Firebirdz September '04 Merchant of the Month!

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Firebirdz September '04 Merchant of the Month!
Living in Tropical Singapore certainly has its advantages!
It is cosmopolitan, decked with shops and packed with people~
The perfect paradise for people watching!
I would say, "Hey, that's a good pose! I must recreate that in Poser!"
So, what started out as a hobby became much more.

How did you get started in 3D Graphics?

I started a 2D chat site called ĎFirebirdís Forestí way back in 1996.
It is still exists at

With the help of some fantastic buddies who knew more about digital art than I did at the time, we created our own images for the chat rooms. I bought Poser 2 that year but never really did anything as I was mostly preoccupied with the conceptual development and moderation of the site.

It was only around the end of 2002 that I finally upgraded to Poser 5 (after seeing an Advert in 3DWorld). Soon after, I discovered Daz, Renderosity and all the sites I needed to get me started. I was determined to learn!

How long have you been working with 3D Graphics?

I really started around December 2002. I had just bought my first Millennium figures and tried adding lights and a background. I then closed my eyes and posted my first image here!

Do you have any formal training?

I had a crash course in Photoshop and I read the Poser 5 manual and some tutorials. I also had a lot of help and advice from friends like Dash, Momcat & linwhite.

What software do you use for product development?

I use Poser 5, Photoshop 7 & lots of plugins. I do have other software that I hope to use eventually too. Iím just getting started.

How much time is required for product development?

Every product is takes a different amount of time to complete. I usually work on a pose until I am totally satisfied with it. I like to do new things and explore new concepts and ideas and if there is something to learn or try out, it will take a little longer the first time round. I havenít started modeling yet so I have no idea how long that will take me. More important than speed is having the knowledge that one is creating a product of quality and it is something you can be proud of.

Can you give a brief overview of your development cycle for a new product?

I will go out and get inspired! Concept comes first, followed by market research and a feasibility study.

For Pose sets, I would make a selection of poses that personally inspire me and then tackle the more complex and interesting ones. Then the real fun begins ... creating promo art!

Where does your inspiration come from when developing new products?

Anything can be a source of inspiration ~ words, ideas, art, music, even conversations. I would pen these ideas in my Journal and revisit them. I do take into account requests, market trends and whether I would personally like it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Have fun and be passionate in what you do! Be organized ~ I have my notice board, calendar and trusty Journal. Be observant! Anticipate market trends and never underestimate your competition!

My focus in product development is Personal and Customer satisfaction.

How has Renderosity's on-line community played a role in regards to your products, friendships and learning?

Renderosity is such a great platform bursting with life! There are always nuggets of ideas in the Forums and Galleries. Through this place, Iíve made many wonderful friends. Some are now my project partners! I especially want to thank linwhite, Dash, Momcat, A_ & Romanceworks for their constant support and encouragement.

Do you have any final words?

There are so many people who kept encouraging me and inspiring me and though this list is not exhaustive, Iíd also like to also give my heartfelt thanks to antje, artistheat, As Shanim & Siliphiel, Bez, Blazerwiccan, bonbonish, B-Man, Baron_Vlad_Harkonnen, Cimerone, cwshorty, dalinise, danae, deerpath, Diandra, dido6, dolfijntjes, Fatale, garyandcatherine, gebe, gildedgecko, goldtassel, Ilona, Ironsong, Jalen, lululee, Lyne, Jeweldragon, kandeewright, kathymoon, Kinouk, Mahna, Morris, mutedbanshee, Noggin, prog, Richabri, rjghise, rockets, pendarian, ph0eniXX, primaltruck, Ravnheart, Secretheart, Sophiadeer, sirocco, Sprryte, TamelaJ, Turtle & vlaaitje.

Thanks also to the ever helpful Renderosity staff ~ ClintH, DebbieM and JeffH.

Last but not least, thanks to my wife who totally supports what I do.
(She says she is a Voluptuous Vicki but with brains!)
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Member Opinions:
By: 3Dream on 9/1/04
Congrats Firebirdz!
You have a great store and your products are fantastics.

By: rockets on 9/1/04
Oh Chris, this is a wonderful honor and well deserved! I knew you were the "Pose Master"!
Congratulations my friend!

By: Turtle on 9/1/04
Bravo, My Favorite Poses he's made. Chris you earned this with very hard work. Hugs. Leah

By: PG-Graphics on 9/1/04
My Congrats Chris :-)
Your products are great!

By: too on 9/1/04
Congrats to my favorite pose-maker:)

Thank you for all your hard work!


By: BonBonish on 9/1/04
I second rockets... you are the Master of Poses Chris, my congratulations!


By: dido6 on 9/1/04
Awesome Chris!! Congrats on this, you deserve it big time!! Your poses are phenominal! Hugs! Diana

By: Corinne on 9/1/04
Congrats, you and your boutique really deserve it !

By: pendarian on 9/1/04
Congrats Chris!! I'm soooo proud of you bud!! Thank you for your hard work and the sharing of your talent :))))


By: LadySmitthms on 9/1/04
Congrats Chris, a well deserved acknoledgement of a talented artist. Thank you for all you do. ~Lady~

By: Ironsong on 9/1/04
A quote from a wonderful movie I saw called "Best In Show" comes to mind. "It's not a doll!...It's an action figure!"

(chuckle) Congratz Chris!

By: B-Man on 9/1/04


By: Fatale on 9/1/04
Whee finally! This is a long-overdue well-deserved recognition, I'm so happy for you! Many compliments, hugs and best wishes :)

By: romanceworks on 9/1/04
Congrats, Chris. Well deserved. You have a very keen sense of the market, passion for everything you create and a committment to detail and excellence. And you always challenge yourself. Your poses are everywhere, and that is a testiment to how truly usable and great they are.:o) C&H

By: Cimerone on 9/1/04
Congrats! Well deserved and Im THRILLED for you :)

By: danae on 9/2/04
You always put such inspiration and quality in your work! Congrats Chris!!!!

By: A_ on 9/2/04
Congratulations, Chris! you certainly earned this, and you sure deserve it! :) your poses are just top-quality. :)

By: B-Man on 9/2/04
Congrats Firebirdz!
Hugs, my buddy =)

By: FantastArt on 9/2/04
My Congrats! You really deserve it, your products are fantastic!

By: Richabri on 9/2/04
Congrats Chris on a well deserved distinction. You're a wonderful artist and a really nice guy too :)

By: noggin on 9/2/04
Hey just spotted this Chris, congratulations my friend_ a well deserved accolade for the king of poses!

By: Bez on 9/2/04
Congratulations Chris, very well deserved, you are the simply the best...big hugs, Bez

By: antje on 9/2/04
Congratulations, Chris!! You truly deserve it!!! :o)

By: Lyne on 9/2/04
OH Congrats! You surely deserve it! :)

By: Stormi on 9/2/04
Good for you Firbirdz, a most deserved honor. Your poses are wonderful, you are a master of your art. *Hugz*

By: avygyl on 9/2/04
You are and have always been a great artist!
This is a well deserved recognition of your hard work...

By: Mahna on 9/2/04
Congratulations Chris, for an honor well deserved!
Your stuff totally rocks!

By: KimberlyC on 9/2/04
Congrads!! You deserve it! :)

By: Dash on 9/3/04
Congratulation once again Chris, You truly deserve this honor. I know the work and the dedication you have creating each product, the quality of them really shows this. Thank you and I wish you never stop doing what you do best :)

By: MaskimXul on 9/3/04

By: rjghise on 9/3/04
Congratulations Chris! I'm so pleased you got this recognition :) Very well deserved, I'm really happy for you. Rose

By: RossoMan on 9/3/04
Congratulations Chris! Besides great products your promo images are also awesome.

By: secretheart on 9/3/04
Congratulations Chris! Well deserved :)

By: ElorOnceDark on 9/4/04
Congrats on a well-deserved honor! Your poses are some of the most dynamic and natural out there. I look forward to your future products!

By: marforno on 9/4/04
Congrats...:-), very well deserved... Salut...!!!

By: Danie on 9/4/04
Congratulations for this well deserved honor! :)

By: ~DutchAngel~ on 9/4/04
It only makes sence that you are MOM!


By: Aery_Soul on 9/4/04
Congratulation Chris! It's nice to see you rewarded as MOM :)! ~*As Shanim & Siliphiel

By: Kinouk on 9/4/04
This is wonderful!! Congratulations Chris.

By: Tamela.J. on 9/4/04

Congratulations!! You certainly deserve this! Your poses are the *BEST* in every sence! They all carry such personality, style, & grace! I'm very happy for you! :O)


By: kathymoon on 9/5/04
Congratulations my friend,wonderful to see you are rewarded!!!!!huuuuuuugs!

By: jeweldragon on 9/6/04
chris this is an honor that has been long overdue for you!! i am so happy for you ! and im honored to be your friend as well you have always been sweet and kind to me. you SOOO deserve this ! *big huge hugs*

By: sirocco on 9/6/04
Congratulations Chris for a well deserved honour and for your excellent products!

By: Kalypso on 9/6/04
Congratulations! I only just recently "discovered" you but I think I'll be stopping at your store very often in future! You really give character with your poses!

By: deerpath on 9/6/04
Congratulations Chris!! (((hugs))) I am so happy you were honored with MOM. You definately deserve it. What a hard worker with a devotion to excellence you are. :)

By: ph0enixx on 9/7/04
Congrats Chris! I look forward to seeing more of your MofM worthy packages! Keep up the fantasic work my friend! You've deserved this honor since Sensua 1 ;) ;)

By: vshane on 9/7/04
Congratulations Chris!

By: butterfly_fish on 9/11/04
Been meaning to get here and congratulate you for days now! So... congratulations, Chris. Your M3 poses are the best I've ever bought. The attention to detail in your work really shows.

By: Bobbie25 on 9/11/04
Congrats hun on a job well done

By: Syyd on 9/13/04
Good for you! You deserve it, I love your poses!

By: GraphicsMuse on 9/14/04
Congratulations Chris! Way to go! You deserve it :O)

By: msebonyluv on 9/26/04
Congratulations to you on being a MOM *teehee*!! You do come out with the most amazing poses and I look forward to using your products in the future.

By: Cylithera on 9/27/04
Congratulations, Firebirdz! You've deserved this award a long time ago! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful products you do! (and giving upgrades free) We love your products, and always look forward to your next release!

By: Sprryte on 9/27/04
WOW! NO ONE deserves this honour more! Your products are SO great that I get excited when an bot e-mail comes telling me you've got something new up for sale! (<---- that's the truth! =)
Thank you so so much for the great products and poses! they save me tons of time, and look so so natural!

By: lululee on 9/27/04
Congratulations Chris. You truly desserve this award. Your products are amazing. No one does the details of hands like you do. You are an amazing artist.
cheerio lululee

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