A Sad Goodbye to Guitta Bertaud
The angels cried today, as they looked upon the earth and shared in the sorrow of those grieving at the tragic news of Guitta's passing. Today, I know that I am not the only one who is sharing the angel's tears, as the Renderosity community is devastated by the loss of a great artist, and more importantly, a dear friend.

Guitta became a part of the Renderosity family in Dec. of 1999 [most of you know Guitta by her Rosity nickname of gebe]. In March of 2002 Guitta joined the Renderosity staff as a moderator of the Vue Forum, spending countless hours online helping others, not only in the Vue Forum, but throughout the Renderosity community. Guitta gave selflessly of her time and talent, and was always there with helpful advice in the form of warm and friendly guidance.

As well as being one of Renderosity's beloved Moderators, Guitta was also a renowned artist, with her images [as well as tutorials] gracing several issues of the Renderosity Magazine. If you are an admirer of her artwork [or, especially if have not had the pleasure to view Guitta's artwork in the past], please take some time to leisurely stroll through her gallery, I know, that even now, it would make her smile: [short cut to gebe's gallery].

From Guitta's Renderosity Bio: "I think I was born as an artist. Since I could hold a pen in my hand, I was always drawing, painting; on paper, on canvas. Later I studied fine art in Paris and became a freelance painter and designer. In discovering computers, I also discovered all these marvelous 2D painting programs and became completely addicted to this kind of creation.

When I first discovered Vue d'Esprit, and I saw the amazing artwork created with it, and since that moment I've never stopped loving it.

Like most artists, Guitta was passionate, not only about her family and artwork, but also about her gardening. So, it did not come to a great surprise to us that on April of 2004, Guitta stepped down from her Moderator position on Renderosity to take some well-deserved time off to work in her garden. Oh, how she loved her flowers.

This October the Renderosity community was devastated by the tragic news that Guitta was diagnosed with cancer. The response from the community was overwhelming, as everyone rallied together to send Guitta cards, letters, and images showing how much we all loved and cared for her. On December 5th, Guitta lost her courageous battle, and although the angels share in our tears, I know they are overjoyed to have Guitta with them; to paint and tend the heavenly gardens.

"A L'oree Du Bois" © Guitta Bertaud

The one bright light in this gray and mournful day - is the outpouring of love and devotion for Guitta from the Rosity community! The Renderosity staff and community sends our love and prayers out to Guitta's family, may you have peace in knowing how much we loved Guitta and how much she will be missed. I shall especially miss Guitta, as she was not only a fellow Moderator, but one of my dearest friends. We love you Guitta! Dee-Marie and the Renderosity Staff

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Member Opinions:
By: 1010 on 12/6/04
We are sadden but heaven just received another beautiful angel.

By: dadamson on 12/6/04
This is really sad news. Guitta was immsensely talented and gave so much of herself to the Vue users. She will be deeply missed.

By: SK2Design on 12/6/04
What an incredibly tragic loss to Guitta's family, friends and to this community. My thoughts and prayers go out to Guitta's family along with the hope that the sweet memories of her will help ease the pain just a little. Bless you Guitta; you shall be deeply missed...

By: DreamersWish on 12/6/04
I did not know Guitta, but I send my sympathy to her family and friends. She must have been deeply loved. I will keep you all in my prayers.

By: BountifulKnight on 12/6/04
I had the honor of conversing with Guitta on a number of occasions through IM's here at Renderosity and she was always very helpful and uplifting. Several of her works of art have adorned my desktop set for quite some time and I am very saddened that the number of her expressions will grow no longer. I know how deeply loved she has been here by us all and I pray that God will grant peace and comfort to her family and to all who knew her.

By: FantastArt on 12/7/04
I was looking at this wonderful image only a few hours ago yesterday at the eon-gallery...A fantastic artist. Very sad news. My best wishes to her family and friends.

By: Firebirdz on 12/7/04
Guitta was one of those rare gems - a beautiful spirit and talented artist. I was honoured to have known her and call her friend. I will miss her dearly and wish her whole family comfort and peace in this time.

By: wabe on 12/7/04
Oh yes, we lost a wonderful person. I am still in tears.

By: deemarie on 12/7/04
Guitta, you will be missed oh so very much.
gentle hugs dear friend - Dee-Marie

By: SAMS3D on 12/7/04
A beautiful honor you have given Guitta and her family. Not much more to say. I knew her, she touched my soul and was my friend. I am missing her so.

By: SndCastie on 12/7/04
Goodby Guitta you will be missed not only as a artist but as a friend. My heart goes out to you her family and to all here that were her friends. I know you are at peace now which helps me get through this time of sorrow but it won't be easy. It seems we lose the ones we love more often around the holidays which makes it so much harder to bear.

Goodby sweet lady


By: Holli on 12/7/04
From all the artist of Renderosity I own her the most. When I started with Vue she was always there with her advices and help. Hard to believe she is not anymore.

By: Helen on 12/7/04
The name 'Gebbe' conjurs up images of joy, serenity and beauty.

As were her images beautiful so was she.
A giving person. A loved and admired lady.

'Gebe' you will be missed.


By: Sivana on 12/7/04
I haven´t knowen her, but I´ve seen that she was a fantastic artist. I´m sorry about this sad news.

By: jjean21 on 12/7/04
Being new here I wasn't fortunate enough to know Guitta but it's obvious that she was a wonderful person and her loss is felt very heavily by her friends. I add my condolences to her family and friends and hope that they find comfort in knowing how much she was loved.

By: Orio on 12/7/04
My friendly love will always be with you, Guitta. Thank you for the beautiful years of friendship and shared duties on the yahoogroups vuedesprit mailing list.
- Orio

By: firefly on 12/7/04
Guitta was a gentle, kind and giving person and will be missed much here. I was a mod here briefly and in that time I learned to admire Guitta's strength, determination and gentleness. To Guitta's family, I am sorry for your pain and loss.


By: drawbridgep on 12/7/04
It's a shame that I only find these great artists when they pass. I'm not religious, but I was at a funeral recently and the minister said something that comforted the family - It's not her loss, she's gained more than we can imagine, it's her family and friends and the community that have lost.

By: Moebius87 on 12/7/04
I will miss her very much. Her strength, generosity, patience and compassion made her an outstanding example of what it meant to be truly human and alive. Her love flowed out from her art, and I am blessed to have known her if only very briefly and fleetingly in her works both as artist and a moderator of this community.

By: LordWexford on 12/7/04
Always helpful, always friendly, and a very talented artist as well.

The on-line art community has lost a wonderful person.

Aum Mani Padme Hum

By: Jilly on 12/7/04
So much talent, shared so selflessly with everyone is a gift I shall always cherish.If I could be half as generous I would feel blessed.

By: dlk30341 on 12/7/04
What a lovely tribute. Gebe was truly a gifted artist and human being. She will be missed:(.

By: agiel on 12/7/04
Earlier this year, Guitta honored me by accepting to let me take care of the forum when she stepped down from being a moderator. This was a more difficult task than expected - her work here as a moderator set a very high standard.

I am still deeply moved by the inital response to her illness a couple of months ago and by the
recent announcement of her passing away

Her presence here as a mentor, an artist and a friend will be missed by anyone interested in her art and in Vue.

By: Alfons on 12/7/04
Guitta was a wonderful person always friendly and willing to help people.

By: Djeser on 12/7/04
Madasatadpole and I are so saddened by her passing. She was a friend, a mentor, a teacher to so many people, always generous and always with a gallic shrug and a sense of humour. We will miss her very much; her talent was really unsurpassed. We offer our deepest sympathies to her husband and all the family, but I hope they know the legacy she leaves - the countless people who enjoy creating and looking at digital artwork from their experiences with her - is a priceless gift she gave us with her spirited personality.

Guitta's Garden

By: genny on 12/7/04
She was one of the most talented people to ever get her hands on Vue.......I deeply regret to learn of her passing and my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

By: DianeR on 12/7/04
Such sad news and terrible loss of a very kind, generous, giving and artistic woman. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time.

By: tammymc on 12/7/04
This was sad news. I know this is probably hard for her family and my thoughts and prayers are with them. I have peace in knowing that she is no longer in pain and is definitely in a better place. Our Love tammy

By: Eshal on 12/7/04
Having been a huge fan of Guitta's work over the years its sad to think that she won't be gracing the forums with her wonderful images or helpful advice anymore. In a bittersweet way there is one comfort, where-ever she is now she is in the company of many talented individuals from here who have sadly left us over the years, all of whom are no doubt making it a much brighter place.

By: guigui on 12/7/04
There's no words to describe sadness...
I'm sure there always be a place in my heart for her!

By: zpenumbra on 12/7/04
She will be missed :~(

By: LMcLean on 12/7/04
I was saddened at the loss of this talented artist. May we all pause and take time to stop, smell the roses and thank God we had opportunity to share in this artist's life.

By: Tammy on 12/7/04
I havent been very active in the community lately and didn't know Guitta well, but I wanted to say how sorry I was to hear this. I remember a few years back when I was learning Vue how helpful and how much of an inspiration she was. Her family and friends will be in my prayers.

By: Momme on 12/7/04
Sad, sad notices. Reminding me at freemasons "Tylers toast " :
"happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again".
Double sadnes, because me too im suffering these bad, bad desease called "cancer".
Hope, that Guitta now lives in a better and brighter world....

By: LaurieA on 12/7/04
Oh my goodness. So sad. I owe Guitta alot: she's the sole reason I bought Vue d'Esprit 2 all those years ago. I came across some images of her lovely flowered landscapes and knew I HAD to have it. I'll miss the beautiful images and all the help she gave me in the beginning as I was learning to use the program.

I'm sure that she will be greatly missed by all who knew her, received her generous help and who loved her beautiful pictures.


By: Debs on 12/7/04
it was Guitta's artwork that inspired me to get Vue. You will be greatly be missed, and may your family find peace in the knowledge you are no longer in pain...

By: vshane on 12/7/04
My thoughts and prayers will be with her family.
Gebe will be missed for her kind and gentle spirit and for her art.

By: lassen on 12/7/04
good bye. dear

By: Phoul on 12/7/04
A wonderful lady left us.
She is missing so much...
Sad days now.

By: darkforceprime on 12/7/04
As a cancer survivor I always grieve for those who lose the fight. May whatever Gods she worshipped watch over her. My prayers go out to her family and friends.

By: Irish on 12/7/04
It is indeed a great loss, because Guitta was a very talented woman. She was inspirational in helping me learn Vue and she will be deeply missed.

My sincere condolences to her Family.

By: FirstBlueMoon on 12/7/04
I can't believe she's gone. I'm used to seeing her name here...it's like an empty space. She's in a better place than this world though. My sincere sympathies go out to her family.

By: erka on 12/7/04
I have known Guitta since the days when Vue d'esprit was still in version 2. While most of us still struggled to create a decent landscape, Guitta was already creating beautiful and stunning artwork, that showed what a true artist, with an eye for detail and passion for beauty, can do with the program. For me, she will always be the first, the "mother Vuer". Farewell my friend.

By: dshield on 12/7/04
This is very sad news indeed.
I didnt know Guitta personally but "A L'oree Du Bois" was always one of my favourites here at Renderosity.
Perhaps that's where she is now, amongst the beautiful surroundings she drew for us all.

By: bk321467SKYNET on 12/7/04
Au revoir Guitta,
Sincères condoléances à la famille.

By: Jackson on 12/7/04
I wonder how many people have been touched by Gebe? Both directly and indirectly.

Myself, I doubt I would have continued in Vue without her help and support. And much of what I've done as a result has touched quite a few, bringing smiles to a lot of faces.

I'm guessing the same is true for most of the people she helped, resulting in literally miles of smiles.

God Bless You Guitta.

By: NightVoice on 12/7/04
Guitta was a wonderful person who welcomed me into the community with open arms. She will be missed.

By: SophiaDeer on 12/7/04
I am so sorry to hear of this great loss. My prayers are with Guitta's family and friends.

By: XENOPHONZ on 12/7/04
This saddens me.

Guitta was always helpful. She gained my respect both with her artwork, and with her generosity.

As a moderator, she was one of the best.

My condolences to all of her friends and family.

By: Seven Wolves on 12/7/04
Sad. So utterly, tragically sad. A true loss. :(

By: PhotoImpactPixels on 12/7/04
My deepest condolences to Gebe's friends, family, loved ones, all whose lives were touched by her.

By: Sage_82 on 12/7/04
may the angels be with your family...and the light of the holy spirit comfort them...

By: sacada on 12/8/04
A sad loss to a wonderful artist and person. Guitta gave a lot to the Vue and Renderosity community and will always be remembered in her art.

By: A_ on 12/8/04
oh no, this is so very sad! :( what a great loss.. she was a wonderful artist and person.. always willing to help. my thoughts are with her and her loved ones. :(

By: TheWingedOne on 12/8/04
What a huge loss to this community. She was such a nice lady and a wonderful mentor. I remember when I found out about Vue and her unresting support she gave to me as to many, many others. Guitta, you'll be truly missed. Goodbye and all the best from me on the roads you're travelling now!

By: dolfijntjes on 12/8/04
My prayers are with all the ones that loved her always hard to hear again some one lost the fight

By: kstar__2 on 12/8/04
my sincere condolences to her family, friends, and everyone here at renderosity...doubt the veu forum will ever be the same.

By: Panic912 on 12/8/04
An angel went to the angels! I will miss Guitta very, very much! She was a benediction for all Vue user! I hope she will find her peace in the world of the angels!

By: nikitanights on 12/8/04
My deepest condolences to Gebe's famiy and loved ones. She will be missed dearly.

By: Paladin7 on 12/8/04
I am very sorry to hear. My prayers are with Guitta's loved ones.

By: BrokenAngel9 on 12/8/04
These are very sad news, my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

By: Sentinal on 12/8/04
It is indeed a sad day... the community has lost a truely magnificent person. My thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time. She will be sorely missed.

By: rain on 12/8/04
Guitta was also the reason I bought Vue. Her beautiful artwork so inspired me and she was such a thoughtful and warm person. She will me missed by many.

By: zaberc on 12/8/04
She was a wonderful artist...My thoughts go out to Guitta's family !

By: cinema on 12/8/04
I'm sorry to hear the sad news .
My thoughts and prayers go out to all who knew and loved her .

By: Raddar on 12/8/04
When confronted with death from his Roman captors the apostle Paul said, "To live is Christ, to die is gain." He made this comment knowing that death was nothing more than a door way that would allow him to be with his creator. May God bring his understanding and comfort to Guitta's family.

By: Hawk_Feather on 12/8/04
She was "loaned" to us for a while and now has other projects to do.
She is and will be missed.


By: deevee on 12/8/04
You have gone to a better place Guitta, RIP!

By: Avengia on 12/8/04
I didn't get the chance to know her, but I do know that she will be missed here at Renderosity. Have a wonderful time painting in the Heavens. Blessings to her family in their time of loss.

By: McDetti on 12/8/04
Goodby Guitta, She will be missed.
My deepest condolences to Guitta's family and friends!

By: comfortwarriordiane on 12/8/04
I am sorry to hear this news. I hope that her gallery will remain up here so that her work will continue to be viewed. It will express that Guitta still speaks to us from her spirit. My condolences to Guitta's family.

By: Sorceress on 12/8/04
She was one of the best Vue Tutorialwriter I've ever known. Gitta you'll be missed.

By: Rendered2Blue on 12/9/04
Too much sadness. . . everytime I have a chance to look in on Renderosity I see another well loved member has passed on, and at much too young an age. . .

By: timefighter on 12/9/04
It was an honor to work beside her in the Vue Forum. I was only a coordinator for a few months, but she taught me alot. Her gentle spirit was often seen in her emails to me.
Thank you Guitta for everything. I just wish that you and I had had the chance to meet.

I pray that God places angels around her and her family. You will be missed sweet one!!!

By: FenrisWolf on 12/9/04
I never knew her myself but just by looking you could see that she was indeed a special person.

Ad Astra!

By: Whimsical on 12/9/04
I didnt know this lady personally, however I have seen her work here at renderosity both as a moderator and an artist and I admired her talents very much

My thoughts go out to her friends and family

By: danob on 12/9/04
She will be missed by many but her art will live on with us

By: Bonker on 12/9/04
Maby words have no meaning now, but Im greatful for all the advice and kind words she shared. Guitta was one of a kind with her helpfulness. Even though I dont know her peronally, I knew her by her nick as gebe, Im sure that im not the only one to miss her...

Hope you learned to fly with the other angels

By: animasalva on 12/9/04
...an angel is returned to the sky...

By: starshuffler on 12/9/04
I have been fortunate to have met her when I became part of the Renderosity team, and she has been no less than good help to all of us.
Thank you for touching other people near and far with your presence and your work. Goodbye, Guitta.

By: herne on 12/9/04
I concur with Raddar. My thoughts and prayers are with Guitta's family I will light a candle for them and her tonight when I get home from work. May her family know that she is in a better place with no sickness or heartache.

Blessed Be

Ken (Herne)

By: RayShade on 12/9/04
Die Besten gehen leider immer zu früh! Sie wird uns fehlen!

By: nhirschberger on 12/9/04
Her inspiration will never die !

By: Maxxstevens on 12/9/04
I never knew this lovely person, I have viewed some of her work, amazing.
I understand completely of the loss, anf the hardest part is going on and living life when someone is gone.
I lost my partner this year Sept 2nd 04.
I believe in some strange way, that where ever they are, that they meet everyone that passes.
The hardest part about anything like this, is that there essence is still here, but we cannot embrace it, so let us embrace Dee-Marie and lift her essence to knew heights.
I think renderosity should have a gallery in place for those artists that passes away in comemoration of there life, one of their works considered to be a true one of a kind.

By: sandoppe on 12/9/04
Nice tributes here and at the Vue forum for a wonderful artist and someone who obviously helped so many.

Guitta was the forum moderator when I first got Vue. She ran a "tight ship", but was always there to answer questions or point you to where you could get an answer.

One of the things that strikes me about her work is that her paintings prove you don't need to spend a lot of money on models to create beautiful art :) She took advantage of the features native to Vue d'Espirit and free programs like Plant Studio, and created masterpieces with them. I especially love the Poppy field, the image shown here and the one named "close to the sky, close to heaven".

The heavens are certainly a better place now that Gebe has joined their ranks :) Blessings to her and her family

By: xoconostle on 12/9/04
When I was a Vue newbie, Guitta was very encouraging, even going so far as to post a link to one of my renders at the Vue Forum. That sort of encouragement from a "master" meant so much to me. Thank you, dear lady, you will be remembered fondly and respectfully.

By: Twit on 12/9/04
Thank you Guitta for your support of the community and for your inspirational works.

By: scirby1 on 12/9/04
I'm new to the crew but much love and respect goes out to the Guitta Bertaud and her loved ones. From viewing the picture up top it is obvious of the talent and inspiration she's displayed as well as encouraged amungst the Renderosity community...much LOVE and GOD BLESS.

By: butterfly_fish on 12/9/04
You know, I always loved that image posted here. Seeing it here does indeed bring tears to my eyes. This community has faced so many losses this year, and I'm so sad to see yet another. May your spirit have peace, gebe.

By: LillianH on 12/9/04
We do have a memorial page for our dearly departed Renderosity Artist's:

"In Memorium"

We have also included a gallery to post images dedicated to these artists and friends and family that have made their transition.

We will all miss gebe very much and wish her family peace and comfort in knowing how much she was loved and admired.

Best wishes,

By: Tore13 on 12/10/04
eccellente lavoro

By: pmermino on 12/10/04
When I started using Vue some years ago, I met Guitta on the web. As many of us, I was impressed by her talent and skill. She always answered my beginner's question and encouraged me. This is a great loss for the community. Bye Guitta.. Thanks for all... I'll never forget...

By: TOXE on 12/10/04
A big hug to friends and family, from the deep of my heart.

By: WandM on 12/10/04
My thoughts and prayers go out to gebe, her family and friends.

By: LadyLisa on 12/10/04
I am very sad to hear the news of her passing. She inspired me with her artwork in vue. My deepest sympathy goes out to her frineds and family. She was a sweet person.

By: Irene on 12/10/04
I heard about Guitta today and it makes me so sad and speechless. Bye Guitta .... thank you for sharing your talent with us.......

By: thip on 12/10/04
My deepest sympathies to her family and friends. Guitta has made her own monument in the hearts and minds of all those people whose art was enriched by her selfless contributions.

By: deerpath on 12/10/04
My heart is breaking.

Fly free Guitta. We will miss you so much.
My thoughts and prayers to Guitta's family.

By: ARADragon on 12/10/04
You will be missed greatly, a wonderful warm , caring , talented soul.

Peace and Creativity to you
Chris and Addy

By: davidrivera on 12/10/04
I have not visited this forum in a while. Today I came here only to find this sad news. She was a wonderful artist and moderator. My condolences to Guitta's family; she will be missed.


By: Sacred Rose on 12/10/04
My deepest condolences to her family & to the friends left behind in this tragedy. She has touched so many and will long be remembered.

May her spirit flower as often as the angels sing above our hearts.

Farewell Guitta & Thank you

By: judith on 12/11/04
Deepest condolaences to family and friends. Guitta was an amazing artist, and a thoughtful friend. She will be missed by everyone who's lives she touched.

By: DOTF-Wizard on 12/11/04
I am so sorry to hear of this great loss and it makes me so sad

By: bernieloehn on 12/11/04
Hope to see you again in the better world!

By: RobStone on 12/11/04
I did not no Guitta. After I ’ve seen her art here, I totally agree; the CG community has lost a very creative soul. My deepest condolaences to her family and friends.

By: RenderDuo on 12/11/04
A great loss for the whole community.

But she'll be in our minds and hearts and always her teaching will be shown in our works.

My sincere condolences to her Family.

By: co72 on 12/11/04
Triste nouvelle....

Au revoir Guitta .

Sincères condoléances à toute sa famille .

By: tradivoro on 12/11/04
My condolences to her family... Guitta, thank you for inspiring us all to be better Vue artists...

By: BlueLotus7 on 12/11/04
Tears of loss for us become tears of joy for her as she is embraced by the Light her artistic soul will love as no other. She is not 'gone'--she is just 'away' and so whenever an artistic soul searches for its Muse, she will be there to guide...

By: Skipychic on 12/12/04
This is so sad..I never viewed her work before, but after seeing her work it's hard to hold back the tears.. She will definately be missed here. *tears*

By: Gabi on 12/12/04
I was struck today when I read the bad news. A great artist has left us. All my condolences go to her friends and her family!

By: Michelle A. on 12/12/04
I got to know Gebe during my time as a moderator and team member.... her passing is a great loss to our community here. My sincere condolences to her family.

By: moonlight822 on 12/12/04
I did not know Guitta, being relatively new here at Rend., but in viewing her gallery just now, I feel a kinship with her, the love of the art is all important to us who have picked up a pen or a brush since an early age....she did some amazing work and she will live on in the images she has left us to enjoy. My condolences to her family, may they take warmth and joy from her spirit and her work, until they meet her again.

By: rcnash on 12/12/04
A sad loss to all. Condolences to her family and friends.

By: Abesade on 12/12/04
Cry not for her passing, but rejoice in knowing that her battle is over and she is at true peace. I knew her not, but admired her art work and the talent she possessed. I wish I could of met her. Her eyes in the picture display a gentleness few in this world still hold. I see not a woman, but an angel in disguise posing as a human. Her smile is radiant, her talent unmatched. I wish only the best for those she has left behind as her travels take her to new places. I pray the light that guides their paths never grows dim and to know she will be watching down upon them with her love and tenderness. Rest peacefully Dove, you have earned it in more ways than can ever be described by your kindness and true heart.

By: Blackwind on 12/13/04
when we die, we stop being where we were and start being were we want
Don't feel sad. Look to the sky now, view her work in the clouds

By: B_PEACOCK on 12/13/04
My condolences to her freinds and family . I did not know her but seemed to be one awesome artists and friend
Love and Blessings

By: 3dpho on 12/13/04
My condolences to her freinds and family.
This world is not ending.

By: neftis on 12/13/04
I couldn't believe this sad news. Guitta you will be missed. It will hurt to remove your ICQ number from my list.
You were loved as a person and as an artist.
I will remember you and your wonderful heart.
Sleep in peace.
Condolences to your friends and family.

By: briannahdayne on 12/13/04
I lost my mother to cancer in 1996 so I can understand how her family is feeling right now and would like to send my deepest sympathy and prayers with her family.

By: shortgrey on 12/13/04
Our hearts are bleedin' deep inside and our Love can dry their weepin' eyes..You touched through us, Guitta, and i know you've been living since that day a Beautiful Life....We'll miss you......HUGE AND SINCERE HUGS, GUITTA...i know you can hear me and that you are with us.....Love.

By: ploumette on 12/14/04
Paix ait votre âme Guitta ...
Condoléances à votre famille ...
Merci de votre investissement.

By: beetle-car on 12/14/04
I'm very sorry to hear this news. My sincere condolences go out to her family. Guitta will definitely be missed. Her influence, however, will live on here in the community. She certainly influenced and inspired me.

By: rondoo on 12/14/04
Very sorry to hear such sad news, I liked her work a lot, Ronnie.

By: svdl on 12/14/04
I only started using Vue recently and haven't had the opportunity to get to know her. I'm sorry. May she rest in peace, my condolences to her family and friends.

By: jeweldragon on 12/17/04
oh how sad i am to hear of this i didnt know her well but from a few im's and she seemed so kind and sweet all of the time my heart goes out to those that loved her

By: Ciorstaidh on 2/8/05
What a heavy heart I have after being gone for so long, only to find the one person who kept me from throwing Vue through the window gone.

Guitta, may your graciousness and classiness grace the world. And may your new desk that you sit at never be clean, but full of wonderful clutter to remember by.

I quit coming around when you left as Moderator, except for a few times, I'm sorry that I missed so much.

With all my heart dear beautiful lady.....


By: MikeJ on 12/10/05
And just 5 days past the anniversray of the day she left us, I still feel the loss.
Guitta Bertaud was one of the most helpful people I ever met, and I very much loved her and miss her.
God bless you, Guitta, for all you hae done for us.

By: Umbetro38 on 5/18/06
She was only the best - rest I agree to all other comments - I missed Guitta - All my condolences go to her friends and her family

By: kenmo on 7/9/06
Certainly a tragic loss... God rest your soul..

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