August's Contributor of the Month - StefyZZ

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August's Contributor of the Month - StefyZZ
Renderosity: Who is StefyZZ? I'm Stefania, I live in Italy, I'm 30 years old and happily married. I really love animals and all Nature in general. Since I was a child I've always had a strong predisposition for Art in general, and I started playing the piano (classical) and began to draw with pencils when I was 5 years old. And I carry with me for the rest of my life these two professions, always engaged in both the Classical Pianist profession and the Painter profession. If you were to ask me which of the two I prefer, I really wouldn't know how to answer, as I have a deep passion for them both.

Renderosity: How long have you have you been rendering?

To be perfectly honest, not very long. I started rendering in October of 2000.

Renderosity: What are you currently working on?

Since texturing is my favorite and most fun job, I'm currently working on some new texture projects.

Renderosity: What software do you use and why?

I use Poser to render my characters, and Photoshop to create the textures and to do all post production work on my images.

Renderosity: Why do you like 3D art?

I know that this will not be an original answer, but the main reason is because 3D Art gives me really much more possibilities then the traditional Art Medias, and most of all, it saves me a lot of time!

Renderosity: What inspires you?

First of all everything I see that catches my eye (or well my mind), should it be a flower, a face, an animal, a cloud, actually nothing in particular. And second, but not less important, two antipodes things : the Music and the Silence. When I say Music I also mean the sounds of the Nature as the sound of a bird, or a cricket, etc..

Renderosity: How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

First of all with the great support and friendship of its wonderful members. There are so many really talented Artists here!! And they are all an infinite source of inspiration to me. I want to thank the entire community very much for sharing your marvellous Art and your precious friendship!!! :)
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Member Opinions:
By: Syyd on 8/5/01
It is very nice to see you here, being recognized for your great talent. It is interesting reading on your background in classical music as well! Congratulations, you are a beautiful lady, and a very warm wonderful person.


By: Seven Wolves on 8/5/01
Nice to SEE you Stefania! Nice to learn something more about you. I love your texture work and look forward to more, it's fantastic! It's always nice to get to know the people here at Renderosity, a true World-Wide community.

By: lynde on 8/5/01
HI Steffy, nice to see you hear and read more about you....I've always admired your work and love your textures, your contributions are beyond compare...:)

By: trevor3000 on 8/5/01
congratulations Stefy!

By: BrianR on 8/5/01
Congatulations Stefy, you know how much I admire your work & I look forward to seeing more. Nice to put a face to the name too. Well done.


By: SkoolDaze on 8/5/01
Congratulations my friend! I am so proud of you :) This is a well deserved honor.

You do some of the most amazing and realistic poser textures I have seen. It is wonderful to learn more about you and your background... Keep up the great work!


By: Magix-101 on 8/5/01
Hi Steffy,
Really nice work with attention to detail on your texture jobs...very realistic and appealing.
I am sure you will do well at whatever you do in 3d textures.
Love your work.

By: emorin on 8/5/01
It is pleasure to finally meet the Lady behind all those wonderful textures. Thank you for sharing your talent.

By: chromecafe on 8/5/01
wowowowowowowowowowo wooooooooooooooooooo well I didnt read anything I just looked at the photo :-)

By: Papu on 8/5/01
you are beautiful and a texture goddess ;)

By: Debbie M. on 8/6/01
Congratulations my dear friend! I'm so proud of you. But like I said before, I KNEW you'd be a knockout from the first image I ever seen you post here. You are more than deserving of this honor. Your texture work is the best around, and you are such a warm, kind, caring person. I'm so grateful that we became friends. Now I can't wait to see the new textures you're working on *S* Enjoy your moment in the spotlight sweetie, you deserved it! *hugs* love, Deb

By: StefyZZ on 8/6/01
Dear friends, thank you all very very much for your truuly kind words!!!:) They really mean so much to me!! :) Thank you...

By: Calseeor on 8/6/01
Hey Stefy. I love your textures, as does everyone else here. It is nice to finally see the beauty behind the beautiful work. Congrads on being choosen for the contributor of the month. You deserve it.

By: bitplayer on 8/6/01
Well, let's see, only two items available in The Marketplace (Asia and Noa) and I HAD to have them both. I guess that means you're batting 1000 with me, Stefy. (Are you familiar with that American expression?) When I worked in Germany many years ago I had some fine friends from Italy who also worked in Germany, and today I have a very good friend from Italy who lives here in the USA, so perhaps I also have some particular affection for Italians. Keep up the excellent work!

By: Stormi on 8/6/01
Congratulations Stefy your work is an inspiration to us all. =) *hugs*

By: Billy on 8/6/01
Congratulations Stefy, love your work. All the best for the future, Billy :)

By: Valandar on 8/6/01
Outstanding, young lady! Of course, seeing how beautiful your work is, and how beautiful you are, one wonders when you will make a tex based on your self? Anyway, congratulations, and best of luck in the future!

By: saudler on 8/6/01
well i really love your textures i hope to be one tenth as good as you. and i see you a knock out to talent and good looks just not fair

By: amp-three on 8/7/01
Aphrodite of texturing. 'Nuff said. :)

By: imageart on 8/7/01
Hey Hey, Stefania,
nice to see you, and I am a big fan of your outstanding texture work, look forward to seeing more of you work ( better start saving my money now...that your a celebratey...can I have your autograph )...Mark

By: trogboy on 8/7/01
I havnt had a Chance to see your worky Stefy but if it as beautiful as you are It must be top notch.

OK.. flirting hour is over. Looking forward to checking out your work.

By: Mahna on 8/7/01
What a beautiful name! Stefania, and you are as pretty as you are nice :) I am happy to see you recognized for your talent, as I do love your work. You have many talents, I can see. I also play the organ, and know the passion of your music to you. Congratulations on this honor for you!

By: Curio on 8/7/01
It's nice to read all about you since I only just saw your work recently.. (remember the goatee incident? lol!) Your work is truly excellent! - I will be looking out for more!

By: laetia on 8/7/01
Congratulations!! :o) Your work is so incredible, you truly deserve this honor! I have hardly ever seen anyone that gives so much attention to detail - that's why your textures are the best!

By: Hellmark on 8/8/01
I agree with trog

By: GoldHorde on 8/8/01
Sorry I couldn't catch you sooner Stef - my wife is currently touring from the US and will be in Milan FRI, Rome SAT-SUN, Florence MON, and Venice TUES. Dang, she could have dropped by to pick up a CD or two.

By: BobbyB on 8/9/01
You'd think that as a group we'd be a little less gullible. We invent the people in the cyberwold yet we're all taken in by a picture of a model from the real world. One thing is true, the real SteffyZZ does great work, but for some reason I don't think she or he even plays the piano.

By: Morris on 8/9/01
Congratulations you beautiful lady you! You are such an inspiration and deserve all the praise you recieve!

By: odinson on 8/9/01
Truly a well deserved honor. Your creations are an inspiration to us all. I am envious of your wonderful talent! ;o)
You have a marvelous gift, thank you for sharing it with us! Keep the treats coming!

By: Tammy on 8/9/01
Congratulations Stefy.

By: resvrgam on 8/10/01
You don't know me. I don't know you. But this much I do know: Your textures are, by far, the best I've seen EVER. You've got a fan here :)

By: Ironbear on 8/10/01
Congratulations, and cool interview.

By: DemolitionMan on 8/10/01
Congrats to a great artist and beautiful texture maker....;) You deserve it Stefy....:) I love your textures and work...!

By: Cyrano68 on 8/11/01
Congratulations Steffy you are a great artista and a wonderful person.Your work is so incredible, in my opinion...your texture are the best I've seen ever...congratulations again and good luck!


By: giovanino on 8/12/01


By: shamus4D on 8/12/01
You are a gorgeous woman with talent to match. Congratulations.

By: Arduino on 8/13/01
Che eri molto brava lo sapevo già, ma così carina no! Complimenti!

By: Tamela.J. on 8/14/01
Congratulations StefyZZ!!

By: JeniferC on 8/14/01
We are excited that you are a part of this community. Excellent work! Creative & beautiful--two great assets to have. :)

By: lorddrezz on 8/14/01
damn, makes me want to move to italy.

By: mondoxjake on 8/16/01
I have always admired the beauty of your work, and now seeing how much beauty there is in the creator will make me appreciate more. You are a fine artist and a very beautiful lady, good luck...and keep up the fine works.

By: sparrowheart on 8/16/01
Stefy, your textures are nothing less than revolutionary. There is something almost classical about them. They have that same kind of timeless beauty that works of fine art hanging in museums do. (If Botticelli were alive now, maybe he would have envisioned Noa.) Your vision raises Poser to a whole new level, in my opinion. *warmest hugs* Kimberly

By: mgarramone on 8/19/01
ciao stefania, mi piacerebbe scambiare 4 chiacchiere con te riguardo poser e vorrei farti vedere alcuni lavori. Ti è possibile? Spero mi richiamerai in e-mail ,trovare un italiana è veramente bello...e finalmente potrei parlare un pò di questo meraviglioso programma.
Aspetto tue notizie.

By: Ecstasy on 8/23/01
So many unspoken But not ignored talents. you are one that for sometime draw ones eye to the others around you that contribute:) Yes thank yo and all contributors for your talent that you allow ones like myself to paint with you are appreciated!Godbless

By: Catharina Przezak on 8/24/01
Congratulations StefyZZ!!!
I don't have your texture products but I saw your latest image work, and it is all most the best texture work that I saw on the Internet.
BTW you are a beautiful lady and persone too :-).
Much success with your life and your great artwork.

With much respect for you,


By: holyforest on 8/25/01
Congrats Steffy, all my best wishes - bonheur et succès !

By: tagore on 8/25/01
Nonpareil texture work ... you ARE good!!!

By: Doc_Bericon on 8/25/01
You are sexy as hell.....

By: movida on 8/26/01
Hi Stefy :)

Love your work and have 1 question. I'm assuming you're using a ditigal camera...what focal length lens are you using?

Just curious

By: Newt on 8/28/01
Wonderful work Stefy! I particularly like your Edo texture, and I appreciate that you look out for the Mac people out there. ;)

I have a question sparked by the last post, from movida ... do you have any suggestions on techniques for making photorealistic textures? Have you thought about making a FAQ on the subject?

Your work is so wonderful and an inspiration.

By: lollo on 8/29/01
Difficile trovare le parole per dare il giusto valore ai tuoi lavori. Nelle mani hai la sensibilità dei colori e del realismo. Credo tu possa avere un grande futuro nel campo 3d. Se hai piacere che ne parliamo basta che ci mettiamo in contatto.
Credoo tu abbia una personalità ed una vita molto serene. Complimenti

By: RedSonja on 9/1/01
Congratulations Stefania!! I love Edo and Asia, they are amazing. You do a wonderfull work with your textures. Would like to know like movida and Newt asked before, if you want to make a tutorial or something like this to learn a little bit more.
Tantissimi complimenti e un baccio


By: Rexxzilla on 9/2/01
StefyZZ U go Girl!
Great stuff! Keep up the Epic work!

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