SeanE - October 2004 AOM!

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SeanE - October 2004 AOM!
Who is 'SeanE'?

SeanE is Sean Ellery; a high school teacher of geography/socialstudies at Como Secondary College in Perth Western Australia. I'm also a husband, step-dad, and a guy with a hobby in colouring comic art which some people feel the need to occasionally pay me to do, but mostly it's just for me.

How long have you been rendering/doing computer graphics?

About two and a half years now. My first ever comic colourd pic was when I got an old copy of photoshop 4 and saw Penguin_Commando's pencilled Christmas elf here on Renderosity. I felt that I'd be able to colour it and so gave it a bash and have never looked back since. This elf pic is still in my renderosity gallery on the very last page. It took me about 6 hours all up and looks so pathetically bad now. :+)

Do you have traditional art experience?

I have always done art in some manner or kind. From making up the annual yearbook at highschool to just drawing for myself. I started to study art/design at Curtin university in 1986 but for various reasons the lecturers decided that I didn't have "it" and got quite upset when I confronted them about just what "It" might be....I left soon afterwards and never completed the course. Since then I suppose I've been subconsciuosly working to prove them wrong. Since people now want to offer me money to do this artwork I guess I might have finally done that. :+)

What are you currently working on?

I've just completed a commission piece for a Lecturer in Lismore TAFE New South Wales Australia of his 'Void!" character. It was drawn by Andie Tong and I was asked to colour it. The next project is another commission piece for David Rivera (The Samurai picture in my gallery was for him as well) and afer that I may get to do something just for fun again if nothing else comes up.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

I use photoshop 5.0 mostly and sometimes get my hands on a friend's copy of photoshop 7 to some assorted effects 5.0 won't handle. I can't afford the horrendous price Adobe want to charge to upgrade to Adobe Photoshop 7 etc for myself.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

The "Mexicali" picture which was drawn by a guy in Mexico who goes by the online name of "Elsevilla" I got the skintones just pefectly on that picture I feel. The "Cici" picture by Joe Benitez would run a close second to that one.

Why do you like to work with 3D software?

*laughs hysterically at the thought of being able to afford 3D software* - I have the free copy of Terragen but have no idea how to use it yet. Does anyone know of any tutorials out there?

Who/what inspires you?

I look at other comic artists artwork and try to work out how they did it. Steve Frichow would be a good example of this.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

This is where it all started for me. I look at others comic colouring or just colour techniques in the 3D gallerys and try to get ideas from there. Supafly and Jtron here have been an immense inspiration for me and what I do.

Parting Comments / Advice to other Artists?

Practise, read the tuts online, and then practise some more.


Be sure to check out SeanE's gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: rockets on 9/29/04
Congratulations Sean! I just viewed your gallery and it's very impressive.

By: Bobbie25 on 9/29/04
a hun WTG xoxo

By: derrys1969 on 9/29/04
I've seen Sean E's stuff. Utterly amazing. Huge inspiration to us all.

By: Kaos1982 on 9/29/04
Your art is very professional.

By: Esclece on 9/29/04
CONGRATULATIONS! You're great at what you do and I'm sure you'll be able to afford Photoshop 7 in no-time :-)

By: ravenwing75 on 9/29/04
Top stuff, there are many out there who failed art in some way, all it says is the teachers didnt like your work, not that everyone else didnt. Your work is awsome and you have shown that over and over again. Congrats!!

By: Firebirdz on 9/30/04
Fantastic Artwork! I love comics and you really deserve this honour!

By: jddog on 9/30/04
Bravo ! ;)

By: alzartz on 9/30/04
Sean I have been watching your works progress for a long time now, and feel your colouring skill are second to none. You do such GREAT work
Don't ever stop

By: MistDragon on 9/30/04
Just discovered you by seeing you had won AOM! I loved looking at your gallery, you are truly talented! Congratulations!

By: DarkSkills on 9/30/04
Nice work! I always look forward to seeing what you'll create next.

By: Charmz on 9/30/04
Congratulations Sean, your work is always first rate, and an inspiration to those of us just now learning to color our own work.

By: umutov on 9/30/04
I am proud of you!!! You have done just the way how I showed you to. Lol just kidding pal!!! I wish I had half of your talent and patience when it comes to my gallery. I love your work and it is great to have someone doing something different then just naked women picks.

By: bitplayer on 9/30/04
Sean, I just recently got "into" comics after many years away. I was drawn back in by the amazing artwork in several of the CrossGen Comics series (recently filed for bankruptcy). I would compare your coloring favorably with the work done by the artists at CrossGen. Find yourself a writer, a penciler, and a letterer -- and a solid story -- and you could be a full-time professional. ... as long as you didn't mind starving until you got established. But, with your obvious talent, I think you could get enuf work to keep you busy full-time if you pursued it diligently. Of course, maybe Perth, Australia is a bit off the beaten (comic book) track.

By: Shoshanna on 9/30/04
Congratulations Sean, it's nice to put a face to the man behind such wonderful work.
Keep creating :-)

By: SpiceBunny on 9/30/04
congrats! you sound like a great guy, plus with that nice coloring talent to boot too!

By: SoulSearcherr on 9/30/04
I have never seen your work before until today..WOW..what talent..

By: vshane on 9/30/04
Congratulations, I love your work!

By: Metonicus on 9/30/04
Hey! Cool! Someone I know (casually) [ok I only have him on my favorites list...] Congratulations. Someone finally made it on the AOM who deserves it! LOL.

By: Evchen76 on 9/30/04
Hey Sean!!!!!! Congrats!! *hugs* Eva

By: Razorcut on 9/30/04
Great gallery. I enjoyed viewing your first posts
and seeing how much you have changed in just a few years. Great work!

By: skullmonkey2078 on 9/30/04
Congratulations Sean!

By: sacada on 9/30/04
An excellent collection of works. Well done and congrats.

By: Dsan on 10/1/04
Excellent! Very well-deserved!
Can't wait to see more of your awesome coloring.

By: Dall400 on 10/1/04
Congrats sean, well deserved!! *Dall400 tips his stein to SeanE* Cheers, Jesse

By: arata on 10/2/04
Love your work, man. Keep up the good work, mate!

By: uzma on 10/2/04
Ur work is awesome!

By: 3Dream on 10/2/04
Congratulations Sean. Very well-deserved! Fantastic galeria.

By: specs2 on 10/2/04
Hey buddy, great to finally see the man behind this.
I'm still waiting for an entire comic of ya ;)

By: Sjonnie on 10/2/04
Coool, Your work looks awsome. *just started photoshop to trie it too.*

By: Sjonnie on 10/2/04
Coool, your work looks awsome. *just started photoshop to trie it too*

By: imtherealshady_02 on 10/3/04
You have some awesome work sean, very well done, i would love to do this kind of stuff, i just dunno what u use, or is it all done in photoshop, whatever u use u have mastered it, great work!! :-)

By: stbc on 10/3/04
Sean, congratulations on your win. Your work looks pretty cool to me, but you mentioned Terragen..You should keep on doing what you do, but if you are going to try TG, a good place to start is here:
Kudos, Steve (stbc)

By: Tore13 on 10/4/04
complimenti lo meriti

By: Tore13 on 10/4/04
Congratulations Sean. Very well-deserved! Fantastic galeria

By: LadySythe on 10/4/04
Congrats! :) It is a well earned and deserved recognition! And YES, I am another who believes you should be paid to do what you do! ;) You're worked is TOO dam Pro not to be! And did people know...he's also got two pages in a really cool book? *grin* Digital Sci-Fi Art by Michael Burns. Great work, Sean!

By: shyst on 10/5/04
way to go BOY0-

By: zapper1977 on 10/5/04
Congrats, High Fiver, ya, allright, Have a great Day...... :0]


By: AL2005 on 10/5/04
Well I must say its GREAT to see a fellow Perthite make it to Artist of the Month. I though I was all alone here in WA but thank god Im not. Excellent Work. Not a cartoonist myself but must say the colours and detail are fantastic. Keep up the good work !!


By: ??? on 10/6/04
Congratulations! Your coloring is fantastic! - All the best!! :)

By: Hyria on 10/7/04
Hiya SeanE :) Congrats on being AOM :)

By: 3D_Explorer on 10/7/04
Congrats SeanE, always liked your work.

By: InfernalCow on 10/8/04
woohoo! really well deserved :) it's always been a treat to find that you've posted new stuff. Congratz :)

By: PaleMoonStudios on 10/9/04
SeanE what's up man! Long time no see! Keep up the killer work and pm me sometime! :)

By: Anna101 on 10/19/04
HEY!! what happened to the responses?!?! HUgzzzzzzz buddy. Congrats on making AOM.

By: dielse on 10/20/04
it is about time. that is all i can say. great job, CONGRATS!

By: DEITRIX on 10/21/04
Your a pro in my eyes Sean! Doesnt surprise me a bit, worth every effort!! Now go marvel are eyes with some more coloring!

By: Lombardo on 10/30/04
Congratulations on this recognition.

By: SeanE on 10/31/04
31st October - Thankyou all for your support, confidence and enthusiasm for my art and myself. *Sean hands back the AOM gong for November's winner and wonders... 'now what am I gonna do for next year'?*

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