Carol Walske Memorial
December 13, 2004 marked a sad day as a talented artist and beautiful person lost her long fight with cancer. Carol Walske (cwalske on Renderosity) left behind family and many friends on this day, but her spirit will long stay with all those that she came in contact with.
Her long-time companion, Fern Marder wrote: " In her last few days, she was surrounded by family and friends and was, for the first time in many months, in no pain. I wish you all could have known her personally. Carol was the kind of person who touched the lives of everyone she met. Carol was an extraordinarily creative person. She did artwork in many media and was also a very fine writer. I knew Carol for more than 30 years. I remember well when she discovered fractal art and how excited she was by it and the fractal art community."
Her artwork truly conveys her joy of creation, and serves as a reminder of an artist whose passion extended beyond her art. Please take the time to visit her gallery. The Renderosity Community sends out our prayers and best wishes to her family and friends. She will truly be missed.

"In Memory Of Carol" By Deagol


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Member Opinions:
By: etomchek on 1/24/05
I never knew Carol, but her work in the gallery is extraordinay and beautiful. I'm sorry that I didn't know her better~ she truly was a wonderful artist and from reading her homepage information was very passionate about her art and enjoyed it thoroghly. Peace and Blessings to her friends and family~

By: SndCastie on 1/24/05
This is a truely sad time to lose another talented and beautiful person of our great community. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.


By: tresamie on 1/24/05
Carol used to drop into the UF List on occasion and give us the gift of one of her extraordinary images in Parameter form so that we could open it up and study the techniques that she used. We learned a great deal from her generosity.

By: TheVelvetFoxx on 1/24/05
This is truly sad. I never knew Carol personally, but her work was inspiring. She will be missed.

By: ligt on 1/25/05
i did not know her personally, but I vivited her galery. she was a truly gifted artist. my thoughts are with her family and friends. monica

By: DreamWarrior on 1/25/05
I didn't know her either. Her work is truly inspiring. We will surely miss her.

By: killer3d on 1/25/05
It is a real and thoughtful feeling to see people remembered and recognized but not surprising in this virtual world of giving. This artist was a person that seemd to want to visualize the digital extreme in a traditional sense and did so very well. This instance is an important moment in that artists life and I am pleased that Renderosity sees it that way. We all gain so much from what another does in life and gives of themselves so it is important to recognize their loss as it is ours too. Maybe she is already working up a new composition in another existance have having the time of her new life. :)

By: eddyruiz on 1/25/05
Sorry... Her desing are realy beautfull. We have a big lose.

By: RadiositySG on 1/25/05
Be at peace.


By: gumbykat on 1/26/05
I've exchanged messages with her many times, although, sadly, I can't say I knew her well. I will miss her, though, and her wonderful images. May God bless her family and friends who are suffering her loss on extremely personal levels.


By: SimonKane on 1/26/05
I didn't know Carol very well; we exchanged a dozen or so messages over the years. I admired her work a great deal: she was an artist, not just a craftsman, and an inspiration. My thoughts are with her friends and family at this very sad time.

By: butterfly_fish on 1/27/05
I didn't know Carol, but I still feel like yet another light has gone out in our community/extended family. The beautiful sentiments expressed by her partner brought tears to my eyes. Peace to her and all of Carol's loved ones.

By: deemarie on 1/27/05
Sending prayers and loving thoughts to Carol's family and friends. We shall all miss Carol's beautiful images, yet, forever thankful that she so graciously shared her talent with us.


By: queri on 1/27/05
I knew Carol only through her work, which was masterful. May she now be in a world as beautiful as the ones she created for others for so long.

By: Saffire on 1/27/05
I have not known Carol personally but have heard nothing but goodness from others. This is a sad memory and will not bve forgotten. Carol, Thy spirit swims upon the waves of air. Be with us in our time of despair.......... -KK

By: Gog on 1/28/05
I only had a few brief exchanges with Carol, she was always open and friendly, yet I find myself shocked and saddened at her passing, she will be deeply missed and my thoughts are with those who knew her better then I.

By: sandoppe on 1/29/05
I am sorry to say that I did not know Carol, but her works are beautiful! I know she is in a better place, creating wonderful art with the elements of nature! We should look for her work....the next time we gaze at a sunset :)

My condolences go out to her family and friends at their loss and to the fractal community, for the loss of this fine artist.

By: vshane on 1/29/05
Such very sad news, my thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

By: bongoman on 1/30/05
i wish you strength in your time of griief...
peace and love...

By: rhubarb67 on 1/30/05
Carol was an Artist and will be missed. My condolences to Her family.

By: randym77 on 1/30/05
Wow. I remember Carol and Fern from Star Trek and Star Wars fandom. Their names, anyway - I don't think I ever met them personally. I had no idea Carol was a member here at Rosity. She must have been a woman of many talents.

By: wlivenow on 1/30/05
A lot of us never knew Carol in person or up close.
However thru her work we got to know what talent she had and how she shared them. Even though Carol is now with God we shall always have her spirit within all of us by admiring and remembering her work.

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