November's Contributor of the Month - ericwestray

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I have been an artist all my life. Before I could write my name, I was drawing. Not truly convinced that I was a “real” artist, I chose to major in mathematics in college. Shortly thereafter, I received a master’s degree in math education. So during the day, I am everyone’s favorite mathematics instructor, but by night, I transform into the Pose Meister! I love working with Poser!

I began using Poser four years ago, beginning with Poser 2. I have always loved figure drawing and was convinced that this program would help me to create beautiful fine art nudes. My grandmother, a fashion illustrator, inspired me to draw beautiful women. This is probably why I have worked toward mastering the human pose. By spending hours at a time, creating the perfect pose, I hope other artists who purchase my preset poses will also be inspired by them and use them in their works.

Since I have come to be apart of the Renderosity Community, I have learned so much. I don’t think a day goes by without me looking in the Poser Gallery, to see what’s new. There are so many great artists featured there. Because of the encouraging words of other artists, I began to post work, looking for more advice and constructive criticism. It is in this community that I have come to feel like a “real” artist.

Currently I am working toward doing more post work and mastering the painting of material. It is because of artists like Will Kramer and Picky that I have lost a lot of sleep, with regards to this area! They have given me wonderful advice and as a result, I have been practicing and practicing. I hope to add more flowing materials to my 3D renders very soon.

Besides Poser, my other most used programs are Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint and 3D Studio Max.
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Member Opinions:
By: picky on 11/2/01

It's really nice to see you getting this very deserving title.
Take care and good luck with your future acomplishments! :)

By: Lorraine on 11/2/01
congratulations, your work is truely inspired. It is nice to know that mathematics and art can be compatible for someone else, sometimes numbers inspire beautiful images.....congratulations again!...

By: trevor3000 on 11/2/01
Congratulations Eric!

By: Helen on 11/3/01
Congrats... I admire both your work and your contributions to the art community. This is a much deserved honour.

By: kelley on 11/4/01

You mean you have a talent for mathematics and you do not think that you are an artist? Math and Geometry are the basic's of reality. I would kill to be adept at math!!

Taking a pre-defined mannequin and bending it does not equal art. Any fool can twiddle the dials. Take your sack of poses and animate them, Dammnit! Texture the figures, take them into Bryce (or whatever if necessary) and tell me a story.

If you can't do that...then explain Bell's Theorem...because I'm realy confused.


By: parris on 11/4/01
Well eric I can only say I told you so about 20 years ago! You always had the talent, the eye for the human figure since middle school. I am just glad you decided to explore your gifts and share your skills with the rest of the world. CONGRATS!

By: kzarah on 11/4/01
Congratulations. I really admire your incredible realistic poses, as I find them to be the hardest and longest part of the whole process. Keep up the great work.

By: whwhitney on 11/5/01
Congratulations Eric. You've done a great job helping to make the full potential of 'Poser' available to everyone. Keep up the good posing.

By: voodoo on 11/5/01
Congratulations, Eric. Well deserved :) I've always enjoyed seeing your work, especially how you've improved over the time I've known you. Keep up the good work, friend.

By: JOE LE GECKO on 11/6/01
Congratulations Eric !
You really deserve it. Pose is the spark which give life to all those creatures, and you're a real fire ! ;)


By: jenay on 11/6/01
hi, Eric -
congratulations for the election as Contributor of the Month. :)
i am a great fan of your artwork. very skillfull and
fine postwork. i love your chartacters and poses very
much. they look so very natural. - yes i know how tedious it
sometimes is to create some really good looking poses...

joekurz (aka jenay)

By: Tammy on 11/7/01
Congratulations Eric, Im trying to master the post painting process too, good luck :) Looking forward to seeing your work if your poses are any indication I know it will turn out great.

By: Stormi on 11/7/01
Congratulation's Eric..! =)

By: george on 11/9/01
wish you all the best on your ways

By: Krystalmoon on 11/9/01
Congratulation Eric - and thanks for sharing your
art with us newbies

By: Krystalmoon on 11/9/01
Congratulation Eric - and thanks for sharing your
art with us newbies

By: nikitacreed on 11/10/01
Well deserved! Congrats Eric! ;o)

By: magnet on 11/12/01
Congrats Eric! You certainly deserve this honor!

By: Maira on 11/17/01
Congratulations, Eric! I've used your poses and they are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

By: Syyd on 11/21/01
Congrats Eric, great to see you here, fine fine work.

By: jacee on 12/1/01
Congratulations. Your poses are wonderful.

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