Danie October '04 Merchant of the Month!

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Danie October '04 Merchant of the Month!
How did you get started in 3D Graphics?

I have always enjoyed creating websites, especially designing the graphics for them. One day I wanted something really special for the design of my own site and somehow I ended up in Bryce and Poser. I decided to join the online group "Lions Pit", moderated by AnaSuza, to acquire and share tips and tricks about Poser.

How long have you been working with 3D Graphics?

Since 2001. I began in Bryce using some models that I found in the Free Stuff section of Renderosity and I started creating scenes. I wasn't really happy doing that because all of the models were "stiff" and I couldn't pose them the way I saw them in my mind. Poser was the next step and I was hooked! Finally I was able to move, pose and change the characters in anyway I wanted. Inspired by my all time favorite artists, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, I started to put together some poses. I used them for my renders and found my passion in creating artistic, fantasy styled poses.

Do you have any formal training?

I don’t have any formal training in arts or anything related. I had a job at a Computer store and there I got started with the good old Amiga computer :) Among other things, I did graphic design for the promotion of the store and so on. Everything I know about 3D comes from many hours of studying and practicing. One day I met one of the most talented artists and modelers, Martin (marforno), and after that he asked me to work with him I had so many new things to learn and I’m still learning. He is a wonderful teacher, hard and pushy. He will demand of others the same that he demands of himself with an incredible patience.

What software do you use for product development?

I use several programs but most of the time: Poser 4 ProPack, PhotoShop, Bryce and X-Frog.

How much time is required for product development?

That’s a matter of how complex a project is. When it is a big collection it takes a lot of time. Once the modeling part is done and Martin sends me the first meshes, I go and figure how to make it as easy as possible to use the package. During that process a lot of changes occur, adding things here and there until we are pleased with the result.

Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product?

After discussing and kicking around some ideas with Martin, who is an endless source of ideas with his huge and wonderful imagination, the modeling / texture making part starts. Once I receive the final version of the props, I make poses, make skin textures and morphs ( if there is a character included ), build scenes and lights sets ... My main concern at this point is to give a "face" to the whole package. As soon as I have something done that I like, I show it to Martin and hope it will pass his merciless eyes and opinion. :)

Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products?

I get inspired by Martin's props (long before I started to work with him) and also by the Masters of Fantasy Art such as Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Dorian Cleavenger and Luis Royo to name a few.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Find something new and original to create, products that people haven’t seen in the Marketplace. Think as a customer and what would you expect from a product of good quality.
Study hard to get where you want to be and never give up.

How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning?

I have met a lot of wonderful people here that have inspired me, helped me and became friends. People like Elke (Angelmoon) who is the responsible for me becoming a merchant *g* and Martin (marforno) who chose me as a partner, taught me a lot of things and is such a source of inspiration, Orietta (luciferino) who is a fantastic friend so sweet and full of imagination ...

Also the work of artists like As Shanim & Siliphiel, Xurge, Morris, Debbie M., ElorOnceDark, have been a very important source of inspiration and example in how we should move ahead by improving techniques and setting standards.

Do you have any final words?

First of all I would like to say thanks to all my customers, for all their support and faithfulness during the last years!

Special thanks to my partner marforno ... I wouldn’t be here without you Martin and words cannot express what you have given to me.

And last but not least I would like to thank AnaSuza, Moni (Swantje), Rose (rjghise), Joan (Kinouk), Rhiannon, Ilona,
Jean-Luc (Abraham), Rania (Sirocco), Debby (Malefic), Karen (Avalonne), Michelle (Crasher), Leah (Turtle)
and all those I forgot to mention here. :)
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Member Opinions:
By: lluque on 10/1/04
Congratulations Danie, you really deserve it!!! Hugz & kiz. Luis

By: macelene on 10/1/04
Ooo Congrats! Danie!! You most definately deserve it :). Way to go!!

By: luciferino on 10/1/04
Danie is for me the best and she not is only a splendid person, a friend, an artist, a mother she is all and more of all this she is my sweet Danie and i'm really honoured to have her like friend she deserve this prize she is DANIE
I love you sweety kisses Orietta

By: Morrighan on 10/1/04
Really a skilled mercant and artist and a marvellous person, her products are simply perfect and original !!! Compliments Danie !!!!!hugs Debby ;-D

By: sparrowheart on 10/1/04
Danie is someone who consistently delivers MORE than what the customer expects. I have never been disappointed with any of her products, and I have bought an awful lot of them. When a new product comes out from Danie, I celebrate. (She's also a fantastic artist and an inspiration in every way.) Congratulations, Danie! Kimberly

By: AB-Fashion on 10/1/04
Congrats, you really deserve it and i´m so proud of you. Hugs & kiss, AnaSuza

By: 3Dream on 10/1/04
Fantastic store !!! Excellent product with high quality. Congrats.

By: Stormi on 10/1/04
Way to go Danie, I'm very pleased to see you getting this so deserved honor. You're a sweet, generous person blessed with a huge abundance of talent. *Hugz*, Tara

By: Turtle on 10/1/04
You've worked so hard! Bravo you deserve this honor. Hugs.

By: Kinouk on 10/1/04
Danie I'm so happy for you..I'm just bubbling over with joy! ""MERCHANT of the MONTH"" WOW your go girl! Sweety you sure have earned it. Congratulations!!! **big hugz and kisses**

By: BrokenAngel9 on 10/1/04
Long overdue and well deserved!
Congrats Danie!

By: brycek on 10/1/04
Congratulations Danie, definately well deserved!!

By: dolfijntjes on 10/1/04
Congratulations Danie so well deserved!!!!

By: DarkStarRising on 10/1/04
oh wow, well done! your works are amazing, congrats!

By: derrys1969 on 10/1/04
If you don't think she deserves this honor, just look at her products. They speak for themselves.


By: HauSiyoka on 10/1/04
Big Congrats! Danie!! We love you!!! Hugs...Tee

By: Bernado on 10/1/04
Congratulations Danie!
Your wonderful work has taken you to the place you rightly deserve.

By: kayjay97 on 10/1/04
Whoo Hoo!!! Way to go Danie!!! Congrats to a much deserved reward!!

By: Natolii on 10/1/04
I love the products of Danie's I have so far. She also knows how to provide excellent service if there is a question about her products as well.

By: Richabri on 10/1/04
You are so wonderfully talented and this is a well deserved distinction for you :) A big congrats from me :)

By: arwenone on 10/2/04
Congratulations und Gratulation, Danie!!!!Deine Arbeiten sind einfach spitzenmäßig!!!!!hugs, Martina

By: Avalonne on 10/2/04
Danie, they couldn't have made a better choice and this honor is so well deserved. You are an amazing artist and a beautiful person and I am absolutely thrilled for you!!!! Congratulations sweetie :-)

By: karanta on 10/2/04
Congratulations :)

By: DTigerWoman on 10/2/04
Absolutely very well deserved! Congrats! It wouldn't be the same around here without you!

By: Mercytoo on 10/2/04
Congratulations! Very well deserved :-)

By: lululee on 10/2/04
Congrats. Well deserved. Your products are not only top quality but really inspiring to create ART with.
cheerio lululee

By: Xurge on 10/2/04
Congratulations Danie!

By: sirocco on 10/2/04
Congratulations Danie for a well deserved honour! I admire the high quality of your products and the attention you pay in the details.

By: AlteredKitty on 10/2/04
Congratulations - you really deserve this :) ________ali x

By: marforno on 10/2/04
October always brought me only good things...:-),
I was born in October...BTW ;-).
To see you here Spatz is the happier day in my
merchant's life at RO... To see the recognition
to the most versatile person that I can think of...
it is an overwhelming joy indeed ...
I am so freaking Proud of you Daniela...
You have earned every bit of this...:-)
Thanks for being there... I love you very much
partner... *HUGS*

By: Richard T on 10/2/04
Copngratulations! Your products and service are really outstanding.

By: maniano on 10/3/04
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Danie - The Best !!!!

By: Lisbeth on 10/3/04
Very well deserved!! Congratulation :o)

By: jjean21 on 10/3/04
Congratulations Danie, a well deserved acknowledgement. Even an untrained eye like mine recognizes excellence when they see it.

By: Calore on 10/3/04
Herzlichen Glückwunsch :o)

By: Cimerone on 10/3/04
Congrats Danie! Well deserved and a long time coming :)

By: maniano on 10/3/04
CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Danie - The Best !!!!

By: bestrender on 10/3/04
Congratulations to you Danie. I'm a fan of your work.

By: Abraham on 10/3/04
Congrats Danie :) You desserve this for your hard work and your talent, no doubt :)

By: msebonyluv on 10/3/04
Congratulations Danie on being MOM and a mom!!!! Excellent products and you deserve it!!

By: Aaronheart on 10/3/04
Congratulations - well deserved :-)

By: HansAnders on 10/3/04
Congrats, Danie! It's a crown to your marvellous work! Enjoy the compliments! Greetz Tjeerd aka HansAnders

By: linwhite on 10/3/04
Congratulations, Danie, YOu work so hard, this is very well-deserved. Besides that you're a nice person, too, and that's what counts the most with me. Keep up the great work!!!

By: ilona on 10/3/04
CONGRATULATIONS Danie!!!! This is so deserved ! Nor only because you are a wonderful and perfectionist artist but cause you are wonderful as a person and a friend. *S**S**S*

By: Rhiannon on 10/3/04
What an awesome honor Danie, you must be so proud ... congratulations for such well-deserved recognition!

By: stoffel on 10/3/04
Congratulations Danie ... you really deserve it ... I´m proud of you and I wish all the best :) *Knuddelz* stoffel

By: frodo on 10/3/04
Danie is THE MASTER at pose and composition, and when she pardners with marforno they are unstopable!
A hundred virtual roses to Danie and congratulations
on this long due recognition.

By: vshane on 10/3/04
Congratulations Danie!

By: Sowelu on 10/3/04
Congratulations, you do amazingly inspirational stuff !

By: luminol on 10/4/04
Congrats!!!! Your products are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

By: orion1167 on 10/4/04
Absolutely well deserved. You and your team have been pumping out some of the "Top tens", defining much of the picture here at Renderosity over the last year. Its very nice to see you here. Keep up the great work!~~~~Chris~

By: rjghise on 10/5/04
Congratulations Danie, I'm so pleased for you, you really deserve this :)

By: Swantje on 10/5/04
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, liebe Danie, ich freue mich sehr für Dich !! :)

By: mwkloh on 10/5/04
Heartiest Congratulations!! Your products are just fantastic!! Cheers, Michael

By: LadyNightVamp on 10/5/04
Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Du hast es verdient. Deine Produkte sind fantastisch!

By: Debbie M. on 10/5/04
Danie, it has been absolutely thrilling to watch the fine artist you've grown into over the past couple of years. Your work amazes me, and the patience you have with martin amazes me even more *wink* HUGE Congrats!!! You are so deserving of this honor!!!

By: ElorOnceDark on 10/5/04
This is a very well-deserved honor, for an extremely talented, kind, and generous person! I'm very proud of you Danie! You and Martin keep up the great work. You're an awesome pair! Congratulations!

By: Mahna on 10/6/04
Super congratulations Danie! I wish you so much happiness and so much love in your life! Hugs to you! ;-)

By: anny on 10/6/04
Ich gratuliere!

By: CeeBeeVFXG on 10/6/04
Congratulations Danie! This is a well-deserved honor for a VERY talented person :)

By: Vali on 10/6/04
very deserved ! you are very talented and you ideas are various and so beautiful ! Excellent products all the time ! And you and Martin make the BEST team around here ! Continue like that, you are unique ! your qualities: Talent, generosity and kindness!

By: stealthman on 10/6/04
Congratulations Danie! Just becoming familiar with your work ~ you deserve this honor!

By: rocker333 on 10/6/04

Congratulations! I love your products, and think you are well deserving of this recognition of your many talents. :-)

By: ffabris on 10/6/04
Oh, congrats Danie!!! Well deserved! You guys set the standard for other to follow! Best Poser products by far!

By: Prime_Evil on 10/7/04
I'd like to add my congratulations, Danie. Your work is always fantastic!

By: Aery_Soul on 10/7/04
Our sincere congratulations Danie, this is certainly a deserved honor :).

~As Shanim & Siliphiel

By: Seven Wolves on 10/7/04
Way to go Danie...high time you were honored here. I hope you enjoy spending my money as much as I enjoy giving it to you for your awesome stuff! :)

By: JurgenDoe on 10/7/04
If someone deserve it this month I can think only of one name. Danie !!!!
Congrats Kleene and you did a great job all the time.

By: nemanja on 10/8/04
HI i'm Nemanja i'm 13 years old...most of them looks like you good vork

By: Fyrene on 10/8/04
Way to go Danie!!! Congratulations and well deserved. Your work has been top of the line and continues to be. Looking forward to seeing what you and Martin come up with next. Again, congrats!! *biggest hugz*

By: xoconostle on 10/8/04
Warm congratulations from one of your fans. :-)
Your talents and ingenuity are greatly appreciated.

By: Joker1234 on 10/10/04
Herzliche Glückwünsche Dani

By: emorin on 10/10/04
Way to go Danie, always a pleasure to use your products. Well deserved recognition!

By: TalonGE on 10/11/04
Here, here!! You're tops in quality, artistic vision, design, and utility. Love all the sets you guys have produced. Congrats on this honor.
-- TalonGE

By: B_PEACOCK on 10/11/04
Congradulations Danie . Your works is very impressive and you definately deserve the honor .By the way .You have a very Pretty face :)Nice to see who the person is behind the name .Love and Blessings
B_PEACOCK aka Bobby

By: Evchen76 on 10/12/04
Herzliche Gratulation:-)) Du bist einfach spitze! Eva

By: squeeka on 10/13/04
Congratulations Danie! Well deserved honor! You're products are always excellent and such fun to use! *hugz*~jen :)

By: digitell on 10/14/04
Congradulations!! Your products are awesome! You are very creative and wonderful at what you do...dont ever stop!!

By: calum5 on 10/15/04
Im only suprised your not merchant of the month evey month!!!You deserve it with the quality and brilliant ideas constantly coming from your store:-)Bye calum

By: GraphicsMuse on 10/21/04
Congratulations! Very well deserved!

By: OutsideTheBox on 10/22/04
im not surprised at all to see her here =D After getting my first few packages, i was hooked. congrats! on your aom

By: kusanagi73 on 10/25/04
Oh, you have a cute kitty. She looks just like mine. ^_^

By: art50 on 1/18/05
congratulations Danie ,you are the best artist
of renderosity , perfect, beauty , bravo , jean-pierre

By: Angelmoon on 3/26/05
oooh...sorry for soo late... ;o)
my dear..i remember the first time, when i saw your great work at freestuff..
and i am happy that you are a great star now - one of the biggest in my eyes :o))

i wish you all the best, as always - keepin you in my mind and sending a star above ;o)

all my best to you - elke :o)

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