November 2010 Artist of the Month - 00AngelicDevil00

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on the Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... November's AOM is 00AngelicDevil00!

We congratulate 00AngelicDevil00 for an outstanding collection of works in the Vue Gallery!

Who is '00AngelicDevil00' and how did you come by this member name?

00AngelicDevil00 (a.k.a. Drea Horvath) is a 24-year-old senior student of Health Sciences and a self-trained freelance digital landscape artist from Hungary; currently living and studying in Rochester, NY USA.

I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, but I had the chance to travel around Europe and visit some countries as a former short track speedskater. My addiction to 3D landscaping started in late 2007, when I was browsing wallpapers for my desktop. I came across some nice 3D landscape renders, and I started wondering how to make them - I wanted to make my own desktop wallpapers. That's how I found Bryce (just like many artists, I started with using Bryce), and after some weeks playing with it, I joined a great art community where I found some beautiful landscapes rendered in Vue. Well, it didn't take too long for me to get my hands on Vue 6 Infinite, and I quickly found myself composing more and more landscapes.

I kept posting my renders to art sites (including Renderosity), and all the advice, constructive criticism and - mostly positive - feedback from both new and experienced artists made me want to improve my skills, experiment and work even more. My hobby became my passion, and after a year of experimenting, I decided to take 3D landscaping more seriously; I collected some training materials, created my Portfolio, and met professional artists whose tips and tricks helped me improve.

Sanctuary by 00AngelicDevil00

Currently, I am a contracted freelance digital environment designer at iMU Studios, and I have written 3 tutorial articles for 3D Artist magazine.

The nickname "AngelicDevil" covers a cheerful, enthusiastic and ambitious personality with a great sense of humor; the 'angelic' side means appreciation of beauty and devotion towards people in need (required characteristics of a Nursing student); the 'diabolic' side means stubbornness and competitive spirit. In short, I chose this nickname because of my complex, sometimes confusing and unpredictable personality, plus it sounded witty enough for an artist.

How long have you been working in digital art?

As an artist I've been creating Vue landscapes for almost 3 years now, and I have worked as a freelancer for about a year. Although it started as a mere hobby, I've considered CG as my second profession, besides being a student. My addiction to 3D art is getting stronger day by day, and recently I have come to a point in my life when I'm really considering taking professional courses and working in this field for the next decades.

In Perfect Harmony  by 00AngelicDevil00
In Perfect Harmony

Do you have any traditional art experience?

Well, I must admit I don't have any traditional art experience, other than doodling as a kid. In fact, I am completely self-trained with zero professional training of any kind. My learning process consists of lots of experiments, trials and errors, accompanied by a lot of very useful constructive feedback from my more experienced fellow artists who I really appreciate.

What are you currently working on?

Due to a recent university scholarship program – the reason why I moved to the U.S. for a temporary period – I had to put my CG-related works aside for a while. Besides my exams and school assignments, I have way less time to work, and I cannot take part in greater, long-term projects. Although I keep working for iMU Studios, making concept art and level & terrain design for our upcoming game THUNDER – Throne Wars. Working in the game industry means a big challenge for me, because it is way different than my personal work. While I can create whatever I want in a personal scene, in a game there are many things to pay attention to. I enjoy it very much!

Chasing Heights by 00AngelicDevil00
Chasing Heights

What is in your digital toolset and why?

As for composing and rendering, the only software I use is Vue Infinite. Since my time for art has always been limited, I chose to master one particular program to the core, instead of learning to use multiple tools and getting confused. Recently, I started experimenting with World Machine's terrain generating features, but I still can't say I know how to use it. I'm planning to learn modeling in the near future, because sometimes I really feel some characters and/or objects are missing from my landscapes.

For postwork, I use Photoshop CS5. I really love it because it allows me to make corrections in my renders, without needing to re-render the whole scene. Using Photoshop as a tool for post processing saves a lot of time and energy.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

It is a very difficult question. There are several works that belong to my favorites, but there are only a few I am really proud of. I think my absolute favorite is still my scene called 'Sanctuary' from 2009, because that was the first time I really could achieve a cinematic effect with a dramatic atmosphere in a large-scale jungle scene, which is one of my favorite styles. Another render I would highlight is 'In Perfect Harmony' because I like the lighting effects I could create in it. From the most recent works, I really like 'Golden Valley,' because everything went just the way I wanted during its creation, which resulted in a dramatic, hazy atmosphere and realistic lighting. And last, but not least, from my older works, 'Treasures of Asia' is the scene that is closer to my heart, because it contains all of my favorite features: sculpted rocks, large-scale ecosystem, dramatic atmosphere and Asian elements.

Golden Valley by 00AngelicDevil00
Golden Valley

Who, or what, inspires you?

Although it's been nearly 3 years, I still remember the time when I was a beginner, drooling at the works of some really talented artists and was only dreaming of making such amazing landscapes like they did. From these artists I would mention last November's AOM, Artur Rosa (alias Rutra) and his always unique renders, Dominic Davison (alias DOM1) and his beautiful, very detailed works that remind me of some nice Victorian paintings, and Gary Miller (alias garyandcatherine) whose images are full of life.

One of the most influential artists for me is Dax Pandhi, founder of QuadSpinner, who is not just the most skilled Vue artist I know, but the best teacher whose training materials helped me understand how things really work in Vue, as well as in nature. He is the person who always helps whenever I need, who encourages me to improve my skills and who has become a very good friend of mine. I am also grateful to Vladimir Chopine, founder of GeekAtPlay Studios – his video tutorials helped me a lot in growing from a beginner to an advanced user.

There is another person to mention who has become my greatest source of inspiration in the last year, and this is my boyfriend and partner in crime Michel Rondberg (alias da1imu), with whom we share the same passion for art. He knows my happy moments and struggles like no one else and his constant, unconditional support and encouragement means the most to me.

I often gain inspiration from dramatic digital matte paintings, traditional paintings, beautiful nature photos and shots from epic movies. Movies like Avatar, Lord of the Rings or the recently released Legend of the Guardians contain many breathtaking sceneries that make me sit down and create more and more landscapes. From matte painters, I especially like the works of Dylan Cole and Raphael Lacoste.

What do you enjoy most about Vue?

The best thing with Vue is that it gives me the ability to create my own world; and a world that my mind can see but my eyes cannot. With the countless features in one single software, there is no such scenery that is impossible to create; from large vistas to close-up shots, from mountains to canyons, lakes, seascapes, from desert to jungle, everything is possible. Let it be sunrise, sunset, day or night, underwater or above sea level, summer, fall, winter or spring, real, surreal, fantasy or sci-fi.

My two favorite features are EcoSystems and Global Radiosity lighting model. With the EcoSystem feature, you can populate large terrains with thousands of instances at just one click. You can control their size, density, direction from surface, slope and environment influence, and a lot more. With GR lighting you can literally mimic real-life lighting; it works just like light works in nature.

Treasures of Asia by 00AngelicDevil00
Treasures of Asia

Do you have any tips you would be willing to share on the software?

I always encourage fellow artists to use GR, even if it increases your render time. It's worth the wait. Even if you don't aim for realism, it is essential to make your scene believable, and GR lighting is a key element for this. Speaking of render time, you can significantly decrease it by reducing GR quality to -0.5 or even -1 without virtual quality loss.

You can read about many other useful tips on the features of Vue at several sites; my advice is: experiment. Don't be afraid to pull the sliders to the limit, take your time to get to know every setting and the results they give, because that is the best way to learn and keep things in your head.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I am a member of several art sites, but I must say Renderosity is the place where I get the most feedback on my work. This is very important, because positive feedback is my fuel to create more and more landscapes, and constructive feedback motivates me to learn more and improve my skills. With the help of these wonderful people – you guys – I have become someone I wanted to be ever since I came across the first Vue renders I saw. I have grown from a hobbyist to an artist, and as a result of your support and encouragement, I am now writing these lines. Thank you!

Do you have any parting comments, or advice for other artists?

Don't give up. If you have a scene in mind you want to create, don't stop till you achieve what you want. I think every one of us has come to a point some times while working on a project when we said we couldn't get further, and either gave up working or deceived ourselves by saying "let this be enough for now, after all it is not that bad…". You don't need to rush and you don't need to compromise. Take a break if needed, but never stop till you are fully satisfied with your work. Believe in your abilities and always set new goals. That is how you can bring the best out of yourself, as an artist and as a person as well.

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By: tiff666 on 11/2/10
Great artist, well done!!! Congratulations!!! ;-)

By: IO4 on 11/2/10

By: TruForm on 11/2/10
Whoa! That is real excellence!

By: PhG47 on 11/2/10
Which talent... I admire your exceptional work... Bravo!

By: nickcharles on 11/3/10
You are a master at your craft and I am in awe of your work! Congrats on AOM!

By: da1imu on 11/3/10
Congratz my lady

By: gillbrooks on 11/3/10
Congrats Drea - very well deserved :)

By: arlivre on 11/3/10
Superb artwork, most inspiring !

All the best to you

By: da1imu on 11/3/10
I am commenting again becuz my comment got cut off somehow.

First of all congratulation my lady, you really deserve this. Yes I've witness you struggles, the pain and glory and therefore I feel it's my right to say, you have really worked hard for this and I am so happy you got this recognition. Keep it up, congratz!

By: marforno on 11/3/10
Congratulations... Your work is simply Amazing... Superb...!!!:-)

By: Bokchoi on 11/3/10
I've seen your articles in 3d Artist and was very impressed with your work. Your work is exceptional and knowing that you have taken your skill to this level of perfection in only a few short years is inspiring.

By: SIGMAWORLD on 11/4/10

By: Flak on 11/4/10
Congrats Drea. Awesome work and richly deserved :) Well done.

By: necrophage on 11/5/10
well deserved - congrats - awesome render art!

By: 2121 on 11/6/10
So wonderfully deserved....really.
I am very pleased for you, as one of my fav artists i hoped you would get this. Bravo.

By: soffy on 11/6/10
Congratulations,very well deserved,you have a wonderful Gallery :)***********

By: BlackAngel66 on 11/6/10
Congratulations to a great artist!

Extremely well deserved! Your art is impeccable!

By: InaLee on 11/10/10
You deserve it!!!

By: ironsoul on 11/10/10
Would love to see what you would do with characters in your images, would add an extra dimension.

By: mountmous on 11/11/10
Amazing work. COngratulations!

By: calum5 on 11/15/10
Compliments!Well deserved:)

By: doarte on 11/15/10
Beautiful Work, Congratulations!

By: gazampa on 11/20/10
Congratulation,you are my favorite Vue artist.

By: lior on 11/25/10
I always have loved your atmos...
Well deserved for the talented artist that you are:)

By: Anagord on 11/26/10
Awesome work really.Congrats!!!

By: castaneda on 11/26/10

By: Danny_Gordon on 12/4/10
Well Deserved

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