October 2011 Artist of the Month - HeavensBlonde

Each month the Renderosity community votes on the Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... October's AOM is HeavensBlonde!

We congratulate HeavensBlonde for an outstanding collection of works in the Writers Gallery!

Who is 'HeavensBlonde'?

Julie Jones. I am a 46 yr old lady who has lived in Alabama the last 38 yrs. I was born in Detriot, Michigan. I have 2 daughters, Ginger, born in '87 who is now my angel, and Sara, born in '89, who has just given me my first grandbaby, Caleb.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I was 16. Only to just vent, I would always put words on paper (any kind, lol, even a napkin a few times). I never let anyone really read them, here and there maybe, my kids, etc. Sometimes I wrote things for family B-days, etc.

I never posted my poems until RR and Lonely_Wolf (who is on RR...please see his amazing gallery), my bro, he said "I love your poems and please post them and just see if others do. Why hide them when you can share and maybe touch others?" Which, I hope I have...done this...

The Sirens Song

What are you currently working on?

As of now, writing on life's waterfall, such as where are we going in life and been, what we fear...

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

This poem (I reached for My Daughter's Hand, Today), because my daughter means the world to me (besides my grandson and one other guy...he knows who he is and where he stands in my life).

~ I reached for My Daughter's Hand, Today ~

I reached for my Daughter's hand today,
weeping as I held her close...
Touching fingertips gently, softly...
and caressing pink-petaled toes...

I reached for my Daughter's hand today,
her first steps cautiously placed...
Now she would navigate to new worlds..
Confidence upon her face..

I reached for my Daughter's hand today,
her fingers curled about mine...
Music playing from the ice cream truck
as she squeezed that shiny dime...

I reached for my Daughter's hand today,
her birthday fun put aside..
For she had fallen from monkey bars...
Nose broken, as was her pride...

I reached for my Daughter's hand today,
as she danced upon the stage...
Light reflecting in light brown hair,
curls and ribbons all "The rage"...

I reached for my Daughter's hand today,
when she did not make the team....
Being part of the group was crucial,
sobbing at losing her dream...

I reached for my Daughter's hand today,
as her date came for the prom...
Drive carefully I told her fellow...
to which she just blushed--Oh,Mom~!

I reached for my Daughter's hand today.
Cap and gown in yellow hue..
An apartment on the horizon...
Moving out.... making me blue..

I reached for my Daughter's hand today..
She married and moved to another town..
We said our Goodbyes..
....I touched her hands,
and, I guess, there sealed my fate...

I reached for my Daughter's hand today...
A Mother, herself, to be....
Proud Grandma so many miles away ...
..a car ride just to go see..

I'll reached for my
Grandson's wee hand..Soon
looking deep into his eyes...
In a dancing gaze Beauty so rare,
Two hearts bonded...No Surprise...
All because he reached out to my
Daughters hand...

Love, HeavensBlonde XoXo June 25,2011

Who, or what, inspires you?

My kids when little I make up stories and tell them...I always loved Lit in school and Poetry. Poetry is like a freedom...feelings of others, and how I made them feel.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I just enjoy writing to vent and clear my head, and truly hope I can touch someone esle. Maybe make them remember a good time, or feeling, or even mine.

Lost My Light

Do you have any tips you would be willing to share on writing?

Just write what you feel. You dont have to study it. Share your heart.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I love sixstring's poetry. The community has also brought me out of a shell... and I LOVE EVERYONE WHO VOTED AND ALL MY FRIENDS WHO READ MY POEMS...

Do you have any parting comments, or advice for other writers or artists?

God bless all. Everyone here deserves something and has talent... Keep on keeping on!!


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Member Opinions:
By: renecyberdoc on 10/2/11
Congratulations Jules.well deserved.hugs from spackoine.

By: Anagord on 10/2/11

By: lonely_wolf on 10/4/11
Wonderful poetry by an angel of human! Well deserved and my congratulations to.

By: KnightWolverine on 10/4/11
Couldn't have gone to a more deserving individual.Congrats to you and for your artistic contributions here at Renderosity.Always a pleasure seeing your past and present work!

By: arlivre on 10/4/11
Wonderful artistry.
Most deserved, congratulations !!

By: SIGMAWORLD on 10/4/11

By: sixstring on 10/5/11
I love YOUR poetry, Jules! And I'm so blown away to even be mentioned by someone I so admire, who has been at poetry just a liiiiiiittle longer than I have. It's an honour. And it is a joy everytime I get to read something new by you, my friend. God bless, love and keep you! - Matt

By: pixeluna on 10/5/11
Congratulations, so well-deserved! Your poetry rocks!

By: nefertiabet on 10/7/11

By: Dreamdesigner on 10/8/11
Congratulations Julie,wonderful poetry and great works, keep up the good work!:-))))

By: jo_dis on 10/8/11
Congratulations for your impressive work

By: Feliciti on 10/31/11
congratulations to you :)like your poems so much !!

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