October's Artist of the Month - trevor3000

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October's Artist of the Month - trevor3000
Who is trevor3000?

Trevor3000 is a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a friend, a Christian, a patriot and soldier, a student, a teacher a PSP Moderator and a community member here at Renderosity (not necessarily in that order).

How long have you been rendering?

To be honest with you I really don't recall. I began with Bryce 2 or 3, Poser 1 and 3D Studio 2 I believe. I remember thinking Poser 1 was the best thing since sliced bread because it enabled us to create a human body. And what a shock it was going from Poser 1 to Poser 4!

What are you currently working on?

Presently, I am waiting to ship overseas to serve my country in the military. Prior to the events of September 11, 2001 I intended to do some special projects with some friends here at Renderosity and I hope we will still be able to do these when I return. Also, I want to complete some doctoral and masters work.

What software do I use and why?

Entirely too many to list. And I suspect because I have been playing with computers since I was 10 years old and I am now 31. Many of the applications I use I have chosen because I have beta tested them and decided I preferred one as opposed to another.

When I program/teach, I have software that enables me to work in the C languages, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion and Java more easily.

When I am web authoring/teaching, I use Dreamweaver and Homesite for HTML, Fireworks, Flash, Authorware, Director/Shockwave Studio and Illustrator.

For digital art/teaching, I use PSP7, Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects bundle, Corel Graphics Suite, Painter, PhotoImpact. And too many filters/plugins to list. And of course Poser 4 with ProPack and Bryce 4 and 5.

Why do you like 3d art?

One of my favorite hobbies is roaming the galleries here at Renderosity and looking at all the various artists' works. It amazes me how so many different images can come from the same programs.
Digital art programs can afford us not only another outlet for creativity but also another medium with which we can express that creativity.

What inspires you?

God, family, and friends mostly. Music, art, literature, historical and fictional events. And the simple things in life. Most recently many of us have been inspired (I believe) by the patriotism, heroism, and the unbelievable kindness, support and encouragement of all our friends worldwide.

How has Renderosity's online community enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I remember it took me awhile to build up the courage to post any images or comment on images by others here. I was seeing all these different artists' works and thinking wow, these are really excellent! I remember how much encouraging comments meant to me from my first friends here:
Lorraine, Syyd, Ingrid Gilbert (HandspanStudios), Tammy and Kennect.

As with any good community there are alot of very nice folks who are willing to say a kind word and offer and helping hand, and that is what I have found here at Renderosity. As O'Henry once wrote, everyone is worth knowing.

I would like to thank everyone and in conclusion *and this is a shameless plug for the PSP Forum* feel free to drop by and visit us in the PSP Forum anytime. Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home :)

trevor3000's gallery
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Member Opinions:
By: dolly on 10/2/01
Well mate you did it,and congratulations on being aom.
As you deserve it and i for one am glad to know ya mate

By: ronmolina on 10/2/01
Trev congratulations. Your work is always great. Good meeting you.

By: GrayCloudDesign on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trev:-)

By: BJsHaven on 10/2/01
Sounds like you have a great background. We are lucky to have you here. Appreciate having someone nice and helpful to others like you as part of Renderosity. Your art work is magnificent also. I know those who use PSP enjoy your help and understanding with this program on that forum. I for one am glad I met you. Thanks for all you have done for us.

By: rockets on 10/2/01
Congratulations on your win here Trevor...you truly deserve it! As I've told you before, you were the first person to ever comment on one of my images and I appreciated it then and still do. Your work is wonderful and my thoughts and prayers will be with you as you serve this country.

By: Spiritbro77 on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trevor! Your art work is awesome and you deserve the recognition! I also want to wish you the best of luck over seas. Stay safe!

By: Kath13 on 10/2/01
Congrats again Trev, it's so nice to see you here and once again I say it couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

By: Varian on 10/2/01
Way to go, Trev! I hope you won't be gone from us too long. You've done an amazing job in the PSP forum, and your artwork is always inspiring. Keep it up. :)

By: Daramski on 10/2/01
Congrats Trevor, that was a great interview. Now how do you find all the time, do you ever sleep... LoL ; ) Your a fantastic artist and thanks for all the comments you leave with my pictures, they are always really apreciated!

Best regards,

By: Eurydice on 10/2/01
Congratz Trev ....it couldn't have happened to a a more deserving person .... you remade the psp forum .. makin sucha warm ..friendly place givin me courage to post & to comment and making this tight knit group of friends thank you ..you know we will be thinkin of you in times to come .. (how could we forget wit the ever growing piles of shoes in forum thanks you >;)

By: kpredmor on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trevor.I enjoy your comments in my gallery also and you do such beautiful work, an award greatly deserved! I see you finished your self protrait, beautiful! Good Luck and our prayers and hopes are with you and your fellow soldiers! I too have a nephew that is over there as we speak! God speed and good luck!

By: SAMS3D on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trev, I don't know you or much about you other then what I just read. It was interesting to learn about a fellow artist. I tip my hat to you and your work, which I just went to take a peek, and thank you for keeping me and my family free and safe. You are doing your country a great service. Sharen

By: Giana on 10/2/01
Congrats, Trevor! I remember joining R'sity, feeling nervous about commenting upon other's works, and heaps terrified to post anything of my own, and you made me feel so welcomed through your words of encouragement. I don't think I ever properly thanked you for that ~ Thank you.. And thank you for giving so much of your time to all of us here upon the site. Your art is always thought-provoking and evocative. Good to see you up here, and I hold best wishes for all your endeavours!

By: Brandi on 10/2/01
Yay! Congratulations, hun!! :)

By: Tammy on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trev, You did a great job with the interview I enjoyed reading it. Your work is terrific and you are really helpful to so many in the community here, you deserve this honor. I will really miss you when you leave, Hurry back, I will keep you in my prayers.

By: Stormi on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trevor, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. You're always there with a kind word and it's always appreciated. Your work is beautiful and it's really nice to finally meet the man behind the encouraging words. :)

By: jaydiva on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trevor !!
You really deserve being AOM as Stormi said: it couldn't have happend to a nicer person.
You were the first to IM here at Renderosity and had such kind words, thank you so much.
Be safe

By: allengraph on 10/2/01
congratulations and good luck =-)

By: sirkrite on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trevor! :D Good luck, and my God be with you.

By: Tamela.J. on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trevor!!
I will miss you, my *friend* while your gone, but look forward to your return! My prayer's will be with you & your family.
Your Friend,

By: Lorraine on 10/2/01
CONGRATULATIONS...your work is terrific, I have been watching how you have connected with many people, your work has a quality that is refreshing as it is consistent...I really enjoy the scope of work you post here....again Congratulations on AOM...!..very deserved!..

By: sparrowheart on 10/2/01
God bless you, Trevor. My prayers will be with you as you journey overseas. Come back to us safely and soon!

By: sirocco on 10/2/01
Congrats Trev! You surely deserve beeing AOM. I admire your work which is always a source of inspiration for me. I will never forget that you were the first person who commended my first render and you can't imagine the happiness and courage I got from your kind words! Thank you!
Take good care of yourself and come back SOON :)
God bless you

By: henriqueaguiar on 10/2/01
Really great to see u up here,my friend!:) U really deserve it!
Take care and please return intact!:))
Best wishes!:)Riko.

By: Robb on 10/2/01
Trevor, congratulations !! A well deserved honor, as your work is outstanding. I wish all the best for you and your family.


By: Neec on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trev ... You are an amazing man, a generous and caring friend, an inspiring, talented artist and someone who richly deserves all these accolades and much more. I am so very proud and honored to call you friend. Hugss :o)

By: David_Stoddard on 10/2/01
Hi Trevor,

I've always appreciated your kind remarks and comments.

You have so many friends here at Renderosity, and we all wish you well.

Return to us safely!


By: laetia on 10/2/01
Congratulations Trevor! You really deserve this - your work is really wonderful and you always have such nice and encouraging words for everybody else. :o)

By: Dave71 on 10/3/01
Like I said before, congrats on being AOM, you have been very supportive of me since my day 1 and I appreciate that greatly......great work mate and maybe one day I'll get to work with you.

By: K.Weiser on 10/3/01
Congrats Tevor.
I think you are now a good friend for me.
Glad to meet you here at the community.

By: kzarah on 10/3/01
Congratulations Trevor! I was very happy to see you in this spot. You were one of the very first to comment on my posting. I think you have been a major contributer in the growth of Renderosity. You're comments have given people the courage and drive to keep on doing it. You are a very admirable man. You will be a positive force for a lot of people where ever you end up serving. All the best to you.
God Bless,

By: StefyZZ on 10/3/01
Many Congratulations!!
I wish you all the Best! :)

By: FiXato on 10/3/01
Congrats m8, well deserved. I hope I will have the honor once to receive such recognition for my work.
There only rests me 2 things to say: Stay with us and Keep on Artin'

-Flip aka BorgComManDer

By: kaiservr on 10/3/01
congratulations Trevor. Im sure you'll serve our country well. Be safe and be well.

By: Destiny on 10/3/01
You already know how very pleased I am that you were voted AOM...you really deserve it. Congratulations, good buddy :)

By: RadArt on 10/3/01
Well....I missed out on Morris cause I was late....be darned if I do that again...so here I am now....wishing you all my best...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Your cool....;-)

By: Cybermonk on 10/3/01
Congrats Trevor. You certainly deserve aom.

By: Syyd on 10/3/01
Let me say first, congratulations on this honor and for your fine work, but I must talk also about humanitarian effort on your part to encourage others, to be a friend, to listen, to offer advice, to be such a valid and caring community member and moderator. Kevin is right when he says you are an admirable man and that you will be positive force wherever you end up serving. Trevor we could not wish more happiness for you and your lovely family. Good luck friend, you are in our thoughts, and also, keep rendering!

By: Daffy34 on 10/3/01
Congrats Trevor! :)
I know that you have commented on MANY of my images and it's been very helpful. I'll have to make an effort to return the favor :).

By: Ironbear on 10/3/01
Congratulations, Trev.

By: dancineyes on 10/3/01

Congrats! As you know I'm new but you have been so kind to make sure I feel at home here. I thank you for that. Your kind comments have meant a lot to me, as no one around me knows much about this kind of art. I never thought I would ever say the word ART and refer to myself in the same sentence...as someone who can't draw or paint, I think that is very comical! :) Anyway I just wanted to say Thank you and that is was nice learning a little about your life! Dancineyes

By: johnnydnh on 10/3/01
Congratulations Trevor!
It is well deserved.

By: neurocyber on 10/3/01
Your a great person and I'm glad your a part of this Renderocity community. You even took time to give a silly goof like me some encouragement when I posted a few images here. It's great to see you get this interview! :)

By: picky on 10/3/01
My congratulations Trevor! All the best of luck to you! :)

By: robotalk on 10/3/01
So happy to see you make AOM ! you deserve it in spades!! --and when you travel in the service..please wear armoured everything--we want ya back with no 'Owies" on your mouse/tablet fingers ..Congratulations on a fine gallery--and terrific perspective on life !

By: Fyrene on 10/4/01
Way to go, Trev! Congrats to you! We will all be missing you in the PSP forum when you do have to leave, and will be looking forward to your return. The family there will all be thinking of you and our hopes and prayers will be with you. *hugz*

By: sinsister on 10/4/01
Just another pat on the back for you :)
It took me months to finally start posting here too because I never thought that ne of my work was good enough and you've been someone that's always given me some great encouragement. I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank you for your kind words :)



By: thelazyone on 10/4/01
congratulations and well deserved too.

By: PattyK on 10/4/01
Trev: as my first teacher, I can only say how proud I am to see you receive this honor. through the years you have been a friend, teacher and confidante and this is well deserved. You are in my prayers and hope that is you are called, you will return safely and soon.

By: wgreenlee1 on 10/4/01
An artist and warrior,such a combination that is truly granted to only the most worthy....you will be in all our thoughts and prayers,best of luck to you on your journey over seas and also my friend a most speedy and espesially a safe return...

By: Curio on 10/4/01
Well done mate!

By: lynde on 10/4/01
Congratulations Trevor, I'm really glad you were voted AOM,:) I've also enjoyed all of your artwork and appreciated your helpful comments since I have come to this community and also whenever you do go overseas I wish you all the best and hope that God or the Gods in whatever form they may take keep you safe and out of harm's way...:)

By: GASTROPOD on 10/4/01
It's difficult to think of anything to say that hasn't already been said by everyone else much better than I could. But you certainly deserve it, considering you have to tolerate my stupid sense of humour.
Thanks for carrying on the encouragement you've given to other people that you got when you first first joined (I think that makes sense).
Gary 8-)
P.S. I'll let you have your shoes back now.

By: holyforest on 10/4/01
Congratulations, you are a formidable winner.

By: emorin on 10/4/01
It is wonderful to finally meet the man behind the beautiful creations and who always has a kind word for those who post their work here. Be Blessed in all that you do. Ellie

By: HandspanStudios on 10/4/01
I'm very happy to see you get AOM. In addition to being a wonderful artist you're also one of the nicest people I've met here.
Not only am I confident you'll serve your country well, frankly I wish they'd put you in charge of the whole thing, maybe then I could get some sleep ;-).

By: Angel Michael on 10/5/01
Congratulations on you award. I knew when I voted for you that you were a sure bet, especially after seeing the totals on the voting. You've been a great inspiration to me with your constant recognition of my own works, and I couldn't think of a more deserving person for this award.
Again, congratulations!
Angel Michael.

By: judith on 10/5/01
Wow! A face for the nice person who always has a compliment! Congrats on AOM, it's very well-deserved!

It took me ages to start posting here too.... the talent certainly is intimidating, until you know the great personalities behind all that fantastic art!

Congrats again, my thoughts and prayers will be with you and yours.

Warm Regards,

By: swissy on 10/5/01
Hi Trevor congratulations for winning the AOM!
I wish you all the best for your works and your future!
be like you are, i think you are one of the nicest i have meet her! :-)

By: Chris.C on 10/5/01
Congratulations dear Trevor!! Your talent and kindness deserved this honnor : ))
I wish you and your family all the best!!

By: Morris on 10/5/01
Congratulations Trevor on this well deserved honor!
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

By: jenay on 10/5/01
hi -
congratulations -
nice to read and hear something more about you.
when i posted my very first picture in july it was you who
sent one of the first comments ever. thank you.
meanwhile i visted so many galleries and got inspired.
i also took time to visit your gallery more than once.
but where are all the older pictures gone ...?

joekurz (jenay)

By: Little Red on 10/5/01
A renaissance man.. my compliments and congratulations, Trevor. Your kindness and generosity to others is coming back to you in the form of verbal hugs! You're a first class guy, and it's a pleasure to be able to tell you so.


By: Cassiel on 10/5/01
My sincerest congratulations, you do incredible work. Your a top notch artist.. and an inspirational one. Best Wishes and Best of Luck in all your endeavors.

By: castaneda on 10/5/01
Congrats. Your work is excellent and you deserve this. You have commented on some of my pics and I have always felt, well..., inspired, by your comments. We can add, honored, to that now.Thank you.

By: jacee on 10/6/01
Trev, I'm so proud of you and very happy that you're being recognized for your amazing talents. If it weren't for you I would probably not be here (trying to decide if that's a good thing or not :). You've been teaching me things since way before we came to Renderosity. Thanks. Congratulations!

By: Michigal on 10/7/01
great article and very nice work in your gallery...congrats on being aotm!

By: Digits on 10/7/01
I should visit the main page more often! Nice to get to know you a little better. Congratulations!

By: BluesPadawan on 10/7/01
Trevor...I am constantly amazed at not only the artwork that you produce but at the ever caring compassion you have for all of us here at Renderosity....you take the time to be there, to help when needed, to store shoes of countless members who stroll through your forum. I thank you so much for all the help you have given me here since I decided to actually put my stuff up for view, the encouragement and suggestions have made me a better artist. A big thank you hug is due!! Adding a token shoe to the pile.


By: jeweldragon on 10/7/01
congrats and nice to know who you are now:)

By: Ecstasy on 10/9/01
Congrats Trevor!!You have added alot to this community and now your adding to our safety,And my thoughts and my prayers(even trolls pray too)are with you.You are more than an artist of the month your one of our many American Heros.Godbless you and Gods speed.

By: frogman on 10/9/01
Congratulations..!!!..God's speed to you...and a prayer that you return safely..what you are about to partake in will change you for ever..Go safely and carefully....

By: senjin on 10/9/01
Hey bud, nice to see someone who i know make the list of great ones here at render. Congrats

By: Dean Chaney on 10/9/01
Congratulations Trevor!! well done and well deserved. Be safe, good luck, and a speedy return!

By: goldenodyssey on 10/10/01
Way to go Trevor!!!!!
Congratulations and much Aloha, Golden Odyssey

By: gravenrobber on 10/11/01
very cool...........:)be Safe

By: vshane on 10/11/01
congratulations baby brother, your family is very proud of you :-)

By: DemolitionMan on 10/11/01
Congratulations Trev.....artist of the month eh...! That's you....great work and a great person! You deserve it bro. You have a good heart dude and I'm glad and enlightned to see you chosen for this honor. Glad to know your one of our chosen protectors in this battle...Whatever and wherever you end up be well and come back to us. Sometimes I wish I was still in the 101 airborne so I could join you. You take care Trev and be careful out there ok.....:) Tom

By: RedSonja on 10/12/01
Congratulations Trevor!! You really deserve this honor. You were one of the first who sent a nice comment to my first images and I thank you very much for being so gentle and nice. Return to us safely, good luck, my prayers are with you.


By: Guillermo on 10/12/01
Congratulations Trevor and good luck!!! You know God is with all of you.

By: dragongirl on 10/13/01
Congrats on being aom! Very interesting to read about you. You take care of yourself over there, hear?! Thanks for taking care of the rest of us!


By: prodag on 10/13/01
Congratulations Trevor !!
I think you are doing a wonderful jobs.
You are the man !!!

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 10/13/01
Although I already made it in private form I congratulate him to have been chosen the artist of the month again. My best desires for you and their family...Rodolfo.

By: giantmushroom on 10/14/01
Don't check AOM much but some force compelled me to click this month. Congrats Trev and may God watch over you and your family. Not only a great artist but a true hero.

By: Papu on 10/14/01
I'm a bit late with this ;) but congrats Trevor!

By: SkoolDaze on 10/15/01
Late to the party again... :)

Congrats Trevor! Your encouragement and kindness is inspiring. May God bless you and yours...

By: OpenMindDesign on 10/17/01
I am so totallly unsurprised by this....you are a wonderful artist....I love all your work! and I am always proud to receive a comment from you.

By: smakintosh on 10/17/01
Congrats! Nice self portrait.

By: cyber_citizen on 10/21/01
I'm so late to join this, but better than never.
Congratulations to you and your job.
Best wishes :)

By: stoney54 on 10/23/01
I am a johnny come lately, but I just had to say I am so proud to see you make the artist of the month! It couldn't of went to a better guy! :-) You add so much to our community , thank you Trevor and congradulations!! God Bless!! :-)

By: februus on 10/23/01
Congratulations Trevor3000!!!
You're a true inspiration!

By: AGOR on 10/25/01
Congratulations Trevor! Thanks for yor support and spending a time to be here!You are great man and really deserve it!!!

By: Teyon on 10/26/01
What the heck took me so long to get over here and congratulate ya? The month's almost over for Pete's sake! Well, a happy congrats, Trev and I hope to see ya here again next year too.

By: Sihn on 10/26/01
Congratulations Trevor. It's wonderful to have your encouraging presence in the PSP Forum and at Renderosity. *s*

By: Vethril on 10/27/01
Be careful Trevor. God watch over you, and find your way home. We hope you can post from wherever you go, and continue to share your visions with us. I will miss you greatly. Stay safe.

By: anniecorrina on 10/29/01
what a really nice interview you have given us I
feel like I know you a little better now.. as so many have said here you are one of the nicest members of our little family here ..your always ready to give us help,or a well. Your talented and gifted as an artist and teacher
if you don't mind answering what branch military?
this is a Marine Corps family here...
Will pray that God go before you guys, because if
God be for us who can be against us and stand...
sorry this was sooooo late really have got to start paying more attention here

By: trevor3000 on 10/29/01
On behalf of my family and myself I would like to thank each of you so very much for your kind words, thoughts, prayers and *verbal hugs*.

Best Regards,


By: Bliss875 on 10/31/01
I'm quite a bit late on this Trevor, but I just wanted to wish you all the best and congratulate you on your work. You are an inspiration to us all.

By: SophiaDeer on 11/16/03
I am late too! I wish to congradulat you Trev for this achivement! Bravo!!

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