Prime has 335 Photo/Dollar More than Gallery Plus, Ratio 1(Gallery Plus) to 1.4 (Prime)

By: CardinalBiggles on 7/23/11
Not an offer I think I will take up.

By: douglasbushong on 7/23/11
How frequently will the Prime items update? My only concern is that items will come and go from the "prime" status without any communication to the prime members.

By: Paldav on 7/26/11
Not an offer I will take....even for $25.00

By: quietrob on 7/28/11
The Products featured are good products, I'm sure. Yet perhaps only one might be a possible purchase.

Still, Renderosity has never let me down. My membership is a vote for the people and artists of Renderosity.

By: infinity10 on 7/30/11
OK... I have wrapped my head around this new scheme just only. I think what's important to me as a potential prime member / buyer, are the vendors and the products in this scheme. I really don't want more stuff for a Vickie in a temple scene or Vickie in a sunday school setting or Vickie in a Halloween scene.

By: scooby37 on 7/31/11
You say that the $25.00 introductory price is probably only for a week and I notice that the price has gone up already to $35.00. But you advertising blurb is still stating that the price is $25.00. Where I live the price that is advertised is the price you pay, and that is the law even if you made a mistake. Please put it right!

By: celticfire on 11/23/11
I still say there are very few incentives on getting this. I never understood the whole warehouse clubs, even being a former Sam's club employee! I've waited eversince this has come out to get it, yet I've seen only one or two things I'd like to buy via Prime. Even the better coupons aren't really worth it considering what I spend per month on here. If it was offered monthly I would do it, but not while it's a one time ginormous fee!

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