Lisbeth December '04 Merchant of the Month!

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Lisbeth December '04 Merchant of the Month!
How did you get started in 3D Graphics?

I “accidentally” followed a link to Renderosity from FlyByNight about two years ago. I was so impressed by what I saw in the galleries, and just had to try Poser. I was hooked right away *S*

How long have you been working with 3D Graphics?

About 2 years. I posted my first image in November 2002. In March 2003 I made my first texture and put it in the freestuff section. I got a lot of positive feedback which encouraged me to create a texture for sale.

Do you have any formal training?

I’ve always loved to draw, but I don’t have any formal training. I’ve learned a lot about texturing from btsculptor’s tutorials, other tutorials found on the internet, spending hours and hours in front of the computer.

What software do you use for product development?

I use Poser 5, Cinema 4D and Photoshop.

How much time is required for product development?

It really depends... Some products almost make themselves, and others I can start over and over with, without being satisfied.

Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product?

It depends on what I’m making... If I make a character/texture I always start with the head texture. When I’ve finished that, I have an image of the character in my head; what kind of head shape, eyes, mouth and such she have, and start turning dials until I’m satisfied. The last thing I do is the body texture.

If I’m making hair, it takes about one week to model it, sometimes more, sometimes less. Then I transfer the model to Poser, and start texturing it. The last step, is making morph targets, and applying them to the model.

Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products?

I’m inspired by everything I see in the “real world” and in magazines and movies.

Since I discovered Poser I’ve started to look at people in a different way. I’m glad they can’t read my thoughts... lol ...

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Don’t give up!! Everything is difficult in the beginning, but if you really want something, keep doing it. And don’t be afraid to ask; like we learned in school; there is no stupid question... only stupid answers... *S*

More advice I would like to give is to put some items in the freestuff section first, to get people to know your name, before trying to sell your products.

How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning?

Everything!!! It was because of all the great artists at Renderosity I started with 3D.

I only wish my English was better, so I could participate more in the forums.

Do you have any final words?

I want to thank all my wonderful customers. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been here :o)

I also want to say thank you to DTigerWoman for putting up with all my different questions, And to the rest of my friends here at Renderosity.

Last, but not least, I want to thank my wonderful husband for being so patient with me (most of the time) when I’m far away in the 3D world :o)

I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to each and all who reads this!!
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Member Opinions:
By: Pretty3D on 12/1/04
Congratulations on a well deserved distinction ;)

By: too on 12/1/04
Gratulerer Lisbeth, det er fortjent og er deg vel unt:)))))) Stå på fortsatt!

By: DianeR on 12/1/04
Congratulations Lisbeth and tusen takk for such great products! God Jul! ~Di

By: too on 12/1/04
Congrats to you Lisbeth!
I'm so glad that a Norwegian became Merchant of the month, I feel honored, lol :))))

Keep up the lovely work of yours:)


By: 3Dream on 12/1/04
Congratulations!!! Very good store. Continue the fantastic work.

By: PandyGirl on 12/1/04
grats lisbeth!! you deserve it! awesome job!

By: Stormi on 12/1/04
Cingratulations Lisbeth, your products are lovely and always inspiring. :)

By: akahastur on 12/1/04
Wongrats hon, you deserve it very well, your characters are always beautiful :) Pati

By: vshane on 12/1/04
Lisbeth, you've worked so hard and come such a long way. I've always loved your products and I feel as if I've watched you grow here. I'm so proud both of you and for you, congratulations, well deserved!

By: karanta on 12/1/04
Congratulations Lisbeth :) very well deserved!

By: NashX on 12/1/04
YAY!! for YOU!!

Excellence! Smashing!

By: Levanah on 12/1/04
There you go :-)) You truly deserve this Lisbeth! Big Hugs...Lev

By: Lady_Annika on 12/1/04
You Go Girl! Well Deserved :)

By: lobo75 on 12/1/04
You've been a great merchant to work with and it is exciting to see you being recognized. COngratulations again Lisbeth.

Keiko lives!

By: kainxxx2000 on 12/1/04
hello Lisbeth congratulations on MOM i got a few things for you store and i use alot of them meself for my poser stuff and i must say iam very happy what you have done the textures are great. and you deserved MOM. Keep up the good work.

By: Thardien on 12/1/04
Way to go, Lisbeth! A well-deserved award for all your excellent products and recognition for the hard work you put into them. I'm so very happy for you!!! *S*

By: butterfly_fish on 12/2/04
Oh, you REALLY deserve this!! I'm so happy for you! :-) I love all of your products that I've purchased, and the gifts you've shared with the community! HUGE congratulations!!! -Heidi

By: cyberscape on 12/2/04
Good job!! Thanks for Pia and Daniella, two of the best characters (and for free!)! Wish you all the best!

By: DarkStarRising on 12/2/04
wow, well done for getting MotM well done indeed! you do such wonderful stuff both free and for sale!
oh and happy christmas to you :D

By: Maggee on 12/2/04
Now THIS is well-deserved. Congrats to a very talented lady :)

By: Vali on 12/2/04
well, what can I say, i am a big fan of Lisbeth:-) Congratulations and keep up the fabulous work, cuz you rock !!

By: SeaCrystal on 12/2/04
Congratulations Lisbeth!!! I'm so happy for you!! You're such a beautiful, giving, and talented person!! You definitely deserve this honor!! Again my thanks for all the gifts, and for the beautiful products you make to help make our art more beautiful!! -SeaC- :)

By: maniano on 12/2/04
Congratulations Lisbeth !!!Very Beautiful Woman!

By: maniano on 12/2/04
Congratulations for Very BeautifulWoman-Lisbeth!!!

By: Turtle on 12/2/04
Congratulations, you have earned this honor.

By: keweljewels on 12/2/04
Congragulations Lisbeth, you deserve the recognition :). merry Christmas & happy new year:). hugs,Kj

By: DTigerWoman on 12/2/04
Congrats Lisbeth! Well deserved! And you can ask me as many quetions as you want dear friend :o)

By: SK2Design on 12/2/04
Awesome and CONGRATS Lisbeth! This is a well deserved honour! :)

By: dolfijntjes on 12/2/04
Gongratulations Lisbeth ad I agree well deserved the things I have from you are excellent you got the talent as a merchant and as a person!!

By: UrbanChilli on 12/2/04
Kæmpe tillykke! Men det kom nu ikke som en overraskelse :-) Kæmpe godt arbejde.
Congratulations! Didn't come as a surprise. Great work.

By: AlteredKitty on 12/3/04
Congratulations, you deserve this :) ________ali x

By: LadyLisa on 12/3/04
Congratulations to you! Your products are amazing....:)

By: SWAM on 12/3/04
Congratulations *huggles*

By: Firebirdz on 12/3/04
Congratulations!! Well Deserved!

By: outoftouch on 12/4/04
Congratulations! I love your store :-)

By: torep on 12/4/04
Gratulerer. Dette har du fortjent etter alle timer du har lagt ned. Lykke til videre med nye produkter og ideer.

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 12/4/04
Congratulations Lisbeth :-)Your products are great :-))

By: spinner on 12/5/04
Kjempebra jobba, gratulerer så mye :-D


By: OdieSykes on 12/6/04
Very well-deserved, Lisbeth! I enjoy your characters/products!

By: Blazerwiccan on 12/7/04
Many congrats very well deserived my friend. Not only are your products amazeing but they are all made by an amazeing woman. ((Hugs))

By: shadowalkerus on 12/8/04
Congrats to you. You CERTAINLY deserve this!

By: The3dZone on 12/8/04
well deserved,Congrats!
keep up the great work :0)

By: pixpax on 12/8/04
Tillykke! Du fortjener det! Og jeg er stadig vild med Bertha :-)

By: jeweldragon on 12/15/04
congrats :) you certainly deserve this hun you are so talented im so happy for you !!

By: lululee on 12/15/04
Congrats, you deserve this honour. Yoru products Rock!
cheerio lululee

By: danob on 12/21/04
Well done you deserve every success I love the quote no stupid questions only stupid answers so true!!

By: mytilus on 12/24/04

By: venerella on 12/25/04
I've bought 2 packages of you about two weeks ago and got your transmaps as Christmas gift; I've been without words looking at your ability... I only hope to see something new from you real soon... Your beauty parlor as well as the others two packages I have bought made me thing I will follow to buy from you. I would wish to have 1/5 of your knowledge and fantay ;=)

By: diomedes66 on 12/28/04
I have purchased several of Lizbeth's packages and they are without a doubt the best that are available anywhere - bravo!

By: Hiswill on 12/30/04
By: Hiswill on 2004-12-29
Congrats!!! You are more stunning then any of your work!

By: hres on 6/1/05
Only now i find this :)
A little late maybe, but still: congratulations!
It's a pleasure to work with you!

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