September's Artist of the Month - Morris

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September's Artist of the Month - Morris
First I would like to say that each of the artists nominated this month, as well as every other month, are just incredible, To be nominated along with such amazing artists is such an honor in and of itself.

(Renderosity: Who is Morris?)

My name is Jennifer Rachelle Morris St. Aubin. I am 29, happily married, and I call Colorado my home. I am basically a full time housewife, (though my husband teases me that I am really barely part time), a freelance Graphic Artist, and I am also a writer. I had my first novel published, and have a contract for 2 more, as e-books, soon going to InstaBook (paperback) format. Here comes a shameless plug :-) You can read about my novel at the following URL

(Renderosity: How long have you have you been rendering?)

Well I finally got my first real computer about 2 years ago now and as soon as I actually learned to turn the thing on, I was hooked.

I have had Bryce 4 for about a year, I think. (I just recently upgraded to Bryce 5) And played around a little with that.

I received Poser 4 as well as Photoshop 6 this year for my birthday, which was at the end of January. So I guess I have been really rendering for about 8 months now.

(Renderosity: What are you currently working on?)

Well, besides always trying to improve and learn new techniques and features within the software I use, I have a few projects in the works. I have partnered with DGlidden and I am finding it such an honor to work with him to create textures for his beautiful props. I have learned so much about texturing and as I learn more, I only hope my textures will be able to do his models justice. Our first package to be released will be a set of headpieces for Daz3Dís Victoria and Michael models.

I also have the honor of working with Helen on a joint venture for her next project and again I have to say what a privilege it is to work with such a talented artist.
I still continue, and very much enjoy, beta testing the wonderful textures/characters/models by some of the most talented artists around :-)

In between these projects I still have my freelance work for clients that keeps me quite busy and to top it off I am still writing and I have three novels that are going through their final drafts before I can call them complete.

(Renderosity: What software do you use and why?)

I use Corel Photo-paint 9 & 10, Adobe Photoshop 6, Bryce 4 & 5, and Poser 4 for most of the images I create. Corel is really my favorite for post work and for creating textures. But you still canít discount the amazing power of Photoshop as well, both programs together are quite a powerhouse to work with.

I use Corel Draw 9 and Adobe Illustrator 9 for logo design and most of my client work. I use FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash 5 for web design.

(Renderosity: Why do you like 3D art?)

I have always been intrigued by art in general. In high school and college I studied art history and I have always been fascinated by the stories that art can tell about a civilization and itís culture. When I started fiddling with art on the computer, my intrigue turned into a passion and I havenít been able to stop. 3D art can tell a story from so many perspectives and for me, it opens up a whole new world of creativity and endless possibilities. As technology increases, really the sky is the limit on how far 3D art will be able to capture and enthrall the viewer and the artist.

(Renderosity: What inspires you?)

I am inspired by so many things; to begin with I guess I am inspired by the people around me. I love to study their body language, their expressions, and their personal style. I am also inspired by the relationships I have with those that I am close to. I am inspired by their art and/or their heart and spirit. I am also inspired by the textures/characters/models that I work with. And last but definitely not least by the amazing jaw dropping artwork here at Renderosity, and the constant desire to explore and learn new techniques

(Renderosity: How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

What I love so much about this community is the friendship that I have made! I cherish each one of them. I also find the atmosphere in general so enriching in every way. You have a question - There is someone with an answer. You need some inspiration - and bam itís right there staring you in the face. You need a friend to confide in or to trust in - There is someone there for you. That is what makes this a community, the members. Each member adds something to the website, and breathes life into Ďití. That is just what makes this community such a special place to be a part of.

In closing I would like to say thank you to Ironbear, if it werenít for him I wouldnít be posting here. Sherman I canít thank you enough for everything! I would also like to thank all my dear friends for their support for their constant inspiration! You all know who you are and I adore you all so much!

I am so thrilled to have received this honor and to be a part of such a fantastic community.

Thank you so much and sincerely,

Morris's Gallery (click here)
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Member Opinions:
By: Giana on 9/4/01
It is so good to see you up here upon the front page. Your art has so much spirit in it, poetry, elegance and grace. Inspiration abounds, and you are altering a little bit of history here, affecting those around you, those you touch. I am very happy you are here and that you share so much of yourself with all of us. Congratulations, Jeni. [hug]

By: dglidden on 9/4/01
Congratulations Jeni on this well deserving recognition! I am thrilled to see you in the spotlight for the wonderful art you create. Hugs my dear friend!

By: dolly on 9/4/01
Well i say well done and congratulation`s on winning this month jen.
I know you truely deserve this award as you have a great talent

By: ronmolina on 9/4/01
Your work is always wonderful to look at.Congratulations!

By: Varian on 9/4/01
Congratulations on making Artist of the Month. It is a pleasure to read your behind-the-scenes thoughts and inspirations in the same way that it's a pleasure to view your artwork. Keep it coming! :)

By: desdemona on 9/4/01
my congratulations one more time :)

By: trevor3000 on 9/4/01
Congratulations Jeni!

By: sirkrite on 9/4/01
Congratulations to you on becoming Artist of the month. As you have been inspired in your work, you are inspiring many others. And I am always impressed when I see your works. :D

By: Tamela.J. on 9/4/01
Congratulations Jeni!!

By: Ironbear on 9/4/01
Congrats, and you're welcome. ;]

Good to see you up here.

By: Stormi on 9/4/01
Congratulations Jeni!! You certainly deserve
the honor of being voted "Artist of the Month".
You are such an important part of this community
in so many ways. You're there in the gallery
offering a helping hand where you can, encouraging
others with your comments on their renders and
creating countless gorgeous renders to help
promote the work of your fellow artists. You're
the whole package Jeni, an awesome talent and
even more important, an awesome individual. I'm
proud of your accomplishments and proud to
have you as a friend. *hugs*

By: Lorraine on 9/4/01
congratulations...your work is wonderful!..

By: dragonmagic59 on 9/4/01 many have beaten me here! I want to congratulate you!!!!!! Your works are so awe inspiring. I have nominated and voted for you for 3 months in a row! I'm glad everyone else finally came around to seeing things MY way! LOL Just kidding! Your works are more than merit enough. I am proud to "know" you through this wonderful site! Keep up the great work!!!

Your friend,

By: RodolfoCiminelli on 9/4/01
In form deprived it already congratulates her to Jennifer, and I reiterate again that I feel very happy that has been the artist of the month, their work of art, it is excellent, that that but I am surprised it is the imagination that has and for mainly the technique that uses, again congratulations Jenni.

By: angielyn on 9/4/01
Congratulations Jeni, You deserve it! And keep up the great work... Hugs to you my dear friend :)

By: myopes on 9/4/01
Congradulation Jeni! your art is so great!! and you look great too!!

By: Brandi on 9/4/01
Huge congrats, Jeni! I'm so happy for you. As I told you the other day, I can't think of anyone more deserving of this. You are a kind and caring person and a truly gifted and inspiring artist. Thank you for sharing your talents and beautiful creations with all of us.

Brandi :)

By: SkoolDaze on 9/5/01
Congratulations! I cannot think of a more deserving honor for you. You enrich this community with your kindness, inspiration, support and of course, your beautiful images... Thanks for sharing a part of you with all of us.

Big Hug,

P.S. Great interview SL ;)

By: dragongirl on 9/5/01
Congratulations on being Artist of the Month and also for having your novels published! Multitalented! Good for you.

By: Tammy on 9/5/01
Congratulations Jeni, Ive been a big fan for months now :) I enjoyed reading more about you. Good luck with your upcoming projects.

By: Dave71 on 9/5/01
Now that took ages, great to see you finally get here...I love your work and visit your gallery often.

By: allengraph on 9/5/01
Congratulations =-)

By: AgentSmith on 9/5/01
Housewife, freelance graphic artist, writing three novels, and posted 192 great pictures in 193 days? Unbelievable to say the least...are you sure you're human? Congratulations on a.o.m., you do Poser a beautiful justice and inpire us all who wish to do great work in fast, lol.

By: Eowyn on 9/5/01
Congratulations, Jeni! :-) Your artwork is absolutely beautiful!

By: picky on 9/5/01
My congratulations to you on becoming an AOM! Good luck!!!

By: specs2 on 9/5/01
Now finally you got the place, where you belong (The hall of fame of course). You really deserve it. These smooth pics of you are just unbelievable.

How are you making the hair by the way? Is it done withgraphic tab? You need to do a tutorial about it.

By: Helen on 9/5/01
Congratulations Jeni... a much deserved honour. :)

Your work is not only supreme but inspirational. I am in awe of what you have managed to achieve is such a short time..

By: frozendragon on 9/5/01
The Dragon Salutes You!
~ such creativity should not go unreconized, for it enriches the realm that surounds it...~
- -FrozenDragon

By: BrianR on 9/5/01
Congratulations Jeni!! This is richly deserved, it's great to see recognition for a really talented artist and the kind of person that makes this community what it is.

Brian ;OD

By: razzell2 on 9/5/01
im fairly new to renderosity and im just a lookyloo. have not done any of the art i see here.
but i want to say that of all of the artists that i have visited on renderosity, morris, or jeni's artwork is so unique, so different that i just have to comment.
these graphics are amazing, they really tell a story and if a picture is worth a thousand words, jeni's artwork is a library.
these portraits are speaking, staring me in the eye and making me think, making me answer.
im very impressed.
your good jeni. the truest artist ive seen yet on renderosity.
so much more behind the center peice of the graphic. i hope ive made myself clear. your pictures demand a response.
russell munson

By: magnet on 9/5/01
Hi Morris,
Your work is absolutely gorgeous! You are well deserving of this honor. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with all of us.


By: HusbandKitty on 9/5/01
Hey I didn't vote for you, but I should have! Great job, and who would have thought you were as beautifull a person as your art.

By: Larecky on 9/5/01
Congratulations Morris! You are a really talented artist! And you learn soo fast(i wish to have your talent :)!!! Your galleries is wunderful and keep you good work! I'll come to see it often!!!


By: henriqueaguiar on 9/5/01
U well deserve this,my dear friend:) CONGRATS!!!*Riko.

By: Neverenuff on 9/5/01
Congradulations Jeni!!!Your certainly a unique talent and a wonderful person. A well deserved honor!!!

By: Sking on 9/5/01
Hi Jeni
Congratulations to you on becoming Artist of the month. Your artwork makes for fantastic viewing and you truely do deserve the honour of AOM. Well done and look forward to viewing your future works. ---- Scott.

By: LisaB on 9/6/01
A well deserved congratulations to you, Jeni! You and your work are inspiring to say the least! Thank you for sharing both with all of us! :)


By: eirian on 9/6/01
Congratulations, Morris! Your pictures are an inspiration, and more than that, set a standard for us all to aspire to. The AOM title is rarely more deserved! Thank you so much for sharing your work with all of us.


By: Debbie M. on 9/6/01
Congratulations my friend! What a very interesting interview. How nice to get to know YOU better :) Your work is an inspiration to us all, and I thank you for sharing it with us everyday!! CONGRATS!!! Deb

By: spudgrl on 9/6/01
Morris if anyone deserves this you do. I have become your number 1 fan. For only useing poser for 8 months you rock. I find your work inspireing .Thank you for shareing it with all of us.
Congrats and I cant wait to see the new works you have in store.

By: ralphmanis on 9/6/01
Congrats on a well deserved Artist of the Month pick!! I have admired your work since you started posting it!

Mach 1

By: sirocco on 9/6/01
Congratulation Morris :) You are a very talented artist!

By: Teyon on 9/6/01
Congrats! I like your work. :)

By: brschmidt on 9/6/01
Congrats! It's great to see your talent and contributions recognized.

By: Destiny on 9/7/01
It is just so wonderful to finally see you get the honor you so richly deserve. I firmly believe that only a person with a beautiful soul could create the kind of work you create...and after getting to know you on a more personal level, I'm happy to say I was right :) Congratulations my sweet friend... {{{HUGS}}}

By: SndCastie on 9/7/01
Congrats,You deserve this honor I love your work and wish you all the best.

By: nikitacreed on 9/7/01
Congrats Jeni! So glad you are AOM! Long past due! :o)

By: emorin on 9/7/01
It's neat to finally meet the lady behind all those beautiful creations! Now you will probably hook me on your books! Congratulations, Ellie

By: Bia on 9/7/01
your work is so lovely. I enjoyed looking through it for the first time! Congratulations!

By: StefyZZ on 9/8/01
Many Congratulations!! You absolutely deserve this honour!! :)

By: Morris on 9/8/01
I just want to say thank you everyone for all your kind words and tremendous support! I am so overwhelmed! WOW! Just goes to prove what a bunch of absolutely incredible artists and people the members are here!


By: laetia on 9/8/01
Congrats! You really deserve this honor!
I really live what you do. :o)

By: Syyd on 9/9/01
Jeni, it has been wonderful getting to know you these past months. It is also a joy to see such talent unfold right before our very eyes! What a multi-talented individual you are, and beautiful to boot. Thanks for all the countless hours spent enjoying your work, and congratulations on this honor, it is so very deserving.

By: loulou on 9/11/01
All that you made(done) is luxurious if one watches your images one being to few only admiring so much it is diffent is beautiful: Many Congratulations!!

By: kaom on 9/13/01
Congratulations! It's great to see someone elst from Colorado get this honor here at renderosity.
I'm a Denver resident myself. Great work too. Keep it up.

By: lynde on 9/13/01
I am so happy for you one has deserved this honor longer and more than you have...congratulations!!:)...your work will always be an incredible inspiration to me...:) *hugs*

By: Grelll on 9/15/01
Thx + congrats for your great work, Jeni!!!

By: Hellmark on 9/21/01
KICK ASS!! Cool art by a beautiful lady (although even if you werent married I wouldnt have a chance)

By: Rexxzilla on 9/22/01
Jeni Welcome to the gang! :) Keep up the great work!

By: holyforest on 9/26/01
My most sincere congratulations, Morris - your work is crowned for its value (how gorgeous you are on this photo !).
By the way, your real name is partially of French origin, isn't it?

By: RadArt on 9/30/01
Just wanted to add my two cents apologies for the lateness, just plain laziness on my part for I have wanted to add something for some time.
Your a very wonderful inspiration to many members including me. There is a lot to be said about incredible artists that are able to establish such impact on a place this size in such a short time, and your very worthy of such a high honor as what this delivers.
Your a shining monument to us all and we are very fortunate to have you among us.
Create on and stay beautiful.

By: Bex on 10/7/01
I have stumbled onto this site by pure accident and i am hooked. Your work is absolutely stunning,never seen anything like it (especially "blue"), eyes to die for. Keep it up , you are extraordinary.

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