March 2005 AOM - Yoro

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March 2005 AOM - Yoro

Who is 'Yoro'?

Yoro is named Maria in the real world. I'm 41 years old and live in Munich, Germany. Together with my husband we've got a little company: He's an engineer and I'm a designer.

We travel a lot around in the world, I'm especially fond of Japan and the Japanese culture (that's where my nickname comes from: Yoro = yorokonde, this is pretty much the same as 'with joy').

When I'm not occupied with rendering or business - or have to waste my time with keeping the household, I play chess (a bit out of practise), read a lot and sometimes write stories. I love sci-fi, fantasy and magical things but I'm also very interested in physics, astronomy and philosophy. And not to forget I'm a great fan of the Myst-games. It's a pity that a day got only 24 hours!

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

I don't remember exactly but it must have been around 2000. I incidentally stumbled above a Bryce-picture in the net and was hooked. Badly. I've never heard about any 3d-art before, but in this very moment I knew: I have to have this program!

So I started with Bryce and the adventure began.

Do you have traditional art experience?

No, absolutely not! My mother is an excellent painter with oil and canvas but unfortunately I didn't inherit skills of this kind.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I'm doing my first steps with ZBrush and try to get used to its unusual interface. My dream is to create one day my own dragons and mystical creatures but I think this will need a pretty lot of time till I'll be that much of an expert. Anyway, I'm not in a hurry :).

And of course I'm waiting eagerly for the new Bryce-version!

What software/equipment do you use and why?

Mainly I use Bryce, I love it and it's the program I started my render-career with. Then I still use Poser every time I need a living creature. My trees are mostly modelled with Onyxtree and for postwork I take Photoshop or Photoimpact.

I also tried out other progs like Vue or Cinema but I couldn't manage to acquaint myself with them. Once a Brycer, always a Brycer, even if you sometimes use some stuff coming from other programs.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I really can't say, judging this question is up to others. But every time I finish a new picture I consider it the best I've ever done and I'm over the moon about my new masterpiece. Three or five days later (it depends *g*) I think, ok, quite nice but really nothing that blows my socks off.

Later I see hundreds of details which could need improvement but normally I prefer to create something new rather than struggling with an update. I always try to make it better the next time - and always make some new mistakes. The choice is big enough after all ;-).

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

3D software is for me an answered prayer, I love creating pictures but, as already mentioned, I can't draw or paint. Every project I begin is a new adventure and a 3D program allows me to visualise my fantasy. It's always a marvellous feeling to play like a god and create things or scenes which can't be true in reality. But real or not - who cares, here I'm the boss and can do everything I like. 3D is a thing which occupies you a lifelong and it never will become boring!

Who/what inspires you?

This is easy to answer: Nearly everything I see, hear, read, feel or dream of. It can be a book, a movie or a situation, a song which awakes a special mood or the work of other artists. Inspiration is everywhere; you only have to listen when it speaks to you.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

This community enhanced my work in a considerable way. I remember the first time I entered Renderosity and saw me confronted with really breathtaking work. I realised that here I found the real masters, incredible; it can't be true what others are able to make with such a program. So I got a first impression how much I still have to learn - and this feeling is lasting until today.

Thanks to 'Rosity my ambition awoke: If others were able to learn this, I could at least try it and maybe I'll succeed.

I also remember the first time one of my pictures managed to make it into the hot 20 - god, what a proud moment. And today I'm sitting in front of my monitor, trying to realise that it's actually me who won the title of the AOM.

This community has helped me to take the step from the beginner to an advanced level, for becoming a real master I still have a long way to go.

At least I met here a lot of really nice people, some of them I call friends today.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

First of all I'd like to say thank you, not only for your votes but also for your help and your support every time I got a problem with a picture. You're really great!

Now you're asking for advice? I would say, never get discouraged! Even the really best of us have once started with a waterplane and a floating sphere above it. And always keep on improving your skills, somebody who stops becoming better will stop being good.

Cheers, hugs & a lot of thanks

Be sure to check out Yoro's gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: Euxeb007 on 3/1/05
Congratulation for your recognition and your wonderful pictures !

By: HeikoWagner on 3/1/05
Congratulation Yoro
Stay On Art

By: Flak on 3/1/05
Big congrats, Yoro - well deserved award :)

By: MOOOW on 3/1/05
Congratulation Yoro my dear friend ,you are so talented artist one of the best ,Best wishes to you and yours,well deserved award:D))))

By: Dsan on 3/1/05
Congradulations, well deserved!

By: YARDOBE on 3/1/05
Very humble,your history sounds similiar,shows what perserverance will achieve...good for you!

By: vshane on 3/1/05

By: DJB on 3/1/05
You have deserved this a long time!!!!Congrats

By: DJBlueprint on 3/1/05
Liebe Maria, gaaaanz herzlichen Glückwunsch, Du hast es wirklich verdient! Deine Bilder sind immer wieder Atemberaubend gut!

By: karanta on 3/2/05
Congratulations :)

By: WeisseKroete on 3/2/05
Congratulation Yoro, you .... hast es verdient ... ;-)), sorry my englisch is not so good ;-))

By: BGHart on 3/2/05
Glückwunsch, Yoro. Schulter klopf und knuddel. :))) Britta

By: billmiles on 3/2/05
well done yoro you deserve the acolaid your work will always inspire others BM.

By: Wahnfried1959 on 3/2/05
Hallo Maria! Na siehst Du... :-) Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum AOM! Tolle Sache! Hast es Dir mit Deinen schönen Bildern auch verdient! Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Kreativität und Zeit! L.G. Thomas

By: Gog on 3/2/05
Congratulations Yoro, best wishes, enjoy the award, it is well deserved

By: cambert on 3/2/05

By: Django on 3/2/05
Nice to see the AOM go to Bavaria :)))
greetings fom Augsburg :)

By: drawbridgep on 3/2/05
I have no idea how I missed your work all these years. I thought I knew all the brycers. All the nominations were well deserved and you are a very deserving winner. Congratulations.

By: NashX on 3/2/05
Congrats Yoro! You really deserved this one. Excellent work!!

By: dreampaint on 3/2/05
Congratulation, your work is really awesome and the AOM is a justice recompense.

By: ShadowDN1 on 3/2/05
glückwunsch,mach weiter so :)

By: alvinylaya on 3/2/05
Congratulations! Very well deserved, Cheers from California! :-)

By: EngleWolf on 3/2/05
A well deserved Congrats to you Maria !!

...and to have been nominated in the running for this months AOM with such a great group of artists is an honor in itself!

...again Congrats !!!!!!!! :o)

By: herbstliebe on 3/2/05
herzlichen glückwunsch!

By: ashgondai on 3/2/05
Excellent job on all your works. Congrats!!

By: Fo3 on 3/2/05
I Just read this when I was wondering if all my Intrest in 3d was worth it...Yep!
Congratulations Yoro(Maria).

By: Darthmagus on 3/2/05
Congratulations! Bravo!

By: zippyozzy on 3/2/05
congrats, great work. :)

By: AranelStyles on 3/3/05
von mir aber auch mal einen herzlichen glückwunsch ;)

By: Jestak on 3/3/05
Congratulation, Yoro! It's absolutely well-earned!

By: jonarts on 3/3/05
schön, dass ich durch die Wahl auf deine tollen Bilder aufmerksam geworden bin :)
Und mein ganz herzlicher Glückwunsch zum hoch verdienten AOM - Sticker!!

By: orbital on 3/3/05
Well deserved award, big slap on the back for you!

By: Anjour on 3/3/05
Congratulations Yoro, well deserved...bravo!!!:o)

By: garyandcatherine on 3/3/05
Congratulations on your well deserved award. You have definately earned it.

By: Wurzelchen on 3/4/05
Die Bilder sind aber auch der Oberhammer....

By: Rochr on 3/4/05
Congratulations Yoro!

By: eres on 3/4/05
Congrats!!!!!! You deserve to be here!!!!!

By: dlb on 3/4/05
A Big Gongratulations to you!

By: d1v_by_zer0 on 3/4/05
I see why you have made artist of the month. From these images, I am putting you in my favorites.

By: beton on 3/5/05
Guggus Maria !
Na da gratuliere ich Dir aber ganz herzlich zum AOM !!!

By: Yoro on 3/5/05
Thanks alot for your nice comments here, I'm so glad to see that so many people like my work!
It's also a great motivation for me and gives new power for new ideas.

Cheers & hugs,

By: Sophies on 3/9/05
Congratulations Yoro (Maria).You have a wonderful galery.

By: rofocale on 3/9/05
I have followed your work for a time and I
must say that you really deserve to be the
artist of the month.

Your art is wonderful and shorly an inspiration
for other artists here at renderosity.
Best wishes in the creation process.
Cincerely / rofocale

By: Joekrick on 3/10/05
Thank you for sharing all your ispiring thoughts and opinions I am new to Bryce But I love it.If you ever have time won't you please look at my gallery. I will take any offers of critismn as it really seems to motivate me to ask questions and try harder.A Brycers work is never done!

By: jwalk313 on 3/10/05
I like yourself recently started my adventure into the graphic arts world and after looking into your gallery you are a big influence on me and what i want to be as a artist thank you and keep up the great work

By: TwoPynts on 3/11/05
I heard you were up for it and am glad to hear you made AOM! Your work is inspiring -- you do some amazing things with Bryce! It makes me want to revisit it and start making 3D images again. Great job and keep the magick coming!!!

By: Vincent71 on 3/11/05
Hallo Maria! Auch von mir einen Herzlichen Glückwunsch.Ich freue mich ehrlich.-Rubi-

By: Shardz on 3/13/05
Congratulations, Maria! This honor is very well deserved as your work is stunning and incredibly detailed! I can see the painstaking effort that goes into your fabulous artwork, and I am absolutely impressed by your efforts! Keep up the superb work as you inspire me so much!

By: MAW3D on 3/15/05
Congratulations to you! I´ve taken a look at your art and it is really a fascinating work you´re doing with Bryce!

Keep it up! ;O)

By: kennyliu on 3/16/05
Congratulation! You've done fabulous works!

By: MarkBremmer on 3/18/05
A little well deserved recognition. Great stuff - looking forward to seeing more!

By: Sash71 on 3/22/05
Auch von mir einen herzlichen Glückwunsch .Du hast es echt verdient ,denn deine Bilder sind immer wieder klasse .

By: el_shadow on 3/22/05
Congratulations! You deserve it indeed.

By: HandspanStudios on 3/22/05
Enjoyed both your gallery and the interview, keep up the good work!

By: BlueLotus7 on 3/23/05
Congratulations! My fav is The Potionmaster's Lab! Awesome! And your eye for detail is superb!

By: skullmonkey2078 on 3/27/05
Congratulations Yoro! A well-deserved Achievement! More power to you!

By: SoulSearcherr on 3/28/05 are extremely talented..*S*

By: fx7 on 3/29/05
Congratulations: I have just had a look at your
galleries and I would say the award is throughly

By: TwoSisters on 3/29/05
Ooooh, die Bilder sind einfach wunderschön!!

By: danamo on 3/29/05
Congratulations! Looking at your work I can see that this award is well deserved!

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