April 2005 AOM - vbarreto

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist of the Month — April’s AOM is Cinema 4D artist, vbarreto [Victor Barreto]. We congratulate vbarreto for his outstanding collection of Cinema 4D images.

Who is vbarreto?

First of all, thanks to the nice people of Renderosity, crew and members, for the nomination and votes for this AOM. I really appreciate this. My name is Victor “Vic” Barreto. I am 44 years old and a retired air pilot with more than 9,000 hours flying time on my logbook.

Currently, I share my time doing casual work for the State courts, and enjoying the splendid beachside lifestyle of the Gold Coast, Australia. This gives me suitable time to learn, and learn more, about my favourite program Cinema 4D.

How long have you have you been creating computer graphics?

Well, I have always been very fond of art. My sign is Libra! I learned to use oils and then acrylics when I was a teenager, but, I could barely finish a painting. Too many details in my compositions caused me to spend too much time in front of the canvas.

My CG adventure started on June 24, 2002. I was completing an IT certificate to deal adequately with my new hobby — Computers. That sunny day, I saw a gorgeous Bryce package in a computer store for the first time, and as I was peering at the box, suddenly and idea came to me ... "Why don’t I mix my new computer knowledge and my painting skills to get an image finished." Bryce seemed too intimidating to me, so I bought the more conventional Paint Shop Pro 7 and started to “paint” my imaginary worlds.

On November of that year, I was awarded a copy of Vue d’Esprit 4, as winner of a 2D digital competition. Immediately, I was charmed by the power of 3D software to generate virtual worlds. Finally, I had found my long time desired gadget. Vue 4 was my favourite tool for all of 2003. By 2004, it was definitively time to switch to Cinema 4D.

Do you have traditional art experience?

I learned to use oils and acrylics very well. For more than 20 years I painted hundreds of unfinished images. They all had strong Salvador Dali influence. Of the few paintings I did finish, I sold every one. But at that time I was more interested in my pilot career. So, traditional painting was just a hobby.

What are you currently working on?

I am eagerly working to master this fantastic program — Cinema 4D. Knowing Cinema 4D better would allow me to animate my worlds easily. I know animation is quite time demanding, but I would like to see moving the whole elements of my creations in that direction. I would like to generate a crazy film.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

I started using Cinema CE 6, in October 2003, as a modelling tool for populating my landscapes generated in Vue 4. I switched definitively to Cinema 8.5 on April 2004 [oh … happy anniversary], looking for superior render quality and more advanced modelling and animations tools. Currently, I’m using version 9.1, and I am very happy with it.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

Well, my beloved friend The beacon man is the image that made more people take notice. It is a simple and eye-catching image. It is my guide when I try to correct my tendency to over-populate my worlds.

The beacon man © vbarreto [Victor Barreto]

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

All my life I have been waiting for something like 3D. I love visualizing virtual worlds, and 3D is precisely for this. I think, in the future, it would be possible to project and materialize computer 3D objects in real life, and this would completely change our way of living. Just imagine the year 2020 and the capability of a 3D program like Poser “release 18” projecting a humanoid sitting on a chair in your front room chatting with you. Materialized 3D will be a mayor impact on our world, and we are not anticipating that idea clearly yet. Definitively, I would like to be part of that event.

Who/what inspires you?

Salvador Dali was a mayor inspiration during my traditional painting period. However, I am starting to see his work as part of the magnificent and revolutionary art of the last century. Perhaps, I’m trying to achieve more futuristic environments to develop a sort of innovative “Sci-fi-surrealism.” Any kind of machinery has also strong inspiration on me. My objective is to suggest the conquest of gravity, and to display a more pleasant and enhanced world to live.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I’m a Renderosity addict now. I’m glad to share my ideas with people that share the same interest, in the largest digital art community. I have always found nice and cooperative people here. And of course, the artworks are fabulous. This community is great!

Parting Comments — Advice to other Artists?

Talking about 3D. Create, create and create. This is the aim of 3D software. Sometimes there is no a clue for starting a model or scene but there won’t be anything without trying. I think the time of modelling real life objects is passing. Creativity and originality is the next step. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

We invite you to view vbarreto’s Renderosity Gallery.

To learn more about Renderosity's Artist Of The Month [AOM] award,
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Member Opinions:
By: outoftouch on 3/28/05
Congrats! Your work is great :-)

By: ShadowWind on 3/28/05
Congratulations indeed, well deserved award!

By: EXISTO on 3/28/05
Congratulations. your work is amazing!!!

By: nhirschberger on 3/28/05
Congratulations ! Brilliant work you share with us !

By: Pontigary on 3/28/05
My sincere congratulations! You've achieved tremendous results in Cinema. I haven't seen anything so masterfull and beautiful at the same time. Let the 'combination' of Your artistic vision, technical skills and inspiration develop further and let us see even more beutiful masterpieces!

By: Jay7347 on 3/28/05
Vic...this is so well deserved on your part. Your images delight and inspire. Your one of the few artists that can blow me away with technique, conceptual vision and humor. Keep up the fantastic work my friend!

By: coolcatcom on 3/28/05
Congratulations you know how much I love and enjoy your work.......BRAVO !

By: Yoro on 3/28/05
big fat congrats also from me, as a great fan of surrealistic pics I really enjoyed your gallery!

By: tony_br22 on 3/28/05
It is so wondeful to see your wonderful work recognized this way Vic. I think your artwork is both artistically and technically brilliant and super original. Congratulations my friend!

By: jlgarcia0 on 3/28/05
Congrats!!! You REALLY deserve it! ;)

By: vedek on 3/28/05
Well deserved. Outstanding artwork! He was already one of my favorites!

By: eyeland on 3/28/05
Congratulations, Vic. More often than not, I don't agree with the majority in these kinds of votes, but I definitely do this time. Well deserved...

By: digitell on 3/28/05
HEY! Congradulations! You really deserve this...you are such a talented artist!!! I really enjoy your works! :)!!

By: Malstorm on 3/28/05
well done mate....knew you would get this ;)

By: YARDOBE on 3/28/05
Have you been nominated before...cuz you should have been and if you haven't ,it's long overdue...WOW!

By: oswaldfitch on 3/28/05
I'm glad you've won. Your work is original
and technically acomplished. You certainly recognize it as yours. Cheers and best of luck for the future

By: electric on 3/28/05
congratulations vic......unico y original..

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 3/29/05
Congrats Vic, you work is fantastic.

By: Cosme..D..Churruca on 3/29/05
Enhorabuena Vic ! You deserved it. Bien merecido !

By: MOOOW on 3/29/05
HEY!!!! Congradulations my dear friend!!Well deserved,you have amazing artworks in your gallery very creative and wonderful imagination !!Best wishes for you :o))))))

By: StaceyG on 3/29/05
Congratulations. Well deserved honor.

By: logiloglu on 3/30/05
Congrats, well deserved honor. i like your artistic style very much. a fascinating gallery !!!!!!!!!! #:O) !!!!!!!!!!!

By: kromekat on 3/30/05

By: danob on 3/30/05
Way to go Vic well deserved !!

By: jagill on 3/30/05
Yes, very well deserved. Your images are all so very different and all brilliant. Thanks for the inspiration.

By: kenwas on 3/30/05
Well Done!

By: Shardz on 3/30/05
Congratulations with this great, well deserved honor! Your stunning artistry and creative vision is an inspiration and never ceases to amaze the senses! The level of detail you achieve in your work is amazing and the full attention to every aspect in your scene is more than evident! Super work on receiving this award! I look forward to more of your wonderful creations!!

By: miztere on 3/30/05
Congratulations ! your sci-fi gallery is
crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy : )

By: oooZENOooo on 3/30/05
Lets the spotlights shine, you deserve it! :o)

By: Arkanias4 on 3/30/05
Hey congrats for this well deserved award! I recently became a fan of your gallery and I am happy for that recognition of your fabulous works :-)

By: swazi on 3/31/05
wonderful work , one of my fav's:) thanks for putting your work on here lets me see that with practice , i one day might be able to do the things you do:)

By: wannes on 3/31/05
A well deserved award!! I really love your work!! Congratulation!!

By: karanta on 3/31/05
Congratulation! You have wonderful images in your gallery. And you have a very unique style. It´s a very well deserved honor!

By: 3D_Explorer on 3/31/05
Congrats Victor!

By: Anjour on 3/31/05
Congradulations my friend...:o)

By: xoconostle on 3/31/05
A well-deserved accolade! You've been one of my very favorite artists at this site for a long time. Thank you for the beautiful images, inspiration, and your kind encouragement. Bravo!

By: alan42 on 3/31/05
well done Vic - it's great to see a C4D-er get the award, but even better that it should go to a Queenslander!

By: 8ven on 3/31/05
Congratulations Vic I am glad one of the greatest Surrealists alive today is recognized for the quality of his digital visions. Good Luck!

By: ExprssnImg on 3/31/05
You are a crazy genious. I LOVE IT! Rock on my friend. Rock on. Your brain is fabulous!

By: criss on 4/1/05
Well deserved. Your artworks are superb! Congrats, Vic!

By: Silgrin on 4/1/05
Now let`s wait for that "crazy film"! It can be sth absolutely amazing.

By: FrenchKiss on 4/1/05
Oh well done! Congratulations to you!!! :-)

By: Silgrin on 4/1/05
So, I`m now looking forward your crazy film, vbaretto! It can becoma sth really amazing!!

By: brylaz on 4/1/05
Congratulations!!! You are a great surreal artist!! Your pictures are always wonderful!!! ;-)

By: 1010 on 4/1/05
YEAHHHHHHHH!!! Congrats, your art is simply the best and you are so deserving of this honor. Big hugz for a great srtist...

By: groush2 on 4/1/05
Congrats...Vic ! ! !
I really cannot think of another Artist that deserves the praise and accolades that I have read here.

I had the pleasure and honor to view your work before your arrival here at Renderosity, it was then as it remains now Amazing !

Your Friend

By: eryt on 4/1/05
well done...and well deserved! Kudos to you, Vic..your art is masterful, original and superbly done! I am pleased to be associated with you on this wonderful Renderosity site..and look forward to more of your beautiful creations...bravo!

By: ijack999 on 4/1/05
Way to go Vic! Congratulations! Since I came to renderosity You have been an inspiration. Viva Surrealism!!!

By: herbstliebe on 4/1/05
oh no, wow!!! congrats vic!!! you know, i always love your detailed fantasy!

greetings corinna

By: sacada on 4/1/05
Fantastic art and a well deserved award. Congratulations from another renderosity Aussie.

By: KeithWigdor on 4/1/05
Vic, Congratulations on being voted AOM on Renderosity. Keep working on digital art and keep on painting too! Your Friend in Surrealism, Keith Wigdor

By: Wahnfried1959 on 4/1/05
Hi Vic

Congratulation to the/ your C4d-AOM!!!
Very well deservedly! I am glad with You! :-)))
A little gift here:

By: Richard T on 4/1/05
Congratulations> The award is well deserved.

By: jjsmlee on 4/1/05
Congratulations. I love your work.

By: gknapp on 4/1/05
Yup!A most worthy winner for certain!!!

By: vshane on 4/1/05

By: Drsuess on 4/2/05
Well Its About Time They Recognize Your Talent! Congrats! 8)


By: danob on 4/2/05
Bravo Vic I am delighted you won this award it has been a pleasure to comment and share a love of surreal art and images for the past two years or so

By: crypticghost on 4/2/05
big congratulations mr.barreto, you totally deserve it! I find your art to be a change of pace, mold breaking, and refreshing. I've always loved surreal art, and you definitely help to satisfy that "jones" my friend.

By: ebsmooth on 4/2/05
congratulations V!!! i couldn't think of a better AOM! your work and imagaination are always out of this world!!!

By: danap_n_mt on 4/2/05
Congratulations for the AOM award. Your work as such a unique combination
of fantasy, realism, and artistic quality that it is pleasure to view.
Thank you for sharing.

By: voske on 4/2/05
Congratulation!!!You have stunning images in your super gallery!!!

By: Ranai on 4/2/05
Congratulations!!!! I am excited for you! You deserve it so much!!!!

By: KingPtolemy on 4/2/05
You really deserved this honor for your unique talent and the brilliant concept of your work! Congratulations!

By: ms-3Dstudio on 4/3/05
My congratulations!

By: skoeter on 4/3/05
I never see the R'osity mainpage and I must say I'm glad to notice it today. Congrats on this Award it's fantastic to find out you found the recognotion your work deserves........ can I have an autograph ;0)

By: jonarts on 4/3/05
Your Art is so far away from what I even am able to imagine!! You really deserve this award!
My congratulation for that! And keep on blasting my brain with your picture! :)

By: borsy on 4/3/05
Congratulations, Vic on this well deserved honor!!! Your artwork is an inspiration to all of us!!!!

By: SpiceBunny on 4/3/05
congrats. you deserve the recognition

By: j-art on 4/4/05
Well deserved, well deserved my friend – it was also very interesting to read your bio – pilot – wow – you seem to have a very exiting live! Keep up your wonderful inspirational art for us all to enjoy – all the best – Uwe -

By: longpod on 4/4/05
your wierd imagination deserved recognition, Congrats and keep it coming!

By: duncanlong on 4/4/05
Great learning more about you. You are most deserving of the "artist of the month" award and I'm hoping it inspires you to even greater things -- should that be possible since you've set the bar so high for yourself (and the rest of us :o).

By: deemarie on 4/4/05
You are an amazing artist - bringing a fresh and unique twist to 3D art! Congrats on your well deserved award.


By: kimariehere on 4/4/05
THROUGH THIS, I have been so lucky to be introduced to your stunning masterpieces and I have to say your creativity and ideas are truley remarkable and austounding! you certainly do deserve this!! ...I am inspired by you...!!

By: stressmonkey on 4/5/05
congrats Vic, im always checking out u're work for inspiration, a well deserved tital here dude...
J [a gold coast-ian myself]

By: ratracer on 4/5/05
Truly deserved.
You're not only a master of the 3d technique, but most specially a true artist - your vision, your imagination is truly unique and inspirational.

By: shakagoropiro on 4/5/05
Congrats!!!^__^very cool digit-artist!

By: cartesius on 4/5/05
You have truly unique style, very inspiring!

By: zfigure7 on 4/5/05
Absolutely congratulations! An award long-deserved! Keep it up, high up pal!

By: bern on 4/5/05
Congratulations, keep up the good work !!!

By: kitz on 4/6/05
Woooooooooooowwww ! Congratulations vbarreto ! You deserve this award!

By: raymondsalter on 4/6/05
Congratulations great work and imagination.

By: shakes on 4/6/05
congratulations vbarreto! truly beautiful and surreal and very unique work. love your stuff and wish you lots of success and fun! great interview too.

By: Wanda Burns on 4/6/05
Congrats.. you do wonderful surreal work. :)

By: inuendo25 on 4/6/05
Marvelous collection, truly the work of a master of his craft. Congratulations.

By: Birddie on 4/6/05
congrats. Took a peak at your work.

By: Perry6 on 4/6/05
Sorry it took me so long, but took me forever to scroll through these messages :) Congratulations! An honor that is well deserved! We always enjoy seeing your unique worlds.

By: archieb on 4/6/05
Congrats! amazing work!!!

By: kennyliu on 4/7/05
Congratulation Victor! Well deserve it!!

By: vbarreto on 4/8/05
Thank you very much. I really appreciate your nice comments. It is a pleasure to share digital art with you guys!!

By: romanceworks on 4/9/05
Always wonderful to discover new artists. Your work is so imaginative. Well deserved win. CC

By: i-popba on 4/9/05
YESS..!!! you are amazing my friend..!Congratulation Victor..! you win..!

By: sloan on 4/10/05
awesum work!! glad you are being featured.

By: BGHart on 4/10/05
Congratulations, Victor. You well deserved this honour. I am a great fan of your art and always looking forward to your next work. It is a great inspiration. :)) Britta

By: NataLibera70 on 4/10/05
Congratulations :)

By: Li-An on 4/10/05
Well deserved Vic. Congratulations!!!!

By: wildfire2003 on 4/12/05
Congrats, you sure do deserve this! Love your art and the mind behind it.

By: ??? on 4/16/05
Well done Victor. You deserve alot of respect.

By: Junglegeorge on 4/16/05
Congratulations. You are the best :-)

By: cynlee on 4/17/05
hey vic!!! absolutely AOM... AOY even!
Your work is so involving, i luv looking at them!! huge congratz!! xoxo

By: SoulSearcherr on 4/18/05
such beautiful and amazing work..congrats..*S*

By: TwoPynts on 4/19/05
Your work is inspiring. Your competition was talented, but you had my vote. A well deserved honor. =o]

By: Pancho1985 on 4/22/05
Well, I think i'm going to sound repetitive but, congratulations. Your work is awesome and it has inspired me to do more complex renders when it comes to lighting.

By: eres on 4/24/05
Sorry to be late Vic!!!!! Congrats to be the AOM my friend!!!! You deserve this place!!!!

By: Polax on 4/30/05
It is never too late when it is still in time :))
Well deserved recognition and thanks for sharing such inspirational art !

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