Renderosity Match Game


The Match Game Results Are In!

We appreciate all those who took the time to submit their answers, however, only five (5) of those who answered all 10 correctly will walk away with prizes.

The Renderosity Community was asked to correctly match the 10 avatars of Gallery Members in the left-hand column to the 10 Gallery Submissions from these members in the right-hand column.

The five randomly selected individuals below will receive an email from a Renderosity Staff member within 24-48 hours to verfiy contact information. They will receive a 1-month membership to Digital Tutors as well as a Renderosity Prize Pack!








Happy Valentines!

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Member Opinions:
By: Biscuits on 2/3/12
Fun game!!!

By: mikeerson on 2/5/12
VERY CLEVER GAME... 4 of these artists I've had as friends for years and recognize their work... the other artists I've seen some of their avatars in friends galleries.... 2 avatars I've never seen - and that is where this game is clever - there is little hope of me getting all of these correct... I know some people are here 2 to 3 times longer than I am per day - I feel I have fallen too far behind to run this marathon already, so I wish the players good luck at crossing the finish line.

By: Acadia on 2/6/12
I don't recognize any of them. In fact I don't recall seeing avatars in the gallery. I think I must have the feature turned off. Good luck to those who are playing.

By: MarciaGomes on 2/7/12
Adoro este jogo!!

By: zil2008 on 2/9/12
I recognise all but 2. They are all fabulous artists and photographers. Fun game!

By: Calistra on 2/10/12
It took me a bit to find all artists, but looking through those wonderful works is real fun.
Nice game!

By: hecate61 on 2/11/12
Bit of a challenge. Some of them I got right off the bat, but I had to get creative to find the rest. The last two (8 and 4) were the hardest, but once I clued in on how to find them, they were quick.

By: Biscuits on 2/14/12
You just made my day!
Thank you so much!

By: Acadia on 2/14/12
Congrats to the winners!!!! I'm eager to find out what the "Renderosity Prize" is though!!

By: hecate61 on 2/14/12
Congrats to the winners.

By: mikeerson on 2/15/12
I could of emailed my friends to find the answers, I bet I could of gotten them all right if I would of, but I felt that would of been cheating - so I elected to withdraw from the competition.... I would like to see you put names by the avatars so we could know these fine artist... purdy please... with sugar on top? lol

By: Twins72 on 2/15/12
awww wow how cool you made my day !!
thanks so much and congrats to the other winners :-)

By: MarciaGomes on 2/15/12
Que surpresa!! você fez meu dia mais feliz!!
Congratulações aos outros vencedores.
Você poderia fazer mais jogos adoro estas brincadeiras são divertidas.

By: julesart on 2/15/12
Super! I never won anything before! Thank you! I guess my luck is changing. Great game. I had lots of fun playing! Congrats to all the other winners!!!!!

By: Arah on 2/16/12
holy cow! Great game!

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